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Hisoka bite his lip roughly as Tatsumi applied slightly too much pressure on the wounds on his back. He could swear that Nagare had a whip fetish or something.

"Brother, you keep shifting and it's interfering with my work," Tatsumi mumbled softly.

"Well," Hisoka began angrily, "maybe I wouldn't be moving so much if you didn't PUSH on the wounds. They hurt like mad!"

Silently, Tatsumi nodded in a sympathetic gesture toward his poor brother's fate. He then gently shifted Hisoka slightly closer to his larger body to provide a more pleasing position.

Tatsumi caught Hisoka's eyes for an instance. "Is that better?" he asked, beginning to tie the end of the bandages wrapping around the chest and back.

"…Thank you, Tatsumi…for…well, everything."

Smiling, the older man stood up and carefully placed a larger shirt onto Hisoka. "If I don't spoil you now and then, who will?"

Shrugging, Hisoka leaned back against the comfort of his pillows, hissing loudly when his back stung sharply. He instantly leaped back into a sitting position to prevent any further injury.

"Ah…Here," Tatsumi explained, holding one of Hisoka's hands and very cautiously lowered him. He waited patiently until Hisoka got comfortable with each level of pressure.

Grateful for lying now completely on his back, Hisoka sighed in content. "How long do you think it'll be like this?"

"Well, I'm not a doctor, unfortunately. But, compared to the other times this has happened, perhaps 2 days of intense pain if touched. Though I'm sure I can find something to lessen the pain," Tatsumi suggest, placing the materials away, like the Neat Prick Hisoka knew him as.

Nagare had beaten him through the rest of the cursed day. Now, it was near sunset, and the sky was painted a brilliant orange, purple, blue, and red from what Hisoka could tell through the windows.

Brilliant as blood and dark as death.

The small form emitted a low moan. "Morphine."

"No. Not after last time," Tatsumi sternly warned Hisoka. "I could go into town as well and purchase something."

Hisoka watched him finish placing the items away. Desperately he wished to return back to the town to see those two men again. They were rather…pleasing…somewhat. "Yeah," he said to Tatsumi after a quick thought, "you could just get something from here. I'll wait for you to come back."

Tatsumi gently lifted the sheets and covered Hisoka's body up to his shoulders. "I'll be back shortly. I'll bring back something for you to eat as well." Smiling, Tatsumi patted his shoulder, turned, and exited out of the room.

Waiting until the door was shut and the footsteps no longer echoed Hisoka threw off the sheet. Wary of his wounds, his movements were slow and painful when dragging himself off of the bed. He thought about changing, but new the task would be impossible. Instead, he just slipped on slowly a pair of pants and shoes, leaving the large shirt on.

Just to be sure he didn't look like a fool, Hisoka scanned himself at the large mirror. Frowning, he noticed how feminine he appeared with the outfit. Well, maybe they would mistake him for someone else and won't get in trouble…

"Now or never, I guess. The hell if they're keeping me in here," he snarled and went out the balcony windows, shutting them behind him.

Now…the hard part…how to get down.

He surveyed his possible escape routes, coming to no pleasing conclusion. Damn his room for being on the second floor.

"Ah…" Hisoka thought of something. Very carefully, he leaned as far as possible to the tree and plucked an apple from it, biting his lip roughly to not cry out when the stretch of his body caused his wounds to pry open again.

Now, panting, Hisoka dangled the apple in his hand, whispering and whistling softly. "Lucifer? Come on, boy, I need your help. I have a tasty apple for you…so ripe and yummy…Lucifer? Come on! Lucifer!"

As expected, a soft trotting sound came into earshot. The black beautiful beast neighed gently, looking up at his master with an almost sympathetic look.

Hisoka smiled slightly at his closest friend and cast a glance over his shoulder, double-checking to see if Tatsumi had returned. "Lucifer, I need help getting down…"

The horse stared up at him, ears twitching as if trying to understand the words coming from Hisoka's lips. Shortly after, Lucifer came to stand underneath the tree and sprung up onto his hind legs, lying the front two against the tree bark.

Hisoka stared. "Ah, I see. You're brilliant! Now…don't let me fall or I'll scream…"

Lucifer gave a snort, wishing his tail and staring hungrily at the apple.

