On a road trip, the Sonic Rainbooms find themselves in another world. Sci-Twi in Equestria, Rainbow Dash in The Harry Potter world, Sunset in the Descendants world, Applejack in the Hunger Games world, Fluttershy in the School for Good and Evil world, Rarity in the EG world, and Pinkie Pie in our human world. To find each other, they must do one of 3 things: Either get them all into the EG world, complete the Beauty and the Beast story or will Rarity have to travel to find her friends? What will Rarity choose? Who will she save first? And will she save them all?

prologue: Road trip

"RARITY BELLE!" yelled Rainbow Dash. "ARE YOU READY?"

"NO!" called back Rarity. "Can someone please help me with the luggage?"

Sunset Shimmer sighed. "I'll help," she replied, trudging up the stairs. As she opened the door, her cyan eyes widened to Rarity's immense amount of luggage.

"Rarity. You don't need all that," said Sunset gently. "Come on, I'll help you back. All we need is the basic essentials for 12 months."

Sunset threw in ladies things, pyjamas, clothes, toiletries etc into Rarity's suitcase."

"There." said Sunset, standing back. "That's all you need."

Rarity hugged Sunset. "Thanks, Sunny."

The girls drove around. "LOOK OUT!" yelled Rainbow Dash. "LIGHTS!"

It was too late. Applejack crashed into the lights. The car jolted and halted. The doors threw open and the suitcases piled out. One by one, the girls grabbed their cases, and disappeared, except Rarity.

"Pinkie?" called Rarity. "Sunset?"

The only thing that was left was a book on Sunset's seat that Sunset and Twilight were sharing. Rarity picked it up and looked at the cover.

Multiverses by Lily Evans

Rarity turned to the first page.

The multiverse is where the different worlds grow. Wizarding, Muggle, Equestria etc. There are so many out there. To free someone from a multiverse and return them back home, you-

Lily Evans never got to finish the book.

Rarity sighed. "Pinkie will be in the muggle world, so I'd better head there and save her first."