Chapter 1

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"You cannot be fucking serious," Edward stated, falling back against his seat with a disbelieving laugh. His silver gaze never wavered from his soon to be Alpha brother, his hands immediately sitting on top of his junk as he considered this insane pledge. "You expect me to sit through the whole party in my skivvies."

"I didn't say a damn thing about wearing your boxers, dude," Emmett corrected, a huge gloating grin pulling at his cheeks. "You'll be butt ass naked."

"Through the whole Halloween party?" He'd never heard of anything more ludicrous in his life. Rolling his eyes at Emmett, he fought the laugh that threatened to erupt from his chest, his hand still automatically covering his more sensitive area. "Where the hell do you come up with this shit? I can't even cover up my junk?"

"You can cover it with your hands," Emmett explained with a shrug, glancing at Jasper. "You okay, dude? You look like you're about to puke."

"I think I am about to puke," Jasper stated, his face paling at the thought. "You want us to sit for how long, naked, with nearly the entire campus in attendance?"

"It's not like it's forever," Emmett shrugged as if his request was no big deal. "Hell, I'll even do it with you."

Edward's gaze danced as he watched Emmett shift in his seat as he drew his shirt up, revealing six-pack abs, every muscle lined to perfection. Suddenly, Edward's original confidence wavered as he stared at his Alpha brother's rock-hard chest. While his body wasn't necessarily skinny, his muscles weren't chiseled quite like that either. Still, his form quaked as laughter bubbled up within him as he watched Emmett throw the shirt to the floor.

The SUV they sat in didn't provide a spacious area to disrobe, and watching Emmett wrestle with his clothing in the cramped space was one of the funniest things he'd ever seen. Of course, the added thought of attending the party naked contributed to the humor tickling his chest. When Emmett kicked off his shoes and pushed his pants down his carved thighs, Edward threw his hands in the air.

"Fine," Edward shook his head with a deep-throated laugh; he pinned Jasper with an intense stare. "Let's just fucking do this. How bad can it be?"

Throwing caution to the wind, Edward stripped away his designer clothes, a shiver rushing over his skin as the crisp October air swirled in through the cracked window. When his nipples puckered on his chest, his gaze shifted toward his junk. "Oh, this is going to be fucking perfect."

"Shrinkage?" Emmett's face twisted briefly before turning to glance out the window. The sky was nearly black, yet the headlights from cars beginning to arrive lined the street. "At least it will make it easier to hide."

"Small miracles," Jasper groaned as he shoved down his boxers. Thankfully, he'd done some major manscaping yesterday. The last thing he wanted was a wild bush peeking out from his fingers.

Once he was completely nude, his hand rested on the door as he contemplated the absurdity of the entire situation. The things he went through to be a part of this group, he thought, his head shaking with the audacity. He really couldn't believe he was about to walk into a room full of people butt ass naked. "You do realize this is like your worst nightmare come to life, right?"

"Not my worst nightmare," Emmett stated, glancing around.

People littered the lawn in front of the Alpha House. A long line was forming at the door awaiting admittance. Everyone was excited to attend the party of the year, in an array of costumes. Sexy nurses, ugly gargoyles, Jason, Freddie, sexy bat-women, cat-women, or whatever they were, chatted unsuspectingly with one another. Even while a crowd was forming, it wasn't nearly as packed as it was about to be.

Emmett looked over at his soon to be pledge brothers, the corner of his mouth tipping as a wide grin covered his handsome face. "It's now or never, boys."

Edward chewed the side of his tongue as his fingers cupped his junk. While he was incredibly proud of the gift God gave him, he wasn't thrilled about everyone and their mama seeing said gift. Which meant, if he wanted to open the damn door, he'd have to let go of his precious commodity, at least for the moment. As he contemplated that small fact, his fingers briefly tightened around the handful he held.

