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Chapter 1: Rando

Rando sat down in the quiet room. He didn't like quiet. It was quiet what got him here. "Stupid detective," he muttered. The door behind him opened and Koenma walked in.

"If you can copy someone's attacks why'd you kill all those psychics?" Koenma stammered the instant he walked in.

The demon cocked his head, causing some of his red hair to shift. "Because I can," he answered. He watched Koenma shift some papers in front of him. "Go head. Kill me."

"You won't be killed, Rando," Koenma stated. "Just locked up.

Rando shrugged. "Fine, but once I get out of here, I'm going after that old hag."

"She's dead," Koenma said shortly. "Got killed in the Dark Tournament."

"Really?" He showed mild surprise. "Who killed her? I'd like to congratulate them. Though I still wished I had gotten her abilities."

Koenma said nothing more, but left the room.

Dark thoughts crept into the demon's mind. That stupid hag had insulted his techniques and caused him to be arrested. Rando knew it wasn't really Genkai that caused his arrest. It was his overconfidence. But he, like most demons, would never admit that.

"Stupid detective," he repeated.


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