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Hiccup wondered if Astrid knew how adorable she was, and how much she'd mind him pointing it out. She was laid with her head on his lap, occasionally letting out sweet little sighs as Hiccup stroked her hair. Toothless was curled up next to him, having finished glaring that Hiccup was giving his pettings to someone else! And Stormfly, after a nice dinner of mushy wet food, was curled up on the back of the sofa, tail occasionally flicking in her sleep.

"See? Nobody can resist the lap of petting."

Astrid snorted, shoulders shaking a few times with laughter.

"Yeah, except when you say that, you forget to add that most of the occupants have had four limbs and a fur coat."

"I'll get you a fuzzy blanket and you can probably do a passable crawl. Oh, and I'll get you some cat ears. Would you prefer wet or dry food?"

Astrid poorly disguised her amusement, and then attempted to glare up at him. The venom in it was lessened by how adorable she was with slightly ruffled hair and her head still in his lap.

"I will bite you."

"That's nothing new to me, that's a daily hazard for me at work. And at home, when Toothless is in a mood. Luckily, he is named for a distinct lack of pointy things in his mouth. You're more at risk there, kitten teeth are razor sharp!"

Astrid held up a hand, little nicks and scratches evident on them.

"Yes, I am aware. How long until that goes away?"

"She should start losing her baby teeth at three months, but usually takes another four or five months for her to have all her adult teeth. Which are stronger, but slightly less like tiny blades. The kitten teeth are sharp to help them push through, but the adult ones basically come through the same hole and don't need to be as sharp."

Astrid sighed audibly, shaking her head as best she could.

"That's what I get for dating a vet, answers like a textbook."

Hiccup snickered.

"I've never read a veterinary textbook that referred to a cats baby teeth as 'teeny, tiny swords', but that's what my mom called them. I'll get you some repellant to treat your wires, if she's still at the constant biting stage."

Stormfly, seeming aware she was being discussed about even in her sleep, woke up with a very adorable kitten yawn, stretching before she spotted Astrid and jumped down on to her.

"What do you want?"

Completely ignorant of Astrid's upset at little clawed paws landing on her hip, Stormfly searched for a spot before burrowing into it, making herself quite at home curled up against Astrid's belly and going right back to sleep. Hiccup did his best not to laugh, and failed epically.

"See if you get lucky tonight!"

That only made him laugh harder, because Astrid looked so genuinely indignant.

"I think technically, you can only withhold sex from someone you're actually having it with."

Astrid huffed before sitting up - Hiccup noticed she did her best not to disturb Stormfly sleeping - and getting off the sofa.

"Yeah, well, see if that changes then!"

Hiccup continued to chortle to himself as Astrid headed off to the bathroom, patting down her ruffled hair when she caught sight of it in the glass door of the cupboard in the living room. He ran his eyes down Astrid's body and was happy to admit to himself he certainly wouldn't mind, but they'd only been dating a couple of weeks and he wasn't the sort to rush into it. And the idea of Astrid pouting and refusing sex because he found her sleeping kitten cute was highly amusing to him. Stormfly mewled up at him, so Hiccup gave her a few little scratches behind the ears. She rolled onto her back and began the feared kitten-attack, cute little paws digging sharp nails into his hands as she tried to chew on his fingers with those sharp little teeth.

"Hey! None of that, you furry little bear trap."

Extricating his hand, Hiccup managed to get away with only minor war wounds from Stormfly, and distracted her with a couple of kitten treats. Naturally, the rustling of the bag got someone elses attention, and Toothless yowled indignantly at the idea he wasn't getting treats too. As they were soft and easy to chew, Hiccup gave his own furball a few too. Astrid returned from the bathroom, observing the scene before her.

"Having fun?"

"Yep. I did get up close with her teeth though, I need to go wash my hands."

Once he was done, he looked at the clock and then headed back out to Astrid.

"It's getting on a bit, you staying for dinner?"

"I never say no to your cooking."

