DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything from Harry Potter or Marvel. If I owned Harry Potter it'd be more diverse and I wrote this a while ago and forgot about it so sorry if it's bad.

YOUR ALIVE HP & Avengers crossover

Quick oneshot of after end game ( I didn't think Tony should've died, so I made it so he didn't.

The Avengers sat watching TV in Avengers Tower. There was a comfortable silence and then their was a loud CRACK and a British accent screaming "YOUR ALIVE!"

Nobody knew what was going on and Peter yelled "HARRY!" Then before anyone could react the two teens were embracing each other. And then before anyone could ask who this man was they were kissing.

Harry Potter has had a lot of bad and good moments right now this was a great moments with his and his boyfriend's tongues danced around each other ignoring all the gaping faces of the older avenges.

Tony cleared his throat and the two broke apart remembering there were people their and blushing crimson red but still holding hands. Tony was the one to break the silence. "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!" The rest of the adults just nodded dumbfounded from the scene that just played out in front of them.

"Well" Peter started "team, this is my boyfriend Harry Potter." Harry waved shyly at the still gaping avengers.