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There was only black. No sights, no sounds, no smells, no sensations. There was nothing.

And then there was the voice. Deep, masculine, and seemingly demanding respect.

"Against all the evil that Hell can conjure," it began. As it did a blood red symbol began to form.

"All the wickedness that mankind can produce," it continued. The symbol seemed to radiate power and intensity. The more it came into vision the more frightening it seemed.

"We will send unto them… only you." The symbol had formed now. It felt crushing, horrifying, and yet somehow… comforting. As if it was terrifying in its power, but not malicious.

"Rip and tear, until it is done."

Yang groaned as she woke up, her body aching like she hadn't slept right. The only thing she remembered vividly was going to bed early for the big day tomorrow, which was going to be her first day at Beacon Academy, along with her younger sister who got enrolled earlier than most. Admittedly she couldn't contain her excitement and joy when hearing about that news and she had trouble falling asleep. However, she didn't feel like that anymore If anything she felt hot, like it was a warm and muggy day and she left the window open.

And then something shook her awake… literally. Whatever she was lying on shook, but not too much. More like she was on a train… but she definitely didn't fall asleep on a train. As she got up she opened her eyes and tried to process what was going on. But before she could she heard… groaning. Some humanoid figure was moving towards her… more like shambling.

"What the-?" she muttered and rubbed her eyes. As they adjusted she saw what looked like some kind of goofy B-movie zombie walking towards her. It was completely naked, but looked more like a corpse than just a naked person. It had no hair, no distinct human features of any kind, only an emaciated body, a strange symbol on its forehead, and glowing yellow eyes.

"... What in the world?" was what she managed to say before the creature lunged and took a swipe at her. Thanks to her Aura it didn't really do any damage, but the pain snapped her out of her trance. She rolled back, readied Ember Celica, and took her stance. "Back off! If this is a prank I'm not laughing!" The creature didn't respond to her words and lunged again. She intercepted with a shot and a punch from her gauntlets and, to her surprise, exploded the creature's head into gibs. She recoiled from some of the blood splattering onto her, instinctively wiping some that landed on her face and looked at the smeared blood on her glove, staring down at it in bewilderment. "Ah… Ah crap!"

Before she could process anymore, she noticed two more of the creatures shamble towards her. "I… I didn't… I wasn't trying to-" she tried to explain, only for them to ignore her words. Instead, they didn't even seem to care, and just moved to attack her like the other one. "No, please! Don't… Don't make me-!" she tried to plead, only for the nearest one to swipe at her. Instinct took over and she blasted a hole in it's chest, the blow knocking it back. The other one ignored it's fallen comrade and attempted to attack. "Damn it!" she shouted and uppercutted it's head into oblivion.

'What's happening? Why am I being attacked like I'm some prey that wandered into a predator's den? And… Why are the bodies dissolving into flames?'

To add to the list of things confusing her, the bodies of her attackers seemed to light on fire and fizzle out faster than the flame of a match. If it wasn't for the pain from the first attack, she would've questioned if she had just imagined the last 30 seconds. However...every breath she took as of now, every attack made… the atmosphere, it all felt real.

She finally managed to look at her surroundings… and started to feel like she had fallen into some kind of old horror film. It looked like something from ages past, old wood reinforced by rusted metal. Chains and hooks hung from the ceiling, like some kind of ancient torture chamber. She looked behind her and saw a massive furnace, cordoned off by a grating of metal. And the big wooden door in front of her had a skull with horns and two glowing, green eyes. Then she noticed the sounds of metal against metal, and looked down, shocked to find she was standing on a metal grating and below her she could see massive gears cranking along. Smoke rose from below her, making her unable to see what was further down, but now she felt like she didn't want to know. And then finally… another shake, enough to make her have to brace herself… and she realized wherever she was was moving.

