Chapter Two

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[The scene opens on an overhead shot of a forest surrounding a body of water. As the camera moves further out to sea, we hear a woman's voice begin to speak.]

"Auradon," the woman said and then gave a fond sigh.

"So Mal, did you just decide to not do a voice over for the second viewing?" Emir teased.

Mal shook her head in fond exasperation while Ben smiled at hearing the fondness in his fiancee's voice when she talked about their home.

"You know Natalie had my planner packed. When would I find the time to give a voice over for the second viewing?" Mal teased back.

Emir chuckled while Hades and Persephone couldn't help but glare slightly at the blonde who was sitting next to Leah. Why hadn't they been informed of that?

"It's beautiful, isn't it? I'm Mal, daughter of Maleficent. And this is my home."

[The camera continues to pan over Auradon, showing shots of mountains, trees, and waterfalls before showing an island sitting in the middle of the ocean as Mal continued to talk.]

"Gods, it's beautiful," Harriet said softly, looking at the mountains and waterfall. At least, it looked a lot better than the Isle that was for certain.

"It wasn't always. I was born on the Isle of the Lost, where all of the villains had been banished, locked away for good.

"As they should be," Leah muttered, with Natalie nodding in agreement.

"Not all the citizens deserve the Isle and the kids definitely don't deserve it," Sammy snapped.

Evie nodded sadly, thinking about her father who'd passed away when she was eight. Emma, who was sitting next to her step-aunt, wrapped an arm around the blue haired girl's shoulders; noticing the change in her mood. Doug also gently rested a hand on top of Evie's hands, sensing the change in his girlfriend.

Mal couldn't help but sigh softly as she thought about all the kids who had died on the Isle. All the kids who didn't get the chance she and the others got. Ben gently wrapped an arm around Mal's shoulders as if to just let her know that he was there.

That is until Prince Ben decided that their children should have a chance. And so, four villain kids, the V.K.'s, came to Auradon, including me.

"Yes yes, we all know this," Audrey scoffed. "Thanks to those two viewings we sat through."

"Not everyone was at those viewings," Harriet stated. "I for one, appreciate the recap."

"It's nothing we don't already know though," Uma rolled her eyes. "Benny over there decided Mal and the others should get off the Isle and left the rest of us to rot."

That's rich coming from the captain who abandoned her crew, Harriet thought with an inward eye roll of her own. She wouldn't say anything since Harry was clearly talking to Uma and was fine but Harriet still remembered the first few days after Harry realized that Uma had escaped the Isle. Had left him on the Isle.

Long story short, Ben is the king now, I'm his girlfriend, and we are about to head back to the Isle to pick what will hopefully be a long line of new V.K.'s who get to come to Auradon and find their happily ever afters, too."

"I like the 'TLDR' you did there," Carlos chuckled.


"Too Long, Didn't Read. It's something found on one of the websites around Auradon," Macaria explained to Gil, who nodded.

As the camera pans over the Isle, we see a kid ride past on a bicycle through an area of the Isle that was titled 'Jay's Way'.

"Huh, I didn't notice that when we were there," Jay said with a small smile. "Jay's Way…I wonder who set that up?"

"Probably the same people who put up the posters," Melody pointed out.

"I saw Jay's. 'Big Brother to Us All'," Ashaki said with a smile.

"And Carlos' said 'A Friend to the Friendless'!" Dizzy added, grinning from ear to ear. "Since he set up that safe house, that's definitely true!"

"How do you know that? We didn't see a Carlos one or if we did I couldn't make out what was written on it," Kitty asked and Dizzy smiled innocently, causing Mal to chuckle.

"I think I found one of the poster creators," she said as Dizzy continued to give an innocent look.

"Considering your poster said 'Our Liberator' I have an idea as to who the other creator is," Evie told Mal, giving a small look of amusement to Hadie.

"Didn't your poster say 'Proof Dreams Come True'?" Mal asked with a small chuckle.

"It did," Evie nodded with a small smile.

As the kid rode past, he throws a newspaper out of his backpack to some of the other kids who are lazing about.

"Hey, check it out!" One of the kids exclaimed and unrolled the paper as the other kids came rushing toward her. "Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh, look at this. It's V.K. day."

