Title: Miko Hime

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Rated: M – Mature language, violence, and adult content in various chapters.

Miko Hime: Where It Begins

It's been two years since Kagome Higurashi was dragged down a well 500 years into the past on her 15th birthday. That's 24 months, 730 days, and 31,536,000 seconds to be exact since she'd been held hostage by the vintage farmers of Edo, been chased by Mistress Centipede and freed the half inu demon Inuyasha from the God Tree. Within moments her once sheltered life on the Sunset Shrine had been flipped upside down. She experienced first hand the harsh realities of wartime Sengoku Jidai Japan and that fairy tale creatures such as demons, ogrs and spirits were no longer myth. Nothing could have prepared her for the dangerous adventures ahead or how long it would take to collect the broken jewel fragments of the Shikon no Tama.

Thankfully with the help of nearly daily battles against demons and evil spirits, she'd managed to grow in her miko abilities as well as her fighting skills as an archer. She'd considered calling it quits half a dozen times. It was hard balancing both her school work in the future while fighting and traveling in the past. Plus, Inuyasha wasn't always the best company. He was rude, ill-mannered and brash. Having grown up by himself most of his life, he didn't like sharing her as a friend or expressing his feelings in words. He more often than not said and did whatever he was thinking. He could care less if it hurt someone else's feelings. Most of his behavior she shrugged off.

It was his moodiness whenever he was frustrated or embarrassed however that was hard to ignore. If he felt cornered or challenged in any way he'd lash out sending whoever it was in his path running away in tears. That person on more than one occasion being herself. She knew he never meant what he'd said and that his urgency for completing their quest was rooted with good intentions; but it didn't make his abuse hurt her feelings anyless. Thankfully, the jerk was a quick learner. After a few hard sits to the ground via his subjugation necklace and motherly reprimands from herself, he'd come to realize that his behavior was unacceptable.

By hurting others in order to protect himself, did more harm than good. With a better understanding of each other, they'd become the closest of friends. Not a day went by that they weren't together doing something. Where one went the other soon followed. Although they still fought like an old married couple, they were two peas in a pod. Besides her cherished friendship with Inuyasha to bring her back to the past, she also had a sense of duty to finish the jewel. It was her fault the jewel broke in the first place meaning it was her job to fix it. There was also the matter of protecting the innocent lives from the dreaded half demon spider named Naraku.

Every life taken by Naraku or some demon, bandit or spirit possessing a jewel shard was like a stab to the heart. The burden of their deaths and responsibility she'd shouldered upon herself. The dead deserved to be avenged and their families and communities brought peace. That of course meant she had to ignore her aches and pains from fighting and continue on with the task of wishing the jewel out of existence forever. While traveling across the countryside she and Inuyasha made friends with a fox demon kit named Shippo, a Buddhist monk named Miroku and a demon slayer named Sango. All of which unfortunately had the common bond of being manipulated at one point in their lives by Naraku.

Together during their travels they'd managed to collect over a third of the jewel and had saved hundreds of lives in the process. That unfortunately meant Naraku had the other chunk of the jewel with maybe a shard or two missing. This meant that the final battle was quickly approaching and her time in the past was coming to an end. Knowing this fact was both relieving and bitter sweet. She was tired, covered in battle scars and ached all over. She struggled sleeping, had nightmares at least a couple nights a week and had to force herself to eat despite the stress. Her body was exhausted and ready for a break. She did however, come to love the clean unpolluted air of the past and the simple lifestyle of the tiny village of Edo.

She felt more at home here and didn't want to give up her relationships. Beside the comforts of the past, having experienced the gruesome realities of ancient Japan she no longer felt like she fit in with modern society. She'd experienced more death, war and destruction in her short life than most soldiers did their entire careers in the future. None of her classmates at school nor her family members could relate to her. She felt like an outsider in her own home. Only with her friends in the past did she feel understood. She felt bad that her grandpa had to constantly tell lies to her sensei to cover for her extended absences. She knew it brought her family shame by how low her test scores were.

Almost every test she'd managed to come home for she failed and the paperwork she did turn in on time were heavily marked with errors. She was rapidly falling behind causing an awkward tension between her and her family. They knew of her duty to the past but she could tell their patience was growing thin. If the well did close for good after the jewel was gone, she'd more than likely have to repeat a year to catch up. This of course would affect her career choices later in life as well as further bring shame to her family. On top of that distress Naraku has been sending more deadlier incarnations after them and Kikyo, Inuyasha's resurrected ex-girlfriend has joined their group.

Although Kagome discovered long ago that her once believed romantic feelings towards her half demon companion were actually sisterly affection, she still worried for his well being. He was her best friend and she didn't believe Kikyo had his best interests at heart. She worried about Kikyo's motives in joining their group. Kikyo had stolen her jewels from her in the past and more than once tried to kill her and Inuyasha. Kikyo knew just what to say to get past Inuyasha's barriers. Thus, giving her the power to make Inuyasha nearly do anything she wanted. She was dangerous, both to Inuyasha and the group. In Kagome's opinion, Kikyo needed to be avoided at all costs.

Because of her beliefs Inuyasha's already brash attitude got ten times worse. He became very rude towards her over the past few weeks. He'd purposefully ignored her when Kikyo was near. He'd choose to spend all of his free time with Kikyo and didn't offer her a piggyback ride when they traveled. Plus, he developed the nasty habit of calling her ugly names like bitch and wench when angered. She had a feeling Kikyo was putting him up to it or that it was his way of showing Kikyo that he viewed her in a lesser light. Whatever his reasoning was, it really hurt her feelings. She'd tried talking to him about it but they just ended up yelling down each other's throats.

