Chapter One

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"Mal? What do we do?" Belle asked, looking to her future daughter-in-law for guidance. They had just gotten word that the Queen's crown and Maleficent's scepter had been stolen from the museum and there was no clue as to who had done the act.

Mal knew one thing: she didn't know what they should do. People were already in a panic over her dad almost escaping, thought it more than likely was the idea of someone escaping the Isle again rather than it being Hades to be the one to escape.

Word had traveled fast, there probably wasn't an Auradon citizen who didn't know about Mal's relation to the Lord of the Underworld.

She hadn't really liked the idea of lying about why her father had zapped her with the ember but it had been the first thing that came to her mind. Saying Hades was draining her magic was a lot safer for Steph and Hadie than saying Hades was connecting her to the ember. To fully embrace her Godly abilities. After all, no one on the Isle knew she was Hades' daughter and they had been inches from the barrier.

There had still been a crowd to see off the next round of VKs who were going to Auradon Prep. Dizzy might have known the truth because of her being at the first viewing but she was the only one.

However Ben's people had really only two modes: celebration and mindless panic. So the idea of someone escaping the Isle…someone who was related to the only other Isle resident to escape….it was enough to make anyone panic.

Gods Uma at full power would be potentially bad enough but Uma partnered with my dad, at least in the minds of a panicked kingdom? Mal thought. And what if another one of the adults got out? Or hell Fred Frollo or Zevon? Especially Zevon, Uma could at least be reasoned with. Zevon has no rhyme or reason, even if Jay seems to think he had a crush on me back when we were on the Isle. Plus unlike Freddy boy, Zevon has no aversion to using things like potions to get his way. There's only one thing I can think of and no one's going to like it. If there's another option though, unfortunately I'm not seeing it.

"I think…I think we need to consider…" Mal said but before she could finish, there was a flash of bright light that surrounded everyone in the room. When it faded, Mal couldn't help but sigh when she saw that she was once again in the same room that they had used for the previous two viewings.

And once again, standing in the middle of the room, was the beautiful Blue Fairy.

"Blue Fairy," Beast said with a kind smile yet anyone could tell that he was confused. "Why have you brought us here? All is well within the kingdom. Well with the exception of one issue but it's well within our capabilities."

"My husband's correct," Belle nodded. "There's certainly no reason that we can see for you to have brought us here."

The Blue Fairy sighed and shook her head. "There is indeed an issue within the kingdom, your highnesses, but it is not the one that you speak. In fact, it's been growing under all of our noses. Including mine, I'm ashamed to say."

"What do you mean Blue Fairy?" Ben asked, looking over at Mal in alarm. Was something going on with Mal again? Ben thought. But…wouldn't she have told me? It's not like last time right? She's not going to run back to the Isle again? Right?

"You'll see what I mean soon your highness," the Blue Fairy stated, bringing Ben out of his thoughts, "but first I believe we need to bring in a few more guests before we can start this viewing."

With a waive of her wand, the Blue Fairy caused another flash of bright light to fill the room. When it faded, the room was a lot more crowded than it had been.

"Ben!" Akiho called, rushing up to him as Evie went rushing up to Mal. "What's going on?"

"Apparently we're due for another viewing," Ben told him and looked around the room in slight shock. "Is it me or are there a lot more people than last time?"

"It's not just you dude," Emir nodded as he also rushed up to Ben and Akiho. "Though I think you'll be happy to see that the Blue Fairy remembered Chip this time."

Mal couldn't help but chuckle softly as Ben perked up a little at the mention of his surrogate brother. That chuckle turned into a grin as she was met by a hug from an extremely excited eleven year old boy.

"Hi Hadie," Mal said, wrapping her arms around her brother.

"Hey Mali," Hadie said, grinning back at her as he broke from the hug. "Are we going to have another viewing?"

"Looks like it, storm cloud. Looks like it."