Hiccup grinned. He liked cooking, and he liked sharing food. It was a family thing, he supposed - they had a lot of family get together meals when he was growing up, and it was rare that he and his parents went a whole day without sharing at least one meal, even if it was take-out in front of the TV when they were all tired. So he was thrilled Astrid was happy to come over for food so often, and insisted he really didn't mind doing it.

"Awesome. I'm gonna have to close the door for a few minutes, cus I'll be cutting up raw meat and it's tough keeping furry little paws off of it."

"I'll do my best to keep these two alive for those few minutes."

Chuckling, Hiccup turned back to the kitchen, closing the door behind him and pulling out some chicken from the fridge. He knew Astrid liked pretty much anything protein, as she worked out regularly. Once he'd spiced some vegetables and pre-heated the oven, he put everything in and cleaned up, then went back out to find Astrid watching the TV, and since Stormfly had already charmed Toothless, she was curled up next to him and both were napping again. Hiccup sat on the free spot on Astrid's other side, smiling when she slipped her fingers through his and they sat holding hands to watch whatever was on the screen. He wasn't especially fussy; he just liked being around her. She made him smile, made him laugh, and her pretty features made his belly flutter pleasantly. Astrid was fierce, but sweet.

And he knew she was secretly fond of Stormfly, spotting her giving the kitten little smiles and indulgent tickles when she thought Hiccup wasn't watching.

He got up to check on dinner after a while, and when it was done they had to shut Stormfly in a cat carrier, much to her (audible) displeasure, as she wasn't quite old enough to understand she wasn't allowed the people food. She settled down after a while, and bounded out happily when plates were cleared and loaded into the dishwasher (yes, Hiccup knew it had been a frivolous purchase to some, but he worked long weeks sometimes and it was a life-saver!).

"I'm stuffed! If she jumps on my belly again I will explode."

Because Stormfly had been seperated from her mother too soon, she'd put Astrid in that spot and so she liked to do things like knead at her belly for warmth and comfort, which kittens often did to mother cats to encourage milk flow. It was a sweet, affectionate thing... but not so comfortable when one had just had a hearty meal. Thankfully for Astrid, Stormfly was content with stealing warmth from her lap, which kept Astrid pinned in place by the sleepy grey ball of fluff. Spotting Hiccup smiling at the adorable picture they made, Astrid raised an eyebrow.


"Nothing. I just think it's sweet, and it shows you've taken great care of her that she's healthy, hitting her milestones pretty much on time" a little delay after her orphaning was normal "and she obviously adores you."

Astrid hummed, then shifted carefully and laid her head on Hiccup's shoulder before settling. Hiccup smiled to himself as she took his hand again, resting between their laps that were both occupied by their respective pets, as Toothless had obviously decided Stormfly's approach to cosiness that evening was a great idea.

They stayed that way for a while in a comfortable silence, only moving when Toothless got up for a drink and Stormfly bounded after him. Hiccup kept an eye on the two in case of fighting, but as she got bigger and cheekier, he was increasingly certain Stormfly could handle herself in a scrap. Especially since Toothless was, well, toothless. Once they were free to move, Astrid nudged Hiccup to lean against the arm of the sofa, and she laid between his legs with her head on his chest. It was quite delightful, if he was honest, even more so when Astrid hummed lightly as he resumed stroking her hair like he had earlier.

Hiccup sort of lost track of how things moved along; Astrid turning and stretching up to kiss him was a pleasant surprise, but Hiccup wasn't sure when that shifted from a sweet kiss to her straddling his lap, one hand buried in his hair and sweet little sounds leaving her mouth between increasingly heated kisses. He felt himself start to harden (with Astrid in his lap, squirming and moaning weakly, it was really quite impossible for him not to), and with how Astrid was seated atop his lap, it was highly unlikely that she wouldn't have noticed.

Apparently, though, they'd neglected someone for too long, and Stormfly managed to wriggle in between them. They pulled apart, breathing a little heavier than before, and there was a pretty flush on Astrid's cheeks. She looked down at her kitten, then rolled her eyes.

"Do you mind?"

Stormfly let out an indignant meow at her in response, tail flicking and tickling the underside of Hiccup's chin. He chuckled, tickling Stormfly in return.

