The Cat and the Dragonborn

Note: We all have the fanfic author "Angry lil' elf" to thank for making this fanfic happen. It takes place in the 'Dragonborn Justice rewrite' fanfic universe written by "Angry lil' elf."

Chapter 1: Catwoman's Triumph

"I finally got you!" Selina crowed triumphantly as she stood before Martin buck naked and enjoying the way Martin's eyes were widened just ever so slightly. But, Selina knew she had Martin's attention firmly fixed on her; it had taken a fair bit of work, but she managed to get the Dragonborn into bed with her in a hotel room.

"This is just a one time thing, Ms. Kyle," Martin said firmly although his eyes hadn't left Selina's breasts. "I don't want to make a habit of this," he then added.

"Can I still brag about it?" Selina's smile was positively wicked as she licked her bottom lip.

"Brag about it all you like," was Martin's response as he pulled off his shirt to reveal his scarred and muscular chest and tossed the shirt to the floor, before moving onto his trousers, pulling them down and off so that all that was left were his boxers. Selina felt her heartbeat thump harder as she saw the sizable lump in Martin's boxers. She felt the need to comment.

"Y'know, when I read that article Lois Lane wrote about her night in bed with you, I thought she was lying out of her ass when she said that you had a huge dick," the cat-thief said. "But, I see she wasn't lying in the slightest," Selina gave a lewd grin as she sauntered forward, her breasts bouncing slightly with each step.

Getting down on her knees to face Martin's groin, Selina slowly and sensually ran her hands along Martin's brawny thighs and felt the scarred tissue beneath her palms. Martin's breathing quickened slightly as Selina ran her surprisingly soft hands along his thighs and his manhood twitched beneath his underwear. Selina then hooked her fingers on the waistband of Martin's boxers before slowly pulling them down his legs and off then tossed the cotton piece of clothing aside. Selina felt her womb stir in lust and arousal as her green eyes gazed upon Martin's manhood; it was at half mast but it was still an impressive length and girth and Selina could only imagine what the piece of male flesh would be like when fully erect and inside her wet and wanting pussy.

Slowly moving her hands up Martin's inner thighs, Selina softly grasped his cock and started to slowly and languidly stroke the length of male flesh. Martin gave a soft hiss and his breathing became harder as he felt Selina stroke his cock slowly.

"You like that, huh?" Selina teased as she cupped Martin's balls in her other hand.

"It is enjoyable admittedly," replied Martin.

Selina gave a cackle before saying, "Well, let's see how you enjoy this?" she said before slowly licking up and down Martin's dick with her soft wet tongue. Martin gave a grunt of arousal as he felt Selina's tongue lick his cock. Martin leaned his head back as Selina pleasured his cock with her tongue while gently squeezing his balls in one hand. Soon enough, Selina placed the head of Martin's cock in her hot wet mouth and gave a suck; Martin gave a guttural groan as he felt Selina's mouth engulf the head of his cock. It took all of Martin's willpower to not force Selina's mouth further down on his manhood and face fuck her. Selina gave a moan of satisfaction as she gently sucked the head of Martin's dick and she could taste his pre-cum leaking out a little; the salty sweet taste was like an aphrodisiac to Selina and she bobbed her head up and down on Martin's cock before descending further down until nearly all of Martin's cock was down her mouth and throat.

Martin had to admit that Selina had a good technique and he was very near about to come undone in the cat-thief's mouth. Taking control, Martin grasped Selina's head and pried her off his cock. Selina gave a growl of annoyance but it was quickly replaced with a yelp of surprise as Martin pulled her so that she was straddling his waist and the tip of Martin's erection was just touching the entrance of Selina's womanhood, which was dripping wet. Martin then forcefully kissed Selina, muffling any attempt the thief could make at talking and slowly pulled her down onto his cock. Selina gave a loud moan of pleasure as she felt Martin's dick slowly fill and stretch her pussy. She felt a little lightheaded as Martin's girth stretched her inner walls and she wrapped her arms around Martin's neck and pressed herself closer to Martin so that her breasts were squished up against Martin's broad chest.

Taking a moment so that Selina could adjust to the new sensation, Martin then sucked on the pulse point of Selina's neck and she gave a yowl of pleasure before his hands grasped the rounded moons of Selina's buttocks and spread them apart and began to slowly thrust into her.