Chapter Twenty Four

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[Mal handed the wand back to Fairy Godmother and hugged her before she proceeded to walk back to the balcony, Ben smiling at her as everyone seemed overjoyed at what had happened.]

"That is the look of someone who is both deeply happy with everything that's happened and deeply in love with his fiancee," Chip smiled.


It's time to bring it together

Time for a brand new start

"You truly do have a beautiful voice, Mal," Aurora said with a small smile.

"Oh…um, thank you," Mal said, having not expected the compliment.


We're gonna put it in motion

Belle couldn't help the sad smile that appeared on her face as she saw Gil's astonished look. Sometimes…sometimes it was hard to remember that these were truly kids seeing sunlight for the first time.

…dear Gods, what had they done?

Break down

What keeps us apart


No more no division we down

New team got the vision

"Who's Fairy Godmother looking at?" Alexandria asked.

"Probably Jay," Lucy said. "Maybe Ben."

"From how her head's turned, I'd say Jay," Kitty nodded.


Unite till we stand

Now we living marching

In the light, one, two

One, two like


I see you


You see me

"How…how can you guys hear each other?" Hadie asked, looking at Mal.

"That…is a good question," Mal nodded. "I guess the same way everyone was able to hear me even though I didn't have a microphone?"



"Imperfect…that's probably something never used to describe a descendant of the Gods before," Macaria chuckled.



Mal and Uma:

Face to face we can see

Clearly our similarities like

"But I thought the whole thing was to celebrate our differences?!" Celia said with a chuckle.

"Yeah that was the whole point of Evie's icebreaker!" Dizzy nodded.


Day and night


Wrong or right

"Um…Carlos, you're on my side," Jay chuckled.


We come together

For a good time

Facilier couldn't help but smile once more at seeing both his girls embrace on screen.


We're gonna break this down

"Let the man stand by his fiancee!" Chip exclaimed with a chuckle.

Natalie, though, shook her head. "Honestly, it's as if she wanted to look like her mother…all that dark fabric and that hairstyle, someone would confuse her for a villain…"

"Okay, slapping her's not getting the message through," Mal glowered.

Harriet smirked and got up. "I think I know just the thing that would get her to be quiet for the rest of the viewing."

"Oh and what's—"

Before Natalie could finish her sentence, Harriet let loose with a quick right hook across the jaw. "Captain Hook sends her regards," she whispered with a small smirk, sitting back down next to Sammy.

We're gonna rock the town

"What. Are. You. Doing. With. Her?!"

"Kat, really, calm down—"

"Chadwick, why are you with her?! More importantly, after everything she did, why is she allowed to be on the balcony with the King and future Queen?!"

"…really? Full first name Katherine?"

Everyone all around

Harriet couldn't help but smile at her brother's celebration and hoped their sister was somewhere on the screen celebrating as well.

CJ should get her time in the sun.

Let's be whoever like this

Stronger together like this

"We are stronger," Emma nodded.

"Who was Chad waving to?" Lucy asked.


Believing in second chances

Cinderella sighed as she saw her step mother descend the stairs behind Uma. Try as she might, she couldn't find it in her to give her a second chance. Not after the years of torment and abuse she'd suffered at her hands.


And we'll all starting today

Harry [almost sliding in]:

Marching on in a new land

"Harry, I must ask….where is your hook?" Harriet asked, noticing her little brother had both hands free.

"Must have left it in Boreadon," Harry shrugged. To be honest, he wasn't that cut up about it. That was his onscreen self first of all and second of all…he had Mal and Jay back. Who cared about a stupid hook?

Rose and Ashaki stared in interest. While it was clear that Harry was Uma's, that didn't mean the girls couldn't appreciate the pirate's arm muscles.

Make it illegal for the man to wear sleeves, Ben! Rose thought.

Celia, Uma, Gil and Harry:

Our world's a better

A better place

"It really is," Emma nodded. "Not to mention Ben'll be able to get different points of view in terms of governing because you all had different experiences than we did."

"That's a very polite way of saying we lived in hell," Uma chuckled.

"Gil doesn't get a line?" Herkie asked. "That doesn't seem fair—everyone else got one."

He didn't really see anything wrong with the son of Gaston—and if Macaria liked him the way it seemed she did, then all Herkie had to say was that the blond boy better not hurt his sister!

"How did you not…you grabbed for his hand…GAH!"

"Are you alright?" Elle asked Melody.

"Our cousin will drive me up the wall," her little sister stated.


Welcome the additional love

Elle smiled as she saw her sister dancing in the background, her pink dress looking as beautiful as ever. Then again, Evie's designs always were.


Unity new beginning for us


Harmony that's the mission


Mal couldn't help but smile slightly as she saw the four of them walking on the bridge. Of course Jay would be walking on the side that kept her from the water.