Her eyes wandered, taking a few steps forward as she looked around, noticing a few cages hanging from some of the hooks swinging from the shaking. Her look of confusion then went back to the door with the glowing green eyes from the skull head… where exactly did it lead to? Whatever this place was… it was quite obvious it felt a lot different than it did back at home. Now that she thought about it… those "creatures" she killed… didn't have any Aura on them, not in the slightest. Granted, it could just be like the Grimm back at home… but it didn't feel like them either. They felt lifeless, drained… mindless, like they had no sense of control in their actions… leaving them only to kill.

She shook her head. Now was not the time to stand idle about all this… if she wanted to find answers, the only option she had right now was to move forward. She glared at the door and started to make her way towards it.

She pushed the double doors opened and was met with another of the creatures, which she yelped and instinctively shot at, destroying it. She tried to calm down, only to notice more groans from both sides. The one on her right was closer so she dealt with that one first. She briefly noted that direction was a dead end, before turning around. The other one was still a couple yards away so she fired from a distance. Blood spurt but it merely stumbled. Another shot and it was down, soon fading to nothing. She kept going down the path downstairs, only to hear another groan. She waited behind the corner for it to pop out, and when she did she nailed it in the head with another shot, destroying it instantly.

'Whatever they are, they're weak, slow, and dumb. If I keep my cool, I can take them easy.'

She turned the corner down the stairs and kept walking… only for her blood to run cold at what she saw. Cages, lining both sides of the hallway, packed with… humans? She couldn't tell. If those things she killed looked like zombies before, these even more so. They had no features, not even eyes. She couldn't even tell what gender any of them were. They moved slowly, some of them not even moving at all… some were even slowly, weakly reaching for her as if they were trying to desperately ask for help. Whatever she thought of originally, she couldn't help herself when she was breathing a little heavily as she walked forward slowly, quickly pulling an arm back when one of them almost grabbed her.

"Heh… Heh heh… Wow… great special effects… really have me convinced… this is one heck a prank, heh," she muttered out loud, smiling nervously as she desperately tried to not think about what she was seeing, her heart pounding in her chest. As she kept going into a room filled with more cages she noticed a chainsaw on the floor… one that looked like it had been used. It was then she also noticed the pools of blood on the floor, and not all of it even seemed to have come from the packed cages. Heck, some of it looks like it came out of the wooden barrels.

"Gotta get out. Gotta get out. Gotta get out," she muttered to herself. She quickly kept going and found a metal grate that seemed to lead further. She sprinted forward and grabbed it, trying to lift it up but it wouldn't budge. She looked around for a switch or lever, but there was none. "Let me out, let me out, let me out," she started to pant a little louder than before. She quickly doubled back and rounded a corner and found a large block of metal that seemed to block the way forward with a glowing green symbol on it. She tried to push it, but it would budge an inch. "LET ME OUT!" she screamed in desperation and punched the block. She was shocked to find it practically slid across the floor to the end of the hall and lodged itself in a hole in the wall.

She took a second to process this then fell to her hands and knees and screamed. She screamed not in terror or anger, but frustration. She screamed to release the pent of feelings inside her. After what felt like hours of screaming she panted, finally calm enough to think rationally. The shambling corpses? The seemingly lifeless and tortured people stacked in iron cages? The amount of blood everywhere? This didn't feel real, none of it felt real at all… The question was, who was responsible for all this? This was no mere "prank," this was the beginning of a nightmare she wished she never woke up too… and yet everything around her remained real to her. The more she thought about it…

The more pissed off she was getting. This wasn't a movie set, there were no special effects… this was all real. She realized that if this was indeed true, there is someone, someone so vile, so vindictive, and so cruel… that tortured and maimed these innocent civilians. Whether for the sick pleasure of doing so, or for some sort of goal, it didn't matter to her. People were hurting, and she was going to end it.

She growled to herself, gritting her teeth as her red eyes came back as she got up off her knees, and started to march her way over to the block, jumping and pulling herself up it and then to the floor above it… whoever was responsible for this, she was going to make sure they suffer once she meets them. There is a price to pay for endangering so many lives for something as cruel as this.