"You only say that because we haven't seen you in any of the viewings," Mal said. "Well other than that brief appearance in the last one where you were swiping Evie's coin purse."

"But does that really count since that was in the future that'll never happen?" Hadie asked, the grin still on his face.

"Yes. Yes it does."

Ben chuckled as he took a look at everyone who was in the room. Emir had gone over to greet Emma who was there with her family, Snow having brought Evie into a bone shattering hug. Akiho had gone back to his family, gently taking Kari from Anna's arms while Elsa held Agnarr.

Eric and Ariel were there as well, sitting comfortably near the front with Elle and Melody. Well Melody had been sitting but had rushed up to greet Phillip Jr upon seeing that he was part of the group who would be watching.

"Hey Mel!" Phillip Jr. grinned.

"Hey Phil," the younger princess smiled and gave her friend a hug. "How's your dad feeling?"

The older Phillip chuckled from his spot behind the two teens. "Much better, thank you Melody. I must have caught the same stomach bug as my father did though I don't know how, considering I haven't seen my father in months."

"We can worry about that later dear," Aurora said, and everyone could tell the smile she had plastered on her face was fake. "Mother, what are you doing here?"

"I assume the same as everyone else, Aurora," Leah said, though from the tone of her voice she was not thrilled to be in a room with VKs and non royals. "We're to watch one of those blasted viewings."

"Oh joy," Uma's voice called out from the other side of the room and Mal's head whipped around to stare at her cousin. "Another viewing?"

"Uma!" Harry and Gil exclaimed and Ben blinked in surprise as the two boys rushed to their captain's side. He hadn't even realized the two boys were even in the room—Gil had quickly been scooped up by Macaria upon his arrival, much to the dismay of Hyllus and Herkie, and Harry had been talking to an older girl who'd been siting by a girl with light blonde hair.

"That's his older sister," Mal whispered to him, noticing the confusion on his face. "Harriet and her girlfriend Sammy Smee. Squeaky and Squirmy are clinging to her arms…and they just switched to clinging to their father's arms."

"The Blue Fairy's bringing more people off the Isle for this viewing?" Ben asked. "Whatever's happening in the kingdom must be impacting both Auradon and the Isle. I wonder what it is. I wonder how we missed it."

"You can wonder that Ben. It might be a good idea though, while we're wondering, to keep Leah and Natalie from Uma. If Uma finds out that it was Leah who caused the food issues the Isle experienced, it won't be pretty," Mal said as she gave a small wave to Carlos and Jay. Carlos was once again seated by Rodger and Anita while smiling at Jane. Jane was sitting with both her mother and her father; a fact that pleased and worried Ben deeply. Lumiere had not been at the other viewings before so whatever might happen in this one would either deeply impact Jane or Fairy Godmother.

Jay had found a spot amongst Emir's family, sitting right next to Aziz and joking around with Aladdin.

"Dizzy!" Ava's excited voice carried over the din and Ben grinned as the red-haired Tremaine rushed over to the older girl and gave her a big hug.

"Oh Ava! I've missed you!"

"How's it been staying at Evie's?" Ava asked. "Trust me kiddo, I've missed you too! But I think our cousins might burst if I keep hogging you."

Kitty, Lucy, and Alexandria all collectively rolled their eyes before descending upon Dizzy, giving her a huge hug.

"We're just sorry we couldn't do this when you first arrived officially in Auradon," Kitty told her.

"Yeah, with those stupid security concerns," Lucy muttered.

Anthony rolled his eyes but didn't comment. A rare moment of sense from the younger Tremaine but it could have been because he, like Ben, had caught sight of the Tremaine family matriarch.

Wait. What?

"Mother," Anastasia said cooly, quickly grasping Jacob's hand as if Lady Tremaine was going to wrench them apart.

"Anastasia," Lady Tremaine sniffed. "Still with this…baker I see?"

"He's my husband, mother."

"I would have thought all the matches I arraigned for you and your sister would have convinced you to aim your sights higher."

