Crying Potential: yea... there will probably be tears... it's a bit of a roller coaster at some points. But the ending is really cute and sweet so that should make up for it!




Luke sat in the Molina family living room staring out the window, looking out at the hustle and bustle that the busy city of angels was consumed by. People rushing around trying to find the perfect presents for everyone, families getting their Christmas decorations up, cars in a mad rush trying to get to different holiday events, and families spending time together...

It all made him think back to his last Christmas, the Christmas of 94'. It was just days after he had run away. He spent the day with Reggie, Alex, and Bobby in the garage. He can't even remember the specifics of that fight, mainly the way he felt. Like he wasn't accepted. Like he was misunderstood. Worthless. Alone. Pathetic.

He knew in his heart that these were all wrong, well most of them were wrong, but he didn't want to feel them. Weren't parents the ones who were supposed to love you unconditionally? All he wanted was his mom's support and belief. He didn't need her to come to all of their gigs, though he would have loved it if she even just went to one. He didn't need her to help him get gigs or to listen to his music. He just needed her to believe that he could chase the dream, and if he did fail, that she would be there to pick him back up without saying 'I told you so'. That was his wish that Christmas, for his mother to accept his dreams. Sure his list also included great things for the band, but at the top of his list was that one seemingly simple request.

He may not have remembered the fight vividly, but he did remember the night itself vividly.

He had just gotten home from practice with the band, and a mini Christmas party they had thrown for themselves, and he was going to hold it all in and spend Christmas with his parents because he really did love them. So he was going to put aside everything and spend the holidays with them. Then words lead to screams and screams led to an argument and well that lead to him grabbing his guitar and his backpack, running out the door and riding away on his bike. His mothers shouts drowned out by the pain he felt within.

He remembered the ride to the garage as a blur of Christmas lights surrounding him, holly jolly music playing around him, and the sounds of laughter coming from children playing.

"Luke," Julie started pulling him from his deep thoughts.

"Yea?" Luke turned to look at his wonderful girlfriend and bandmate.

"You good? Your eyes had like completely glazed over and you looked really solemn."

"Yeah, just thinking back to my last Christmas."

"I get that." Julie said softly hugging him from behind burying her head in his shoulder which was accessible to her thanks to him sitting down and her standing.

In that moment it hit Luke, last Christmas Julie's mom was still around. This was her first Christmas without her.

"I'm sorr-"

"No Luke, I am not sitting through an I'm sorry speech again. From anyone. It's your first Christmas season away from your mom too."

"But I can just flash across town and see her."

"You and I both know it's more complicated than that. You may be able to flash over there and talk to her and let her see you, but I know there is so much more to that story."

"Yeah but-"

"Nope." Julie cut him off with a kiss.

"It may be our first Christmas season away from out moms, but it is our first Christmas season together."

"See Luke, we have a positive side to this. We can gloom around sometimes, but we still need the happiness and joy of the season."

"Yep, so how about we watch a Christmas movie?"

"Sounds like a plan. I'll let everyone else know."

Luke nodded and Julie went and found the guys, Ray, and Carlos so they could all join in the festivities.

Luke was going through Netflix looking for a movie for them to watch when Julie came rushing in landing on the seat next to him before curling up against his side and grabbing the remote.

"Nope, you are on the wrong streaming service for this." Julie informed him.

"See this is where Blockbuster was nice, all of them in one place."

Reggie and Alex came in seconds later to join.

"We are watching the movie we already discussed right?" Alex asked.

"I second the question." Reggie jumped in.

"Wait you guys already picked a movie?"

"Yep." Julie said with a smile switching the TV to a new streaming service.

"Hallmark?" Luke questioned. "Like the card place?"

"I mean yeah, but now they have this thing called 'Countdown to Christmas', which is a whole bunch of Christmas movies that are absolutely amazing."

Carlos came in at that moment.

"Noooo, not a Hallmark Christmas movie!"

"Yes! Reggie and Alex support it."

"Sorry little buddie, but I've already watched some and I am hooked." Reggie said with an apologetic look.

"Wait what's wrong with Hallmark Christmas movies?" Luke asked.

"Absolutely nothing." Julie stated and she spread a blanket over her and Luke, he looked down to see it read, 'This is my Hallmark Christmas Movie watching Blanket'.

"They are the exact same movie over and over again just set in different locations with different names and jobs." Carlos said rolling his eyes.

"Hey, they are all magical in their own ways." Julie rebutted.

"Honestly, they've gotten me everytime, I mean the suspense of if they are actually going to end up together is really intense." Reggie added.

"Exactly, even though you know for a fact they will wind up together, you still go on the emotional journey with them." Alex added.

"I may know that they will be together in the end, but in the moment, I'm really never certain." Reggie added.

"Cinderella Christmas." Julie announced as she pressed play, Ray had opted to set up the kitchen for their Christmas cookie making and Gingerbread house making that was to follow their movie.

"Oooo! That one sounds so good." Reggie smiled.

Amazing it was, with the whole Christmas stocking exchange, it really was an adorable story. Then when the step sister was discovered, honestly a great movie over all.

"10/10 would recommend." Alex stated as the movie ended before whisper shouting to Julie, "Did I do that right?"

"Yes you did."


Julie smiled before stretching and sitting up.

"So what's next oh great Christmas Master?" Luke joked and Julie stood up.

"Christmas cookie making! At the special request of Reggie, and while the cookies bake we will have a gingerbread house making competition. We do have store bought sets because... well we are not getting that complicated. I'll explain later, but first christmas cookies!"

