Sooo I was going to write more Comes the Thunder (my other story go check it out) but I've had this idea for a while and couldn't not do it anymore. Anyways hope you like it. Btw, this is the FIFTH time I'm trying to publish this because FanFiction was being a BITCH for the past 4 days. Anyways good readings.

It's about midday in LA, the blazing July's sun of California high up in the air with people in beaches enjoying summer. The usual around these parts. Not everyone's having fun in the city of angles though.

"Porque raio não funcionas?!" (Why the hell aren't you working) a boy in a small hotel room said punching the air conditioner.

That's Tomás, a tall, 1.80 (5.10 feet to you murikans), 16-year-old Portuguese exchange student, with long curly brown hair, who got stuck in California due to a logistical error from his school, prolonging his stay in good 'ol US of A.

"Está tão quente!" (It's so hot!) he lied down in his hotel room bed that his school so kindly paid for, even though it was THEIR mistake. Suddenly there were some knocks on the door, to which he begrudgingly got-up from his bed and headed for the door and opening it, revealing cleaning staff.

"I think I said I wanted to, you know, not be disturbed" he asked in an almost perfect accent. I mean his near perfect English was one of the sole reasons of the exchange program. He was far from top of his class, being several years ahead of his classmates in it. He's not a Gary Sue by any means, it's just a culmination of watching movies, electively playing videogames and talking to people around the world online that gave him this advantage.

"I'm sorry Mr. Coutinho but yours is the last room needing cleanin' and we don't make the rules." The employee said

"Please don't call me that. Makes me feel old and, no offense, English speakers trying to pronounce Latin based words is horrible, so please just call me Thomas. But whatever, I guess. How much time do you need?"

She looks over his shoulder to see a completely messy room. "Judging by how it looks? One hour, minimum."

"Okay" he sighed "I'll just head out for a while then."

He grabbed a small backpack with snacks in it plus his jacket, wrapping it around his waist. It might be hot, but if home taught him anything, weather is a wild force of the unknow who can change at any time. Even in LA, at least so he thoughts.

He left the decent looking building and started to walk, not anywhere specifically, he just walked. He's pretty aquatinted by this part of town already, after all he's been here for 5 months already. He doesn't like California that much, too hot, to dry but mostly, no great friends. Sure, he'd made "friends" at the school he went for 4 months in there but they weren't genuine. He missed his parents, few true friends he had and amazingly, his annoying little brother. "God, I miss you…Great now I'm talking to myself…in English. Sigh Chatting online did me over. Well I guess this improves my English?" he said before going back to he's thoughts again

"Oh hey there Thomas.~"

He snapped back into reality and looked seeing a tall white blonde guy with two others with similar height.

"Hey Todd, what do you what? I'm in the middle of something."

"Oh really?~ And what's that? Thinking of home?"

Oh Todd. You hit close to home now. You fucked up.

"Todd." He says with a stern intimidating voice "I'm not in the mood for your bullshit today, so I advise you to back the fuck down or I'm gonna loose my temper. And you know far too well what happens when I lose my temper."

His eyes widened remembering what he meant "Okay bro geeesh, we're just kidding with you."

"Sure you are now get lost."

The trio quickly scrammed and bolted away from him. Tomás continued to walk lost in thought until he noticed something lying on the floor of an alleyway. By further investigation he found a guitar case with one inside in very good shape

"Why would anyone throw this away? It's in a very good condition."

He sat down and began to tune it. 'It seems all those 6 years of guitar lessons served for something than just adding to my curriculum.' He thought. Time passed has he played some cords and made some melody, wasn't great far from it, was enjoyable though.

A ruffling sound got his attention from the back of the alley. He put down the guitar in the case, closing it and taking the case with him to inspect the sound. It's not like he's going to leave a perfectly good guitar to rot in the middle of an alley anyways. Walking further down the alley he saw some dumpsters moving. As he was getting closer an owl popped out of the dumpster."

"An owl? What is an owl doing in a dumpster? Wait are there even owls in California?"

It hooted and got closer to the teen.

"Aww, aren't a cute little fella? There must be someone looking for you. I mean it's not there is wild owls in Los Angeles, right?"

Pulling his phone from his pocket he tried to check social media to see if the owl was indeed lost, before he could do that though it snatches it and starts to wobble back towards the alley picking a bag in the way.

"HEY! You little thief! Get back here!" he yelled as he started to run after the brown owl.

The owl turned to the right at the end of the alleyway, going into an abandoned building. Tomás quickly entered as well after it and then, a bright flash of light.

What has he got himself into now?