She continued to walk and found a hallway that led to another skull door, and three more zombies in front of it. With determination she stomped forwards, quickly blasting each one with a burst from her gauntlets with barely any effort, and pushed on the door… only for it not to open. She noticed it seemed old and weak…

'Well. Punching things has already helped me once,' she thought before pulling her arm back and smashing the door down.

As she stepped inside, she walked down a hallway… and saw a strange, humanoid… thing. It looked like the zombies from before, but leaner and more muscular. Bony spikes came from it's shoulders, elbows, knees, and other places. It's eyes were yellow and vicious, and it had razor sharp teeth. It thankfully wasn't facing her, and she saw its hands come together and gather some kind of energy in it's clawed hands before hurling it somewhere else.

She tracked the… fireball as it hit and exploded against another zombie… but this one looked much more human. It had a crew cut and aside from it's grey skin and red glowing eyes it looked almost human. It was even dressed in some kind of armor that looked like something the Atlas military soldiers would wear, but even bulkier. It had some kind of gun with a massive barrel in the place of one hand, like it was a part of the suit. It took the blow, which exploded, and it stumbled back. It recovered quickly enough and fired back with balls of red crackling energy. It actually ran to try and reposition itself, as the other creature jumped down to another floor to dodge.

She looked at the room and saw more of what she saw before, hooks and caged, thankfully with no poor souls this time. There were several floors and levels, bridges and stairs leading up and down, but with no rhyme or reason. Almost like the room was meant to be confusing… or an arena. And to top it all off there were more battles going on, with the fireball throwing creatures, the zombified soldiers, and the weaker zombies who looked like they had just stumbled into the battlefield.

Just then a blast of energy came at her, barely missing her and burning the edge of the wall just by her. She saw one of the zombified soldiers do a similar move to the fireball creature, gathering its energy in a ball. She fired her gauntlets for a speed boost before slamming her fist into its face and firing, taking off a chunk of its face and making it stagger back. Sher finished it with another blast to the face.

And then everything went to shit.

("Hell on Earth" - Mick Gordon)

Suddenly, the creatures and zombies who were more than happy to fight each other all turned their attention to her. Some immediately attacked, others moved to get better positioning, but without a doubt the infighting was over. Yang had to be quick to react to the ones aggressively charging her, jumping back from them all trying to take a swipe at her as she cocked her gauntlets.

"Alright uglies… I ain't holding back this time!" she declared, her glare narrowing as her eyes seethed in her own anger and frustration, a burning fire in her red eyes as she shot herself towards the group of zombies, throwing heavy strikes and blasts, either blowing up some of their heads while others were staggered from the indirect damage. As she fought them off, she glanced to her side and quickly ducked under an incoming fireball, using this time to quickly sweep a zombie from under its feet before blasting it in the face. She looked over to where the fireball came from, seeing it was one of those guys with the bony shoulders. Before she could react however, she quickly looked over to see one of the soldier zombies charging up some energy in it's gun, giving enough time for the other creature to do the same by forming energy in its hands. She widened her eyes at this, both of them firing their shots at Yang at the same time while one of the remaining zombies from the group was going to charge her from her left side.

Thinking quickly she shot her gauntlets down, rocketing herself up and letting the two attacks hit the zombie, blowing it to pieces. She cocked her arm back before slamming her fist into the floor, cracking it and sending out a shockwave that staggered the other two. She raced at the soldier and grabbed it by the waist before rolling back and hurling it at the other creature, knocking them both down. As if she couldn't catch a break, another one of the bony ones appeared from below her due to where the soldier zombie was standing originally was on a platform, the creature jumping up into the air as it had a clawed hand back ready to strike as he was above Yang, screeching at her.

It clawed at her face, making her stumble back a step. She growled and retaliated with a shot to the face, hard enough to make it stumble back, before slamming both her hands into its stomach. The blast of Dust tore the torso from its waist and sent the pieces flying. She saw the torso head to a corner of the room… and shot up into the air? She looked back to where it was sent and noticed a vent spewing some kind of blue energy upwards. She also noticed another one to the left of it.