The tension between them was thicker than mud causing awkwardness between the group. There were times he'd apologize for being an ass, but that was rare on occasion. Their inability to communicate without fighting began to affect their fighting skills as a squad. This of course made Sango and Miroku upset causing a rift to form in the inutachi. Sango, Miroku and Shippo of course took her side whereas Inuyasha was awkwardly stuck in the middle with Kikyo on the other side. She could tell Inuyasha was upset that she and the rest of the group didn't accept Kikyo with welcoming arms. Knowing his logic she didn't doubt that he took their rejection towards Kikyo as an indirect rejection towards him.

She'd asked Miroku to try and talk some sense into his head but the monk's speech went in one dog-ear and out the other. Inuyasha refused to see Kikyo in a negative light. He believed Kikyo changed for the better and was no longer seeking to steal the jewels for Naraku or drag him to hell. To Inuyasha's defense, other than Kikyo's reserved personality and nightly walks to collect lost souls to eat, she'd been on her best behavior. She'd even helped with chores when setting and tearing down camp and helped hunt and prepare dinner. Kikyo even fought alongside them when seeking for jewel shards and collected herbs and spices to heal their wounds.

She gave the group no room to doubt her intent which only further pissed Kagome off. She didn't appreciate Kikyo's mind games nor her playing with Inuyasha's feelings. As much as Inuyasha was her protector she was his in return. No one messed with her friend and got away with it. All she could do was hope for Inuyasha to come to his senses before Kikyo decided to do anything dangerous. Otherwise she might have to do something reckless, like sending Kikyo to hell herself. She was in the middle of these dark thoughts and half a million other things when she felt the beginning tingles of a jewel shard on her senses. She was about to announce it's rapid approach when Kikyo beat her to it.

"Inuyasha, prepare yourself. A jewel shard quickly approaches." Kikyo said, causing the group to pause and the half demon's dog ears to perk up on the top of his head.

"Finally! About time we saw some action." Inuyasha smirked, as he pulled his trusty sword from the ties around his waist.

"Indeed." Miroku nodded as Sango and her pet demon cat Kirara readied for the attack. "Let's hope this encounter ends smoothly."

Just then an ugly ten foot tall boar demon came charging through the underbrush. As it squealed it's angry cry, it thrashed it's head from side to side. As it barreled towards Sango and Miroku with deadly speed it tore up the earth with its hooves. Just as it prepared to slice them in two with its deadly tusks, Kirara swiftly gripped Miroku by the scruff of his robes; lifting him out of aim. With them no longer in danger the beast readied its sights on Inuyasha. Just like before it charged with deadly speed narrowly crushing Inuyasha with his strength. As it fought against the group its putrid stench filled the open space.

It was evident by the layers of caked mud running along its harry barred like bristles that it had recently rolled in something dead. The fumes of rotting meat and shit brought tears to their eyes and a nasty taint to fill their mouth and nose. As horrible as the pig was, nothing was worse than the dark red color of its eyes. He was blinded with blood lust making him irrational and unpredictable. With the jewel shard embedded in its body the only way to stop him was to slay him where he stood.

"Kagome, get Shippo out of here! This guy means business!" Inuyasha yelled as he dodged the beast's tusks once again.

"No way am I leaving you with that thing dog boy." Kagome snapped as she too dodged the angry boar. After rolling to a safe distance she tossed her backpack to the ground and went to ready herself an arrow. "That thing is huge!"

"Yeah, and it almost smells as bad as Inuyasha!" Shippo gagged as he hid behind a nearby tree for cover.

"Shut up, runt! Now is not the time for jokes!" Inuyasha Growled.

Seeing that the pig was distracted by Sango's boomerang, Inuyasha lined up his blade.

"WINDSCAR!" Inuyasha yelled as he aimed his sword at the boar's left shoulder.

To his annoyance the pig sensed the incoming danger at the last second. Using its demonic speed to it's advantage, it jumped backwards towards the woods. In doing so it not only managed to dodge the attack but also put itself directly between him and Kagome. Kagome having seen the boar coming into range of her arrow made her shot. Unfortunately for her the boar was faster than her arrow, easily dodging it's purifying bite.

"Kagome watch out!" Miroku yelled as he launched himself into her side. Thankfully his quick response knocked them out from under the pig's deadly hooves. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, thanks." Kagome grunted as they quickly got to their feet.

"Hiraikotsu!" Sango yelled as she and Inuyasha worked together to try and bring down the beast.

"Where the hell is the jewel shard?!" Inuyasha yelled, over the angry cries of the boar demon.

"It's lodged in the throat, near the heart." Kikyo said as she carefully aimed her bow from the edge of the wood.

"The beast must have accidentally swallowed it." Miroku said as he and Kagome watched from the other side.

"Whatever porky did, he's about to be smoked bacon. It's time to end this thing once and for all!" Inuyasha grunted as he readied his sword once more.

As Inuyasha readied to swing his sword Kikyo let her arrow fly. In an explosion of light their attacks struck the boar where it stood killing it instantly. As the beast's final squeal pierced through the wood, it's body blew away in the breeze. All that remained of the fight was the single jewel shard that now rested in Miroku's hand and the scars torn into the battered earth.

[End of Chapter 1]