A/N: This takes place sometime after season 4, so Izuku and Katsuki are a little bit closer.

Text messages are in 'Italics'

Izuku went online to find an All Might video but for some reason there are no results for him. He texted Katsuki.

'How come I can't find any All Might videos?'

His phone vibrated a second later with a reply.

'Who is All Might, nerd?'

Izuku's face scrunched up. He knows Kacchan is a diehard All Might fan too like himself. He wouldn't joke about stuff like this.

'What do you mean who is All Might?! He was Japan's number 1 Hero.'

He was more confused by Kacchan's reply.

'Are you sure you mean Japan? I have never heard of a hero named All Might. I'm pretty sure I would know who is Japan's number 1 Hero is and this "All Might" fellow isn't it.'

Izuku quickly used the search engine on his phone and searched 'All Might.'

"Wah?" he muttered.

No results.

"Am I dreaming?'" he wondered.


This is a nightmare.