This was unfortunately enough of a distraction for a charged up blast to hit her in the back. She shouted in pain as she fell off the bridge and flat onto the floor below. She grit her teeth and got up quickly, blasting a zombie that tried to take advantage of the situation, and ran at the blue vent. As soon as she touched the energy she was shot up into the air, above even the high platform. She smirked and used her airtime to see where the shot that hit her came from, and saw the zombie soldier trying to take a new position. She launched herself at it, and her haymaker as she landed took the thing's head clean off.

She had to blast a few zombies that tried to charge her afterwards, the beings dropping like flies due to the power she had behind her punches, and quickly had to dodge yet another fireball by flipping backwards. This gave the creatures enough time to try and overwhelm her: zombies at her front, a new zombie soldier appearing from around the corner, along with a few bony guys charging up their energy, ready to swarm the new intruder and use everything they had against the Yellow Dragon. She knew she couldn't handle the fact these creatures were about to swarm her… and it only made her growl as she clenched her fists tightly, noticing even more of these creatures were coming after from the platforms below, her hair glowing a split second as she growled.

"Back. OFF!" she shouted as she slammed her fists together, sending a shockwave that sent back the enemies close to her, and stumbled the ones that were a little further away. After that… it was just red. Yang bellowed out a war cry as she charged everything in her path. It didn't matter how weak or strong they were, she slammed her fists into them as hard as she could. There was no planning anymore, no strategy, just seeing an enemy, charging it, and destroying it. The blind rage method did leave her open to several hits, but she didn't care. Her Aura held, and each hit landed only made her stronger. Before she knew it, every enemy was gone, the remains of the last few burning away.

She finally dropped to her knees, panting in both physical and emotional exhaustion. She double checked to make sure there were no enemies left before collapsing to the ground, rolling over onto her back. Fighting off Grimm was certainly one thing, however these ones seem to be equal, if not more deadly compared to the creatures back in Remnant. She was trying to calm down her breathing for the time being, the sound of metal hitting metal along with the hot floor as she stared up at the ceiling. She saw the metal chandeliers with blue flame, the spikes hanging from the ceiling, and thought just how over the top someone had to be to make something like this.

After resting enough she got up and headed to the doorway with a huge skull over it, with torches with green flame on either side. As she walked down the hallway she felt the building shake again… and she swore she could hear some kind of creature making noise along with it. It was faint, but she could tell this creature was definitely something not to mess around with… at least for now. As she approached another double door, this one made of metal and with another large skull above it, her anger started to come back as she grabbed the ringed door handles and swung the door open. She stepped inside and the first thing she noticed was the multiple furnaces around her, thankfully cordoned off by grates, but this time noticing there were bones inside. There was also a large cauldron of green flame in the center of the room, covered with spikes and skulls and other overly edgy things. There were also some cages with more of those poor tortured souls, but these ones were smaller, and only held one or two.

"Well, well, this is a surprise," came a creepy voice. She turned to see a creepy old man, his skin grey and shriveled, and his eyes were normal aside from the completely red sclera. He was dressed in some sort of ceremonial outfit, a robe from the waist down that completely covered him to the toes. His midriff was exposed, and his torso had some sort of light, clearly ceremonial armor. His teeth were yellow and crooked, his fingernails long like claws, and on his head a headpiece that looked like a crown. Finally was the metal staff in his hand, the top shaped like a crescent moon.

"I didn't think any humans would be left. You're quite resilient to make it this far. How did you get on board?" he asked with a creepy smile.

Yang clenched her fists. "All of this… this suffering… is this because of you?" she seethed.

His smile widened, gripping his staff with both hands. "Ah, yes… Enjoying my work? I think you'll be a fine addition to it," he declared before lifting the staff up. He spoke some tongue she couldn't understand, deep and echoing, before slamming his staff onto the floor. A shockwave of energy came, shaking Yang a bit. After it ended Yang was about to move forward… only for a mass of red light to appear in front of her. In a burst of light something was suddenly in front of her. A massive creature, at least 8 ft tall, humanoid with grey skin, bulging muscles, beady yellow eyes, sharp teeth and claws, and what looked to be some hard bone-like covering on its head. Yang lowered her stance a bit, staring at the new monster of a being in both awe and admittingly a bit of fright… how many different types of creatures are there that this world can throw at her!?

