Bella Swan was destined to be alone.

There were few things in life that were clear as black and white. She knew that. She was aware some things were fickle and uncertain. She knew love could come and go or it could be unconditional and everlasting. She had experienced loss and gain and was much wiser than her years for it.

She was certain that she wouldn't find real love. This idea could have easily stemmed from her own personal losses in her life. It could have stemmed from romantic heart breaks. There was one very likely reason.

She loved gardening. It was what she had focused on every day. There were a lot of weeds to pull around her home. She had fortunately gained more control over her special abilities the older she got, but there were still times when unexpected emotions would result in a wild garden.

That was her constant reminder that there was a lot of grey in the world; it was reflected in her garden, even during the seasons in which flowers shouldn't grow. It was why her shop was so successful. She had herbs and scents that weren't available outside her town unless you were willing to pay significantly more to get it from warmer climates. Nobody wanted to spend that extra money when they had someone special in their own town.

Bella Swan, the quiet woman who lived with her cousin in her late grandmother's home, was able to grow out of season flowers and herbs. A lot of her customers assumed she had some kind of connection to the world outside their town. Most had no idea what flowers were in or out of season. Some knew the real reason. All assumed she had special powers.

All were mostly correct. It didn't matter what anyone thought though because that was how she made her living. She didn't cause any harm.

Not sinceā€¦

We weren't there yet.

So, she gardened every day before she went to work where she sold her goods. This was the only time she didn't have to think about her life - past, present, or future. It brought serenity into her life for reasons different from the average person.

She pulled the flowers that had grown overnight - fortunately flowers representing peace. She had an idea of how she could use it to sell in her shop - a shop that had been well known by women and men alike - those who understood the power of pheromones. Her lotions and perfumes brought value to everyone who bought them. There was a small group that went to her for more important problems. She always solved them.

When her grandmother had passed a year and a half prior, Bella took on her role as the town's holistic healer. Strange, smart, and beautiful, she had powers that others could never dream of having - powers that were passed down to her. For the most part, she had everything under control. There were times when her gift surprised her - frustrated her.

Peace, though, she was good with peace. That meant she could focus. The upcoming weekend there would be a full moon. She needed to make sure she was in complete control of her emotions. Any distractions would be unwelcome.

There was one distraction on its way

"My feet led me here."

But we weren't there yet.

This particular witch couldn't see into the future, so she didn't know this one was coming.

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