It was then that Hisoka carefully sat on the railing. Twisting his body so he could get a better angle to land on Lucifer's back, Hisoka prayed this wouldn't be as painful as he thought it would be. It took a while to get a good position, but he managed…somewhat.

"Okay…I'm going to jump," Hisoka warned, head shifting up to see his room. No Tatsumi yet, but soon.

Lucifer neighed and braced himself as Hisoka took a small leap backward. Anticipating this, the dark horse twisted sideways, still on his back heels, hoping to catch his young master.

The pressure of a body landing on his back and a small yelp told Lucifer he had caught Hisoka safely enough. He pressed back onto four legs, patiently waiting for Hisoka to adjust himself…and to give over the apple.

Hisoka sighed, rubbing his sore bum. "Wonderful job," he praised handing the apple into Lucifer's view.

Gratefully, the horse took it and chewed, eating it all in an instant. Lucifer then started an easy jog, very aware of the tensed muscles on his master's back.

He neighed shortly.

"…Mm. I want to see those two men perhaps. I don't really understand why," Hisoka mumbled, responding to Lucifer's neigh. He was currently watching for any signs of servants yet still admiring the view.

Lucifer grunted and changed direction.

Hisoka scowled. "Not true. I don't really…like them. Well, they did show me fries. Those were delicious. And they were really nice…kind of in an obnoxious way."

Neigh, neigh.

"True…Maybe I should see them. It'd be nice…to have…you know, friends that actually speak to me in the same language."

Lucifer gave a disapproving sound.

Hisoka nearly chuckled. "Aw," he cooed, patting the beast's neck softly, "of course I like you. You listen to me despite what Father says about horses not being able to understand emotions."

Continuing their small journey, Lucifer listened like a loyal companion to every detail Hisoka spilled about the men.

"…You know," Hisoka said at the end of his explanations, "one of them said he was a doctor. Watari, I believe. Maybe…I could ask if he has something-no. What am I talking of?"

Lucifer softly came to a halt to a vine-covered wall. He was wary that if he leapt over it, the impact could severely damage his already hurt master.

Hisoka squinted his eyes upward, suggesting, "You could just lend me a boost. I think I can make it over. If not, I'll yell, okay?"

The horse swayed so that his side came in contact with the wall.

"Okay, thank you," Hisoka whispered, gently kissing Lucifer behind the ear. He grunted as he stood gently on the back of his horse. He truthfully didn't mind acting slightly out of character with Lucifer.

Lucifer was thankful his master weighed little.

With a quiet sound, Hisoka gripped the edge of the wall, pleased that Lucifer was a tall creature. "Okay…Now, can you-whoa! Not so fast!"

Lucifer made an almost chuckling sound.

"Go on your heels SLOWLY, please, until I say sto-aaah! Lucifer!"

Hisoka glared down from where he sat on the edge of the wall at Lucifer, who was staring at him with an innocent look. "I could have been hurt…" he threatened, but was smiling as well.

"Ah, go away. I'll try to bring back some fries for you," Hisoka teased, beginning to crawl down.

Obedient as he was, Lucifer refused to budge until he heard his master's feet land on the ground and the footsteps dim away, which probably took a full five minutes. He was sure he heard a soft "thank you" as well.

Satisfied, Lucifer turned to head back for another snack, but instead, met with a pair of blue eyes.


"Lucifer," Tatsumi said sternly and seriously, "where is he?"

With a gleeful neigh, Lucifer sprang on his hind legs and slammed back down onto all fours, snorting and prancing about like a crazed animal.

"What's THAT supposed to mean? I don't speak horse. Come now, tell!" Tatsumi commanded.

Still, Lucifer wouldn't give a clue. The creature kicked his hind legs back and charged at Tatsumi head on.

Tatsumi's eyes widened. "Hey! Lucifer, stop that this instant!" he cried, dodging. "Lucifer! This is not a game! Lucifer!!"






"Hello? Tsuzuki!"




"Oh, my! Free apple pie!"