It took advantage of her hesitation and backhanded her across the face, sending her spinning through the air before, slamming into the floor. "No, you fool! I want this one alive so… oh," the old man said before seeing her get up, her Aura flickering over her body. "That's interesting. Looks like I'll be getting more than entertainment and raw material out of this one… Now break her limbs."

The hulking beast roared and charged at her before leaping, raising both fists which radiated with red energy. Yang grit her teeth as her Aura flickered slightly, and shot her gauntlets to her side, barely dodging the overhead strike, only to be sent to the side by a shockwave of red energy after the hit. She slid on her feet… she knew the tank was running out in her, but if she was going to survive this… she needed to take it down, right here, right now.

She gave battle cry as her hair brightened once more, a fiery aura forming around her that gave a shockwave, which seemed to have heavily amused the creepy man in robes. She then charged at the beast, head first, said beast retaliating with his own charge as it roared again. However, instead of striking it head on, she actually shifted her momentum, shooting her gauntlets and shot the ground to launch herself in the air as the giant threw a punch, whiffing form missing the blonde fighter. The beast looked up with a growl as Yang was airborne for a moment before she shifted her body and blasted towards the giant demon, knowing for a fact it can not recover to block from the fake out as she gave another battle cry as she twisted her body and pulled her fist back. She went off like a speeding bullet, and once she grew closer she threw herself a wide haymaker that was just as fast, slamming it right between the eyes of the giant, adding an explosive impact from her punch that actually made the giant stumble back heavily from the strike, enough to actually knock the beast onto it's back. There was heavy smoke around the head area as the beast lied still, the old man looking on curiously as he remained silent for now. Yang landed on her feet as she panted heavily, the tank just hit empty as her legs were shaking, looking at the ground for a moment.

"...Well, a high quality product indeed. Looks like I'll have plenty of time to research you," the creepy old man smiled.

"Say that… after I've… broken your face," she panted, trudging towards him. The old man just smiled sinisterly, and before Yang knew it she was on the floor, her ears ringing. As she tried to figure out what happened, something grabbed her arm and lifted her off the floor… It was the beast who wasn't as dead as she thought, glaring at her through a bloodied face and a cracked skull.

"She doesn't really need all her limbs," the old man chuckled as the beast grabbed the other arm with it's free hand. At that the hulking beast squeezed and began to pull her arms. Yang screamed in pain, kicking madly as the monster hung her in the air. She could see her Aura about to break at any moment.

'No! No! Please! Ruby! Dad! Someone help me!'

Just then something attached to the hulking beast's head. It stuck there for a moment before exploding, the beast dropping Yang to the floor, her back hitting hard. She groaned and looked up to see another of the objects attach to the beast's back and explode, forcing it to one knee where it panted. Then someone quickly grabbed it from behind and slammed it's head into the floor right in front of her, hard enough for it to explode into gore.

She looked up to see a man dressed in heavy armor. It was a drab military green in most places, with some dark grey and bronze in certain places. The only part of his body that wasn't covered were his massive biceps, which would make sense considering how heavy that armor looked. Attached to his left gauntlet looked to be some kind of retractable blade, and he was holding what was obviously a shotgun. His helmet visor was blue and hid his face well, but she could still see strong, piercing eyes behind the visor. But one thing that caught her attention, barely noticeable, was a red symbol just above the visor on his left side… one she realized she had just seen in a dream.

Before she could react he sprinted at the old man and grabbed him by the neck, who dropped his staff, lifting him off the ground. "My soul remains guarded!" the old man choked out. "You can't-" he was about to say something more until the armored man pulled out a glowing blue medallion from… somewhere. The old man seemed to panic as he saw the object disappear and he struggled, only for the armored man to brutally rip the old man's head clean off his neck. As if that wasn't creepy enough, he pocketed the head… somewhere.