We definitely need to get the clothing donations off the ground, Evie thought, looking at the outfits the kids had on. Though with Leah's machinations with the food deliveries, everyone in Auradon's skeptical about donating anything. At least the people I've talked to while working on designs for Evie4Hearts.

"The newspaper's new," Jay noted.

"I think that might have been a pet project of Hermie's," Mal said. "The Ringmaster's daughter," she elaborated, seeing the confused looks on Ben, Emir and Akiho's faces.

"What?" Another one of the kids asked as they crowded around the paper. The kids started to get excited as they realized it was for real and ran off, dropping the paper. A closer look at the paper showed the headline 'VK DAY IS HERE' with the sub-header of '4 MORE TO GO ASHORE' with a picture of the original VKs underneath it.

"Okay with a headline like that, a pirate would have had to have written that article," Harriet chuckled. "Most of you landlubbers don't use phrases like 'ashore'."

"You don't know that for sure, cap'n," Sammy chuckled, kissing Harriet on the cheek as Smee smiled at the sight. He was happy to see his eldest happy. That was what every parent wanted after all.

Panning away from the paper, we see more of the Isle as music begins to play in the background. The four original VKs march into an area titled 'Mal's Court'.

Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos:

From the North to the South

From the East to the West

Lost boys, lost girls

You all know you're the best

"The best huh?" Elle chuckled.

"Well of course," Mal grinned, teasing her cousin. "Everyone knows that Isle kids are the best."

"That's debatable," Elle told her. "After all, there are Atlantian kids to consider!"

"And Olympian kids!" Macaria chimed in.

"Oh yes, we wouldn't want to forget them," Mal chuckled, teasing her other cousin.

Hit the streets It's your day

Turn it up now's your chance

It's time to get up

On your feet and dance

"You all sure waste no time in breaking out the dance moves," Lonnie grinned.

"Well there's not much else to do on the Isle," Jay said. "We get like two channels on the television and there's no wifi."

"Wait, didn't Carlos find a way to get more channels? He mentioned that in the first viewing."

"Yeah but I think only five kids knew about that."


Anybody wanna be like us

Everybody wanna be like us

"Not everyone wants to be like you Mal," Audrey scoffed.

"Which is why your hair is so pink it's almost purple right now?" Hadie asked innocently but giving Audrey a smirk.

"Yeah, let's not anger the girl wielding Maleficent's scepter," Mal muttered to Hadie, keeping an eye on Audrey. Mal knew Audrey needed help but if she went after Hadie…Mal wouldn't be responsible for her actions.




All the boys from Auradon

And the girls

Because they know what's up

"You know there are nicer ways to wake people up," Jane teased Carlos, who chuckled softly.

Lumiere and Fairy Godmother couldn't help but smile softly at the interaction, Fairy Godmother resting her head on her husband's shoulder.


Your life could change today

Your life could change today

Ava couldn't help but smile at the sight of Dizzy giving Evie a hug. The fact that it would soon be something she could do whenever she wanted warmed the older Tremaine to the core.

"Why were you sweeping hair outside of the shop?" Anthony scoffed.

"If you actually helped out around Curl Up and Dye, you'd know," Ava told her brother, who shrugged.


These streets named after us

Because we paved the way

"That's right, someone had to be first," Mulan nodded. "It's always tough being the first but it helps pave the way for more to come."

"Plus the viewings definitely helped," Anna added. "Being able to see the Isle and how those kids were living…"


Everyone come

And take your shot

"Ooh are we throwing smoke bombs at you Mal?"

"Do it and you'll actually need a hook, Harry," Mal said, not noticing a slight teasing tone to her voice or that she used his first name. Granted there were two Hooks in the room now, it was probably just to avoid confusion.

Now's the time

Show 'em what you got

Mal and Evie:

Because everyone's

Gonna get their chance

"So we're just going to have a giant 'VK Day' spray painted on that door for the rest of our days?" Celia chuckled.

"I'm more surprised there was an area to spray paint that," Mal said. "Haven't lost my touch though."

They said that being

From the Isle was bad

"It is bad!" Natalie sniffed in disapproval.