"Are we about to do this?" Edward's lips drew tight over his teeth as the moment drew closer. When Jasper merely nodded in confirmation, a quiver ran through him, his head turning from side to side as he studied the crowd through the windshield. "Why the hell didn't someone bring some liquid courage? A couple of shots of tequila would do the trick about now."

"Awww… Liquid courage is for sissies," Emmett stated right before he threw the door wide open. Unabashed, he hopped from the concealment of the vehicle, his hands barely covering his junk as he awaited his pledges.

Edward's eyes closed as he summoned the courage to let it all hang free. He took a deep breath, his fingers gripping the handle right before he pushed his door open, gasping as cold air slammed into his skin. Gooseflesh prickled his arms and chest, running down his lean body to settle over his thighs. Once the door stood wide, his hands darted back to his nether region, and he slowly slid from his seat.

Using the naked flesh of his hip, he bumped the door, shutting the contraption with his butt. Just when Jasper followed suit, firmly closing his door behind him, Emmett let out a loud whooping cry, running headlong into the crowd, drawing everyone's attention to his frat brothers cowering near his truck. Laughter filled the yard, people's hands covering their mouths to stifle the sound, makeup caked eyes widening in shock and disbelief.

"I think I'm going to kill that guy," Jasper announced, shooting a glance toward Edward, noting his fraternity brother's cherry red cheeks. Chuckling, he murmured, "Not feeling as carefree now, are ya?"

Shivering, Edward glared at Jasper with no real animosity before looking around the yard at the laughing faces. Spotting Emmett galloping around, he said, "If you hold him down, I'll kick his ass."

"Am I disappearing yet?" Embarrassed by the pointing and staring now happening among the spectators, Edward's fingers involuntarily flexed over his junk before taking a bold step forward. When Jasper continued to hide next to the truck, he made a come-on gesture with his head, fighting a grin. "I'm about to freeze my jewels right the fuck off. We need to get in that house, and considering the line gathered at the entrance, we'll be waiting a few minutes."

Reluctantly, they shifted away from the shelter of the Jeep together. Edward straightened his shoulders, his spine ramrod straight as he pushed through the gathering crowd, nodding along with them as they laughed, and if he wasn't mistaken, someone just grabbed his naked butt.

However, when he cast a look over his shoulder to catch the culprit, he came face to face with a man sporting a Prince costume. Instead of taking offense, Edward chuckled with a shake of his head. "Nice…real nice."

When he came to the end of the line, he shifted back and forth on the cold concrete, attempting to get the blood flowing through his chilled form. Now, his chin wobbled uncontrollably, his breath coming out in a frosty swirl around him. He was nearly hopping in place as he encouraged blood to circulate through his freezing limbs when he turned abruptly to say something to Jasper. Instead of finding his lifelong friend, he slammed into a giant orange pumpkin. The creature wobbled as she attempted to keep her balance before tipping to her side.

Unable to keep his hands around his junk and catch the woman he'd just knocked over, he released his jewels, honor-bound to save a woman in distress.


"Who ordered this?" Alice asked, holding up the costume of a large, round pumpkin.

"That would be me." Bella lifted her freshly painted nails, waving her fingers in the air to ensure the polish was dry. Bella knew Alice was going to have a fit over her choice of costumes, and even so, her smile was on the smug side as she returned her friend's glare. Instead of choosing a tight, sexy outfit, she'd gone with a less conspicuous piece. "What? I don't feel the need to trot around in my panties."

"We're going to a frat party, Bella. You're not in kindergarten getting ready to go treat-or-tricking, or whatever." Rose came out of the bathroom looking like the sexiest mummy Bella had ever seen, only her breasts and lower body were concealed with gauze. They'd smeared her naturally pale skin with fake blood they'd made from colored corn syrup, giving her the beat-up, dead look. "There's going to be guys there…hot guys."

"Yeah, well, I happen to like the fat, orange pumpkin," Bella pouted, grabbing the hanger from Alice's limp fingers. "And I'm not looking for some hot guy… I'm a sophomore in college, and I have enough on my plate. Plus, I'll be the only one wearing something like this."

