"Alright kids, time to go home!" Miss Fujibayashi exclaimed. All the kindergarteners began packing up to go home as Miss Fujibayashi approached one of her students, Ushio Okazaki. "Ushio, your mother called me. She said she was going to be a little late." She explains.

"Okay." Ushio simply responds.

"While you wait, you can play in the yard. You won't have to wait to long." Miss Fujibayashi says.

"Okay." Ushio replies again, grabbing her things before heading outside.

First thing the five year old did was search for Botan. It was fun to slide down the boars back, strangely enough, he was no where to be found. Ushio looked toward the entrance of the school to see fellow classmates still leaving. Maybe someone left a toy outside she could play with, she thought.

She logically began searching though the bushes that bordered the school yard until she found something green that didn't look like it was a apart of the bush. She reached out to feel it to make sure that wasn't the case.

Upon touching the object, Ushio determined it was not a strange leaf as it didn't feel like one, rather it felt like skin. The object jerked back, making a small surprised sound as it did so. Ushio, by reflex, jerked her hand back with a hushed gasp. The thing moved to reveal it was actually some living creature, its head being the part Ushio touched, which had large, pointed, ears and big black eyes. Its face brought in a whole new definition of adorable. It seemed to be wearing some kind of soft, light brown clothes which obscured most of its body below the head with the exception of its hands which only had three fingers as apposed to five.

It looked up at Ushio with a look off wonder. Ushio still held some fear over the strange creature she had never seen before, but it left her intrigued.

"Hello?" She said to it. The creature responded with a cute sound to Ushio's greeting. "My name's Ushio." She continues.

"Gwwwwah." The creature responds, looking at Ushio with a smile on its small mouth and its ears perked up.

"What are you doing in this bush?" Ushio asks. The creature's ears lower and it puts a hand to its chin as if thinking. "You don't know?" Ushio asks, slight worry in her voice. The creature slowly shakes its head to symbolize that it doesn't know. "Do you know where your family is?" Ushio decides to ask.

The one of the creatures ears perks up while the other remains lowered, showing the creature is confused, even so it still looked adorable.

"Do you not know what a family is?" Ushio asks. The creature once again, shakes its head. "You have a mommy and daddy that love you very much. Thats what a family is." Ushio explains. "Don't you have a mommy and daddy?" The creature once again, looks to the ground as if thinking.

Ushio gasps to herself before she asks her next question. "Do you not remember them?" The creature looks up at her with both ears drooping down. Its answer was clear. "So you're all alone. Thats horrible!" Ushio quietly exclaims. The thought of feeling alone scared the five year old. She wouldn't like it if she didn't have her mother or father. This creature didn't have any sort of family or any friends it seemed. It feel so alone, Ushio thought. She carefully gave the creature a gentle hug. The creature slowly returned the hug with its small arms.

"You must feel so alone." Ushio says with concern as she breaks away from the hug. The creature responds with another cute noise as the creature looks back up, its ears still drooping in its 'sad' position. "What of you come with me?" She suggests.

One of the creatures ears lifts to show its confusion.

"So you won't be alone. I'll be with you every single day!" Ushio excitedly explains.

"Gwwwwah." The creature smiles at its new friend. Both its ears are as high as they can go to show its happiness.

"Ushio!" Ushio can hear Miss Fujibayashi call. She looks over to find her standing with her mother, just talking with her.

With that, Ushio quickly picks up the creature, it was surprisingly light, and carefully puts it in her back pack. With that, she carefully puts her backpack on and walks towards her mother instead of running to her like she usually would, just to make sure she didn't hurt her new friend. Meanwhile the creature continues with its smiles while inside the backpack, happy it isn't so alone anymore.

Note: "Gwwwah" is what I interpret Baby Yoda would sound like on paper.