The logical side of her couldn't help but point out that it was just common sense. After all, she was the future Queen of Auradon. If she went over the side, especially on a bridge with no guard rails and her not being able to swim…

But the more emotional side of her knew that there was more than what met the eye. Jay had been there, all those years ago. He knew about the fear of water, he knew that she would have probably freaked out if she had been on the edge like that. Besides, Jay couldn't swim either and she'd be devastated if anything happened to him…though she hoped Harry would dive in after him…

"I got you Mal," Jay whispered as Mal looked over at him and gave him a small smile.

Jay, Carlos, Evie, Mal:

In the light, one, two,

One, two like


I see you,

Macaria grinned at seeing her march right behind Mal and Evie in her light purple dress, her brown hair pulled back into a ponytail.

you see me

Imperfect, perfectly

Face to face we can see

"…what am I wearing?" Lucy asked. "I mean the dress is beautiful with the blue and everything but those yellow gloves?"

"Maybe you're trying to celebrate the royal engagement by wearing the royal colors?" Kitty suggested.

"Why are you—?"

"Audrey's dancing by Chad again. I need to focus on something that's not that or else I may attempt to kill her."


Clearly our similarities like

Day and night

Wrong or right

Freddie smiled slightly as she saw her sisters walk down the bridge, holding each other's hand. How she wished she could be there with them.

"You'll get to celebrate with them," Ally promised her, keeping her voice low as to avoid being heard. Before Freddie had a chance to respond, Ally gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"There, now you're not thinking about the fact that you don't see yourself on the screen," Ally said with a smile at Freddie's shocked look.

"Yeah…" Freddie said, her voice a near whisper as she looked at Ally in a small daze, clearly not expecting that kiss.

We come together

For a good time

"We're all dancing on a bridge with no guard rails why?" Evan asked, tilting his head.

We're gonna break this down

We're gonna rock the town

"Gods, what am I wearing in my hair?" Kitty shook her head as she saw herself dancing behind Mal. "I mean, the pink dress isn't really me but it's not as bad as whatever that blue thing is!"

Everyone all around

Just be whoever like this

"Who's the guy in the bright pink pants?" Elle asked.

"And why's he dancing with Mel?" Phillip Jr. muttered under his breath.

Stronger together like this

Rowyn and Emir smirked slightly as they saw their big siblings dancing together, Aziz having picked up Rachel and spun her around as everyone began to run back toward Auradon.

We reunited like this

Bringing it, bringing it

Bri-bri-bringing it down

Bringing it, bringing it

Bri-bri-bringing it down

Bringing it, bringing it

Bri-bri-bringing it down

Bringing it, bringing it

Bri-bri-bringing it down

Mal slowly made her way toward Ben as the other Auradonians ran back toward their side of the bridge, Carlos patting Ben on the back as he ran past. The Isle kids paused as they saw all of the Auradonians, unsure as to what the next step would be.

Ben knelt down in a bow, the others following suit in either bows or curtseys of their own. Uma gave a small chuckle before cheering, leading the Isle contingent into Auradon and running to Mal, who greeted her with open arms.

"Guess you were happy to see me eh Mal?" Uma chuckled.

"Now? Always," Mal nodded with a small smile.

The other VKs ran into Auradon, Harry smiling and pointing at Ben before they seemed to get into position for a big dance number.

"Ben, what was that move?" Akiho asked, bursting out laughing.

"Yeah Ben, I'm pretty sure whatever that move was, you're not supposed to be doing it in front of a girl who's not your fiancee," Emir shook his head.

Ben sighed though his cheeks were bright red. "I can not begin to explain the actions of my future self…and furthermore where are you two?"

"Arendelle's not exactly a day trip from Auradon Ben."

"Yeah, same with Agrabah."


We're gonna break this down

Break this down

We're gonna rock the town

We're gonna rock the town

Everyone all around

Just be whoever like this

Cinderella and Fairy Godmother couldn't help but smile as they saw Chad and Jane nod to each other on screen. The two were always so close but had grown apart as they grew up. It was nice to see a bit of that connection return.

Stronger together like this

We reunited like this

We're gonna break this down

Come on we're gonna break it down

We're gonna rock the town

"Hey! You know what I just realized?"

"Ben has some really weird dance moves in this?"

"Well yes but that's not it."

"Ben has a moment where he lifts Mal up into the air in every finale song number?"

"Aww that's cute! Also not what I noticed!"

"Then what is it?"

"This is the first viewing where Ben's worn his crown more than once!"

Ben shook his head at his friends' antics. It's the first viewing where it's fit, he thought with an inward sigh.

Everybody on the Isle

Gonna rock

"Of course we are!" Uma grinned. "Besides, we've got better dance moves!"