Yang didn't know what to think as she was panting, both anxiously and out of heavy relief as she glanced at the now dead beast and her savior, the former disappearing into flame like all the rest, complete awe in her expression. She struggled to even kill the giant beast in one blow, and this guy just came in and took it out almost immediately after! When she tried to sit up, she gave a grunt as she quickly gripped one of her arms, closing one eye as she sat there, wincing in pain.

Before she could process anymore the room shook violently, like it was moving much more than before. The man ignored her and walked towards the massive double doors at the end of the room, punching it open and revealing a balcony overlooking a fire-red skyline. He silently leaped over the railing and out of sight. Yang just blinked for a moment before getting up to chase after him. She stepped out into the air and froze.

Yang remembered back to scenes from action movies, or documentaries of the great war where cities had been destroyed by bombs and Grimm. Nothing in those films compared to what she was seeing now. Concrete skyscrapers barely standing, or reduced to rubble. The ground cracked open like a volcano had erupted underneath. Cars in ruins, only their skeletal frames left. Buildings on fire, some of them having glowing red symbols on them. And the sky, red with flames, black with smoke, lighting crackling out in the distance.

Then a loud noise came from her left, catching her attention and her blood went cold. A massive beast, bigger than any Grimm she'd ever seen, ever seen pictures of, humanoid in shape but with horns the size of cars, body like stone, able to walk in the molten ground below. The massive creature lumbered away, not paying her or anything else any mind.

It was only when she began to cough did she notice she had been panting. That was when she also noticed her Aura was starting to flicker, and her throat burned. Something about the atmosphere was hurting her. Without much else to use she pulled her scarf over her mouth and nose and tightened it behind her head, as that would have to do for now. She looked below her and saw the armored man walking towards a nearby building, seemingly uncaring of the mayhem around him.

She had a choice. She could wait and hope for help, or she could follow a man that, while clearly dangerous, had saved her life, although she couldn't tell if he really meant to. She looked over the horizon for a moment more…

"Hey! Don't leave me behind, damn it!" she shouted as she vaulted over the railing, landing on the ground below. The man stopped to look at her as she jogged to catch up. After waiting a moment he continued on, not caring to let her catch up. "Grr. Jerk," she growled as she got up next to him. "Look, I don't know where I am or what's going on, but you seem to know what you're doing, so I'm tagging along okay?" He didn't even bother to acknowledge her with more than a glance, not even stopping as she talked. "Really?"

"Pardon the Slayer. He does not talk much," came a calming, masculine voice. It came from the armored man, but it was clearly not him speaking.

"What in the heck?" she flinched.

"Hello, I am VEGA, the most advanced artificial intelligence in the system, currently assisting the Doom Slayer in his attempts to rid Earth of the demonic invasion. And you are?"

Yang just stopped and blinked for a moment, only to snap out of it when she realized the armored man - The "Doom Slayer" - hadn't stopped walking. "Uh… Yang Xiao Long. Look, I don't understand half of what you just said, but if following you means getting out of here, I'm tagging along, got it?"

Much to her surprise, the Doom Slayer actually stopped to look at her, scanning her body up and down. His eyes stopped on her gauntlets for a moment, and she could see him raise an eyebrow at her from under his visor. "Hey, I can fight, alright? Took care of plenty of those creatures and zombies inside that thing. I just got tired out, and the big guy caught me by surprise."

"If true, it would account for the lack of enemies we encountered on the way to the Hell Priest. Data shows she can handle Zombie Soldiers and Imps at least, though a Hell Knight appears too much for her," VEGA commented.

The Doom Slayer looked at her again… then grunted before moving on. "... I didn't hear a no," Yang snarked and followed.


("Live Love Die" - Fear and Faith )

Starts with all four girls seeing Beacon Academy, only for the world to shatter like glass. Time slows to a crawl as it shows Yang falling forwards, Weiss falling straight down like she broke through some thin ice, Blake looking like she slipped, and Ruby falling backwards.