"Would you say then, and I mean no offense to anyone in here, that kidnapping a man and holding his daughter hostage when she traded places with the man is good?" Persephone asked.

"What?! Of course not—"

"Then King Beast should have been put on the Isle?" Persephone shot back and Natalie grew quiet. "That's what I thought. Our king might have been a VK if it hadn't been for the fact that King Beast and Queen Belle set up Auradon and the Isle. And clearly, you don't have to be from the Isle to be bad if Former Queen Leah is any example."

"You live on the Isle six months out of the year Lady Persephone," Natalie stated. "You may be too close to see it clearly."

"Or maybe I see it more clearly than anyone else here, with the exception of the children and Lord Hades," Persephone stated.

All: Well it's good to be bad

And we're proof of that

"…how did the giant snake get spray painted on the roof?"

"Talent," Jay said, chuckling at Emir's shocked expression. "No seriously, I think Mal did that when we were what fourteen?"

"Thirteen," Mal corrected. "It's faded a bit compared to the spray painted VK Day we just saw."

"But with a pitch that steep, there's no way you could have—"

"Ropes and prayer," Mal said with a shrug.

"More importantly, how did Jay not break his ankle landing like that?" Aziz asked.


"That has to stop being your answer for things."

Used to be lost

Now we're on the map

"Why is there a bed outside?"

"There are beds all over the Isle," Celia stated.

"Yeah, wherever we can, we set up," Dizzy nodded. "Celia and I are lucky in that we don't need them—the twins are too! A lot of the beds don't get used now that Carlos set up his safe house though."

Used to steal stacks

Now we're giving back

Remember that

It's good to be bad

If you got pride

Raise your Vs up high

Wave them wide side to side

Feel the vibe

It's good to be bad

[Carlos goes around, waking kids up who were sleeping in what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse that was fitted with mattresses and bunkbeds. Ringing a bell, he led them all out and we see that the warehouse is called 'Carlos' House: A Safe Place for Lost Boys and Lost Girls']

Jane smiled at seeing how many kids Carlos' safe house was helping but couldn't help but feel sad at the fact that there were so many kids in need of help on the Isle.

"Carlos, did you just hit that guy in the groin?"

"Of course not! I hit his knee!"

Evie [leading a group of girls down a section of the Isle titled 'Evie's Alley']:

I wanna see you all rep

Your block

I wanna see you all rep

Your block, hey!

Show your pride

Let me hear ya shout

We're from the Isle

Of the Lost


"Got some boys on your block there Evie?" Neal chuckled, commenting on the male voice in the background.

"Boys can be just as fashionable as girls," Evie said with a smile. "It makes no sense to split fashion based on gender."

"Thank you!" Chad exclaimed and then paused, as if realizing who he had just thanked.

We're here to celebrate

"Heels! She's doing that in heels!" Emma exclaimed, shaking her head.

"Is she not a fast learner?" Uma asked. "Blueberry there was dancing in heels all last viewing."

Evie winced slightly at her old nickname.

"I wouldn't bring up old nicknames if I was you, Shrimpy," Mal snarked, noticing Evie's wince.

"Don't even think about coming to her defense, Coat Hanger," Jay added, using one of Mal's nicknames for Harry. "You know Mal's right."

Harriet couldn't help but snort in amusement.


"What? You don't need the hook, Harry. It's a good nickname," Harriet said, shaking her head at her brother's stunned astonishment.

We're here to elevate

If you're down

Then make your move

But you best not hesitate

(Come on!)

Mal [walking toward a young girl who was telling fortunes]:

"Celia!" Dizzy grinned. Anastasia also smiled at seeing her daughter. Facilier and Ratcliffe had been the only 'matches' she'd had while on the Isle, and Jacob knew of them both. Anastasia had been worried that Jacob might have wanted to end their marriage but her husband had surprised her. He had simply held her and swore that no matter what happened, he would be by her side.

The only reason Anastasia hadn't checked in more with Celia was because Facilier seemed to have such a good relationship with the young girl. Plus, her mother forbid it—after all, Facilier hadn't been one of her approved matches. Ratcliffe, however, had been. A title as lowly as Governor was still a title and on the Isle, you couldn't be picky.