"Not even going to argue otherwise," Mal chuckled.

Everyone all around

Just be whoever like this

"Why are you two pointing at each other?" Hadie asked Mal. "Also, if everyone pointing at each other is a couple then does that mean Harry and Uma will finally wind up together?"

Mal chuckled softly. Ah, from the mouths of babes.

"So…anyone else going to comment about how it's kinda freaky how former King Beast is just…standing there watching us dance from his lofty perch?" Harry asked. "No one? Just me?"

Stronger together like this

We reunited like this

Bringing it, bringing it

Bri-bri-bringing it down

Mal, Ben, Harry, Uma and everyone else stared in amazed shock. Mal looked as though she was going to start to cry while Uma grinned, as did Evie. Celia and Dizzy walked up and stood next to Mal who looked at them before pulling them close for a hug as they watched more of the Isle folks make their way down the bridge, holding a large purple dragon.

"Harry, how did your hair get so messed up?"

"Harriet, you do all those spins and moves and you try to keep your hair neat!"

"How'd they get that dragon made so fast?" Lonnie asked.

"Oh, they've always had that," Sammy said. "There's a faction of VKs who're loyal to Mal because of the fact that they believe Mal's more evil than Maleficent since she was able to best her and turn her into a lizard. When they stormed Maleficent's castle, Mal's room was the only one not touched."

"I…don't know how to respond to that," Mal said softly.

"That dragon is awesome!" Hadie stated. Hades couldn't help but smile slightly as he watched the onscreen Ben gently pull the onscreen Mal out of the path of said dragon.

Mr. Smee, Dr. Facilier and Lady Tremaine all turned around and looked toward the Isle—each one looking a little unsure what to do next.

"Daddy!" Celia exclaimed as the Smee twins rushed to their father.

Tiana couldn't help but smile as she saw Facilier's face change from uncertainty to glee at hearing Celia's voice. Fatherhood truly has changed him, she thought.

"Hey," Lady Tremaine said softly, returning Dizzy's hug after getting over her shock at seeing her.

Cinderella and Anastasia stared at the screen in shock. That…that truly could not be the same woman from their childhoods.

"I told you she loved you," Ava whispered even if she was a bit taken aback by the whole thing as well.

"Come on!" Dr. Facilier said as he lifted Celia up and they all rushed toward Auradon and the celebration.

"Carlos?" Jane said, pulling Carlos toward her.


"I'm actually really nervous to meet your mom."

"Because you have the common sense the good Gods gave you!" Hades muttered. "That woman is nuttier than a squirrel's nest during winter."

"You know squirrels bury their nuts right dear?" Persephone asked. "It's how trees are planted sometimes because they'll forget about where they buried the nuts."

Carlos sighed and looked at Jane. "Cruella's not my mother…if anything she's my birth giver. If you meet anyone as my mother figure, you're going to meet Anita."

No one noticed the way Anita's eyes welled up with joyful tears at hearing that, or the way Rodger smiled. Well, almost no one.

"I think you just made Anita really happy," Jane whispered to him, giving Carlos a small kiss on the cheek.

"You're nervous?" Dude asked, causing them both to look at him. "His mom is Cruella De Vil! I'm petrified!"

"Didn't Dude already meet her?" Evan asked.

"That's right! Dude was in your arms when you all had that video call with your parents!" Lucy nodded.

"I'm sorry but can we talk about how cute Dude is in his bow tie?!" Alexandria squealed.

"We could…if you didn't just take out our hearing," Kitty shook her head.

"Wait 'til she hears I want to be a vet." Carlos said, looking toward the bridge and the smile slipping from his face.

"Since when?!" Neal exclaimed. "Everyone knows you're a tech guy Carlos!"

"Vet Tech," Carlos shrugged. "I get to help animals and be around technology? It's basically like Ben being in a room filled with books on dragons."

"Ah, so pure paradise," Emir nodded.

"What do you say you and me go exploring?" Jay asked Gil. "I'll do a gap year. Jungles or icebergs?"

"You. Have. A. Scholarship!" Lonnie and Mal exclaimed, Lonnie glaring at Jay.

"Just nod," Lil Shang mouthed to him.

"Both?" Gil suggested and Jay looked excited about that.

"Yeah. Chest bump!"

Both boys knocked their chests together, grunting from the impact.

"At least it's not me," Carlos muttered. Gil though was trying to figure out who it was Macaria was dancing with in the background of their shot. He couldn't place him.

"Hey. Get it, girl," Uma said as she and Evie danced next to each other.

Mal paused. "Welp…the apocalypse is upon us."

"What makes you say that?" Ben asked.

"Uma's dancing with and being nice to Evie. I would have thought it be years before we got to this stage."

Uma shook her head. "Consider it a wedding present Mal."

