Splatterhouse x Devil May Cry(Kinda?)


Running to his fallen opponent to end him in this opportunity, the musclebound titan impales the massive monster with his own chainsaw and hoists him up. Feeling him grow limp the bruiser lets him back to his feet before finishing him with a swift overhead strike with the chainsaw.

Standing over the bloody monster chainsaw in hand, Rick begins to finish the demon. "This girl of your-" the disembodied voice says to Rick as he brutally finishes his opponent. "Jen…" rick interjects. The disembodied voice resumes what he was saying "whatever, you once told her you'd love her until the end of the world." Between sentences rick is finishing this monster, the wails of pain from the monster nearly drowning out the voice in his head. "Its time to prove it rick… the end of the world is coming." Without replying rick walks into the strange portal he had already been through once before.

15 June 5:00 AM

Falling from the purple portal into another city, rick takes in his surroundings. "So what is it? Another world destroyed by the corrupted?" asks the possessed young man. "Eh maybe? When you've seen so many civilizations rise and fall to demons and monsters it all starts to fade together in your head ya know?" jokingly replies the terror mask.

Walking along the sidewalk rick notices the people there. Turned to this strange blackish form. Almost like statues. "ever seen the corrupted do this?" inquires the young man. "Nope. Usually there's nothing left of people. Or at most, just what we've been fighting."

Walking past the unfortunate people Rick comes to an open are, almost like the town square. "Damn. One hell of a tree. Don't think it's the corrupted this time…" says the voice. "So is that good or bad?" "Well that depends on your point of view Ricko. For this world its good. For us, it's a waste of time. We need to get back on track here Ricky." Sternly says the mask. As the mask finishes his sentence strange bug monsters begin to appear.

"Huh well these are new…" says the young adult preparing to once again have to tear monsters apart with his bare hands. Rushing forward Rick grabs one of the bug like creatures and rips it in two. Grabbing one of its sharp legs too. As another one of the bugs lunge toward Rick he turns on it catching it with one hand and stabbing it with the leg of the other. Four more bugs appear seemingly out of nowhere. Raising his hands to guard against the attack from one of the flying creatures, Rick grabs the leg of one and slams it down into the ground. Noticing the monster is wounded the mask can't help but get excited. "Lets make a mess whaddya say?". As if agreeing with the Terror Mask, Rick plunges his hand into the back of the large insect tearing out its insides then stomping its head into nothingness to finish it. With the other three seeming relatively close together, Rick picks up one of the nearby vehicles and throws it at them. The vehicle exploding and ending the lives of the weaker demons.

Moving forward through the city, Rick asks the voice "So you're sure this isn't the corrupted?". "Relatively. Never seen them take over in this way. This could be a distant future, or just another reality without the corrupted but something similar. Not sure." The mask was cut off by more creatures. Not traditional demons, these seemed to be merely tentacles coming from buildings and the ground. Rick uses his strength fueled by all of this monster blood to easily uproot these strange tentacles from their spots.

Continuing forward Rick comes to 3 grim reaper like enemies rising from the ground. Knowing he needs to hurry and get back on track, Rick runs forward and slams them down into the ground, easily breaking 2 of them into dust. Taking up the scythe of the second one, he cleaves the third one to bits. As the titan sees 2 more rise up, he grabs the head of the third one and with all of his strength throws it forward. Hitting its mark and practically denigrating the pitiful creature. Rick finishes the last one quickly by tackling it into a building. Crushing its bones beneath him. Dropping the scythe Rick continues on through the unfamiliar area.

Coming to several walls inside of a mansion like building, Rick is easily able to tear through them to continue on his path to get out. At the final room where it seems he may finally be out, something blocks his door. "Ah so this is one of those 'kill them all then you can leave situations?'" asks the annoyed adolescent man. Waiting until the moment where all of the opponents were around him Rick takes his opportunity. "Now!" growing massive spikes out of his back and wrist Rick slams his arms down cause strange bone like spikes to rise up around him, impaling all enemies nearby.

"Ah these skeleton bastards don't leave behind any blood… a shame." Laments the Mask. Going forward hoping to come across a portal soon, Rick comes to a familiar wall made of blood and what seemed to be innards of something. "Just smash it Ricky. We gotta get back before the eclipse.". Rick gets a running start and rams his way through the slimy wall. Proceeding onwards more he comes to a fallen building. Walking on the collapsed building, Rick looks up to see a vehicle falling towards him. Catching the vehicle and tossing it to the side Rick looks to see who threw the rather large vehicle.

