A Match Made in Gotham

Note: We all have the fanfic author "The Clown King Of Chaos" to thank for making this chapter happen. This fanfic takes place in the 'Gotham's Saviors' fanfic universe written by "The Clown King Of Chaos."

Chapter 1: The Date

Gotham gave a misleading image to Ivy. It was bright and shining down on the coast city, and yet inside it was like one of those movies Alex had talked her into watching. Everybody hid away or caused chaos. It varied from place to place in the city. The Jungle, as the populace had taken to calling her and Alex's turf, was mostly quiet. But every direction emitted car alarms and breaking of some random object.

She walked out of the canopy that technically was their bedroom and made her way over to Alex's lab. It was the only room that wasn't completely covered in plant life. Sure, vines twisted along the walls, but it was spacious to allow him room for equipment for his experiments. Even after dying, coming back a sentient virus, and again being human, Alex was still a scientist.

He was busy typing away data and talking into a recorder that was easily ten years out of date.

"Test subject 7-B, failure possibly due to a sensory overload. Lower injection dosage of Blacklight?" Alex said.

Ivy, having snuck up right behind him (their home was the only place he let his guard down), wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Good morning, Alex," She said sweetly, pecking his cheek.

"Morning Ivy." He didn't turn his head away from his screen.

"Is something wrong?" Alex asked because she hardly ever entered his lab. Not because it would be an invasion of privacy, but rather the presence of technology in the middle of a fortress botanical garden.

"Oh no, I was just wondering something," Ivy replied.

"And that is something is...?" Alex asked.

"How about we go out and do something. You know, like a couple," Ivy said with a bright smile.

Alex stopped typing.

"A date?" Alex asked confusedly. She wasn't the dating type. She rarely left their home.

"It's a nice day out, and a little quieter than usual. Perhaps an afternoon in Robinson park, fresh air?" Ivy stated in a chipper tone.

He finally turned to look at her. Her face was smiling expectantly at him. He couldn't say no to it.

"Alright, sounds like fun." He cracked his own smile and stood up, stretching.