Chapter 1 The Devil's Fall - Hush Little Bat

AN: Re-telling for Batman on Earth 2 story that is sadly on hold until notices and this new came to mind after reading Tales From the Dark Multiverse: Batman Hush and watch New 52 animated movies series. Now this story will start in Hush Arc, will have changes to the story AU for sure, and OP moments from our OC.

Hope you all enjoy this new idea.

Burn it Down by Skillet

In Gotham, the city of sin but has changed over the years thanks to its silent guardian by giving hope back to the people that have given up on and brought fear against the criminals & corruption. Gotham's Dark Knight, the Batman.

A good number of people are very thankful for the Bat's help in making Gotham safer again. Some not so much as they want that mad man in chains and lock up but fail many times.

While good comes to the city, some bad has come as the crazy kicks up in different areas. Psychopaths, terrorists, mobs, and etc have come along but were taken down by the Bat himself.

On the streets, two thugs were running for their lives as a creature of the night was chasing them down like a wolf to a sheep. They were running and running to escape the Devil that was hunting them down. Their breathing was becoming heavy, heart beating to a mile away, sweat coming down their foreheads, and fear rushing through their bodies to feel a chill at the back of their heads.

Above them, we see a shadow with a pair of red demonic eyes narrowing down on the scum and move in within the shadows to take them.

A pair of hands, covered in bandages with claws, grabbed the scum from the face, coving his eyes and mouth before pulling upwards into the shadow and disappear out of sight.

The last one trun around and saw that his partner was gone, making him alone and scare for his life as he slowly backs up against a wall. Trapped like a rat now and will become scared one as the street light above him start to flicker as the Devil comes to him.

The Devil wore a pair of black leather pants with black boots with a dark silver belt tied around his waist where multiple small compartments were placed. He also wears dark grey chest armor with a bloody red emblem of a bat located in the middle of his chest, his hands were tied with white bandages, completely covering them, and have the clawed finger trips. This also applies to his face as his entire head was wrapped in bandages while a dark red cowl/mask was covering his face. The mask looks like it had sharp teeth coming out of it, similar to then fangs of a bat, or rather vampire. The final part of his costume was a long black and grey cape that was held attached to his body by a pair of red shoulder armor plates. This was Batman, the Dark Knight of Gotham.

Fighting his fears, the thug dashed towards the Bat with a crowbar but failed as Batman counter the fail attack by gripping his arm and breaking it into two places. The thug screamed in pain before being slammed into a wall and caused grunts in pain as a few bones were broken.

Batman then brought out a brass knuckle of some kind on his right hand. This brass knuckle was different, having a bat symbol on the end of knuckles before it started to glow in heat.

This made the thug shake in terror as he knows what the Bat was going to do to him, he was going to get marked. And those that have that mark, means death will come to you down the road for the crimes you have done and justice will see it like that.

"You are guilty of murder, rape, terrorism, and helping in black-market trading. Enjoy the reward, you scum!" Batman said in a deep demonic voice and slammed his right hand into the thug's chest with the mark burning into his skin, causing the thug to scream in pain and was given the mark.

Soon enough, the two thugs were tie-up on a street light with one thug marked and the other beaten with broken teeth to bones. The police drove to the scene, seeing the aftermath and know that Knight had done his work while leaving files behind to have thugs place behind bars for a long while.

Batman watched from the rooftop on the GCPD taking the scums to Black Gate with the evidence for the justice to come out. He puts rapists, slavers, black-market traders, and scums on the death roll with great evidence against them as his mark means death will come in time. He doesn't kill as that would mean he falls to the scum's level but he won't and will be better than that. He has brutal methods to take down criminals that brought questions to many people but not so much if you look at the facts and why the criminals get what's coming to them.

Underneath the mask was a man that went through no one should have gone through but did and crawl his way back to the man he is today. He is glad that he wasn't alone on his mission of becoming who he is today and the support he gained over the years. This person underneath the mask was Alex Arkham, Gotham's Ideal Prince with a good number of times to be told later on in the story.

There were sometimes where Alex wanted to give up his mission for Gotham but no, he won't and has good reasons to not let the people down. He won't allow them to fall into the abyss as he did and rise up to great heights as both himself and as Batman.

Our Dark Hero then saw a familiar bat signal in the night sky and started to get back on patrol as the night wasn't over. The night and war go for our hero while not noticing that a shadow of the past has grown into something that will attack him soon enough.