"Okay now we're back to normal," Mal chuckled.

"You know what? Mal came through," Uma said as they watched Mal continue to jump up in celebration and hug a VK.

"She always does," Evie told her.

"Thanks E," Mal said with a small smile.

"I got your back M," Evie told her, returning the smile.

"So, she's definitely taken," Harry asked, leaning between Uma and Evie and holding his hook.

"E, you look so disgusted," Mal chuckled.

"When did Harry get his hook back?" Akiho asked. "Where was his hook?"


"So is Evie," Doug said as Evie and Harry looked at each other.

Evie smiled at Doug before giving him a small kiss on the cheek. "Always," she said softly.

Uma hit Harry on the arm with her elbow as he looked almost disappointed by that news.

"Oh don't tell me that hurt you," Uma rolled her eyes but paused at the look of pain on the onscreen Harry's face. Had she really hurt him with that? His arm muscles were like rocks, she doubted a simple elbow to them would hurt. Unless there was already a bruise on there…

"What's my name?" She asked him.

"Uma." Harry said as he turned to look at her, Evie smiling slightly at the sight. He leaned forward to kiss Uma but she leaned away and walked off, Evie and Doug doing the same minus the kissing.

"No." Harry said as he straightened back up but looked over at Uma's retreating form.

"Oh for the love of Athena!" Mal exclaimed, rolling her eyes. "Do I need to put a love spell on one of you two to make it actually happen?"

"I don't know what you mean Mal," Uma shrugged, looking anywhere but at Harry.

"Yeah Mal, completely ridiculous," Harry muttered, slightly dejected at his onscreen rejection.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about," Mal stated, looking at Uma. "I get not wanting your first kiss to be in public but you couldn't even let it happen for three seconds and then just remind him you're in public? You probably crushed him! He'll never try that again!"

"Mal, he was just messing around," Uma shrugged though Harriet's comment about Harry being crushed by her leaving began to ring through her head. Was…was there some truth to that? No, they were just friends, crewmates! "I don't know what you're talking about with this nonsense that we're in love with each other."

"What she said Mal," Harry nodded, trying to hide his frown but judging by the look on Harriet's face, he had failed spectacularly at that.

Mal rolled her eyes. "Jay and I heard the story of the time you Harry almost skewered Freddy Frollo with your sword because he bumped against Uma. Uma, how many times did you threaten that you were going to make Hook walk the plank for how he treated Harry when we were kids. It may have been about nine or so years since we split but I'm not stupid you know!

"We're crew Mal! We protect each other, that's it. That doesn't mean we get all heart eyed. Honestly, being in Boreadon and being engaged has love struck your brain."

"We used to be crew too Harry but you never acted like a guard dog around me. And oh, you don't have heart eyes with each other? That scene at Evie's castle we just watched begs to differ! Three seconds! That's all it would have taken to put you both and the people who have to watch you moon over and dance around each other out of their misery!"

"We don't moon over each other Mal!" Uma exclaimed. "And crazy idea, if you don't want to see us then don't look at us1 It's a radical concept but it's one that's fairly established."

Mal couldn't help but facepalm at that. "As stubborn as mules," she muttered.

"Gods save us," Jay muttered.

"Maybe Uma's in denial but did anyone else see Harry frown when Uma called him a flirt?" Evie muttered to the other three and Ben.

"Yeah I saw that," Jay nodded.

"I think if he gets pushed any further, Harry's going to say something," Carlos muttered.

"Good! And honestly, I think Uma might be blowing it up a little. Maybe as an excuse to not get attached but let's look at Harry's 'record' shall we? He had the flirtationship with me which Jay and I know went nowhere and he flirted with Ginny Gothel nearly every day of the week but she was just trying to get food. The pirates were the second ranked gang amongst the VKs after all. But other than Uma and Sammy, I can't think of another girl he's around all that often who he's not related to or who's not crew and let's be frank, he's never tried to kiss Sammy."

"Well Sammy's his sister's girlfriend so that's probably more sibling like flirting anyway," Jay pointed out. "Harriet'd kill him if he tried to kiss Sammy especially since a: Sammy doesn't want Harry to kiss her and b: everyone knows that Harry's in love with Uma."

"My point exactly," Mal nodded.

"Umm…guys? I think Harry may have reached his breaking point," Ben spoke up.

"What makes you say that?" Carlos asked.

Before Ben could say anything, Harry leaned over as if he was about to give Uma a kiss but she leaned back causing him to fall forward in his seat.

"That," Ben deadpanned.

"Oh for the love of—alright you two, there's a separate room down the back. Get in there and talk this out. March!" Mal said firmly.

"Wha—Mal! There's nothing to talk about!" Uma exclaimed. "Besides, I'm captain! You can't give me orders!"