"WHA! What?! What is it?!" Tsuzuki nearly screamed, bolting from his seat. He searched for some sight of danger, only to see perplexed looks from other clients at the restaurant.

Watari laughed and waved a hand in a dismissive manner. "No," he gasped, "it's nothing. You were just completely zoned out and all."

"Watari!" Tsuzuki admonished. "That's not nice! You scared me!"

Shrugging, Watari leaned across the table watching his friend settle himself down again across from him. "Hey, what's troubling you? You've been sort of zoned out since the kid left."

Tsuzuki twirled the alcoholic beverage with a straw, watching its contents spin rapidly as if dancing to a fast beat.



Watari sighed and irritatingly said, "See? You did it again?"

Tsuzuki blinked, trying to recollect everything Watari had been explaining to him. "Aw, I'm sorry, Watari. I…I don't know. I feel like something bad has happened to the poor kid. I kind of feel guilty if it has."

"What? Why?"

Shrugging slightly and sipping more of his drink, he whispered mournfully, "Well, I invited him to come along. If maybe I hadn't asked, he…wouldn't have gotten in trouble."

For a moment, Watari stood silent. "But…You heard what that guy…uh, the kid's brother said. I don't think he's in trouble."

"I know. It's just a feeling that something happened after they left," Tsuzuki attempted to explain.

"Don't worry about it, Tsuzuki…"

Tsuzuki glanced back at his drink, blinking in surprise when he noticed it was empty already.

"Miss him, huh?" Watari suggest suspiciously.

The way Watari expressed the thought caused Tsuzuki's cheeks to flush. "I'm just curious about him. He's like from another whole century!"

Watari raised an eyebrow and took a bite from his dessert. "Most strict religiously people can be like that…"

"I don't know."

Watari let out a sigh, knowing it was hopeless to ease Tsuzuki's discomfort. Upon finishing his dessert, he paid the waiter and left a descent tip as well.

Meanwhile, Tsuzuki had changed the direction of his glance to outside; smiling at the lovely view as the sun said its daily good-byes through its art streaked across the sky. He could never get enough of Earth's beauty.

"Tsuzuki, look!"

Tsuzuki shook his head and removed his chin from the palm of his hand to turn to look at Watari. "What is it?" he asked.

Watari was staring outside, indicating with his finger. "It's Hisoka! I'm sure that's him. Right?"

At the mentioning of the name, Tsuzuki quickly glued his eyes to the window, searching for the boy. Soon enough, he saw a figure, hand clutching at arms, shivering at the windy atmosphere.

"What's he doing in such thin clothing?" he growled, "doesn't he know he'll get sick?"

Watari tugged Tsuzuki away from the window, heading toward the exit. "I think you're right."

"About what?" Tsuzuki asked, slipping on his coat.

"His muscles in the back look really tense…I don't think it's from the cold," Watari explained, waving politely as they left the restaurant, heading around the building where they say Hisoka.

Tsuzuki made a sound at the back of his throat. "I hope I'm actually wrong…"

"Hey! Hisoka!" Watari was already shouting.

Hisoka's head snapped up, eyes darting around to the caller. Jade eyes softened at the sight of the two men. He hesitantly approached them.

"Hisoka," Tsuzuki whispered in barely a whisper, "what's wrong? Why are you out here? It's going to get dark soon and your family will worry!"

The sound of "family" made Hisoka's nose wrinkle and face tense with anger. "I…wanted to see y-I can go anywhere I want!" He growled, mentally slapping himself for almost sounding like some desperate child.

Both Watari and Tsuzuki stole amused glances. Tsuzuki was the first to address Hisoka once more.

"But that still doesn't answer why you decided to come when it was so chilly!" Tsuzuki said, removing his coat.


Hisoka struggled when Tsuzuki placed his coat over his shoulder. The smell was exactly like Tsuzuki's and it was incredibly warm inside. "Wha-"

"I can't let you freeze, now." Tsuzuki winked and smiled.

Hisoka's face was flushing a lovely soft pink color instantly.

Watari finally broke in, wanting to alter the subject and get back onto the main one. "Something wrong though? You look…pale and…well, I noticed how your muscles were from-"

"I'm fine," Hisoka snapped, not bothering to allow Watari to complete his statement.