Time flows normally again and they all fall. Shows a close up of Ruby's eye as she quickly falls backwards, screaming in terror as she and the other girls quickly fall into the black abyss and out of sight.

The letters "R W B Y" slowly move into place before flashing a moment, with more added to the bottom. "RWBY" is spelled with each corresponding color, while "Hardened Souls" is written in blood red below it.

An inhuman hand with six fingers bleeds from one finger. The droplet of blood grows, then falls into an I.V., spreading, then Ruby's silver eyes snaps open.


Ruby awakens on a gurney receiving the blood transfusion as the Messengers crawl over her. She screams in terror, struggling against the bonds holding her to the gurney.


Cuts to the undead Weiss, dressed as a Pyromancer, pushing open one of the heavy doors of the Undead Asylum. Then the Asylum Demon drops in. The camera switches to Weiss' horrified expression and then zooms in on her eye and through her pupil.

Can someone?

Young Blake is stabbed by Kashin Koji. As she bleeds, she reaches out to her mother, also wounded, who hands the Amrita Wakizashi to her.


The brightness of the wakizashi glows and becomes Yang's hair in flames as she uses her semblance.

Save us from!

Yang quickly kills two Imps that jump at her, only to be sent tumbling by a hit from a Hell Knight.


The Hell Knight jumps on her and tries to finish her off, only for a shotgun blast to blow it's head off. Yang turns and sees the foot of the Doom Slayer, before the camera changes to show his hand extending to help her up.

Of everything we've loved and owned!

With a burst of flame the scene changes to Ruby waking up in the Hunter's Dream, confused. She turns and sees the Plain Doll smiling at her, as well as Gehrman giving his wry smirk. She gets up and looks at them for a few moments.

It then cuts to Weiss kneeling and speaking with the dying Oscar of Astoria.

Another cut to Blake lying asleep and alone in her small home in the wilderness, dressed in rags.

A final cut to Yang, having been helped up, the Doomslayer turns and begins walking away. Yang looks around to take in her surroundings. After a moment's hesitation she takes a step after him.

So this beautiful dream has become. A never fainting nightmare.

Cuts to Ruby's foot taking a step, now dressed in the Hunter's set, then showing it's her rushing to slash at Father Gascoigne. She cuts him with the extended Saw Cleaver, while also ducking under his extended Hunter's Axe. She turns to fire her Blunderbuss at him, only to see he already has his pistol aimed at her. She uses her semblance to dodge the shot and the fires back. He drops his weapons and then transforms. Ruby looks horrified, but steels herself for the fight.

A stranger haunts us in our sleep. We're terrified. WE'RE TERRIFIED!

Weiss slowly walks up the cliff outside the Undead Asylum, surveying the terrain as she reaches the edge of the cliff. Then suddenly the giant crow lunges at her out of nowhere, time slowing down as she barely has time to react. Time then quickly moves ahead as the crow's feathers cover the screen.

You're the only one who knows this!


Blake returns to being normal after losing control of her transformation, panting before looking up. The camera changes to her perspective as she sees Tokichiro smile at her before swiping his finger under his nose. His monkey Guardian Spirit appears and gets closer, it's bright colors flashing and changing the scene.

And I hope you die with this on your lips!


Cuts to the Doomslayer firing his Super Shotgun, quickly reloading it before blasting another Imp to bits. The camera rotates to show Yang leaping back from a Hell Knight's ground pound attack before rushing in and giving two quick blows to it's head, staggering it. She grabs it's head and snaps it neck, smirking with pride as she pants a bit. She turns to look to the Doomslayer for approval, only to see he's already walking away. She huffs and trudges after him.





Ruby, armed with the Rakuyo, trades blows with Gherman and his Burial Blade. He slices at her and she duck under it, then sprints past him, slicing him as she does. The camera changes to the back of her head, as she turns, the Red Moon and the Moon Presence descending as the camera zooms in on her eye before a storm of flower petals covers the everything.

Can someone?