"There is clearly something to talk about that you refuse to do in front of an audience, and I just did Uma so march! Jay, you take one and I'll take one," Mal said as she stalked over and grabbed Uma's arm, pulling her out of her seat and started to march her down the aisle toward the back.

"Aye Mal!" Jay said with a grin, doing the same with Harry. "Come on Harry, time for you to finally deal with your feelings!"

"Wh—Jay! As Uma said, there is nothing to deal with!"

"You just tried to kiss Uma—clearly there's something there!"

"Harry, be grateful it's Mal and Jay marching you two away to talk," Harriet called. "Because if they didn't, Sammy and I are at the point where we would!"

"We'd help!" Emir and Akiho grinned.

Aziz couldn't help but facepalm at that. "Of course you would," he muttered.

"And you're both not coming out until everything has been made clear in detail!" Mal said as she and Jay shoved Uma and Harry through a doorway into one of the appearing and disappearing rooms before closing and locking the door.

"Mal! Let me out of here! You can't just lock us in here!" Uma exclaimed, pounding on the door. "Your captain commands you unlock this door! There is nothing to talk about!"

"And as co-captain, I am declining the command Uma until you are brought out of denial!" Mal's voice called back to her.

"Harry, I blame you for this!" Uma muttered, still pounding on the door.

"How is this my fault?!" Harry exclaimed, trying to break down the door with his shoulder. "Mal's your cousin!"

"You're the one who acted like you wanted to prove her right in front of how many people?"

"You're the one who moved! I was aiming for your cheek anyway! If you hadn't moved, I wouldn't have fallen forward and Mal wouldn't have locked us in here! So really this is your fault Uma!"

"Excuse me?! How is this my fault?! This is ridiculous Harry—"

Uma didn't get a chance to finish her sentence as Harry grabbed her face with both his hands, having left his hook on his seat in the main room, and met his lips to hers.

Uma gasped against his lips before she slowly relaxed. Before she could fully embrace the kiss, Harry broke away.

"Oh Gods, Uma, I'm…I'm so sorry. I don't know what—"

"Shut it," Uma muttered as she reconnected their lips. Harry didn't protest as he kissed Uma back, smiling a little as he deepened the kiss just a tad.

"You know Mal's going to be so smug when that door opens, right?" Uma said softly as they broke apart.

"Do you really care?"

"No. Do you?"

"Not in the slightest."


Harry sighed. "So…do you think we should talk?"

"It…it might be a good idea," Uma said softly, brushing some of her hair out of her face. She sighed softly. "Look Harry, I…I don't know what's running through both of our heads right now but I'm not aiming to be another one of your flings—"

"Uma, how many flings have I truly had? Maybe one with Ginny Gothel but other than that I've been a loyal first mate and that's that. And does it really count as a fling if I didn't even kiss her?"

"You didn't?"

"Okay, if I'm being honest, there was one kiss but that was her kissing me before I pushed her off. She didn't really like that but she wanted to have a fling for better access for food, not because she had feelings for me. So I told her she could come to me when she was hungry and I'd sort something out for her without the need for…relations…"

Harry sighed. "She decided to go over to Freddy instead, not liking my offer. So I let her go. It was her choice."

"She always was an airhead. What, does she like being used like that?" Uma muttered.

"She's not in a crew. She was doing what she knew to get food," Harry sighed. "But my point is doesn't that really count as a fling if all she was doing was 'batting her lashes' at me?"

"I…I guess not," Uma sighed.

Harry shook his head. "I never wanted to have flings or flirtationships Uma but…you never gave me any clear hints that you'd be open to…"

"Really? Really?! You were my first mate Harry! Not Gil, not Mal, not Jay. You. When you went after your hook in that blasted viewing, who pulled you out of the water?! Even though I was chasing Mal at the time?! Come on! Some may call you crazy but you're not stupid!"

Harry shrugged. "You're my best friend Uma. I just…I just thought that was why I got first mate. Besides Mal and Jay left us after the split and Gil's a moron. I was the best out of your options. Besides…Mal's your co-captain. If they were still in our crew…you wouldn't need a first mate."

Uma sighed. "Harry, I might not have said it out right but you are the most important person in the crew to me. You and I have have been together since we were five. No one else in the crew can say that. If anyone else had snuck a kiss like that, I would have kicked them in the groin so hard they wouldn't have had a prayer of reproducing rather than have me kiss them back."

Harry chuckled softly. "Sorry bout that. I…I don't know what came over me. Just watching the onscreen me get denied like that…I wanted my chance."

"Harry, it's fine. I kissed you back remember?"

Harry smiled. "That's right. You did."

Uma smiled back and the two of them stared at each other for a bit.

"So is it safe for me to unlock this door or are there any other remaining feelings that need discussing?" Mal called from the other side.