"Kittens are clingy. You're obviously giving me too much attention in her mind."

With Astrid still sitting on him, his erection was also demanding some attention, but they'd been a little bit... cat-blocked.

"Pain in the ass furball. I'm busy here."

Hiccup figured he had little to lose with how... close Astrid was, and looked up at her.

"We can always put a door between us and her?"

Astrid raised an eyebrow, but her mouth soon tipped up in to a smirk he rather liked the look of.

"Good idea. Your place or mine?"

"Uh. Yours? Toothless is better being left alone for a while than Stormfly, and we can separate them so they won't fight."

Nodding, Astrid let out a sigh before climbing out of his lap with visible reluctance. Hiccup followed suit, getting up to go and top up his cat's water bowl and fetching a catnip toy to keep Toothless happy while Astrid wrangled her kitten into the blanket for smuggling her through the building. Still insistent she wasn't keeping her (though Stormfly wasn't far off being rehoming age by then), Astrid still insisted there was no point getting permission to have a pet.

He followed Astrid and her squirming bundle of fabric through the halls, locking his door behind them and waiting for her to unlock hers the other side. Getting into her bedroom without Stormfly breaking in was a tough ask - kittens her age weren't bothered about catnip yet, because they couldn't really smell it - but they managed it, though it did include some audible complaints that made Astrid roll her eyes.

"She'll go find something to play with soon, kittens haven't got a long attention span."

"Mmm. I'll take your word for it. C'mere."

Astrid pulled him back against her, arms looping up around his neck as she kissed him. Hiccup let his hands settle at her waist, small against his big hands but he could feel the muscles in her stomach flexing under his thumbs. They moved to the bed before long, and Hiccup dimly noticed Stormfly had stopped yelling at the door, wondering what chaos they'd find when they left the room before the warmth of Astrid's body pressing against his pushed most thoughts from his mind.

He wasn't one to assume, generally, but Hiccup certainly didn't feel discouraged from thoughts of where things might lead when Astrid slipped her hand beneath his waistband to grab a handful of his backside, which he immediately discovered was quite sensitive and so it was a surprisingly pleasant sensation.

"Has anyone ever told you you have a great ass?"

How she expected coherency from him when she'd just kissed sense clean out of him, Hiccup had no idea, but managed to form a short response.

"Uh, no?"

"Well, you do. You're pretty lean, so it's a surprise. I like it."

He knew he was lean, but wasn't concerned about it when Astrid seemed perfectly happy with what she saw when looking at him. Hiccup was definitely happy with what he saw when looking at her, even more so when her cheeks were flushed red and she was looking up at him through hooded eyes, somehow appearing even more tempting when she bit her lip. After slipping her hand free, she rolled the two of them over and pinned Hiccup down, which he was neither surprised nor disappointed about.

"Hm. I should have taken your shirt off before, woulda been easier."

It was a little awkward in their current position, but Hiccup's t-shirt was gone before long all the same and he tingled happily as Astrid's hands roamed his bare chest, tickling slightly when exploring just below his ribs before she tweaked his nipple and smirked when Hiccup gasped against her lips. When he pushed at the hem of her top, Astrid straightened up and stripped out of it before leaning back down to claim his mouth.

Her hips made subtle rocks, grinding clothed groins together but even that turned him on more, feeling Astrid rut against his cock like a teasing promise of what else could happen. A part of him wondered if it would ruin the mood for him to joke how she'd said that wouldn't happen only a couple of hours earlier, but he feared appearing presumptuous and so opted to let things continue naturally. If she wanted to go no further than they were going now, he was fine with that. Though he'd probably have had to excuse himself to the bathroom for a few minutes...

"Is this ok?"

Astrid's whispered words confused him briefly; though Hiccup had never felt forced into anything sexually, he wasn't sure anyone else had ever asked, though he knew he himself had done so plenty of times. Feeling touched and warm inside, Hiccup nodded, hand moving to cup her cheek as Astrid leaned in to kiss him again. She smiled against his mouth, nodding her own assent when Hiccup's fingers meandered over her back before brushing the back of her bra. She actually giggled - a lovely sound all by itself - when Hiccup managed to undo the clasp blindly with one hand, but he'd always been good with his hands. He put it down to drawing and tinkering with his bicycle through his childhood. Either way, he'd never had a complaint about them.