"Christmas Cookies!" Reggie echoed.

Ray had all of the dough out and the cookie cutters set out, he had decided he would not be participating in any of the festivities this year, which was common for him as he preferred to just had his camera out taking pictures of said festivities. He found it more fun.

They began to roll out the dough to make sugar cookies, as well as start to make balls out of the chocolate chip cookie dough.

Lots of laughs were had, a few small mistakes were made, but cookies were made.

"Next up is a gingerbread house making contest. We got a store bought set and we will not eat these because just no. But we are grouping up and having a competition. My dad will judge, and he has assured me there will be no bias." Julie announced as she handed out the store bought sets.

Julie and Luke of course partnering up with each other. Leaving Alex, Reggie, and Carlos together after they insisted that the dynamic duo would have an advantage being who they were so they obviously needed to have a team of 3 against them.

Which they were totally fine with and began work on their gingerbread creations.

Luke began to try to put the frame together while Julie squeezed the icing out of the tube to mold the pieces together. Once they had their framing complete Luke took the giant thing of frosting and began to decorate. He squeezed a little bit of it onto his finger,

"Hey Julie, come see this side real quick." Luke casually said as she stopped decorating the other side of their creation to see what Luke was beckoning her for only to have a swipe of icing go across her nose.

"You didn't." She playfully glared.

"I did." Luke said with a smirk as Julie squeezed some icing onto her finger before swiping it across his face.

"There, now we match."

Then they went back to their creation while Carlos rolled his eyes at his sister and her ghost boyfriend.

"Guys I think this came out pretty nicely." Carlos stated stepping away from their creation.

Reggie, Alex, and Carlos had built a pretty decent house though it's greatest feature had to be the mini dog house Reggie had made next to the normal sized gingerbread house.

"And look, there is even a spot for a dog." Reggie said with a smile as Ray came around to judge.

They laughed hard and enjoyed their festivities, and for just a few minutes Luke could forget about all the regrets that came with Christmas and Julie about the bitter-sweet memories from her Christmas pasts.

But all it took was the one moment where they let their minds wander to ruin the blissful facade they had created.

Both of their smiles faded, but only for a second before they quickly corrected their change in expression, but now their smiles and joy didn't spread to their eyes. So, as the cookies baked in the oven Julie and Luke drifted off to the garage to step away from the holiday happiness.

"You know you don't have to put that smile on your face around me." Luke told her hugging her tight from behind.

"And you know you don't have to either, but once it falls, I don't know if I can get it to go back up. You have to fake it until you make it right?" Julie said lowering her smile slightly before turning in his arms to lay her head against his chest and look up at him.

"I guess you have a point there."

"I keep thinking she is suddenly going to appear and everything will go back to the way it was, just the only difference being I still have you guys."

"And every time I look at the Christmas tree and it's brightly colored lights, I just see the one that was in my parents house in the background the night I left."

They just stood there holding onto each other.

"You know if we don't go back soon they will come for us?" Julie mumbled.

"Yea, but if we go back we have to put those masks back on."

"I don't know how much longer I can smile, I don't know how Carlos is doing it."

"I heard him talking to Reggie earlier, I think he is just focusing on the new memories and doing things in her memory. He says everything we've been doing makes him feel like she is still here. You each have your own ways of handling everything." Luke explained.

"Have you gone to your parents recently?"

"Yea, they still decorate the house basically the same way. There are a few new ornaments though."

Silently they moved over to what had become their couch, not just Luke's, and sat there just taking in each others presence.

"What was your favorite thing about Christmas?" Julie asked.

"The presents. Well not the presents themselves, but the wrapping part. I loved to help wrap presents when I was little. Though all I was allowed to do was hand my mom pieces of tape, but I felt like I was contributing so much. We turned on Christmas music or a Christmas movie and let it play in the background, occasionally my mom would sing along as we wrapped. My dad would get home and he would sit in his chair drinking his coffee watching us wrap and joining in on the sing-alongs." Luke smiled thinking back to those Christmas'. Never did he imagine the Christmas of 94' would be his last with them alive, well pre-ghost time. "What about you?"

"I loved making Christmas cards. We would pull out all the random arts and crafts supplies we had and spread them out across the living room floor, and my dad would print a bunch of random shots he had of anything to do with Christmas and we would piece together and make Christmas cards, no two were ever the same."

"That sounds so cute, do you have any around?"

"I think there are some in the attic, but they are in boxes." Julie said after thinking for a moment.

"You know they will be coming for us any minute now, the cookies should be coming out of the oven now, which means we need to go help decorate them."

"I know, but I don't really want to get up from here."

"I'll come with you, and we can wear our masks together. Enjoying the moment, but not forgetting what once was. I mean you don't want to become the next Scrooge. Otherwise Alex, Reggie and I will all have to dress up as the three ghosts and put on a whole show to help you get your Christmas spirit back!"

Julie laughed with this image filling her head.

"But who would be each ghost?"

"Well Reggie would obviously be past, I mean he is practically like a kid on Christmas morning everyday. Alex would so be present because he would happily lecture you about how you just need to accept Christmas again and see how amazing it is, and I would be future, because I want to be your future. I want to be with you always. Through every up, ever down, and every Christmas."

Julie blushed at his final words before smiling and grabbing his hand pulling him up from the couch.

"Well then Ghost of Christmas Future, why don't you show me what I have to expect in my future Christmas'."





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