"Should we tell her to give us another hour?" Harry whispered playfully.

"Ooh I wonder how she'd react to that?" Uma whispered back with a smirk.

Harry smirked. "Oh I don't know Mal. Might pay to give us another hour or so. As you said, there's a lot to talk about!"

"Okay fine, but just wanted to let you know that Blue Fairy—wait, you're actually addressing it?! Jay, Harriet, they're actually addressing it!"

Uma rolled her eyes, suppressing a chuckle.

"Wait Mal, you're serious?" They heard Jay exclaim. "That's what it took? We should have done this years ago!"

"Yeah and we would have just broken out," Uma muttered with a smirk.

"Of course we would have," Harry muttered back. "…why didn't we just do that here though?"

"One, you tell me, you're the one who snuck a kiss instead of helping me pick the lock. Two, this is a magical room."

"One, you kissed me back instead of breaking it off and telling me to pick the lock and two, don't you have magic?"

"I have water based magic. Do you see any water in this room?"


Uma smirked as she chuckled softly before Harry leaned down and gave her a small peck on the cheek.

"It's gone quiet in there. Do you think Harry finally made a move?" They heard Jay ask.

"You know you really can't talk Jay," Harry muttered with a smirk. "I saw the looks you were giving that Lonnie lass. I move faster than you at least. Looks like you're the one now in 'denial'."

"I heard that Harry!" Jay shouted.

"Good!" Harry called back. "Maybe now you'll make a move!"

"Hey, don't try to turn this around on me! At least I don't have to be locked in a room because I refused to admit I was in love with a girl since I was nine!"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Oh big talk Jay! Meanwhile I saw the looks you were shooting to that Lonnie lass in this viewing and the one before! Speaking of refusing to admit feelings!"

"Oh my Gods, why am I getting flashbacks?" Mal chuckled.

"It's like they're nine again," Uma shook her head.

"What are you talking about? We did not argue about these things when we were nine," Jay said.

"But you did banter back and forth like this!" Uma said, still chuckling as Harry rolled his eyes.

"Remind me again why I actually missed this?"

"Because they're crew," Uma said softly. "And I did too Harry. Why do you think I didn't tear Mal to shreds when she started dragging me in here? It felt like when we were kids again..besides Mal probably wanted revenge for all the times I dragged her around."

Harry couldn't help but give her a sad smile at that. "…think we should pick that lock?"

Uma smirked. "Let's do it," she said, turning to the lock. Now then…where to start? Hmm…

Before Uma could start to pick the lock, the knob began to turn.

"We figured we'd unlock it when it got quiet again," Mal smirked as she opened the door. "So? Was I right?"

"I will neither confirm…nor deny anything," Harry said, smirking back at her.

"Ah, but you just did Harry," Mal said as she and Jay high fived in celebration, causing Harry and Uma to roll their eyes.

"So does that mean we're no longer trapped in here and we can go back to the viewing?" Uma asked causing Mal to smirk at her. "Stop smirking and answer the question Mal!"

"What do you think?"


"Right answer."


"Now, now," Mal chuckled.

"We know you enjoyed that," Jay smirked.

"Oh can it Jay or you're next," Harry told him as they made their way back to their seats.

"Dunno what you're talking about Harry."

"Oh I think you do Jay," Harry said as his eyes flickered over to Lonnie knowingly.

Mal shook her head. "Okay, okay, break it up before I lock Harry and you in the room next Jay."

"Why would you do that?"

"Cause it'd be fun? I'm a VK Jay, do I need a reason?"

"Oh!" Harry said as Audrey almost spun into him.



Audrey gave him a small curtesy which Harry gave a small bow in return though he seemed almost confused as to what to do. He spun her back onto the dance floor but found himself pulled after her.


Uma rolled her eyes. "She's not your type Harry. Hopefully your onscreen self remembers that."

"Aye cap'n," Harry nodded with a small smile. "I'm sure he will."

Uma nodded and turned to Audrey. "And you are not going to go anywhere near him? Understood?!"

"Yeah Harry, your type's not the type to wear pink," Harriet chuckled as Audrey nodded, flushing slightly in embarrassment.

"Not in the slightest," Harry nodded and looked over at Uma. "I think my 'type's' more of a sarcastic teal pirate captain."

"Oh, don't get sappy on me," Uma said, knocking his shoulder with hers but she couldn't help but give him a small smile.

"Wouldn't dream of it cap'n," Harry said, returning the smile.

"Shall we leave you two alone?" Mal teased.

"You mean like you did before?" Uma smirked.

"You're welcome by the way," Mal said, returning the smirk.

Uma rolled her eyes.

"If they won't thank you, we will!" Harriet chuckled as Sammy nodded.