Time Skip (Later)

Wayne Manor

At Wayne Manor, we see our hero getting suit up for the night, not for patrol. No, that today as he has other plans and relaxes which he plans on heading to a party that is his family company was doing.

Alex is a young man with white hair that has a ponytail and yellow slit eyes. The right side of his face had a blue tattoo that was given to him during his training around the world and story for another time. He wore a nice black dress suit for parties like the one he is going to or dates.

The party is called the Martha Foundation that helps children with no homes and need support they need to get where they want to be in life. A lot of orphan homes, boy schools, and girl schools have been given this foundation support which many are very thankful for Gotham's Ideal Prince for helping his fellow people in Gotham.

Alex works very hard to make Gotham a better place both outside and inside of his costume. He has dealt with some hurt along the way on making the city a better place that his family would be proud of him. He hopes so and few can believe that.

"Master Alex, the car is ready," A kind elder voice said, getting the young Arkham's attention.

Alex trun around and saw the family's kind butler but is more like a father figure to him over the years, Alfred Pennyworth.

"Good Alfred. Time to head to a good party of funding the foundations," Alex said as he fixes his tie and was ready.

"Indeed sir. I also made sure to pack up your special suit, just in case a later patrol run," Alfred said.

"Thank you, Alfred," Alex smiled as he and Alfred leave Wayne Manor for the black limbo park out to head to the foundation party today.

Alex is very grateful for Alfred's help and supports over the years. If he ever had trouble or some thoughts, he always will talk to Alfred with anything that is troubling him or anything in that matter. He is very happy to have a father figure like him over the years. In his mind, Alfred is not a servant, he is family.

Time Skip

Parties, it was never really a thing for Alex Arkham as he mostly skips them for his CEO job or patrols at night. This party was different as it's founding for the functions that help Gotham and a few other cities. Something that his parents, uncle, and aunt work hard to do before their timely deaths.

Alex shook his head with a sigh and focus now, not on the past that brought pain.

"Hey, Alex!" A voice got his attention and trun around which he became shocked to who is and here now. He was a young man about the same age as Alex, who had red hair and blue eyes. He wore a business dress suit as well but his tie was next to a green pendant. This was Thomas Elliot, a famous doctor, and Alex's childhood friend to later college roommates.

"Tommy, I didn't know you were in Gotham. It's good to see you again," Alex greeted as he and Thomas shook hands and smile on seeing each other again as it had been years since they meet.

"You too Alex, great to see you again. I just came back to Gotham a mouth ago, setting up at the hospital to get work," Thomas replied.

Alex nodded his head and remember that Thomas had gone to Metropolis after college. While he went around the world to train for his mission, his friend went to the next city and work hard to live his dream of becoming the best doctor in the world like Thomas Wayne, a neurosurgeon.

"Sounds good. Hope your work at the hospital is treating you well," Alex said.

"It is, no trouble so far. Also, have you heard about the actions of Gotham's Bat doing lately?" Thomas asked, remembering the stories he heard about the Dark Knight.

"I heard a lot of rumors, but they are just rumors that people make up. What kind of actions?" Alex asked, playing his part great.

"Well, that he is a vampire that steals blood from his victims," Thomas replied, honestly who found the whole thing crazy.

Alex laughed at that, not any worse, but a good joke, and said, "That's a funny thing I ever heard. First, a guy dress as a bat has problems but a vampire? Tommy that's a crazy joke."

Soon Thomas started laughing, agreeing to that joke and was funny.

However, their talk was heard by someone who raised an eyebrow and started to make themself know.

Soon enough, Alex and Thomas calm themself down after their outburst but our knight soon froze when seeing a familiar face that was heard and walking towards him. She was an amazing woman with a great figure to her, black hair that reached to her chin, and green eyes that reminds a few of a cat. She wore a formal black evening gown that has black glass designs on it (Cinder Prom Dress). This was Selina Kyle, someone that Alex knows very well, both outside and inside of his costume.

Thomas was shocked too and snapped his fingers to get Alex out of his shocked state of mind, get his brain working.

"Ah, Selina. I never thought I would see you again," Alex greeted, being surprised by showing the cat thief here after awhile now.

"Well Alex, I could never stay away from Gotham for too long. Paris was nice but it didn't have what I was looking for," Selina said with a smirk on her face.

"Oh, what kind?" Alex asked with a raised eyebrow.

Selina seductive smirked with a wink as she was press herself up against Alex and whisper into his ear, "You will have to find out...later."