"Sorry, just checking…"

With a nervous laugh, Tsuzuki turned and began taking a few steps in the direction of his home. "Come on, let's go to my place, okay? It's warm in there…er…unless, you're not allowed to, Hisoka."

Hisoka's jaw clenched. "I'm not a child. I can do whatever I want without permission!"

"Sheesh, relax! For someone who wanted to see us, you don't seem pleased," Tsuzuki grumbled.

Hisoka stared, realizing how rude he was being. Well, it's their fault for making him so irritated, so then it's not technically his fault.

"This way, Hisoka. My sister isn't home at the moment so it'll just be us three," Tsuzuki cheerfully said, draping an arm around Hisoka's shoulder.

The muscles tensed disturbingly tightly and the pain was almost unbearable. "Ah! Don't!" Hisoka screamed, jerking away from the touch.

"Jesus! Hisoka, what's the matter? I was just trying to help you get warmer!"

"Yeah, kid, relax! We're not going to bite you!" Watari said, thankful Tsuzuki's nose didn't fall off from the nearly fatal blow.

Hisoka flushed again, glaring a hole into the ground. "Sorry," he muttered, "I…"


Slowly, Hisoka met Watari's eyes. The bright eyes seemed to gleam with that expression of someone who knew everything. Hisoka wondered if his actions had already given his injuries away.

"Listen, you can talk to us, you know. I know we really haven't known each other much, but honestly, we're good guys. We're not going to hurt you. You can talk to us at Tsuzuki's house…okay?" the man suggested with a wide smile.

Hisoka blinked, his brain processing the information. They're all liars…When it matters most, they'll betray you…Just like…


He didn't need friends.

Tsuzuki ran a hand through his hair. "Well…you still want to come over? I have hot chocolate that Watari can make us."

Well…hot chocolate always was a good friend.

"…Sounds good," Hisoka whispered, following them after a moment's reluctance.


By the time they had arrived at Tsuzuki's nice home, sat down, got hot chocolate served, and were content with the warmth in the home, Hisoka was on the verge of collapsing.

His back ached and shrieked with every movement and intake of breath. Also, he was sweating and panting here and there from the suffering his body was struggling to endure. He refused to ask for something to take and began to regret running off again.

"So that's…hey…Hisoka?" Watari broke off from the end of his tale, watching Hisoka's shoulders tremble.

Hisoka placed the still steamy mug down and attempted to stand with no success. "I…I need…"

"Hisoka? What's the matter?" Tsuzuki asked urgently, kneeling beside him. "Is it too hot in here? You're sweating."

Hisoka pressed his hands to his mouth, biting to prevent a scream to emerge.

Watari was instantly at Hisoka's other side. "Kid, what's-oh god!"

"What is it?" Tsuzuki cried, seeing how Watari's eyes were wide with utter shock.

"Tsu-Tsuzuki," Watari hissed, "his back…"

Tsuzuki shifted to get a glimpse of Hisoka's back and felt his stomach turn very unpleasantly. The shirt was soaked in deep red liquid, oozing freely. It was beginning to reach the cushions. He hadn't noticed before since Hisoka had a blanket draped around him. Said blanket had slipped off.

"Dear god. Kid, come here." Watari gently shifted Hisoka's barely responsive body to examine the back. "Tsuzuki, call an ambulance!"

"No!" Hisoka cried. "No…No! No! NO! Don't! Not…ugn." They knew who his father was. He'd surely be killed if Nagare found out about this!

"Okay, okay, relax, shh." Tsuzuki pressed Hisoka's face into his chest. "Watari, you're a doctor. What do we do?"

Watari was already sprinting into the larger of the two bathrooms, starting the water. He returned with towels and his kit with supplies he never went without in a flash. "Strip him from his clothes and get him into the bath."

Nodding, Tsuzuki began to pry off Hisoka's shirt with shaky hands. He assumed Hisoka had lost conscious due to fact that there were no sounds or movements of protest from the boy.

In a few instants, Tsuzuki had Hisoka completely stripped, taking a note at some older and strange scars or markings on the boy's lovely body. Lovely? How did that spill out?


