Anything Goes Duel Monsters

by Raziel

Taken from Nighthawk's ideas page with permission.

Original idea from Doctor What.

' ' indicates thoughts.

" " indicates speech.

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. Yu Gi Oh! belongs to Kazuki Takahashi and Ranma 1/2 belongs to Rumiko Takahashi (kinda odd, right?)

Timeline: This story is set after the failed wedding for Ranma 1/2 and before the Battle City tournament for Yu Gi Oh!.

Prologue: The coming of the stallion


The city of Domino. A calm and normal place. Well, except for the occasional Duel Monsters poster, or statue, or game shop... you get the point. Of course none of these could hold a candle to the high-tech dueling arenas at Kaiba Corp's Kaiba Land, where Duel Monsters actually came to life, even if only as holograms. It was in front of the fountain at the entrance of this establishment that the two world's greatest duelists were having a heated discussion.

"What do you mean I can't summon my Dark Magician?" asked the spiky haired dueling champ. "Oh, did I forget to mention it? My new duel disks play by different rules than the regular game." replied Seto Kaiba, owner of the most successful company regarding Duel Monsters besides Industrial Illusions. "You really shouldn't accept to duel without knowing how to play, Yugi."

Yami was really pissed off. Kaiba was unfairly insulting Yugi's ability as a duelist after inviting him to test out his latest product without even explaining the new rules. He had reached his breaking point and then, for the first time, he forced the fusion.

After a quick check of the rules using the small screen provided by Kaiba, the younger boy was ready. "Fine then, in accordance to your new rules I can sacrifice one monster to summon either a level five or six monster. So I shall now offer my Feral Imp (LV 4 1400/1200) in order to summon one of my most powerful monsters" Yami smiled as he removed his Feral imp from the monster area into the graveyard. "Appear, SUMMONED SKULL!! (LV 6 2500/1200)" With a bright flash of light the green imp exploded, and then the glow coaleced into the powerful electrical skeleton. "Now, attack his Battle Ox! (LV 4 1700/1000)" The mighty creature raised its claws and a lightning bolt erupted from in between. Kaiba's monster was instantly obliterated by the blast.

Kaiba winced as his lifepoints dropped to 3200. He drew a card as he cursed inwardly. 'Stupid, stupid. Of course he would draw his Summoned Skull.' as he finally looked at the card, he smiled. "I shall play the Lord of Dragons (LV4 1200/1100) in defense mode" Yami cringed in anticipation of what was to come. "and I activate the Flute of the Summoning Dragon, which enables me to summon 2 Blue eyes White Dragons (LV8 3000/2500) onto the field." With a deafening roar, both mighty creatures appeared before the Pharaoh.

"Now, attack his monster. WHITE LIGHTNING!!" The blast obliterated the opposing creature, leaving Yugi defenseless. "And now I shall attack your lifepoints directly." Another powerful blast and only 500 lifepoints were left for the duelist kingdom champion. "You're doomed Yugi. There's no way you can defeat 2 of my dragons without Exodia."

'Kaiba's right, there's no way to win'. 'Don't be discouraged, believe in the heart of the cards and we will be able to defeat him'. After hearing the voice of his companion, Yami felt invigorated. 'You're right Yugi. Let's do this'. Mentally steeling himself, he reached over to his deck and drew a card.

"I play SWORDS OF REVEALING LIGHT!!" The glowing blades fell on Kaiba's monsters as Yugi finally got a breather. 'Now I just have to hold on for 3 turns'. "I also lay one card face down and summon the Celtic Guardian (LV4 1400/1200) . Attack his Lord of Dragons!". The skeleton clad spellcaster dissolved as the attack hit home.

"Ha.. You're just delaying the inevitable". Unconcerned with the events, Kaiba drew a card. "I'll pass this turn".

After drawing another card, Yugi considered his hand. 'Hmm... It's a bold move but it just might be enough'. "I shall set one card face down". Taking a pause to look through his cards once again, the duelist finally made up his mind. 'All right, I'm going for it'. "and I'll summon the Mystical Elf (LV4 800/2000)".

"That's pathetic. Don't tell me that's all you can do? Just two more turns and my dragons will be free to attack once again". The CEO of Kaiba Corp drew another card. 'Ha, the third Blue eyes. Now all I need is a polymerization card, or at least some weak monsters to summon it'. "I shall pass again".

'This is useful', Yami thought 'but it's not what we're looking for'. "I shall set a monster face down in defense mode and end my turn".

"Only one more turn to go Yugi", taunted the older one. "One turn will be enough", replied the bearer of the Millenium Puzzle. 'It's a good thing Joey let me borrow this card to try it out, it will come in handy'. "I pass again", he said after laying another card face down.