"Human! I wasn't expecting any survivors!" booms a loud voice from above. Leaping down the giant stands above Rick "Hmmm… you're not who I'm expecting. But you could also make an excellent sacrifice!" Says the large and admittedly very intimidating monster. Grabbing large chunks of debris and feeding it into its stomach mouth, it prepares to face Rick. Rick sees a nearby object sharp enough to function as a weapon and grabs that. The monster begins swiping at Rick, Rick guarding and stopping every attack as to not be killed by the large demon. Rick begins to hack and slash at the beast at every opportunity he is given. Slashing its legs and feet, climbing the monster to attack his shoulders and torso. Rick narrowly manages to avoid all of the attacks and get in plenty of his own. After receiving a fair bit of use Ricks weapon breaks and at this time the large beast leaps into the air and back down onto the building, making the roof crumble and fall.

Down inside the building the Goliath tears out one of the large supporting pillars and begins to swing it at Rick. "Hahaha! Tremble before my might!" booms the voice, shaking the whole building. Catching the pillar as the Goliath swings it, Rick throws it at the beast; knocking him to the wall. Jumping after him, Rick lands several good, clean hits on the monsters face. After a few seconds of this the large behemoth becomes infuriated once more "STOP BUZZING AROUND!" the monster yells before re-opening the stomach mouth to pull the whole building inside, however the Goliath accidentally creates a hole in the wall. Rick uses this to escape outside and get himself a moments reprieve.

The monster leaps out of the building and returns to fight Rick. The monster breaks out into a full sprint at Rick and attempts to lunge at him to land what could be a killing blow. Rick rolls under the beast and grabs its leg. The Young Adult begins to spin the monster around and throws him into a massive building to the left. Collapsing the building onto the Goliath. In the moments of silence that follow Rick begins to wonder if that actually did it, however the beast roars and rises from the rubble once more and begins to open its stomach mouth to pull everything in. Nowhere to run this time. Rick is pulled up into the irresistible current coming from its mouth, pulling him in. Rick is pulled in and he begins to feel himself melt away.

Just as it seems like this is the end Rick hears a voice, the mask. "Allow me…" it says. Rick grows the massive spikes from his wrists and back from earlier as he enters his Berserker state. The Spikes from his wrist extends out and Rick spins while inside the Goliath to cleave him clean in two. Rick is freed from the confinement of the creatures stomach and his wounds begin to heal thanks to the mask. The Berserker sees the large creatures top half trying to scurry away. Rick, still with his berserker strength, grabs the top half and begins to drag him to his lower half. In an act of rage Rick dunks the creatures head into the still burning stomach mouth. The screams of pain let out by the creature could haunt ones nightmares. Had Rick not grown accustomed to it he would've surely been disturbed. Rick pulls the creatures top half up when he sees the head has been completely melted away.

Returning to his normal state Rick looks at his fine work then notices a portal open behind it. Rick heads off to the portal to get back on track.

15 June 5:32 AM

Walking down the street, the young man clad in blue looks at the destruction before him. "Holy hell… I don't know what came through here before me… But I really… REALLY hope its gone…" says the young man.


Falling from the portal, Rick looks at his surrounding again, wondering where he was sent this time. "Nice landing…" says the perturbed young man. "Hey!-Your nutsack's not fused to your chin right? I'd consider that a successful trip." Retorts the comical mask. "Where are we?" Rick asks disregarding the nonsensical response. "You tell me Rick." Rick looks around at the walls to see certain carvings and structures. "The carvings are Mayan… I'd say we're somewhere in Southern Mexico… maybe the Yucatan Peninsula?" guesses Rick. "Very good. And wrong. Give or take a few hours and a hundred and something feet we're back where we started. West had all this shipped here and built it into the foundations of his mansion. A lot of people have entered these catacombs; only West ever returned. Generations of the disappeared of Arkham Town lie buried down here…" as the mask finishes enemies begin to crawl up from the ground. "And they ain't at rest…" the two begin to continue their fight…

AN: First ever story done! Sorry of it was bad. It is my first time after all. I have a really neat idea that I'm going to turn into a story but that will take time. So here's this!


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