Today's the day

That you won't forget

The best to come

Ain't happened yet

That's the truth, Mal thought with a small smile, looking down at her ring. Her past self had no idea what was in store for her.

[Mal takes one of the tarot cards and holds it up to the girl, showing that it says 'journey']

Take a bow

It won't be your last

Mal and the girl [the girl flipping the 'The Fortune Teller is in' sign to 'out']:

You're from the Isle

If anybody asks

Uma couldn't help but look over at Mal as the on-screen Mal wrapped her arm over the on-screen Celia's shoulders. No matter what had happened between them, Mal still had a good relationship with Celia.

Mal must have felt Uma's eyes on her as green eyes met brown. They stayed locked for a minute before Mal looked away, her head resting on Ben's shoulder.

Facilier smiled slightly at the on-screen version of his daughter walking off with Mal. He wanted to be there to see her off but he'd been busy getting Dragon Hall set up for the next school year. A headmaster's work was never done—plus he also had the arcade to run.

"Has he always been here?" Naveen muttered to Tiana, noticing Facilier in the corner.

"Hush dear," Tiana muttered back. "Don't mess with the Shadow Man and the Shadow Man won't mess with you. Every New Orleanian can tell you that."

Besides, Mal had told her once that Celia had some regard for Tiana despite being her father's respective hero. Facilier wouldn't do anything to Tiana or Naveen, not with Celia in the room.


It's good to be bad

And we're proof of that

Used to be lost

Now we're on the map

Used to steal stacks

Now we're giving back

Remember that

It's good to be bad

If you got pride

Raise your Vs up high

Wave them wide side to side

Feel the vibe

It's good to be bad


They can try to deny our style

But we were born this way

Because you can take the V.K.

Out of the Isle

But you can't take the Isle

Out of the V.K.

"Someone got that from Dizzy," Elle teased gently. "Wasn't that what she said in the second viewing?"

"Well it was close enough," Lonnie nodded. "You can take the girl out of the Isle but you can't take the Isle out of the girl."

"How do you remember that? It was months ago!"


If you wanna make it hype

Not a moment to waste

Make it loud, make it live

Make it jump to the bass

Traitors, Harry thought with a slight scowl as he saw some of the tri-corner hats on the VKs in the crowd below Jay, Mal, Evie and Carlos. That had to be some of the crew and he would gladly find out which ones wanted to abandon ship and risk Freddy or Zevon taking their territory! Uma's territory!

Make it what you want

But you'd better make your case

Because the Isle makes us

And we're repping this place

Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos:

So, when I say, "V"

You say, "K"

Other VKs:

- V

- K

Mal, Evie: Jay, Carlos:

When I say, "All"

You say, "Day"

Other VKs:

- All

- Day

[Jay and Carlos jumped down from the balcony to the crowd of VKs below]

"Oh be careful!" Anita said, biting her lip in hopes that Jay and Carlos wouldn't get hurt. Jasmine also looked on worried for the two boys who had quickly gained a spot in her heart as all her son's friends had.

"We used to do that all the time," Carlos said. "You gotta trust the people you're landing on."

"And a lot of those kids who applied weren't in gangs or crews," Jay added. "They wouldn't risk their application by missing or dropping us."

"Not that we'd be that petty," Evie said quickly. "But VK Day would probably end up being delayed if we had to rush Jay or Carlos back across the bridge to-"

"E? There's a hospital on the Isle now remember?" Mal stated.

"There is?" Uma asked before she could keep the words in.

"Mal set it up," Jay said simply and Mal shrugged.

Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos:

When I say, "V"

You say, "K"

Other VKs:

- V

- K

Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos:

When I say, "All"

You say, "Day"




Come on

Hey, it's good to be bad

It's good to be bad

And we're proof of that

Used to be lost

Now we're on the map

Used to steal stacks

Now we're giving back

Remember that

It's good to be bad

If you got pride

Raise your Vs up high

Wave them wide side to side

Feel the vibe

It's good to be bad

[The song ends, with all the VKs cheering as they hold up pieces of paper]

"Who wants to go? You?" Mal asked as Evie pointed to various VKs in the crowd below, Jay and Carlos having gone back down as other VKs started collecting the papers.