"You mean the match you forced me into? The match who wants nothing to do with me?" Anastasia retorted. "But this is not the place to get into that. We've got a viewing to get underway."

"Lady Anastasia's correct," the Blue Fairy nodded. "However, we seem to be missing someone."

"Who could we possibly be missing?" Natalie asked, standing next to Leah's side. "It seems like the entire kingdom is here."

Mal honestly hated to agree with anything Natalie said but the blonde had a point—almost everyone who had attended the previous viewing was there, along with some extras. Mal smiled as she finally saw Chip, who was sitting by Beast and Belle; his hand intertwined with a young man with dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes.

The three Good Fairies were also there, fluttering around Aurora like brightly lit moths. Though…something seemed off about the Rose family…Mal couldn't quite put her finger on it.

"Where's Audrey?" Aurora asked, looking around and Mal gasped as she realized that the princess wasn't there with them. "Phillip, where's your sister?"

"How should I know mom?" Phillip Jr. asked with a small shrug. "She's been at the school for summer lessons remember?"

"What?" Aurora gasped and Phillip Sr. looked quite alarmed at the news. It was clear to Mal that no one had informed Audrey's parents of this development.

"Yes, poor Audrey was quite behind in her lessons," Leah nodded. "I was able to convince Fairy Godmother to let Audrey walk at Graduation in exchange for her attending summer lessons to make up what she missed."

"How in the world did you manage to do that?" Aurora asked with a small glare leveled at her mother. "After what King Ben and his council found you guilty of, I made sure to remove you as any sort of contact for the children."

"Oh dear," Fairy Godmother said softly. "I thought I had updated those records."

A flash of light once more filled the room, cutting off any response to Fairy Godmother's statement. When it faded, everyone gasped to see Audrey before them; her hand wrapped tightly around Maleficent's scepter and the Queen's crown on her head.

"Audrey?" Mal said softly, being the first one to speak. "What are you doing with those?"

"Well I wanted them so I took them," Audrey shot back. "You of all people should understand that Mal."

Mal stared at Audrey in shock, Ben quickly moving to Mal's side and wrapping an arm around her shoulders.


"Yes Grammy?" Audrey asked as she turned to face Leah. "Are you going to remind me about how I've failed once more? Remind me about how my mother could hold on to a man in her sleep?"

"Ooh, I'd like to turn her into a big old hop toad for that," Merryweather muttered but was held back by Fauna.

"Now dear, this seems to be more of a family matter," the green fairy stated. "We shouldn't interfere."

"Mother!" Aurora gasped and glared at Leah, ignoring the conversation held by her 'aunts'. "Phillip and I were True Love, of course we ended up together despite the curse. Regardless of that, Phillip and I are not Ben and Audrey!"

"Honestly Aurora, you're overreacting," Leah stated, shaking her head slightly. "I only wanted to stress to Audrey the importance of our family's status—"

Before Leah could say anything more, Audrey rolled her eyes and blasted the scepter toward Leah. When the blast of magic faded, Leah was still standing there. But when she opened her mouth, nothing came out.

"I think we've had enough talk from you. Amazing what Mal's spell book can do, isn't it Grammy?" Audrey taunted with a smirk on her lips.

"Audrey!" Aurora exclaimed.

"Thank Gods," Phillip Sr muttered under his breath. While he wasn't pleased his daughter was now wielding Maleficent's scepter, he wouldn't pretend to be unhappy that someone had found a way to silence his mother in law.

Mal looked over at Evie, Jay and Carlos. They would need to find a way to remove the scepter from Audrey's grasp. But what that would be, Mal had no idea. Honestly she was more shocked to see Audrey looking the way she was.

"Oh, so quiet are we Mal?" Audrey taunted, pulling Mal's attention back to the former cheerleader. "I mean, it wasn't like I dropped numerous hints into your and Bennyboo's lap? And you, my darling baby brother," she snarled as she turned toward Phillip Jr., "I asked for your help and you just laughed in my face before leaving me with Grammy!"

