He sat in his jail cell, it was quiet here but not too quiet, he could hear the other prisoners talking to each other from time to time and if he felt like it, he would talk to them too.

He closed his eyes and he remembered the last thing he saw, he remembered the blue sky and how bright blue it was.

Then he found himself here in a castle floating in the sky.

At first, he thought he was in hell considering that everyone suddenly started changing, girls were turning into boys and all of the monsters running around.

The thing was as time passed no one cared about how they had gotten here anymore, that was fine by him.

He liked it here, back on earth or back then he was an outsider, someone everyone feared, here he was just another Player or Adventurer.

No one bated an eye when they saw him sleeping on the grass or eating something he had just killed, after all that was what adventurers did.

He couldn't help but smile as he remembered Jenni, the village girl he had met a few months ago, she was filled but not fat, she had the right amount of curves just where he liked them.

He can still remember her long blond hair and light blue eyes.

"Alright you guys you're free to go," the guard said to them as he opened every door inside the jail.

"What's going on?" John Rambo asked the guard

"You guys are free, we were at war so your time here is up" the guard answered Rambo before he smiled and waved at everyone to follow him

"We asked around and we were able to get you guys some gear. Now hold on its not the best out there but it will do" the guard said to them as a bunch of guys dressed in knight armor walked in pulling a bunch of crates behind them.

"Come get your gear when you hear your name," the guard said to everyone in the room

He listened to the guard call some of the other guy's names and finally, it was his turn

"John Rambo," the guard said as Rambo walked up to the guy

"It's not much but it's all we could afford, a crossbow, a red bandana, military pattern armor, a machete, and a dagger," the guard said to Rambo

"I thought Adventurers couldn't kill other adventurers or else it would be life in prison," Rambo asked the guard before the man placed his hand on Rambos shoulder

"You did what you had to do, they killed because they liked it, all of you...all of us killed because we had to"

"Two months in jail weren't so bad, at least you guys managed to get some rest, take care of yourselves, and if you want a job we can hire you guys," the guard said to Rambo before he pointed at the other inmates waiting inline

Rambo looked around and saw the other guys putting on their armor, some had normal knight armor, others were like him, they couldn't leave the military behind.

Right now the only thing he wore was the bodysuit everyone had underneath their armors and so he began to put his new clothes on and he made sure that his weapons were safely secured to his side and back.

Rambo watched as his help screen marked everything he had on.

He still remembers how freaked out he felt when he first noticed the thing, but as time went by he thanked god for it, it had everything he needed.

A map, it kept him updated on how many supplies he had when his armor was damaged, he could send and receive messages, and he even had a T.V in the thing so he could entertain himself whenever he was bored.

The t.v helped a lot when he was in jail.

The door leading to the outside was opening by itself and all of the prisoners began to walk out.

Rambo looked around and he noticed that most of the guys in here with him, were old veterans like him, well they weren't old, but they all had seen their fair share of fighting.

He walked out of the door and felt the hot sun on his ski for the first time in months, he had to admit the cool breeze that the wind gave him as if blew on his face felt nice.

'So are you going to go see that girl you told me about" Logan asked Rambo as he walked up to him

"I don't know a girl like her wouldn't just stay single you know what I mean" Rambo answered Logan

"Who knows maybe she waited for you... I'll go with you, if she's still single buy me a drink and we will go our separate ways."

"If shes not you can come with me, I have a cabin near the north, you know where all of the bears and wolfs are," Logan said to Rambo

Rambo and wolverine looked at each other and began to walk towards the town where Jenni lived, neither of them knew if there was anything there for either of them.