Komm, Susser Todd
Chapter 1: The Pencil

I know, I know I've let you down
I've been a fool to myself
I thought that I could live for no one else


Kagome stepped out of the well and glanced around the familiar shed. She sat on the edge of the well, wiping away her tears. It was dark outside and the stars twinkled through the cracks in the shed. Stepping outside into the cold night, Kagome shivered and walked towards the house. As if changing her mind, she took a right into the forest, heading into the dark depths.

Kagome propped her exhausted body against a tree, and once again her tears began to flow. Bringing her knees up into her chest and clutching them tight, she sobbed into them. Always thinking that Inuyasha might actually care, Kagome had feared that this day would come, when Inuyasha completely denounced all feeling for her. Cold, hopeless and broken hearted, the miko sat, surrounded by uncomfortable silence.


But now through all the hurt and pain
It's time for me to respect
The ones you love mean more than anything


Inuyasha sat in his favorite tree, staring off into the distance. Kagome had made up her mind to tell him how she felt, and had been thinking about it all day. She would just walk over, call him down, and tell him. It was all planned out.

Walking over she called to him.

"Inuyasha. Can you come down for a minute?"

Inuyasha jumped down from his perch, seeming a little miffed.

"What do you want, woman." He stated flatly.

"Inuyasha.... I...." She stuttered, knowing she would have trouble with it when it came down to it.

"Inuyasha I love you." Finally managing to blurt it out, Kagome blushed deeply waiting for a response.

Inuyasha's eyes at first were filled with hope, but then clouded over again with sadness. What am I thinking?! It would never work anyway, every demon that is already after me would be after her too....

"Sumimasen.... But I still love Kikyo...." Inuyasha lied quickly, breaking his heart into a thousand pieces at having to say such words to the woman he loved.

Kagome gasped. Her breath was short, surely he had to be kidding. Looking at him for reassurance, she met two expressionless orbs.

"I thought maybe you had a heart, or even feelings.... But I was wrong you stupid half breed." Kagome whispered dangerously, not meaning her harsh words. "Maybe if you were full demon you would be over her."

Kagome's words hurt him, but her expression hurt even more. She tried to keep herself from bursting into tears, and you could almost see pieces of her broken heart poking out of her chest.

At that, Kagome turned and ran, she had so many hopes for that moment, she thought he cared. Everything came crashing down.... all because of that woman. He can have that wretched woman for all I care.... And he's losing his shard detector for good.

~End Flashback~

Having just been rejected by the love of her life, Kagome no longer had the will to live. She went through her pockets absentmindedly searching for something....


So with sadness in my heart
I feel the best thing I could do
Is end it all and leave forever


Kagome seemed to find what she was looking for, it was a mechanical pencil, just sharp enough to slit her wrists. She raised the implement to her right wrist and dug it in to her flesh. Blood ran everywhere; she grasped the pencil with the bleeding hand and moved to slit the other wrist. The world was blurring and spinning around her.


What's done is done it feels so bad
What once was happy now is sad
I'll never love again
My world is ending


Kagome never got to the second wrist, she blacked out and slumped forward.


Inuyasha jumped. Something was wrong, he could smell blood.... And it was coming from..... the well? He jumped up and was in the well before anyone could ask.

I have a feeling that's Kagome's blood.... The smell increased as Inuyasha went through the well. His nose led him into the forest, he ran with all his might towards it.

A figure was slumped against a tree, surrounded by blood. Ka... KAGOME! He ran to her side, a little relieved to see that her pulse was still there, and she was still breathing.

Inuyasha saw the pencil in her limp hand and it registered. I did this. I broke her heart, and then left her to nothing.
~Inside Kagome's mind~

Mist.... Blackness.....

I know we can't forget the past
You can't forget love and pride
Because of that, it's killing me inside

Kagome's mind wandered. Did she want to die?


Inuyasha had wrapped her wounds and was carrying her back to her house quickly. He burst in the back door and ran into her mother's room.

Kagome's mom shot out of bed.

"Who, what, when...." She was cut short by the image that was before her. Her daughter lay unconscious in Inuyasha's arms.

"Oh, my kamis.... What happened...." Her mother whispered in horror.

"She...." The truth is too terrible..... "She was nearly killed by a demon."

Higurashi-san was already calling the ambulance to take Kagome away. Inuyasha still clung to the girl in his arms.

He looked down at her troubled face. God she's beautiful..... maybe I should tell her.... tell her that I love her. It couldn't do more harm then this. If only she would live through this..... I could make her life worth living.


Kagome was on a smooth, dark surface, surrounded by a never-ending darkness. It was cold, and the air was close making her gasp for breath. She couldn't move a muscle and her whole body ached, especially her heart. A soft voice sang in the background.

In my heart of hearts
I know that I could never love again
I've lost everything, everything, everything that matters to me,
matters in this world

'Kagome.....' a voice called. 'He loved you..... you betrayed him'

'He loved KIKYO!' she held.

'He came to find you, after you tried to kill yourself.'

'Nani? I am still alive!?'

'We are here, talking in your mind are we not?'

'You mean he saved me?'

'Hai.' The voice said and was gone.

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