"Coming, coming!" Tsuzuki yelled, lifting Hisoka in a slightly awkward position as to not touch the wounds. "Here."

Watari has his sleeves rolled up and was immediately helping Tsuzuki set Hisoka down into the bath as careful as possible. He moaned desperately when the water's color changed within seconds.


"Wait outside."

"Don't you need help?

"It's okay…I'm sure I can handle these. I'll give a shout if I need you."

~*~*~*~Wow, time sure does fly when you're nearly dead~*~*~*~

Watari wiped his hands clean before taking a sip of tea that Tsuzuki successfully made.

Tsuzuki sat on the bed beside Hisoka, running his fingers through the silk hair, cautious as to not startle him. He grabbed the damp towel and dipped it into cold liquid before replacing it gently on Hisoka's warm forehead.


"It was a whip."

Tsuzuki let out a hissing gasp. "How could anyone do such a thing to someone so…"

Watari sighed and cracked his knuckles, leaning back in his seat. "It's a crazy world. I gave him some injections to reduce the pain when he awakens. He should awake soon."

"God, poor Hisoka. Has it happened before?"

Shrugging, Watari explained softly, "I don't have all the materials to make further observations but according to the healing scars, yes."

"The poor thing."

"I know. Did you-"

Tsuzuki nodded. "I got a hold of his brother."

"How did you find his number?"

Tsuzuki simply shrugged.

Taking a look out into the dark night, Watari stood. "Well…What has he said?"

"Well, not much," Tsuzuki admitted. "He sounded grateful that we were there when it happened…but still sounded upset. I gave him directions to my place. It's only fair that he sees Hisoka too."

Watari nodded in assent.

"Ne…Do you think his brother did this to him? Or knew about it?" Tsuzuki asked with such a fearful tone that Watari easily mistook him as a little child.

"I wouldn't know. We should ask. Abuse isn't legal, especially to a minor," Watari stated, leaning on the window to notice if Tatsumi was close by. "Speak of the Devil…"

Tsuzuki still kept his eyes on Hisoka, knowing the small intakes of breath indicated Hisoka was soon to awaken. He sighed softly and traced one of the bandages that peeked out from an exposed shoulder under the blankets.

"I'll go open the door?"

"Thanks, Watari."

Alone with Hisoka, Tsuzuki frowned deeply. It was a bit strange he also had thought, being that he barely knew this boy, yet felt a deep connection to him. Willingly, he admitted it was perhaps a bit corny, yet at the same time it wasn't.

Gently, his fingers rested on Hisoka's jaw, caressing one of his flushed cheeks sadly. Perhaps there was a way to understand Hisoka's lifestyle. It never really occurred to him that abuse would ever come into this, yet it would make perfect sense. The distrust, the always cold eyes.

Tsuzuki began to wonder if there was a moment itself that caused Hisoka to lose all trust with others, thus also contributing to his attitude. Or was it through a long period of time was the trust broken? A deep secret?

"Brother," a soft voice whispered.

Very slowly, Tsuzuki raised his eyes to see Tatsumi enter the room and approach Hisoka.

"Was it you?" Tsuzuki's voice dripped with venom.

Tatsumi calmly observed him. "Was it I who did what?"

"Hurt him."

"Of course not. I would never harm him," Tatsumi sternly said, sitting and drawing Hisoka gently closer to his body.

Tsuzuki's eyes would have burned through Tatsumi if the man had cared to pay attention.

"Brother, what will become of you?" the man began to whisper soothingly into his brother's ear, cradling him ever so gently and lovingly. It was then Tsuzuki knew that Tatsumi had not done the beating.

"…Death…if I keep living this way," came a very weak response.

"Hisoka," Tsuzuki gasped with relief. His heart leaped a thousand miles when those eyes slowly flickered open to meet Tatsumi's.

Tatsumi's eyes were matched with Hisoka's. "Why must you run off?"

Hisoka, though weak and sore, managed a determined and bold look. "I will not be God's slave. Nor will I be Nagare's puppet."

Watari and Tsuzuki both were listening and watching intensely at the two brothers, who appeared to not notice their presence.

"I cannot watch you suffer this way, Brother," Tatsumi expressed with great concern.