Alex blushed soon felt her tongue linking him to later nibble on his right ear, teasing him a lot more and our knight was very shocked by this. But he decied to play this game.

"I just might," Alex whispered back as his hands move downwards, getting a shrive of pleasure from Selina.

Thomas coughed, getting the pair attention who back away from each other and fix themself.

"Oh don't stop while I'm here but my time here will be cut short as I need to head back to my work and get ready for appoints tomorrow morning. Have a fun night, make sure to wear protection," Thomas joked much to the pair's embarrassment as he leaves the party.

"Sorry about that. Tommy and I have been friends since we were children and college roommates later on. He has a habit of playing jokes with me over the years," Alex said.

"It's fine. It never hurts to have some fun," Selina said.

"Sometimes too much fun for him but I don't mind a good fun every once and a while when it comes to friends and family," Alex agreed, knowing first hand on spending down with his adopted children and be like a true father figure to them when they need it.

"How about close people?" Selina asked as she was close to Alex's again.

"Close? I never thought we were close," Alex teased.

"I think we can work on that," Selina said.

"I think we can, Selina. I think we can," Alex said as honestly he had feelings for Selina over the years and would like to enter something between them.

The pair soon got closer and were very close to almost their libs would start touching each other but something happens and ruin the good moment.

An alarmed shoot out, causing the pair to separate as the TV showed a massive robbery in one of the high-class banks were going on, messaging civilians to stay indoors and wait until the police handle the problem at hand.

Using that time and unaware of everyone that Alex and Selina stunk out of the party to handle the problem themselves while not knowing the other was doing the same thing.

"Alfred, emergency," Alex quickly said as he went to the back of the ride, hitting a button that opens a hidden location that had his suit ready for him in the case of an emergency or late patrols.

"Right away sir," Alfred said, knowing the situation at hand and will head back home in case his young master needs support on his end.

Alex got his suit and head in the limb to get his nice dress suit off for his Bat-suit on.

Time for another night but our Bat is in for surprises tonight.


At the bank, we see a group of robbers robbing the bank and took all the money of certain people. They were targeting someone or more but who is a good question. This bank wasn't just a bank for the high class but rather holds the money for someone else and a group that will be told down the line.

Then all the sudden five batarangs came flying out of shadows and hit their targets, knocking the rifles out of thugs heads clean off and grunted in pain.

The Dark Knight jumps out of the shadows, landing on one of the thugs before gripping his coat and throw him into his pale to send them crashing into a wall. The next thug tried to attack the Bat from behind but failed as the knight saw it coming and strike back by grabbing his arm to put it behind his back before sending a powerful punch to the back of his head to knock him out. He then slammed him into a table before pulling out a grapple gun to grab the last thug from leaving. He then smacked the side of his head, causing ear damage before punching his lights out.

However, it wasn't done yet as two more thugs show up and aimed their pistols at the Dark Knight.

Then all of a sudden a sound of a whip snapped alive and smacked the first thug in the face, causing him to scream in pain as his face had five whip marks. The other thug was slammed hard into the ground before being kicked in the face, knocking a few teeth out and lights out.

The thug in pain ran to Batman who grabbed him by the throat and chokes slammed him into the ground to shut him up. He then trun his attention to who was here which he was amazed and speechless at the time when seeing who was in front of him, a certain cat thief in Gotham herself, Catwoman.

Catwoman wore a one-piece black leather suit, hugging her figure perfectly. Her suit had a silver zipper in the middle of it, a pair of clawed gloves, and a black whip tied around her waist. Over her head, she was wearing a black leather cat-like mask with a pair of green goggles that they were covering her cat-like eyes, leaving only her dark red lips free.

"You back in Gotham, Catwoman," Batman stated or rather know due to earlier.

Catwoman smirked and said, "Yes, this time having a long stay. If you don't mind me hanging around."

"I had no problem with that but rather that suitcase of money you reaching down for," Batman pointed as he saw the cat thief almost got the case but stopped.

"Ohh, you shouldn't worry about it as the money mostly belongs to the mob. This bank happens to be one of the five that mobs own," Catwoman said as she grabbed the case and placed her right hand on her hip.

"I'm aware of that. Commissioner Gordon and I have been working on that case for a few months now. And you don't seem the time to steal money from the mob," Batman said, seeing this to very strange as he knows Catwoman to be into cat items, jewels, or something that gets her attention. Money is never her thing to steal from.

"Maybe but it does bring out my favorite game," Catwoman said as she walks towards the knight with a sway of her hips, a show to enjoy.