Her bra was forgotten before it even hit the floor once Astrid tossed it aside, the heat of her bare breasts against his chest sending fresh waves of arousal through him. Playful touches soon became more intentional, and the sounds Astrid made when his hands were on her were incredible, leaving him feeling pretty flushed himself as she ground against him harder in response.

He was disappointed when she pulled away, but that faded when Astrid tugged the knotted string on his lounging bottoms loose before getting up to undo her own button and zipper, shimmying out of her shorts as Hiccup eagerly wriggled out of his bottoms. Tugging his socks off too, Hiccup let his eyes take in Astrid's mostly-bare body while she was standing. Her love of exercise was evident in the toned muscle covered by lightly freckled skin, slender but with a curve to her hips he already knew his hands fitted in perfectly, covered only with a pair of dark blue briefs he vaguely remembered her bra had matched.

"See something you like?"

At ease in her body, Astrid was smirking when he finally dragged his eyes back up to her face. He gave a rapid nod.

"Have you seen you?"

"You're not so bad yourself. Nice boxers."

Hiccup looked down, and couldn't help but laugh. He hadn't expected anyone else to see his underwear that day, so he was wearing some daft Valentines Day ones with hearts on that he'd had for a couple of years, having bought them after the day on sale because they were in his size. It could have been worse, he supposed. And Astrid seemed amused rather than deterred by the ridiculous boxers. A few of the hearts patterned over the fabric were distorted from straining over his erection, which also seemed to have grabbed Astrid's attention.

"Does that mean you want me to keep them on?"

"That's up to you, I'm not gonna push you into it."

He hooked his thumbs under the waistband and slipped them down, admittedly a little nervous as most were with a new partner, but Astrid seemed entirely happy with the reveal, and shucked her own underwear before she rejoined him on her bed. He could feel she was wet when their bodies pressed together with no fabric to hide it, the knowledge he'd turned her on making Hiccup a little dizzy. Her fingers curled around his cock, squeezing lightly before stroking him, watching his face for responses. It was a heady thing, to be so intently focused on by the blonde goddess straddling his thigh, feeling her arousal dampen his skin when his hips flexed upward to thrust into her grip. She looked down at where her hand gripped tight, face a little pensive.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh. Nothing, just mentally measuring to make sure I have condoms that'll fit you if we end up needing one."

That possibility seemed increasingly unlikely as Astrid continued to touch him, leaving Hiccup feeling as though he'd come any second if she didn't stop.

"I-I have some at my place."

"It's fine, I've got some and you're just right."

She winked, squeezing him again and Hiccup grunted, reaching down to still her hand. Astrid frowned, letting go immediately.

"Something wrong?"

Panting, Hiccup shook his head.

"No no. Very not wrong. Too not wrong. Wait, that sounds wrong. Too good."

Letting out a chuckle, Astrid nodded.

"Gotcha. But I would have waited, you seem like you're good for more than one round."

Trying to catch his breath and calm down a little, Hiccup thought about how much Astrid seemed to like being on top of him and had an idea, shifting down the bed a little before he looked up at her face.

"I can always offer you a seat."

"You just... oh."

Astrid cottoned on pretty quick, and was more than agreeable. Gripping her headboard with one hand, she followed his guiding until she knelt over his face. Oral sex was one of Hiccup's favourite things, and he wasn't too fussy on the position. He kissed her inner thigh, tasting her there in the wetness on her skin before he followed it to the source, tongue sliding along the length of her slit. Astrid let out a deep, happy sigh, the hand not on her headboard tangling into his hair. Musky and a little sweet, he eagerly continued, spurred on by her moans and the way her thighs twitched around his head, the way her fingers tightened in his hair when he sucked her firm clit between his lips. When she panted "up a bit" he complied, and was rewarded by her swearing quite colourfully.