Kaiba couldn't believe it. He was actually going to win fairly against his rival. There was no way anyone could disprove his victory now, like what happened at duelist kingdom, especially with the crowd surrounding them. "I'll pass, but my dragons will destroy you next turn".

Yami once again stood before the very same door he had faced when battling Mai. He once again felt the overwhelming sense of dread wash over him. He prepared himself and opened it, but what it revealed was not what he had hoped for. 'No... it can't be. My deck has failed me...'. As he dejectedly looked at his cards he noticed something strange. What was that last magic card? He was sure it wasn't there a moment ago, but he wasn't about to question luck. "I play, Card Destruction, allowing me to discard my hand in order to draw as many cards".

Kaiba cursed as he saw his last dragon get sent to the graveyard, along with his Monster Reborn card, killing any chances he had of creating the Blue eyes Ultimate Dragon.

As soon as Yami laid eyes on his cards, his faith was restored. There it was. The card he had been expecting. His black and gold armor as powerful as ever. But he now realized that it wouldn't be enough. 'It's just not enough, this will just take care of one of the dragons.' Yugi was at a loss, he knew he could win but he just didn't see how it could be done. That is until he noticed the card beside his ritual monster. He briefly checked his help screen and saw that one of Kaiba's dragons was already in his graveyard. 'Okay, I just hope this works.' His confidence restored, he knew it was all over. Now it was time to end this duel. "You just lost Kaiba". "What!" He? Lost? With the cards he had on the field? 'He must have lost his mind', thought the arrogant former champ. 'there's no card in his deck that can beat my dragons'.

"First I'll reveal one of my face down cards. The Black Luster Ritual. Then, I'll offer both my monsters as a tribute in order to summon the legendary BLACK LUSTER SOLDIER!(LV8 3000/2500)". With a burst of purple light, both of Yugi's monsters dissapeared as they were sucked into the ritual pots. Then, the door opened, and the mighty creature leaped forth.

"Now I shall reveal Copycat. Which allows me to copy any monster you have on the field, and I choose your Blue eyes White Dragon." With a flash of light, the mirror weilding spellcaster appearead and was quickly replaced with one of the rarest cards in duel monsters. "Next I will activate my Monster Reborn card, allowing me to summon a creature from either graveyard, and I choose your other Blue eyes White Dragon!!"

Another burst of light and the last of the mighty dragons appeared on Yugi's side of the field. "And now for the card that will be your undoing... I activate the magic card Brain Control, allowing me to seize one of your dragons for a single turn."

Kaiba's dragon roared as it was suddenly transported to Yugi's side of the field. It's owner watched in disbelief as his defenses were diminished as his opponent's grew. He realized that Yugi still held two cards and remembered the duel they fought against the Mythical Dragon inside his VR game. It was at that time he had truly seen the most powerful monster in Duel Monsters, and it wasn't an Egyptian god card, or even Exodia the Forbidden One. He now recalled that Yugi had a Polymerization in his deck.

Yami took a deep breath as he steeled himself for a move that he wasn't sure would work. 'Let's see, if these duel disks are really the latest in the market then they should include the special revision that Industrial Illusions recently performed.' "I now play the magic card Polymerization allowing me to fuse ALL of my monsters into the most powerful monster know as of today." A swirling vortex of energy sprung up on Yugi's side of the field, swallowing all the monsters.

"WHAT, NO!!! You need a second Polymerization to do this!" Kaiba yelled.

"Not if you checked the new rules, you're not the only one who can change them." replied the Pharaoh. "Now come forth, MASTER OF DRAGON KNIGHT!!! (LV 12 5000/5000)" After the wind died down a monster appeared. The Black Luster Soldier was now standing above the three-headed Blue eyes Ultimate Dragon, looking at his remaining opponent impassively. "And, while according to your new rules I can't attack this turn, my Knight gets a five hundred attack point bonus for every dragon on the field, and in the graveyard."

Kaiba fumed silently as Yugi's monster's attack grew to seven thousand. "I switch my dragon to defense mode and end my turn." he said, furious at his inability to prevent this disaster.

"It's over Kaiba... I activate my newest magic card, Fairy Meteor Crush which lets damage pass onto your lifepoints even if your monster is in defense mode. Now attack Master of Dragon Knight, Galaxy Crusher!!!"

With a blinding flash, Seto Kaiba's monster, and lifepoints, were no more.

"You cheated!!!", exclaimed the sore loser. "What? You can't accuse me of being a cheater. I beat you fair and square", replied the angered winner. "Oh yes I can, that Copycat card is from Joey Wheeler's deck, it doesn't belong to you, I know that there is no way you'd have gotten one in a booster pack since that particular edition has run out." responded Kaiba. "What's that got to do with anything?"