Batman didn't speak, thinking about what Catwoman was talking about. Their cat & mouse or rather Bat & Cat chase. But before he knows it but saw coming. He ducks a swing of a case that was swung to him by the cat thief who then backflipped at the window.

"Enjoy the chase," Catwoman said as she blew a kiss towards the Dark Knight.

"Never gets old," Batman said with a smirk and the chase was on.

The Dark Knight follows the Cat Theif, having their chase on as they run on the rooftops.

Unware the pair, a man was watching the chase in an old apartment building and hummed in thought as he gets his equipment set up. A high power sniper rifle of some kind as it wasn't your normal type rifle in the army but rather something else.

The unknown man snips the barrel on the rifle to cover the sound and have a longer range to get his target. He then puts his scop on and leans up to see his target running. His target at first was seen to be Catwoman, seeing her running and showing her skills as she avoids the Dark Knight in their chase but as so as he moves his rifle for a different target.

Back at the rooftop, Catwoman used her whip and snapped it a life which she grapples onto the window ledge before being the wall with her claws in. She declawed once she was at the window and whip at her side.

Batman then pulled out his grapple gun, pulling the trigger to launch his line on the upper rooftop to cut the cat thief off and head the chase. He does enjoy them but it was time to end it.

Back at the old building, the unknown man moved his rifle and soon pulled the trigger onto his target, being the line that the Bat was using.

Batman felt something was wrong the moment he felt his grapple gun lost mention and eyes widen when he saw that his line was cut. He started to fall down the streets of Gotham.

This didn't go on noticed by Catwoman who shock in disbelieve and eyes widen on what just happen.

To slow down his fall and lessen his damage, Batman used his cape to guide himself but the sudden falling and loss of motion made it hard to control his flight pattern. He first crashed into the side of a building, hitting his head hard, causing some pain like loss of vision and bleeding from the back of his head. He soon falls from the side of the building and landed hard on a car, breaking the glass windows of the said car and some of his ribs which caused grunting in pain to coughing.

"Hush little Bat...hush," The unknown man said who steps out of the shadow, showing that he had his whole face covered in bandages and had a smirk forming on his face as the first part of his master plan was done.

On the streets, we see Batman trying to get up and fight through the pain. His vision was getting hazy, making it hard to see and some rings came which made it hard to hear what's going on around him. His ribs, a few of them were crack or broken, it was hard to tell as the pain in the chest was making it hard to breathe.

Nearby, a group of street thugs saw the Bat wounded and down from the looks which made them smirk as was a great time for payback.

Batman grunted in pain before he falls to his knees, trying to use all his strength and get up on his feet to fight the sudden damage he barely sees. He then pushes a button on his belt, calling his ride to him and get some medical help as it was getting worse. If he doesn't hurry, his life may be on the line if his wound is not treated right away.

Before the thugs attack the fallen Dark Knight, two people attack them in a suprise attack and shocked them of this sudden attack which they run like the cowards they.

Catwoman had jumped in to save her bat from the thugs with a surprise attack and her whip which scared them the most, cowards.

The second person who was a young girl that wore a pure black bat-suit that fitted her great with a black bat symbol on her chest that was highlighted in yellow, a black cape, a yellow-black unity belt that house her equipment, black gloves with three long blades on the side, boots with two blades on the back of the leg, and her mask was pure black as the night just as her costume. This was Batgirl, well the second one.

Batgirl was doing some patrol and wanted to join Batman on his patrol which she found him on the streets very wounded and went to help.

Catwoman sighed in relief as she watched the thugs run and Batmobile driving to the location that Batman was at.

Batgirl rushed to Batman, checking his situation, and saw that he needed help, and fast. She helped him on his feet and into the car carefully to not risk anymore bleeding of any kind.

Batgirl soon trun towards Catwoman who was about to leave but stopped when she saw the girl staring at her which was a little creepy might add.

"Thank you for saving Batman," Batgirl said through her broken English.

"You're welcome. And girl, make sure he gets help as I want my Bat ready for our case. It wasn't over," Catwoman said as she left the area to where she was originally going.

Batgirl nodded her and went into the Batmobile to check on her adopted father, seeing if he was alright. To her relief, she heard Batman groaning and saw him lying in the back seats of the car to better position himself. She then pushed a button, having the car drive into autopilot mode, and head back home for her father to get medical help.