"I…I didn't realize you were serious Audrey!" Phillip Jr. exclaimed, flushing a little at all the eyes on him.

"Seriously?" Elle asked, raising an eyebrow. "I mean, I'm not Audrey's biggest fan but even I know if she's asking for help, it's probably something big."

"Yeah Phillip," Lucy nodded. "I may not be Chad's biggest fan but I wouldn't leave him alone with Leah."

Audrey cackled. "Oh but you did. Grammy's met with him one on one for about once a week when he was over at my castle helping me move back to Auradon Prep!"


"How'd you like me now Bennyboo?" Audrey asked, cutting off whatever Ben was going to say. "Got your attention now? Want to talk to me now?"

"Audrey, we tried to call you multiple times!" Akiho spoke up, rushing to stand in front of Ben, just in case Audrey zapped Ben with the scepter. He was replaceable, with his parents having his little brother and sister as heirs. Ben was their only king.

"Yeah, the phone always went to voicemail," Emir nodded, racing to stand next to his best friend. He was even more replaceable than Akiho—Emir was only the second son after all.

"Oh figures the sons of the ice man and the thief wouldn't find that suspicious! You never did waste a moment to turn Ben against me when we were dating, why would you stop now?"

To everyone's surprise, Chad rushed up and stood between the two parties. "Okay, okay. Let's calm down. Audrey, first off, love the new look. Especially the feathers," Chad told her. As Audrey was temporarily distracted as she looked down to verify that there were actually feathers on her outfit, Emir and Akiho started dragging Ben toward the seats.

"Guys, come on. We need to talk to Audrey," Ben hissed, struggling against their grip.

"I think she's beyond the talking point Ben," Akiho stated.

"We need to sit down and think of a way to get that scepter out of Audrey's hands," Mal said softly as she went to sit next to Ben. "If she's got the scepter, she's got access to Maleficent's magic. The only way she'd be able to use it would be if she was thinking of committing an act of evil since I'm pretty sure she's not related to me."

"But she hasn't done it yet," Ben countered. "Yeah she stole the crown and scepter but come on. Emir, your dad was a thief remember? Hell his dad is the King of Thieves."

Before anyone could say anything more, the Blue Fairy waved her wand removing the silencing curse from Leah's mouth.

"I don't think she deserved that," Merryweather muttered.

"Oh Gods I'm in agreement with one of the imbeciles," Mal muttered under her breath.

The Blue Fairy sighed and shook her head. "The last thing I want to do is put a limit to how much magic can be used in this room but considering how riled tempers got in the last viewing…"

All eyes landed on Mal who shrugged. "Again, I did not know then that I had the ability to turn into a dragon."

"That being said, if we can't control ourselves, I might need to limit the amount of magic used. I've already put a dampening spell on the room to limit any amounts of extreme magic. Hopefully I won't need to strengthen it."

Leah sniffed. "Honestly with the spells they probably have Audrey under, it would be a better idea to just put them back on the Isle."

"Well considering what you thought the kids of the Isle deserved, former Queen Leah, it might be a good idea if we don't listen to you," Elsa said, her voice calm but cool.

"Enough." The Blue Fairy said firmly before Leah could shoot back a response. "Now, we're all going to sit down and the viewing will start. As I said, this has been growing under the kingdom's nose for far too long."

Everyone looked at each other hesitant but, with some louder than necessary mutters from Leah and Natalie, sat down. Well, with the exception of Audrey.

"Audrey, it might be a good idea to sit down," Chad said softly. "You don't know how long the viewing'll take and those shoes don't look incredibly comfortable to be standing in."

"How would you know?" Audrey snapped.

"I have three sisters."

Audrey opened her mouth and then closed it, tilting her head as if conceding that Chad had a point.

"Fine," Audrey scoffed. "But only because I want to."

