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Koto counted her paycheck. Her ears twitched in disappointment when she found out it had been lowered. Most likely because of her rudeness to the Comity.

She plopped on her waterbed, which resided in one of the hotels on Hanging Neck Island. Now to wait for the next Dark Tournament.

Koto felt a sigh of boredom and loneliness escape her lips. "How did I get this job in the first place?" she wondered.

But it didn't take her long to remember that eager teenage demon applying for a job on Hanging Neck Island. She remembered that day very clearly. It seemed like hours before the Comity finally let her have a job.

Another sigh. Her mind reflected to before then. To that horrible day. She tried to forget it, but it haunted her each night. Nothing in the world could make Koto forget the day she was banished from her pack of Kitsune.

It was all an accident that day. But Kitsune with their quick tempers wouldn't let her explain. In fact, she thought, what did I do?

It was so long ago. Almost in another lifetime. Almost like it never happened to her. Yet she remembered that it was her being kicked out.

"Oh, well," Koto said out loud. "That's not my life anymore."

As a better thought entered her mind, she said perkily, "I wonder where that cute Kitsune from Team Urameshi went to?"


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