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"Brothers After All"

by: Banshee Puppet

Chapter One: Broken

It had been difficult, without Kagome, completing the jewel, but somehow he had managed it.

"Feh! I don't need her! I don't need anyone! Not anymore," Inuyasha scoffed, but it still hurt. He still felt.broken. And alone--so alone, so cold and alone. He had left it all behind when she'd gone, everything-- Miroku and Sango, Shippo--everything. The fox kit still followed him around, but it wasn't the same as it had been. It was quieter, more subdued. And he hated looking into Shippo's eyes because he saw endless concern there, for him, pity. He saw pity and sadness.

Everyone missed Kagome, but not in the way that Inuyasha missed her, not in the way that it tears your guts apart until you feel like you'll wretch, or explode, or disappear.and Inuyasha also knew something else....If any of those things DID happen to him.nobody would notice. It would be like being pinned to the God Tree for fifty years. Nobody would care. Nobody ever cared but her--and one other person--one other person who shared her face.

A frown creased Inuyasha's brow. "Kikyo," he muttered sadly. "She hates me now, but--" he sighed. 'Hate is almost like love, isn't it?' he thought. Miroku, that lecherous monk had said something like that once.that you can only hate the ones you love, or once loved. It was true, of course it was-because--only when you let someone in, when you trust them with all your heart, can they hurt you. . . or. . . you can hate the people who take away the things you love.

Inuyasha remembered what he planned to do and smirked. In the end, it was his own fault, he knew, but he still felt betrayed. He still wanted. . . revenge.

How to use the jewel? Of course he knew. The decision had been made long ago, since that day, that moment. . . when she left him and had the gaul to tell him to seek happiness. Well, that's exactly what he intended to do, making his brother suffer would make him VERY happy. Watching him shatter. Waiting for death, craving death, just as he himself had--just in the same way--and Inuyasha knew just how to do it.

He would use the jewel to become a full youkai, and then he would kill Kagome. He would kill her, the woman who shattered the heart he had trusted her with, his brother's woman. That would show Sesshomaru, once and for all, how badly it hurt--to be. . . alone, all alone--with no hope and no future. He would make Sesshomaru suffer as he had suffered, for stealing Kagome from him. Then they would be the same: the same blood, the same emptiness-brothers after all.

And Kagome? Kagome would die. . . Kagome would be. . . gone. Inuyasha shook his head, tightened his resolve. Kagome was already gone. It had been seventeen months since she had left, almost to the day. And he knew as well as anyone that she wasn't coming back.

He could feel power rushing into him, the power of the shikon no tama granting his wish. . . to be, once and for all, a demon. It was almost done now. . .

"Damnit!" he muttered, dropping the tetsusaiga and looking blankly at the steam rising from the burns the blade had left on his hand. He stared for a moment, then smirked. "Heh, as if I need you anymore anyway. I'm a demon, now. I'm not gonna waste my time protecting any stupid humans anymore," he said.

"I---Inu---yasha?" Shippo squeaked as he approached from behind, not sure what was going on. He'd thought. . .he'd been led to believe that Inuyasha planned to use the jewel to become human. . . to move on. . . but didn't Inuyasha's human form have black hair?

Inuyasha turned, striped markings on either cheek and the backs of his wrists. He stared at the kit for a moment, before smirking at the terrified anger and hurt on the boy's expression.

"Y-you. . . but Inuyasha you said you were gonna use the jewel to become human! You said. . . !" Shippo squeaked and backed up as Inuyasha cracked his knuckles experimentally.

"I know what I said, Shippo," he replied flatly. "I lied."

Inuyasha tightened one fist slowly. So much power. 'It would be so easy,' he thought. 'To just. . . kill him. So simple. . . and he'd be gone.' He looked up at Shippo and stared for a moment. 'Damn, what am I thinking? I don't want to kill Shippo! Why did I think about that just now? I like Shippo, you'd never guess by the way I treat him but. . . I do. But I just thought about killing him. . . why?' An involuntary shiver runs up Inuyasha's spine, and his eyes widen slightly as he thinks about it, and finds no answer.

"I. . . I HATE YOU!!!!" Shippo squeals and runs off, crying.

'Yes. Go. Run away,' Inuyasha thinks. 'Because the only person I really want to kill. . . is her.'


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