His cock throbbed and leaked against his stomach, Astrid's responses turning him on like nothing else as she pressed down, riding his tongue, guiding with increasingly breathy words. Honestly, he was a little disappointed when she halted him, but her voice as she said she wanted to come on his cock was almost enough to finish him there and then. She stretched over to her bedside table, retrieving a wrapped condom from the drawer and offering it to him.

"You wanna be on top?"

Astrid surprised him by shaking her head, turning as she moved from her kneeling position so she could lay down on her back, reaching down on the other side of her bed for a cushion she placed under her hips. Hiccup tore the foil square open, mindful not to tear the latex with his shaking fingers as he pinched the tip and rolled it down his cock. Astrid widened her legs for him to slot between when he rolled over on top of her, ignoring or uncaring of her own taste on his mouth as they kissed, her hips pressing up to his in invitation.

"Is this ok?"

She grinned when he turned her earlier words back on her, but she indulged his request for consent all the same and nodded, reaching down to guide him until Hiccup felt her body yielding to him, wet enough to let him slide in fully without resistance. Her arms wrapped around him, thighs settling around his hips as Hiccup pulled back a few inches before pressing back in, the feel and scent and sound of her all intoxicating to him, almost overwhelming him.

Managing not to just come on the spot, Hiccup went slow at first to try and keep it that way, but Astrid's writhing and moaning urged him on, hands running down his back before gripping his ass again and pulling him closer still. It didn't really help him hold out, but he liked it too much to even dream of asking her to stop. Astrid's teeth nipped at his lower lip when they kissed again, eyes glittering with mischief when he met her gaze. He had a feeling he was in for a wild time with this woman, and Hiccup was all too thrilled with the prospect.

His slow thrusts soon quickened, Astrid's moans growing in volume and drowning out his own groans of pleasure. Her nails dug into his back, the little zips of pain sending fire through him, Astrid's hips moving to meet his thrusts. Her wish to come on his cock seemed to come true, her teeth sinking in to his shoulder as she shuddered beneath him, thighs a vice around his hips and her nails digging in harder. Glad he'd managed to hold out for her, Hiccup heard her murmur into his ear that he could finish, and the sight of Astrid in her post-orgasmic state was plenty of motivation to push him to his own end. His hips bucked in sloppy thrusts as he climaxed, letting his head rest in the crook of Astrid's neck as he waited for his heart to stop pounding so hard.

Gripping the base of the condom as he pulled out, Hiccup saw Astrid gesture toward her bedside before she told him there were wet wipes in the drawer too.

"I'm not moving."

She stretched, seeming to sink further in to the mattress with a lazy smile. Hiccup obtained the wipes, wrapping the condom in one and using another to clean himself up a bit before he offered the pack to Astrid. She did the same, tossing the packet and the wipe aside before reaching for him. He hadn't been sure if she'd be a cuddler, but he was quite happy to find out she was as Astrid rolled on to her side, head on his chest and an arm slung over his stomach. He let one arm rest around her shoulders, felt her trace idle shapes in the sweat drying on his skin.

Their relaxing afterglow was soon interrupted though, by the sound of a little paw scratching at the door followed by some indignant mewling sounds. Hiccup failed to suppress his amusement as Astrid groaned, shaking her head.

"Pain in the ass cat."

"Hey, she waited til we were done."

Astrid rolled her eyes at him as she sat up, stretching her arms up over her head. She raised an eyebrow when she caught him watching her, but said nothing as she got up off the bed. Hiccup was quietly a little proud of her slightly shaky legs, catching the heart-patterned boxers she tossed at him before she opened the door. Stormfly launched herself through the gap as soon as she could fit, and Hiccup barely got his boxers on before she'd clawed her way up on to the bed. Astrid had left the room - he presumed for the bathroom - and so Stormfly only had him to seek affection from. He happily indulged her, stroking her fluffy head and smiling as she purred. She was definitely the best wingman he'd ever had.


Anyone who has ever written smutfics will surely know the frustration of your characters refusing to get on with it. Which is what happened here. Still, they managed in the end!