Weiss, dressed in Artorias Armor, weaves out of the way of Gwyn's flaming sword slash before backflipping away from another slash. As she lands she's grabbed by him and lifted, his hand glowing his power. Weiss quickly pulls out her talisman and summons Great Lightning Spear, hurling it at his face, which explodes and he stumbled back, dropping her.


She quickly pulls out her catalyst and casts Crystal Magic Weapon on her sword, finishing just as Gwyn recovers. She shouts a battle cry as he slashes at her, the flames of his sword covering the screen.

Save us from!

The flames change to the flaming katanas of Youkai Tokichirio, who slashes at Blake, dressed in the Shinobi set, who tries to deflect the blows with her own twin katanas. They then get struck out of her hands and Tokichiro moves to finish the fight, only for Blake to go Brute and counter with a swing of her fist.



As Tokichiro stumbles back, she reverts back to human, draws the Amrita Wakizashi which transforms into the Seven-Branched Sword. She runs at the screen to cut him, everything going bright yellow.

Of everything we've loved and owned!

The glow changes to the glow of the orb in the Khan Makyr's chest as she fires beams of energy at the Doomslayer. He dodges the blasts and returns fire with the BFG 9000, stunning her. As she's dazed, Yang, dressed in the Doomslayer's previous Praetor Suit, rockets past him and at the Khan Makyr. She jumps at the camera and slams her fist into the screen, shattering it.

As the guitar plays glass shards fall in slow motion as Yang gets up from lying down, looking shocked. The background stays as Yang fades to Blake, also sitting up and looking surprised. Weiss is next and she sits up as well, but rather than shocked she looks defeated and tired. Finally, Ruby sits up, but her eyes are hidden in the shadows of her bangs.

This is a disaster, and I can't get past her.

I'm breathing and I can't feel a thing!

Cuts back to Yang, her praetor suit slowly dissolving and revealing her original outfit. As it does her expression changes from shock to a more neutral expression as the glass shards behind her show the photo of Team STRQ, with particular focus on Raven.

I need a cure For this disease

And hold back won't change a thing.

Fades to Blake, her Shinobi outfit fading to her original as well. Her shock turns to realization as the shards show the original symbol of the White Fang, then her expression changes to shame as it slowly changes to the new White Fang symbol.

Your words aren't enough

I need to see more

Lay down the sword


Fade to Weiss who's armor fades to her original outfit. As it does she brings her knees to her chest and hugs them, her head slumping as the shards behind her form the portrait of the Schnee Family, with Jaques' eyes invisible in shadow. Then something catches her attention, and she looks up to see a hand extended to her.

You're the only one who knows this!


The camera changes to Weiss' vision, seeing Ruby smiling gently at her, dressed in her original outfit. Her body flashes to something dark and monstrous for a moment before returning to normal. The camera changes to Weiss, who looks surprised. Then cut to her hand slowly reaching out and grasping Ruby's.

And I hope you die with this on your lips!


Cut to Yang sharpening her new Doomblade on her gauntlet. She looks at the blade and sees her eyes reflected in it, a flash of red energy from her eyes before she retracts it and gets up to walk, showing her new armor.

You're the only one who knows this!


Cut to Blake checking on the chain attachment she added to Gambol Shroud she closes her eyes as behind her Adam's mask begins to fade into view. She sheathes her weapon and hooks it to her back as she stands up, blocking the mask from view.

And I hope you die with this on your lips!

All four members of team RWBY walk side by side as the glass shards have nearly all formed back together to show Beacon Academy, Ruby's eyes hidden in shadow. As they do, four monstrous hands with six fingers reach out and gently rest themselves on each girl's shoulder. Weiss, Blake, and Yang turn around, surprised, missing Ruby look up as her eyes appear to be compound for a moment before reverting to normal.



Cut to team RWBY from the back, Weiss, Blake, and Yang turned to look backwards as Ruby continued to walk forwards. As they don't see anything, the arms are gone, they all turn back around and continue to walk, just as all the glass shards reform fully into Beacon.