Gotham's Botanical Garden

In one of the gardens of Gotham, we see our cat thief entering in and meet a certain nature theme villainess herself setting on her flower throne, waiting for the goods to come. She had green smooth skin with a developed body that could make any man and even other women lose themselves in their lust, long silk hair red as a rose, glowing emerald eyes that were fitting with her skin and also even her hair and dark green lips, making her look like a humanoid rose. She was dressed into a tight green corset made of vegetation, along with a pair of long gloves on her hands and also a pair of green strokings, all of them made of the same plants as her corset. This was Pamela Isley or better known as Poison Ivy.

"What happened?" Poison Ivy asked as it took too long for Catwoman to get the money and wonder what happened.

"Batman," Catwoman simply said.

The redhead shifted in her throne on thinking about the Dark Knight and know the trouble he brings out but not so much as she rather enjoys his company.

"I see then. But putting that Bat aside, the goods kitty?" Poison Ivy asked.

Catwoman walked foward and open the suitcase, showing the money she had stolen at the fail robbery which caused Ivy to smirk at a job well done.

"Good kitty," Poison Ivy said as a vine took the case full of money from the cat thief.

"Tell me, how would say perfect with that purr? Say it for me, kitty. Say purfect," Poison Ivy commanded with a smirk as she was up from her throne.

"Purfect," Catwoman simply said with a purr coming out like a cat.

Poison Ivy smiled as walk over and kissed the cat thief who was surprised but couldn't do anything as something was happening.

As the two gorgeous women continued their heated kiss, at this moment Ivy was actually boosting the strength of her mind control over Catwoman as she used her pheromones, which are known to be even stronger than those of any animal. In order to in a way corrupt her mind and body, making her another member of her hive-like mind soldiers. The kiss is the most efficient way to transfer her spores inside her.

Catwoman is able to see what she was doing but not able to do anything against it, even if she trully wanted to teach her something for taking over her body.

"Now, leave the money here and return to your tasks, as a good kitten," Ivy said as Catwoman began to walk away from her.

As the cat masked villain left, Ivy placed her attention on the bags of money that Catwoman delivered to her, a satisfied smile appearing on her face.

"This night has trully been a profitable one. Hmm, maybe I should use my new pet and try to claim the bat himself. Mmmm, now that is an interesting idea," Ivy said with a smirk as she continued to count her money, not even noticing a dark figure appearing behind her.

"I see that you had a pretty good shopping trip, Poison Ivy," A male voice as Ivy turned around and met face to face with the mysterious villain known as Hush.

"What are you doing here ?" Ivy asked with an angry voice as some of her plants were getting closer to Hush, who only smirked at her.

"The time has come for you to respect your part of the deal," Hush said as he laughed at the red-haired beauty, his plans for the bat starting to finally reach their climax.

Poison Ivy is starting to have regrets in working with this psycho and should plan some counter plans in motion as she has certain feelings for the bat as well. She has an idea and would need to wait, by her time for now.

Time Skip (A few Days Later)

Wayne Manor

"On the news today, Gotham's most loved person was harm from a car crash a few nights ago. Alex Arkham, the CEO of Wayne Enterprise and founder of a good number of foundations was set to a hostility right away. He was then been given great care by Doctor Thomas Elliot who said that Alex will make a great recovery. Alex didn't file a lawsuit against the drunk that hit him and tells everyone to stay safe out there. I hope Mr. Arkham can get better as we wise good luck on his recovery."

The TV turns off from the news that was going on. We see Alex who resting from the wounds in the master bedroom. He was recovering from his fall he had a few days ago which his doctor told them that he will be able to do some psychical workout in a week as the damage was easy to fix up if you know what you are doing which Thomas did and was a great doctor. He was lucky that Alfred and Cassandra understand his tap messages to get medical help from his childhood and college roommate friend. Also, a few of his adopted sons might come back to help him around here and make sure he doesn't push himself too hard but that might be a little tricky to do. We will have to see soon enough but moving on.

Alex then started to plan on getting to work on this new case that got his attention. While he has no idea yet on who cut his line and why but will look into some other things that got his attention. Like Selina acting strange and different than her normal stealing ways as stealing from the mob was not her unless there something behind it for sure. But full stealing the mob is not her thing and a good number of that money belonged to a certain someone. He hopes that certain someone stays behind bars and not know a cat thief stole his money or pain will come.

Alex could only hope, recover, build his strength, and get back on his feet as that what he is. He may fall but he will raise and come back strong.

Time to get work.


ANN: Pairings TBA in the next chapter and hope you like the story, See you all next time :)