"I think it's safe to say everyone wants to go to Auradon," Carlos said with a small chuckle while Mal watched on, a sad smile on her face.

How could I have ever thought it'd be a good idea to close the barrier for good? Mal thought. Look at those kids, look how happy they are that they finally get a chance to go to Auradon! Yes security is important but there has to be another way! I can deal with my dad, maybe have Steph talk to him or hell, even Zeus—I see he's here again with Hera and Poseidon. I know one thing, we are not closing that barrier.

"Yes, pick me, Mal! Pick me! Yeah, pick me, Mal! Pick me, Mal! Pick me!"

"Are you excited?Are you kidding? I'm so excited."

[The group of VKs cheered once more as Mal and Evie returned to the balcony, each one holding a piece of paper.

"That was fast," Harry scoffed. "Guess they already had their minds made up before they even got to the Isle."

"That was pretty much the case," Mal nodded, seeing no reason to hide it. "Evie was adamant that Dizzy come and we were all in agreement that Auradon would be good for Squeaky and Squirmy."

"Auradon helped me get out of my shell," Carlos added. "It'd do the same for the boys."

"And Mal was staunchly in favor of Celia coming," Evie chimed in. "Wouldn't hear a word against it."

Harry glanced over at Mal in surprise, the purple haired girl shrugging slightly in response once more.

We see Jay and Carlos on the steps on each side of the balcony, Jay clearly holding one of the pieces of paper too.]

"I can't believe this day has finally arrived," Evie said as Mal led the VKs in cheering once more. "I honestly wish we could take you all with us and some day, very soon, maybe we can."

"Why are you only taking four this time?" Smee asked, though his tone wasn't confrontational or judgmental. Only curious. Almost as if he only wanted to know Ben's thought process.

"Four is a nice even number so that enough kids come but it's not too big in the event there's an issue," Ben explained. "Though if this round goes well, I could look into maybe having more kids come in. Make the next group bigger."

"More villains in Auradon? Ben really, don't we really have enough of those already?"

"I don't think you're one to talk Leah," Chip warned. "After what you apparently did to Audrey."

"I did nothing to Audrey. It's not my fault if she can't handle a bit of criticism."

"There's 'criticism' and then there's verbal abuse, you geriatric old bat from hell," Chip snapped, Lucas resting a hand on Chip's shoulder to try to get him to calm down. "Audrey may never be my favorite person in the world from her relationship with Ben but even I know she doesn't deserve to be told what she said you told her!"

"Mother, it might be a good idea to, as the kids say 'sit down and shut up'?" Aurora suggested as Leah opened her mouth to argue against Chip's diatribe against her.

"I"m already sitting down Aurora."

"Then shut up." Phillip Jr muttered under his breath.

Audrey didn't react to what was said but she couldn't help but feel a smidge of relief of someone in Ben's family sticking up for her. Even if it was someone who admitted that they didn't like her.

"Yeah, we're gonna be back here so many times. You're going to be so sick of us," Mal promised.

I'm already sick of you, Uma thought with an eye roll though it wasn't with as much malice as she was used to. Mal had been an advocate for Celia after all. Got her off the Isle.

"So sick of us," Evie echoed as everyone laughed. "Can I get a drum roll, please?"

[All the VKs below started stomping their feet to mimic a drum roll.]

As did some of the kids in the viewing, with the adults shaking their heads fondly at their kids.

"You know the Evie on the screen can't hear you right?" Ben asked his best friends.


"So why…?"

"It's us, Ben. Did you expect anything less?"

"First, I would like to begin, with the granddaughter of Lady Tremaine, daughter of Drizella, my sweet, sweet friend," Evie said as Mal pointed out to the crowd.

"That's you," an older pink haired boy said, bending down to embrace Dizzy in excitement.

Ben couldn't help but smile at seeing how excited the other VKs were for the kids who got picked. Already there was change being brought to the Isle and Ben couldn't wait to see how much more there could be.

"That wasn't Virgil was it?" Evie asked Mal.

"Nah, Virgil dyed his hair once and it was a darker purple than that," Mal shook her head. "Besides, Virg has the permanent stutter from his dad remember?"

"Ah right."

"My Dizzy."