Kaiba was running out of options, he had refrained from revealing Obelisk the Tormentor to surprise Yugi at the tournament, but it had cost him more than he could imagine. However there was still a way out. He had failed to mislead Yugi about him using another duelist's cards so there was only one thing he could try. If he played his cards right (pardon the pun) he could still save face, and maybe something more. He knew of Yugi's love for challenges so he made a proposition.

"How about a little wager? If you can teach a person with no dueling skills whatsoever how to play the game and he manages to defeat me, I shall accept this loss". he proposed. "What?" replied the confused Yugi, who had de-fused by now and was not being influenced by the Pharaoh.

"I'll be hosting a tournament in six months, that's the reason for the new rules. If this person can beat me in the tournament, I'll accept my loss and even give you my rarest card". Seeing Yugi was still undecisive he continued "I'll even lend him my three Blue eyes White Dragons". "But where am I going to find a single person in all of Domino who doesn't know how to duel. I mean, people just don't drop from the sky".

Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony. (1)


Now, all people have heard about the wonderful person that is Murphy, or at least about his laws. One teenager, as a fact, was very acquainted with what they entailed. However, things worked differently for Ranma Saotome than for most other people. You see, he was what is commonly known as, a "trouble magnet". If a situation could be misinterpreted and escalate into a conflict afound him, it did.

Now though, a week after the failed wedding attempt, things had calmed down considerably for the young martial artist. Akane had not malleted him once, Ukyou and Shampoo had been avoiding him, the old ghoul and Happosai hadn't been around and the Kunos were admitted at the local psychiatric facility. Ranma had never known peace for this long.

He was terrified. He knew something BIG was coming and he had been hoping for three days that it would just happen. But it hadn't and the chaos kept building up. So he was pretty sure that today was going to spell doom for him.

It was no surprise to suddenly find himself flying over the skies of Nerima, courtesy of Air Akane after being glomped, kicked, thrown about like a rag doll, glomped some more, bombed by a happodaikarin and insulted. 'This is it' he thought. 'I'm tired of taking this crap day after day. I'm not going back to that god-forsaken place even if it means having to abandon everything I know'.

Sparing a glance to the ground below, he was surprised to find that he was still rising. 'Man, I can't believe the tomboy got me this far. She must have been really mad, and to think I almost married her'.

It was true. Ranma had been steadily losing the feeling he once had for the mallet-wielding girl. Even at the wedding he realized he'd put up with the abuse for too long. He was willing to go through with it for the naniichuan. He had always known about the casket but thought it best to play dumb about the whole thing. But now as the old letch had downed all of the water he saw no reason to stay in the Tendo Dojo.

Looking down again, he noticed that he wasn't in Nerima anymore. 'What the hell?? She sent me all the way to another district??'. Suddenly he began to feel gravity re-take him as he began to descend. He passed over a sign that read "Welcome to Domino City". 'Domino City, hmm... never heard of that place before'. He cut his musings short when he realized the ground was rapidly approaching now and he was going to crash between two bickering kids.


"WATCH OUT!!!". At the shout, both Kaiba and Yugi looked up just in time to see a red blur fall from the sky. The two duelists cleared the area quickly and avoided being flattened by the human cannonball that just dropped out of nowhere. A dust cloud sprung up around the crash site and, when it cleared, a guy in his late teens could be clearly seen half-embedded in the sidewalk.

'He's dead' was the first thought to cross Yugi's mind. Amazingly enough, the guy just stood up, apparently unfazed by the violent landing, and shook the bits of concrete out of his hair.

"That has GOT to be a world record at least", said the heir of the Musabetsu Kakuto Ryu. "I mean, that must have been what, thirty, forty miles?". "Who are you?" Ranma turned around and faced the speaker, a small boy that couldn't be more than twelve years old. "...Umm, I'm Ranma Saotome. Sorry about that". And as he said those words he scratched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly.


Author Notes:

Well, here it is. My first fic. You might have noticed I switched back and forth among the Yugis and the Yamis in the duel. That's on purpose, it's to kinda highlight the fact that they are fused so they share thoughts all the time. I also know this is a total ripoff from Yugi's duel with Mai but I felt the need to write the summoning of the Black Luster Soldier, it's just too cool!! Well this story will move slowly, either the updates of the story up until I can finish watching the battle city tournament. C&Cs are appreciated.

(1) I just had to use this quote, anyone knows where it's from? (I know I do)

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Author Notes: (post revision)

Okay, due to the many complaints I received about using Copycat I decided to change the duel a bit. I had planned on doing it anyway since there is no way that Yugi would have had a Sogen card in his deck. But I feel that now it's better. Anyway, chapter 1 should be up in a while. I'm still deciding on Ranma's deck so if you want to send me a message just e-mail me. All kinds of C&C are appreciated.

PS: The quote's from The Matrix, if anyone's wondering about it.