Haven sighed as she listened to her best friend, Kim, ramble on about Jared. It wasn't that she didn't like him, she was just tired of hearing about him constantly.

"Haven, you listening?" Kim asked. Haven looked up and nodded. Kim stood up and grabbed Haven's wrist.

"Come on. I'm going to introduce you to Jared's friends. Who knows, maybe you'll like someone." Kim said, wiggling her eyebrows at the end. Haven giggled. Kim smiled and looked at her best friend. She had bright blue hair with a shaved section on the right side. She had bright blue eyes that lit up when she talked about her music or books. She was also extremely pale for being 1/2 Quileute. She was extremely skinny and was short, maybe 5' 2". She was quiet and shy but was loud and outgoing once you got to know her. But like everyone else she had her secrets.

"Kim, can you at least tell me some of his friends' names?" She asked.

"Embry Call, Jacob Black, Paul Lahote, Sam Uley," Kim replied. Haven nodded.

"When did Jacob become friends with him?" She asked. Kim shrugged.

"Before I even started dating him. Why do you ask?" Kim replied.

"Jacob's my cousin," Haven said. Kim pulled into the driveway of a small cottage where several giant guys, plus a handful of younger ones were playing football. Haven and Kim got out of the car. Haven felt awkward, only knowing Jared, Jacob, and Kim out of everyone there.

"I can't do this. Too many people." Haven murmured to Kim. All the bigger guys' heads snapped towards the girls. A grin broke out on Jared's face and he walked over and kissed Kim. He hugged Haven.

"Just know you can slap any of them if they make you feel awkward." He said quietly. Haven smiled slightly.

"I can see her doing that," Kim said, grinning. The trio walked to where the other guys were standing. Jacob ran over and hugged Haven.

"Haven! What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Kim brought me. Said she wanted me to meet Jared's friends." Haven replied.

"So, that's Paul, Brady, Collin, Quil, Embry, Seth, Sam, and Sam's wife, Emily. Guys and Emily this is Haven Clarkson." Kim said, pointing to people as she went. Haven waved, avoiding eye contact with all of them. Emily smiled and pulled her into a hug. Haven hesitantly hugged back.

"Kim's told me so much about you." She gushed. She smiled and looked at Kim. She grinned and shrugged.

"Let's go inside and let the guys and Leah continue playing football. I just got done making some muffins." Emily said and the three girls went inside.

"So Haven, how old are you?" Emily asked.

"I just turned 22 a couple of months ago. " Haven murmured. Emily nodded. The three sat at the table.

"Have you gone to college or are you in college?" Emily asked.

"I took online classes at Capella University. I finished last week. I got my Bachelors degree to teach Science for high schoolers." Haven replied.

"Oh! You should apply at La Push High School. The 11th-grade Chemistry teacher retired." Emily exclaimed. Haven smiled and nodded.

"Haven! Why didn't you tell me?!" Kim questioned. Haven shrugged.

"Cause you make a big deal out of everything. You would've wanted to throw a party. You know I don't do parties." Haven replied. Emily laughed while Kim shook her head.

"Can we at least throw a bonfire?" Kim begged. Haven sighed.

"We'll see." She replied. Emily watched the exchange, chuckling softly. The girls stood up as they came in. Haven looked at them and locked eyes with Embry. As soon as she did it felt like anything that was holding her to the earth had let go and he was the only thing holding her down. In the distance, she heard gasps of shock along with a squeal. After a couple of seconds, Haven pried her eyes away from his and looked around her.

"Did he just..?" Jared asked. There were nods from the other guys. 'What did he do?' Haven wondered.

"Haven, why don't you sit down?" Sam asked. Haven looked at Kim and she nodded. Haven wrapped her cardigan around her tightly and sat down. Paul and Jared pulled Jake out. Embry, Emily, and Sam sat at the table as the rest of the guys and Kim walked out.

"What's going on? Why can't Kim stay?" Haven asked, panic lacing her voice.

"Haven! It's oke. We just need to talk to you about something." Emily said.

"Haven, do you know the legends?" Sam asked. She nodded.

"Yes, I have. I think everyone has." Haven said.

"Well, they're all real. Jared, Paul, Jacob, Embry, and I are shapeshifters. And as shapeshifters, we do something called imprinting. Embry can explain that to you." Sam said and gestured to Embry. Haven stared at the table.

"Imprinting happens when a wolf looks into the eyes of their soulmate. It's like everything that's holding someone to the earth disappears and only the imprint is holding them down. The wolf can be anything the imprint needs. A brother, best friend, or lover. She controls the relationship and everything about it. Haven...I imprinted on you." Embry explained. Haven started shaking her head.

"No. It's not possible. It's not logically possible. Shapeshifters are not real. I'm not your soulmate. N-now, excuse me. I need to go." Haven said and walked out.

"Haven, wait! Please, we can prove it," Embry said, running after her.