"Then do not watch."

"Don't be stupid. You cannot run from fate, Brother!"

Hisoka stared for a moment, every movement still. "I don't believe in fate."

Tatsumi have the impression that he was furious, yet instead, he chuckled instead. "My dear brother," he cooed, "I love you because of this attitude of yours as well."

At that moment, Tsuzuki was beginning to understand the complexity of this situation.

"…Nagare knows I am gone?"

"Nagare is your father, correct?" Watari asked, interrupting.

"Yes," Tatsumi answered, returning back to Hisoka. "He is not aware. No one is but I. Your friend called me."

Hisoka's eyes slightly widened. "Friend?"

Tsuzuki cleared his throat until Hisoka glanced at him. He grinned sheepishly and waved to Hisoka.

"You…two…took care of me."

"Well, why would we let you die? You're our friend, right? We consider you one!"

Tatsumi twisted so he faced them both, sending them both dangerous looks. "You must not interfere with us. I am giving you this warning now."

"Hey, what's the big deal? I mean…It's obvious there's certainly some drama going on in your home. Why not allow Hisoka to stay with us for the day tomorrow?" Tsuzuki suggested sweetly.

"No. He needs his rest. He is going to receive a new tutor and personal doctor and guardian in a couple of days," Tatsumi said, mostly to Hisoka.

Watari frowned. "But, I'm a doctor. I can help take care of him!"

Hisoka glanced up at Tatsumi. "You…could tell Nagare that I am in bed ill. I'll be okay here for a couple of days."

Tatsumi could only gape, staring down at Hisoka in wonder. "You…want to stay with them?"

"Please. I mean…it's not like I really like them…I…Just…It will do me good to recover in this environment," Hisoka softly yet quickly explained when he realized he was sounding as if he actually liked the two men.

"…It's risky."

"Tatsumi, you could come and take me back in a couple of days when the tutor comes! It's not like he'll be staying long, anyway. They always run off," Hisoka sneered in contempt.

Tatsumi stuttered staring at them all. "This is insane! You barely know each other!"

"They're…good people, Tatsumi. I know I'm right. This is my chance to experience the outside world. You know how important that is to me. Please, Tatsumi, I beg of you."

"Oh dear…I'll…But…this…"

Tsuzuki took a pen and a notepad from nearby and scribbled on it. He placed the pen down and gently shoved the paper beneath Tatsumi's nose. "My cell number. You could always call every now and then to check up on him."

Tatsumi took the number, nearly blushing when his fingers brushed over Tsuzuki's pulse. "Well…"

"Nagare never visits me when I'm not that ill," Hisoka reminded Tatsumi.

"…I don't know how I get myself into these things."

The smile on Hisoka's face caused Tsuzuki's heart to lurch another two thousand miles. "Thank you…Brother."

Tatsumi pressed a gentle kiss to Hisoka's brow once removing the damp cloth and stood up, placing the paper into his pocket. "I swear I'll tear you both apart from the outside in if something should happen."

Watari stared. "S…Sure…no problem."

Tsuzuki sweatdropped, fearful of how tall Tatsumi seemed to look now. "Leave it to us…"

With that and a wave to Hisoka, Tatsumi excused himself out.


"Well…that went well," Watari gasped after watching Tatsumi's glare from the window.

Tsuzuki took a glass of water from the desk and came beside Hisoka. "Would you like some water?"

"Yes." Hisoka's head was lifted a bit by one of Tsuzuki's large hands as he drank greedily, nearly emptying the glass.

"Get some sleep," Watari suggested.

Hisoka glanced at them, feeling almost pathetic. He gave the tiniest shrug and sighed deeply, shutting his eyes.

Tsuzuki met Watari's eyes. "We'll let him sleep then for a bit. If you need us, Hisoka, just ring this." He reached over to the small dresser beside Hisoka and showed a bell with painted strawberries on it.

Lazily, Hisoka peered open an eye. "Ah…Thank you."

"No problem! I'm sure this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship," Watari cheerfully announced, heading out the door, Tsuzuki following.

Hisoka's eyes slightly opened once he heard them leave.

Or perhaps it's the beginning of my death.


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