A/N-this is my 2nd Harry Potter story. My sister Barbie(nickname), came up mostly with the idea. What creativeness comes from 9 year olds! Great ideas..

Summery- While attempting to kill Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco (don't ask.) Voldemort sneezes at the end of saying the killing curse, and blasts them into a hallway with a million doors. They have to search for the door that leads home, and go into different worlds of the TV and Book and Movie. All who review will get in a part of the story, and can also say where they want them to go. Please R/R!!!!!

Disclaimer-If I owned Harry Potter, I wouldn't be posting it on the internet, now would I? Prologue-

Voldemort and his death eaters surrounded Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco, who were all huddled in the very corner of an alley.

"Don't even try, because you can't escape, you pathetic excuses for wizards." Sneered Voldemort. "I'll kill you all!!!!!" He broke into a maniac laugh.

"B-b-b-but.my father is a death eater! Why me?" Asked Draco timidly.

"Because you stepped on my robe!" Said Voldemort angrily.


"Ok, Harry first. Hahaha!!!! Finally, after all these years, I can FINALLY kill you! This will be so sweet! Especially killing all your little friends afterwards." Said Voldemort.

"Draco's NOT my friend!" Said Harry bravely.

"Whatever. Let's get this over with." Said Voldemort. He tightened his grip on his wand, and said, "Avada Kedav-ah-ah-ah-choo!" He sneezed, and wiped his boogers on his robe. When Voldemort looked up, they were gone.

(I'm not gonna end here, but I was going to.hehehe..)

"D***! Why does he ALWAYS get away?!?!? LIFE'S CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But hey, so am I.."


Ron, Hermione, Harry and (ewwwa!) Draco were all falling. It seemed like they were surrounded by blackness, and no sense of time at all. It could have been weeks, years, or milliseconds that they were falling. Hermione was trying to make sense of all this, and she came up with a theory. She opened her mouth to say it, but, to her surprise, no sound came out. She looked at her friends and enemy, and realized they were all trying to talk, but none succeeded.

Ron was getting very bored. No wizards chess to play, no quiddich to watch, how boring. But then he noticed that the seemingly endless blackness was actually ending. The color surrounding them turned white, and they finally landed, and crashed into the white floor.

"A hallway? All that falling for a hallway?" Asked Draco. He picked himself up from the ground, and dusted off his clothes. He didn't want to appear dirty in front of Potty and the Weasel, or that filthy mudblood.

"Hmmmmmm..." Hermione thought. "I wonder why?" she also stood up, touched her hair with her hands to check that it was decent. She didn't want to give Malfoy any reason to make fun of her.

"I dunno.." Said Ron, to Hermione's question. He stood up like everyone else, and pulled his too-small sleeves over his hands, to make his robes appear that they fit him.

"You weren't supposed to answer that." Said Harry. He actually didn't fall, from all that exercise from running from Dudly and participating in the Triwizard Tournament, he had become more nimble. But he did have to chase after his glasses, which had flown off his face when he landed.

When he put them on, he gasped at the number of doors. "There must be a zillion." He sighed. "Which one leads home?"

"Look! A notice!" They all dived for it, Hermione triumphed. She quickly read the small yellowed parchment, then read it aloud.

"It says, 'You have reached the Pit of Doors. There are approximately 1,000,000 doors, and one leads home. You can go into any one of these doors, which lead to different worlds. Once you close the door, you must stay in the world for at least an hour, but you cannot exceed 5, or you'll be stuck there forever. Please pick up all trash on the way out. Have a nice day!"

"We could be stuck here FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yelled Draco.

"No S***, Sherlock." Said Ron.

"Well, let's get started then." Said Harry. He reached for the first door, and-

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