Mal and Jay chuckled, Mal giving Harriet a small salute. "Any time Harriet, any time. It only took nearly ten years after all."

"Better late than never though!" Jay said.

Harry and Uma couldn't help but snort in amusement.

"Oh hush you two," Mal chuckled, shaking her head.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Harry like the fourth guy we've seen Audrey flirt or get involved with?" Emir asked.

Chad couldn't help but feel a pang in his heart as he saw the onscreen Audrey dance off with the onscreen Harry. He didn't know why, they had a pretty rocky relationship and she was free to dance with any guy she wanted to. At the same time…her chances at getting a match now were pretty slim as was his…it'd be a practical pairing wouldn't it?

Kitty looked over at Ben. "She has no guard why?"


"Jay, may I borrow that pillow s'il vous plaît?" Kitty asked, pointing to the pillow Jay had whacked himself with back when their onscreen selves forgot to hide the motorbikes, and Jay handed it over with a look of confusion on his face. Kitty held it to her face and just began screaming curse words into it.

Kit sighed. "Well at least the younger kids can't understand her."

"Tuller du med meg? Seriøst Ben, hun har ingen vakt? Prøver du å gi inntrykk av at du vil tilgi et kupp? "



"You dipped into the Norwegian again," Ben sighed as Anna and Kristoff looked at their son in concerned amusement. "And a friendly reminder, that Audrey on the screen is not the Audrey who's with us."

"Again? I'm pretty sure that's the first time he's used it."

"When he gets really passionate, he'll dip into the Norwegian. Last time it happened, I think it was…"

"When you told the team that you were stepping down as captain because you were being crowned King," Chad said softly, looking at Ben.

"Right," Ben nodded and sighed.

Hades made his way down the bridge, the last 'villain' to do so.

"Am I invited to the wedding?" Hades asked, holding out his arms.

Mal and Ben looked over at him, Ben's smile slipping off his face and a look of trepidation replaced it "Hi, Dad," he said as he fixed his button on his jacket.

"Excuse me?" Beast chuckled as Mal burst out laughing.

"Honestly," Belle shook her head and looked at her husband. "Like you weren't just as nervous meeting my father for the first time after you transformed back."

"Finally! A human reaction!" Emir exclaimed. "We can stop wondering you guys! Ben is in fact a human!"

"Three words Emir. Bow. And. Arrow."

Mal ran up to Hades and wrapped her arms around his neck, laughing all the while as Ben stammered to get another word out. Hades wrapped his arms around Mal, holding her close as Mal continued to laugh as Ben walked up.

Mal looked over at Hades and gave him a small smile, her arms wrapped up with Hadie and therefore preventing her from giving her dad a hug.

Mal broke from the hug and turned to look at Ben, who continued to look politely terrified.

"Oh Ben, I didn't think it was possible for someone to look politely terrified before now," Lonnie shook her head.

"Yes well…I'm assuming I'm still remembering the previous viewing with Lord Hades," Ben muttered. That little private meeting with his future father in law would haunt his memories until the day he died.

"I'm sure you two will be very happy together," Hades told Ben after looking down at Mal.

"Anyone else hear the 'or else'?" Hyllus chuckled.

Mal grinned up at him before going into Ben's arms. Ben wrapped her up in a hug of his own before looking up to see Hades' smile fade and he held up two fingers, pointing them first at his eyes and then at Ben.

"Dad," Mal shook her head in fond exasperation as she saw the onscreen Ben go from joy back to polite terror.

"Hades, dear, it's a good idea to not threaten the King even if they are dating Mal," Persephone sighed.

"I'm suddenly kinda glad I was born a boy," Hadie spoke up.

"I wanted you to be born a girl! You could have shared my pain!" Mal exclaimed.

Hades shrugged. "I'm not threatening him. I'm just sharing facts, I am watching him. It's my sacred duty and right as a father."

Kit and Hercules looked at each other before nodding slightly in agreement, their wives shaking their heads in exasperation.

"No protective dad stance from you?" Hades asked Shang.

Shang chuckled. "That's Mulan's job, giving the 'hurt Lonnie and I crush you' speech. Oddly enough she hasn't gotten to give it."

"Can you even stop to think why that would be?" Lonnie asked, rolling her eyes.

Ben chuckled as Mal broke from the hug, going back to take Hades' hand the way Celia, Dizzy and the Smee twins had grabbed their parents/grandparents. Ben sighed and held out his arm in welcome as Mal and Hades began walking toward Auradon.

"Welcome to Auradon." Ben said and patted Hades on the back, causing the God to pause and look at Ben. Ben immediately looked down and put both his hands in his pockets.

We're gonna break this down

Break this down

We're gonna rock the town

Oh, we're gonna rock

Everyone all around

"Um…so you just ditched your dad for us?" Jay asked, seeing Mal jumping with the onscreen him, Evie and Carlos.