"That's because it's a horrible costume, and it's not even sexy." Alice shot her a playful glare. "I knew I should've held your hand in that damn store. Thousands of awesome possibilities, and you go with the one thing no one else would consider buying."

Alice barely finished speaking before she stripped down to her bra and panties. Separating her witchy gown from its hanger, she slipped the sheer silk over her head, comfortable with the fact half of her body was visible through the meshed material. A tiny smidge of regret stalled Bella as she turned her attention toward the plump pumpkin. "I am going to look a tad ridiculous, huh?"

"Just a little bit," Alice grimaced.

She watched her two best friends agree with a nod. Alice and her peppy personality were the first to step forward with a solution to her dilemma. "We can always rig you up something here. I have a wig… we can rip some jeans and tie-dye a shirt really quick. Make you into a zombified 80s chick."

Bella tipped her head in consideration. As appealing as the idea sounded, she leaned toward her first choice. "Nah, I think I'll just suck it up and deal with what I have."

"At least let me do your hair—and maybe your makeup too," Rose said, pulling the gauzy material down further on her thighs. Grabbing her makeup bag from the dresser, she started toward Bella with intent in her eyes.

Before she could reach her, Bella sidestepped the feisty blonde, heading for the bathroom. "Fine… but I need to change first. Alone."

While her friends might be comfortable with their nakedness, Bella still had her reservations in that regard. With a firm hand, she closed the door behind her and disrobed, her eyes never wavering from the bright orange mass. Not only had she picked a stupid costume, but she would stick out like a sore, freaking thumb. Bella stood before the mirror in her bra and panties. In horror, her head dropped into her hands with a shake.

Maybe she should stay home…

Even as the thought tickled her mind, a knock sounded on the bathroom door, Alice's impatience apparent in her voice. "Come on, Bella, you are not backing out of this. Either come out of there in that huge disaster or let us make you something else."

Licking suddenly dry lips, Bella gave a helpless shrug as she reached for her costume. Hurriedly, she slipped the orange stockings up her legs. Snapping the waistband in place around her middle, she reached for the overly large squash with an inward groan. Before she could change her mind, she eased the round sphere over her head and pulled her hair free. She spotted the stem hat that had fallen into the tub, and a quirky laugh erupted from her as she bent to retrieve it. The horror wouldn't be complete without it.

When Bella stepped back into the bedroom, Alice laughed when she turned. "Oh my God… Bella, please, reconsider. It looks way worse than I thought."

"Just wait until I put this on," Bella stated, showing her the stem hat in her hand. "The costume wouldn't be complete without the hat."

"Oh my God, Bella. What are you trying to do to yourself," Alice groaned, snatching the hat from Bella's fingers? She examined the stem closer, and her nose wrinkled as if she smelled something terrible. "Maybe you could forgo the hat."

"No, Alice. It's the cutest part of the whole costume." Bella turned toward Rose. "Do you think you can work the stem in while you do my hair?"

Rose crossed the room, taking the hat from Alice's fingers; she looked it over before focusing on Bella. "Against my better judgment, I can make it work."

An hour later, they pulled up in front of the Alpha house, Bella flipping down the visor to check her mascara. Rosalie had worked magic with that coal-black liner, she decided, with a slight nod at her reflection. Her hair and makeup were right on point, she thought, as she adjusted the stem pinned to her head.

Now, she just had to figure out how to make this costume not quite so ridiculous. She was contemplating how that would be possible when someone ran in front of their car, hooting, and hollering. Bella pushed the visor out of the way; her jaw-dropping as a naked ass went running by.

Before she could get a good look, the guy disappeared among the group littering the yard. "Was that what I thought it was? Was he streaking?"

"He was naked," Rose laughed with a nod, her gaze shifting to the side window, hoping to get another glimpse. "He could have slowed down a bit; I think I needed a better look."