"Okay, can someone tell me how Chad became the Audrey whisperer?" Alexandria asked.

"At least someone is," Lucy muttered, watching the two of them take their seats. "I'm not a fan of how she's separating Chad from us though."

"You mean like how the VKs were separated from the groups in the other two viewings?" Kitty pointed out. "Look, I told you Lu that the seaweed in her locker was unnecessary."

"You were going to just let her get away with filling your locker with cat litter, Kat! If you weren't gonna prank her, I would! No one messes with the Charmings and gets away with it!"

"They do if it's in the past Lucy," Kitty stated. "Mal and Evie handled it when it actually happened and Queen Aurora and King Phillip found out about it during the first viewing. Revenge pranks just seemed arbitrary at that point."

"But she also slapped Phillip," Alexandria pointed out. "That's not cool. You never slap your sibling."

Kitty rolled her eyes. "How many times have we slapped Chad over the head because he's done something incredibly moronic? Hell, Lu, you and I pelted Chad with pudding twice in the first viewing. Besides, as we just found out, Phil left Audrey alone with Leah."

"Yeah, I have to say that was kinda a jerky move," Ava nodded. "Grandmother isn't the nicest but I still wouldn't leave Anthony or Dizzy alone with her."

Kitty nodded. "Let's just get the viewing started. The sooner we do, the sooner we can get Chad over here and away from Audrey and Leah."

As the group took their seats, the brunette who was sitting next to Chip leaned forward toward Ben. "I know this might not be the best time your highness, but it's nice to finally meet you. I'm Lucas."

"Lucas?" Ben asked, looking over at Chip. "Wait, your ex Lucas? The one who digitized the painting Mal gave me for Cotillion?"

"The very same," Lucas chuckled.

"He got a job working at the tavern in Maurice's village," Chip said. "I met up with him one day when work brought me around those parts and, well we started up where we left off in school."

"The only reason we broke it off in the first place was because someone thought the idea of me graduating meant I shouldn't be tied down to a relationship still at Auradon Prep," Lucas teased and Chip rolled his eyes.

"Well I'm happy to meet you Lucas," Ben said, "oh and you don't have to call me 'your highness'. Just Ben is fine."

"You'll get used to that," Chip told Lucas who chuckled and gave Chip a kiss on the cheek.

"Huh, didn't think Boreadon approved of that," Harriet said as she saw Lucas kiss Chip, wrapping her arm around Sammy's shoulders.

"Judging by the old withered flower's face, I don't think all of Boredon approves," Sammy said softly as Smee gave them both an approving smile, Squeaky and Squirmy glued to his side.

"Yeah well if what that Audrey girl said is true, the withered old bag of bones can go take a long walk off a short pier. The Captain may be a piece of work but he's never said stuff like that to us."

"You mean he's never said anything like that to CJ," Sammy corrected and Harriet paused, looking around the viewers for one dirty-blonde haired girl in particular.

"Where is CJ?"

"You really want the runt here?" Harry asked, having heard his sister's question despite not moving from his spot by Uma's side. "With Maleficent's scepter and a blast happy ask questions never wielder in the room? The crew won't let anything happen to her while we're here."

"Plus if this viewing's anything like the last one, people will randomly appear left and right," Uma said, rolling her eyes. Sure she was happy to be with her sister and her dad, but that didn't mean she was necessarily thrilled to be in the same room as Mal again.

Mal—who had all of Auradon at her disposal and only now started to bring kids off the Isle. Mal, who could have easily gotten Uma off the Isle if she so chose.

She got Celia off, Uma couldn't help but think. That's something at least. If Mal had wanted to be really petty after that last viewing, she would have kept Celia on the Isle. She could have taken CJ off the Isle. Sure Harry's part of my crew but he saved Mal's life.

She shook her head slightly, it wouldn't do to be distracted right now.

"Are we ready to begin?" The Blue Fairy asked.

Ben nodded. "I believe so."

"Then let us do so."

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