chapter 2: Saving Pinkie Pie

Rarity POV

"Pinkie?" I cried. "Pinkie!"

I slumped onto a bench. I saw someone talking on the street opposite me. It sounded a lot like-

"PINKIE!" I yelled.

Pinkie Pie turned. "Rarity! Is that you!" she asked, running towards me.

"Yes." I replied, giving my friend a hug.

Pinkie Pie grinned. "Shame. I enjoyed being here. Made everyone laugh and smile!"

I smiled. "Glad you enjoyed it. But now, we have to save our friends!"

Pinkie plonked herself next to me. "So, what's the plan, Rarebear?"

"The plan?" I asked, surprised.

"You know to save the next person!" yelled Pinkie Pie.

"Um... well, we have to go to Hogwarts to save Rainbow Dash." I said. "I don't know how we'd do that though." I admitted.

"I do!" cried Pinkie Pie.

"You do?" I asked. "Only witches and wizards can see Hogwarts."

"If Dash can find herself there, then we can see Hogwarts!" cried Pinkie Pie.

I face-palmed. How was I so stupid? I thought.

"Maybe," said Pinkie Pie, "We could find one of our old songs and play it outside Rainbow's dormy and lure Rainbow out and then tell her! Maybe we play Awesome as I wanna be!"

"That song?!" I cried. "It's stupid!"

"Let's save Dash then!" cried Pinkie Pie