"I have no response to the decisions of my future self," Mal stated.

"Benji, why…"

"Because she's my friend Chip."

Just be whoever like this

Stronger together like this

We reunited like this

"I have many questions. The only one that I can think of right now being…who am I dancing with?"

"Red hat, green jacket…I have no idea," Mal told Beast. "Harry, Uma? Any thoughts?"

"None that come to mind right now," Uma told her.

We're gonna break this down

Come on, we're gonna break

We're gonna rock the town

Everybody on the Isle gonna rock

Everyone all around

Just be whoever like this

Stronger together like this

We reunited like this

"At least he's with Jane, Chad, and Doug, at least he's with Jane, Chad and Doug…"

"You are going to give yourself an aneurism if you keep going on like this," Lucas sighed.

Ava couldn't help but smile as she saw Dizzy and Gil walk into the tunnel thing holding hands. While Celia and Freddie smiled as they saw Uma wrap her arm around Harry's and hold herself close to him.

"Dad, everyone else was dancing," Hadie chuckled. "Couldn't you?"

"There are three people who I will dance with," Hades said. "You, your mom and your sister. And that is in the privacy of the Underworld."

"Was my mother just holding hands with one of the Smee twins?" Anastasia whispered to Cinderella.

"Yes, I believe so."

"Is it safe to assume my mother has turned over a new leaf or is a better possibility that my mother has a clone somewhere?"

"I know I'm to give your mother a second chance but…"

"You're leaning toward the clone theory?"


Bringing it, bringing it

Bri-bri-bringing it down

The dragon the people from the Isle brought with them blew a bunch of purple smoke from its nose and when it faded, Mal, Jay, Carlos and Evie walked back out toward the bridge.

"Do you ever miss them?" Evie asked.

"Who is this 'them' you're talking…oh our parents," Jay sighed. "Aladdin and Coach are more of father figures to me than dad ever was so…no. However, I will say that I do miss Jade."

Aladdin gave Jay a small smile at that as Emir wrapped his arm around Jay's shoulders and held him close.

"You've been a member of the family since the first viewing!" Emir chuckled.

"He's not wrong there," Aziz nodded.

Emma turned to smile at Evie. "Same goes for you, I hope you know?"

"You don't even need to say it," Carlos said softly as Anita turned to him. "I know."

"Considering I'm engaged to you, I should hope I'm part of your family," Mal chuckled as Ben opened his mouth.

"Yeah," Jay said softly, nodding his head a bit.

"Do you think that they miss us?" Mal asked with a sigh.

Hadie tilted his head. "Dad's in Auradon with you and Maleficent's a lizard. Who could you be talking about?"

"How can you be so smart yet so dumb at the same time?" Mal asked, holding him close. "You, storm cloud…beastie…whatever nickname I want to give you. I will always miss you and I know dad would want you with us. I didn't see you in that crowd."

"Yeah. Of course," Carlos said with a small chuckle.

"If it's Cruella we're talking about, no of course she doesn't miss me unless she's missing someone to fluff her furs, touch up her roots or scrape her bunions," Carlos said. "Though…if it's Diego then that's a different story."

"'Cause we're rotten…" Mal said, holding out her fist.

"To the core," they all said, Evie, Carlos and Mal sounding amused by the old motto.

Akiho pouted slightly. "That gets brought back but not the Ben crown tilt?"

"Explain please?" Chip asked.

"Once a viewing, there's a scene where Mal'll tilt Ben's crown and it's adorable and teeth rottenly sweet," Lucy stated. "There was not one here."

"Well now Benji, you know what you need to do…"


"You don't even know what I'm going to say!"

They all chuckled slightly as they dropped their fists.

"Hey, last one over the bridge…" Carlos said, looking at the other three.

"Is a rotten apple!" They all exclaimed and began to hightail it toward the Isle.

"I'd have gotten changed first," Rowyn pointed out. "Or at least changed shoes. There's no guardrails on that bridge and if you twisted an ankle…Evie or Mal…?"

"Okay, we're not going to think like that," Eugene told her.

The Blue Fairy sighed. "Well that was the end of the viewing."

"What happens now?" Sammy asked.

"We usually go back to what we were doing before we were summoned," Harry told her. "Wait…does that mean?"

The Blue Fairy sighed. "Yes, it does mean that you will be going back to the Isle."

"What about Uma?" Celia asked.

"She'll be wherever she was before the viewing."

Mal bit her lip and looked over at Ben. Ben caught her eye and nodded.

"Uma…come to Auradon."


"When we get sent back. Come to Auradon," Mal said. "Celia's already here and so's Freddie. Just…think it over okay?"

A blast of bright light filled the room for the third and final time before Uma had a chance to answer Mal's question.