"Hold up," Uma said. "Didn't she get an invitation at the end of the last viewing?"

"Yeah but that was in the future that'll never happen," Akiho pointed out. "Ergo Dizzy hadn't gotten the invitation yet."

"I wanted to fix the food problem on the Isle before I invited any more kids off," Ben explained. "I didn't think it would be fair to the kids still on the Isle if they were eating garbage while the other kids got to come to Auradon."

"And you didn't think that when you invited Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos?"

"I didn't know there was a food issue when I invited Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos."

[Dizzy screamed in delight as she ran up to the balcony, the VKs around her cheering.]

"Next, is son of Smee," Carlos said, holding the application out like it was an official proclamation. "Come on, Squeaky."

[The VKs began cheering again as Squeaky went to stand next to Carlos, the other twin holding his hand out like he didn't want his twin to go.]

"Aww," Macaria sighed softly at the sight. She couldn't wait to get to know the little Smeelings.

"You can't separate twins like that," Lucy said firmly. "Not only is it cruel, it's unusual!"

"Lu, you know both twins come over. Mal already said that was the case," Kitty chuckled. "Besides, everyone knows twins find a way to stick together."

"And no way, we're splitting up the twins, so get over here, Squirmy, come on," Jay announced, gesturing over to the other twin as the crowd began cheering once more.

Sammy smiled slightly at the sight. While she had been there, she hadn't been able to hug her brothers in celebration. Harriet had put her and Jade on watch in case anyone from Harry's crew tried anything while Mal and the others were on the Isle. Especially since Uma had escaped the Isle, making Harry in charge of that crew.


"Bring it in, buddy!" Jay said as Squirmy ran the last few steps to Jay.

"Aww!" Ashaki grinned. "Guess the poster was right—Jay is a big brother to them all."

Lonnie smiled at the interaction between Jay and Squirmy. He was really good with him.

"And last, but certainly not least," Mal said and all the VKs quieted down to hear what she was going to say, "we all picked this girl because we all agreed that she could use a little bit of Fairy Godmother's goodness class. Give it on up for Dr. Facilier's daughter, Celia."

"I'm back," Celia said, doing a small spin as the other VKs around her cheered.

Anastasia locked eyes with Facilier. I'll look out for her, she seemed to promise. After all, King Ben had set up guardians for each of the children who were arriving from the Isle and Anastasia had signed up to be Celia's. Evie had beaten her to the punch to be Dizzy's guardian though.

"We'll be back for you guys, next week, okay?" Carlos told them as the four new VKs joined the originals on the balcony.

"And so, pack your stuff, your own stuff," Jay said and the younger kids chuckled.

"And how would you know if we did or not?" Celia teased.

"Where are we going?" Evie and Mal asked.

"Do you not remember?" Gil asked, a bit of concern in his voice as if he was worried about the other girls.

"I think Evie and Mal are just trying to get the kids excited to go to Auradon," Macaria said.

You have a crush on an idiot, Hyllus thought to his sister.

Shut up, Macaria thought back.

Wait, who does Macaria have a crush on? Herkie asked.

Hyllus, I thought you were going to keep this link private!

I did…dad and the other Gods don't know about our conversation. However Elle, Melody, Mal, Hadie, and Herkie could join if they so wanted to. Uma might be able to too.

That's not what private means you idiot!

"We're going to…"

"Auradon!" The VKs down below joined in the cheer that Dizzy and Celia started.


"You know you don't have to cheer, right?" Lucas asked, shaking his head at his boyfriend's antics.

"I'm excited for the kids, sue me," Chip chuckled. However, the Blue Fairy looked around, slightly concerned.

"I thought for sure I brought them in," she muttered to herself before a flash of bright light filled the room. When it faded, Rapunzel, Eugene and their children were in the room.

"Another viewing?" Rapunzel asked.


"What'd we miss?"

"Just a song and picking the new VKs," Snow informed her fellow Queen.

"And who's Pinkie over there?" Eugene asked.

"That would be Princess Audrey."

"…I feel that we missed a lot more than what you told us, Snow."

"Come sit by us, I'll get you up to speed," Snow promised and the Fitzherbert family quickly sat down next to the Whites as the Blue Fairy got the viewing underway once more.