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Chapter 3: Arigato
"I told you to...."

Inuyasha, whose lips were now pressed against hers, quickly silenced Kagome. When she realized what was happening, she quickly pushed him away.

"Go away, I told you to go away." Kagome said, trying to hold the dam of tears that threatened to break. "Am I just something for you to fall back on in case Kikyo fails? What do you take me for anyway? I may be human, but I am not an idiot."

"But... Kagome...." Inuyasha sighed.

"No. You Know what? No 'buts.' You have gone too far this time, and I am not coming back. If I could seal the well off I would, but unfortunately that option is not open right now. NOW, WOULD YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE BEFORE YOU HURT ME MORE THEN YOU ALREADY HAVE!" Tears were now streaming down Kagome's face as she raised her voice.

Inuyasha cringed. Wait.... What if she doesn't forgive me.... What if I really have gone too far this time.... The hanyou closed his eyes in anticipation.

"Kagome, I love you." This was the hanyou's last weapon, and he prayed that it would be effective.

Silence. The young girl sat on her bed in deep thought, Inuyasha waiting for her reaction. Shifting, Kagome looked down at her lap as tears began to stream down her face at an alarming rate.

I know I am just the second for him, something to fall back on. He is such a player, how could he do such cruel things to my heart if he actually loved me. How could you hurt me like that Inuyasha? You were the one, the one I loved so much..... Kagome was now gazing out of her window.

Looking down on the ground from two stories up, the young girl was struck by an idea. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. At that thought, she lunged out of the window after whispering a 'goodbye.' Before Inuyasha could even register what this meant, he saw her disappear over the windowsill.

He was on the ground, now looking down upon an unconscious girl, tears in his beautiful eyes. I could have saved her this time.... I could have saved her. Kagome's condition was critical, after Inuyasha was done mentally scolding himself, he was running to the hospital in which Kagome had been held last.

The sight of a silver haired man in a red kimono and ears bursting through the hospital doors made everyone in the hospital drop into an eerie silence.

"HELP!!!! THIS GIRL IS ABOUT TO DIE!" Inuyasha yelled, slapping one of the doctors to his wits. "KAGOME NEEDS HELP!"

Everything seemed to register in the doctor's mind, and he was quickly rolling Kagome down the hall in a stretcher in no time.

"NURSE!" The doctor yelled as he rolled Kagome into a small white room, speaking to a lady in a white dress. "She is suffering from internal injuries, some broken bones, and possibly some form of blood poisoning. Her condition is critical, we need to work fast.

Inuyasha sat in the waiting room quietly. Should I tell her family? Would they want to know that she tried to commit suicide both times? It was my entire fault. If I had just told her the truth none of this would have happened.

Needing to let off some of his depression, Inuyasha ran all over the city. He ran as fast as he could, weaving unnoticed through the endless traffic of these boxy metal things people in this time liked to call "cars." How can those three little words do so much damage... Or the lack of those words. After I lied to Kagome about Kikyo.... She seemed so broken inside.... Her normal smile was gone and her usual lively eyes were replaced by dark voids. It's like I broke her soul.... No one should have the right to do that. If only she would forgive me, then I could lift the cloud that I have cast over her heart and soul and let her be free again. I want to see her smile again, to hear her laugh. The kind soul I once knew has been stolen, by ME.

~Kagome's point of view~

So dark. Where is this place?

Oh.... Now I remember, I tried to commit suicide again. I guess I was not successful considering I'm not in heaven. How hard could such a feat be? There must be someone up there that isn't finished with me yet. No, I guess I will be forced to remain in this pitiful world, stuck with a broken soul. That night..... When Inuyasha told me that he loved Kikyo, it turned my soul from white to black, turned my manner from light to dark. My hopes and dreams relied on that moment... I was so sure, sure that he would feel the same way. I was wrong. He is still hung on that damn bag of rocks that calls herself a woman. Perhaps I am left here to seek revenge on her. Perhaps it is my duty to rest this horrible walking priestess once and for all.

And HOW may I ask could that hanyou tell me that he LOVES me after telling me he loved Kikyo. Does he take me for an idiot? I gave him his chance, I told him how I felt and he didn't take it. He said he loved Kikyo instead of me. KAMIS she's DEAD! I am ALIVE and want him here with me in the waking world, and not in hell. It makes me wonder.... All those years ago, how did they fall in love? They were so different....

~Back with Sango, Miroku and Shippo~

"Perhaps we should intervene?" Said a worried monk.

"This seems to be serious." Sango said thoughtfully, glancing at a dozing Shippo. "That baka..... how could he lie to her?"

"I believe that perhaps it is up to Inuyasha now to bring Kagome back to her normal self." Miroku's eyes were downcast and serious.


Why, Kagome.... Why don't you believe me? Is your soul something I can't fix once I've broken it? Chikuso.... Inuyasha was back in the hospital room holding Kagome's hand gently. She was ok now, the doctors had worked a long time, but she was going to be ok. Not inside.... Inuyasha told himself sadly.

The scene began to look all to familiar, Kagome laying in the hospital bed, Inuyasha next to her. Then Kagome began to wake up.

"Inu... yasha...?" Kagome whispered weakly, blinking her eyes in a vain attempt to focus them.

"I'm right here." Inuyasha squeezed her hand slightly.

"Why did you lie to me?" she whispered.

"For your safety." he whispered back.

Kagome just smirked a disturbing smirk and looked around at the hospital room she was currently in. "Safety, eh? Yet I still ended up getting hurt. Ironic isn't it? You can't protect me from myself, how does that feel? Something you can't win against because it's not really an opponent."

"Chotto...." Inuyasha tried to cough something out, but decided against it because tears were now flowing down his face. "Gomen."

"Whenever I heard about those attempted suicides on TV, I never though that could be me. I never considered myself the kind of person that would do that to myself. Then, when you told me that you loved Kikyo, I collapsed inside. I hope you know that you broke me that day, Inuyasha, and broken things can never be fully repaired." Kagome was crying now too.

Then, to the surprise of Inuyasha, Kagome lifted his head up and looked deep into his eyes as if looking for something. Finding it, she pulled his face closer and kissed him.

"You've got a lot of making up to do." She whispered into his ear as he hugged her gently.

"Arigato, Kagome.... Arigato gozaimasu."
And this tale end here. Hope you enjoyed this fanfic, tell me if you want it continued, just 5 people telling me to continue and I will. Man, I was close to tears while writing this, I hope it was the same for you. Please tell me what you thought. Arigato, Ja ne.