"I don't believe you. Leave me alone. Kim, please drive me home." Haven said. Kim walked after her and got into the car. Haven stared out the window as they drove away.

"Did you know about this?" Haven asked. Kim nodded.

"Why didn't you tell me? Are they wolves?" Haven asked, looking at her. Kim sighed and pulled over.

"Because I couldn't. It's a secret. No one but the pack, imprints, and the council knows. I think a couple of parents might but not sure. And yes, it's very much true." Kim said, pulling over. She turned to Haven and put her hands on her shoulders.

"Why are you denying this? I'm your best friend and I wouldn't lie about this." Kim said. Haven shrugged. She winced again.

"Kim, why does it feel like my entire body is aching?" Haven asked. Kim smiled.

"It means you accepted the imprint and you're away from Embry," Kim explained.

"Do you wanna go back? I'm sure Embry is feeling it also. Plus it will get rid of the ache." Kim asked. Haven hesitantly nodded.

"We don't have to date right away do we?" Haven asked. Kim shook her head and headed for Sam's.

"Not until your ready. You'll have to talk with Embry, though. But since you're so close in age you'll most likely end up with romantic feelings." Kim said and once again pulled into Sam's driveway. Haven felt the ache dissipate and looked at the porch. Haven could see Embry sitting there with his head in his hands and Sam talking to him. Sam said something and he looked up at them. They stepped out of the car and Haven slowly walked towards Embry. Sam smiled slightly at her.

"I'm sorry for running earlier." She murmured.

"I'm surprised you even came back," Sam said. Embry just stared at his imprint.

"I'll leave you two alone. You two need to talk." Sam said and walked inside. Haven sat down next to Embry and looked at the floor.

"What made you come back?" He asked.

"Kim. I knew she wouldn't lie about it." Haven replied.

"I know you accepted the imprint," Embry murmured. She nodded.

"Kim told me. That's why I was aching apparently." Haven replied.

"It'll get better over time. So what's next?" Haven said.

"Why don't we just start as friends. We know nothing about each other." Haven answered. Embry nodded.

"What's your full name? And no offence but you are pale for being Quileute. Like ghostly pale." Embry asked.

"Haven Naomi Clarkson. Yeah, I know. But I'm only 1/2 Quileute, so I guess that kinda explains it. Yours?"

"Embry James Call. Favourite colour?"

"Black, dark purple, and emerald green."

"Red and blue. Do you have any siblings?"

"Nope, unless you count Jake considering I've practically lived with him for 10 years."

"Me neither. How old are you?"


"19. Favourite band or artist?"

"Pierce the Veil or Andy Black."

"Linkin Park or Nickleback. Birthday?"

"December 18th."

"May 26th. Favourite animal?"

"Panda or wolf," Haven answered. Embry smirked. Haven laughed.

"Hush. It's been my favourite animal since the first time I heard the legends." Haven exclaimed. Embry smiled at the way her eyes sparkled with a mischievous glint. They spent the next hour talking until Haven noticed it was getting dark.

"I better get going," Haven said, standing up.

"We're going to First Beach tomorrow, why don't you come?" Embry asked. Haven smiled and nodded. Kim walked outside.

"Hey Haven, you ready? Mum needs me home." Kim said. Haven nodded and walked with her to the car. She looked back to see Embry staring at her. She smiled and got in. Once they were on the main road Kim immediately started asking questions.

"So, how did it go with you and Embry?" Kim asked. Haven laughed.

"Surprisingly well. He's really sweet." Haven replied.

"I should've known that if anybody was going to imprint on you, it would be Embry. You two are perfect for each other." Kim said, pulling into Thea's driveway.

"Really? It didn't seem like it. Hey, he invited me to go to First Beach tomorrow. Are you going with Jared?" Haven said. Kim nodded as Haven got out.

"I'll be back in an hour, Haven!" She said and Haven ran inside. She sat down and laughed as her dog, Buckles the St Bernard, jumped on top of her.

"Buckles! Off!" She giggled. The dog ignored her request and started licking her cheek. She finally got his collar and pulled him off the couch.

She sat down and Embry popped into her mind. 'How have I never seen him around the Rez before?' She though as she absent mindedly cleaned up around her house some. Once she was finished with that, she ordered some pizza and watched some tv as she waited for Kim to come back over.


"How did it feel when Jared imprinted on you?" Haven asked.

"Like I wanted to jump him." Kim stated, stuffing her mouth with a piece of pizza. Haven laughed.

"Good to know. I thought maybe I was crazy. Jesus, Embry looks like sex with legs." Haven said. Kim chuckled.

"Oke let's get to eating our ice cream and crying over movies. What's on the menu tonight?" Kim said.

"A Walk to Remember and The Last Song." replied Haven, who was opening the door. Buckles came running in. They sat down and started their sleepover, commencing with ice cream and crying.