With that statement, Rose exited the car, her bum falling back against the cold metal as she awaited Bella and Alice. Alice had no problem stepping from the vehicle; Bella, on the other hand, had to wrestle her enormous, round, sphere from the passenger seat, which proved harder than it sounded. As she pulled the costume from the car, she nearly went over on her side, grabbing the door to steady herself. Laughing, she said, "Guys, I'm top-heavy."

"You think you are now, wait until you have a couple of shots in ya." Alice laughed, rounding the car to tuck her arm through Bella's. Tapping Bella's plump butt, wherever the hell it was inside the pumpkin, she steered them toward the house. "Let's get this party started."

Just when Bella thought her position couldn't get any worse, a wedgy snuck up her butt, forcing her to slip her hand inside. Luckily, considering the bulk of her attire, no one was the wiser. While Bella's attention was averted, Alice dropped her arm and promptly disappeared, leaving her on her own to fight the line. When Bella finally lifted her head, she shot a quick look around to locate her friends.

Instead of finding Rose and Alice, she stood facing a naked butt—A freezing, bare butt. His cheeks were clenched as he hopped up and down, apparently trying to warm himself.

Unable to look away, she committed every detail to memory, from the dimples on his tailbone to the gooseflesh dotting his chilled skin. Embarrassed for the guy, she fought a grin, yet lost the battle. Rolling her eyes in an attempt to divert her attention, she chuckled.

She was standing a tad too close because when the guy abruptly turned, he slammed into her, knocking her sideways. To her utter dismay, balance, always being her enemy, failed her once again. Her eyes closed tightly as she felt herself falling, knowing the ground was coming fast, and it was going to hurt. Right before she made impact, tight fingers wrapped around her bicep, and with a desperate pull, she came to face a naked groin.

Holy smokes; she could've died right there on the spot. Bella's mortification was enhanced when she realized whose jewels she faced. Her gaze darted up to meet dancing, bluish-gray eyes, belonging to none other than her long-time crush, Edward Cullen.

Typically, when someone came face to face with the guy that stole their breath, it was by some grand scheme. They usually plotted and planned a meeting, or at the very least, had their friends set something up … maybe they went out on a date, and once they realized a deeper connection existed between them, they took things to the next level. They didn't, however, come face to groin with the man before even uttering a greeting.

As if things couldn't get any worse, someone slammed into her back, shoving her right up against his naked, shivering torso. Bella's nose was smashed into his chilled pecks, the rest of his naked form pressed into the cushion of the pumpkin she wore. She felt her cheeks heat to staggering degrees, wishing the earth would open at her feet and swallow her whole. Unfortunately, the ground remained intact, and she staggered back out of his grasp, only comforted when his cheeks turned as red as hers.

Edward was presently experiencing a multitude of different emotions. While having a gorgeous woman facing his groin was appealing beyond belief, this wasn't the ideal circumstance. Then there was the electricity snapping from his fingertips traveling up his arm as his fingers tightened around her.

Immediately, his hands returned to cup his nether region, an apologetic smile tipping his lips. "Sorry about that. I was looking for a friend."

Her tongue felt twisted as she sought a response, any response. Currently, her brain refused to work, and nothing intelligent came to mind. Her gaze swept down his naked form, and before she realized she was speaking, she said, "What are you supposed to be?"

Without missing a beat, he grinned, "The Naked Truth."

Edward watched the embarrassment on the girl's face melt away, replaced with amusement. Suddenly, he was finding it rather difficult to look away from her magnetic gaze. He could stand there forever, staring into those Hershey-colored eyes. The pretty pink flushing her cheeks was adorable, and his fingers itched to graze her soft skin. He wanted to see the rest of her; his sweeping gaze roamed down her length to discover the pumpkin costume he'd forgotten all about.

"A pumpkin?" His thick brow rose in question.

"Yes … a pumpkin—what's wrong with a pumpkin," Bella wanted to know. She breathed a sigh of relief when the line started moving, saving her from answering the delight shining in his eyes. Gesturing toward the people in front of him, she said, "Can you go? I need a drink."

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