It had only been 2 weeks since Inko and Hisashi had arrived at the Peppers house, things were going along nicely.

Inko had volunteered to become the restaurants waitress like she had before travelling to Japan, while her parents insisted that she should just rest and relax, Inko was persistent, so they allowed her to become the waitress again.

Hisashi was busy not only hunting for apartments, he was also looking for a job, the Peppers insisted that he could help with the restaurant, but he said he wanted to make sure he could make money to keep a roof over his new families head, so far he wasn't having any luck in finding a apartment, but luckily a job did open recently.

The job was working at a place called Kingsman Mechanics, they needed a new employee to help out work on repairing vehicles, luckily Hisashi learned enough about mechanics back in Japan.

Sure enough, he got to job, his new boss, named Lance Kingsman seemed nice, albeit a little grumpy looking.

Everything was going well, it seemed like nothing could ruin this moment.

That was until Inko's water broke.

Now to the present, Inko was being rushed to the hospital, Hisashi didn't have work till Monday and that was 3 days away, so he was doing his best comforting his wife, who was trying her best not to crush her husband's hand.

Mrs. Pepper was driving the car while Mr. Pepper and Lewis sat in the passenger seat, Lewis looking scared and worried for his big sister.

Later, Lewis and his parents were in the waiting area in the hospital, waiting for Inko and Hisashi to come out of the room they were in.

The Peppers had to close the restaurant early when Inko had gone into labor, they weren't just gonna leave it open for strangers to come in and take stuff.

After an hour of waiting, they see Hisashi leave the room while taking off a face mask and gloves, he has a soft smile on his face while also looking a bit pale.

"Is she ok?" Lewis asked Hisashi, the black haired man nodding to Lewis who gave a sigh of relief, Mr and Mrs Pepper do the same too.

"The Doctors said she needs an hour or so to rest and they need to check on the baby to see if it's ok too" he said, the Peppers looked at Hisashi with confusion, why did he call the baby an it? He saw there looks and explained, "Inko wants to surprise you herself when she wakes up, she kinda threatened to break my arm during the whole thing if I told you" he said with a nervous chuckle.

Mr. Pepper knew the feeling of an angry woman in the middle of labor all to well, his wife was like that when she gave birth to their daughter.

It had been 2 hours since Inko had gave birth to the baby and the Peppers and Hisashi were waiting for the doctors to say that Inko was awake, Hisashi had some bandages around his hands, turns out Inko nearly broke his hands during the whole thing.

Just then, a doctor exits Inko's hospital room, to which the family perk up.

"Inko has woken up and is with the baby, now I need to tell you to keep it down, the baby has only just went to sleep so we don't need a crying baby after Inko has woken up, alright?" the doctor told them, to which they agreed and went into the room.

They all saw Inko, in a hospital gown, in bed, holding her baby in a blue blanket, she saw them and silently asked them to come closer.

Inko looked very drained and tired but was smiling, the peppers looked closer to see the baby.

Inko looks at them, "Mom, Dad, Lewis, say hello to little Izuku" she said, revealing the baby to be a boy.

Mr. and Mrs. Pepper smiled gently for their daughter, Lewis couldn't exactly see the baby since he wasn't tall enough.

Mrs. Pepper sees this and picks up Lewis so he could see the baby.

Inko slightly moved the baby so Lewis could get a good look, "Say hello to your baby nephew Lewis" she said softly.

Lewis looked at the baby with curiosity, "He's so small" he said.

Inko nodded, "Yes, but he won't be so small when he grows up Lewy" Hisashi stood next to Inko and looked at the baby.

"We did one heck of a job sweetie" He said as Inko softly chuckles, "We sure did" she said as she looked at her baby.

Baby Izuku shifted around in his blanket before getting back to sleeping comfortably in his blanket, unaware of what the future holds for him

A/N: Yeah so this was rather short but hey, at least Izuku is here now, now I won't be going to Izuku in his teens straight away, I'm gonna have some chapters of Izuku meeting the rest of the Mystery Skulls Animated cast, as well as some MHA characters with some subtle differences, now again I'm still wondering if Izuku should have a single relationship or a Harem, so please tell me if he should have a Harem or not, so for now, here's some info for next time

Next Chapter: we take a look at some years in the future Hisashi at his job at Kingsman Mechanics and see how he gets along with his boss, Lewis makes some friends while taking care of his new nephew and things start to get….Supernatural