Chapter 7

Bella found that though she was incredibly frustrated by parting ways with her possible mate, she had something of a new perspective at work within her scheming mind. She literally had to meditate and focus deeply on removing Rosalie from the forefront of all of her thoughts in order to be able to concentrate on anything at all.

Izzy was struggling just as much. It was helpful, having a daughter who was in the same boat, no matter how weird it was to experience seeing their mates being in a relationship, being married to one another. But they were nothing if not progressive and figured in the long run, perhaps it wouldn't be a bad thing that their mates had such a strong bond to one another. They just couldn't think about the two actively participating in such a union. That only led to rage and further frustration.

Bree turned out to be a god send in this dilemma as she could propose crazy ideas and schemes for them to consider and get them out of any rage fueled frustrations they were taking up inside their own heads. And while it was time consuming, this new distraction, Bella decided to use it as something to spur her forwards rather than set her back.

If she was going to have to impress Rosalie, she was just going to have to impress Rosalie. That was something she could live up to.

She wasn't sure the woman would be impressed merely by shiny, expensive human things, and remembered how interested they all were in the inventiveness of the coven. With all of the new knowledge she had from her recent research binge, she began making a mental list of new things to look in to, ideas she needed more information on to further develop. She would study plant biology, environmental sciences, and ecology. She would learn about mines, read all of the fantasy books she could get her hands on that focused on a society living underground and what that might look like, how it might be designed into the best home possible for someone who lived a secretive life. Tunnels, geology, evolution, biochemistry, these were all added to her long and growing list.

The way she saw things playing out as they were, Bella decided to make a short list of goals and work toward them by divvying out her attention and focus. She appreciated the structured format of scheduling she was coming up with for her new life, especially given it would work towards creative goals of her own choosing. At the top of her list was crafting the perfect home. Following that was success in a better vampiric wine. Then there were the smaller, less specific goals, like keeping up with emerging technologies, having access to the leaders of companies like Bell Labs, IBM, and General Motors. She wanted to have influence in the political world, have a say in what would happen in the future of the planet. And she wanted to start a successful business in her own right.

She didn't bother adding Rosalie to the list of goals. Such a thing would merely distract her, as the constant presence of her wandering thoughts made it abundantly clear her most important goal for now was to impress Rosalie.

The two days they waited for the Cullens and considered what they would reveal and how they would open up to them (if they even should), passed quickly. The semester would be starting the following week and Bella, Izzy, and Bree all had new jobs to pass the time and new people to get to know. While their natural beauty and odd composed nature often worked to deter attention from them, Bella had baked several batches of chocolate chip cookies that she and her daughter brought to their respective jobs on their first day.

Izzy was working in an art center on campus. Bella found herself happily assigned to the position of assistant in the library. Bree was working as an assistant in the engineering department. All three of them had tremendous success in making acquaintances with their new coworkers and peers and found it easier to deal with their thirst when they got to know the person who's heart seemed to beat so loudly around them all the time.

The three of them were in what Bella had designated as her own hidden nook in the library when they picked up on other vampires moving through the building. Nervous, excited glances were exchanged as Bree began speaking up, letting them know where they were. "You're really moving through those quickly, Mom," she whispered. The voice wouldn't be heard by any of the humans scattered about randomly, but the Cullen coven would be able to find them easily.

"You know how excited I am for unlimited access to books, darling. Don't tease your mother."

Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice strolled toward them, Edward sulking off into the nearby shelves, pretending to not be listening.

The two groups smiled at one another. "Hey, Swans," Emmett greeted quietly. Bella was impressed by his control, he looked eager enough to give them a booming welcome but had obviously used some effort to keep a lid on his excitement. "Do you guys hang out here all day, or do you come when the sun sets?"

"We don't need to worry about the sun. Our natural shield prevents us from looking any different when we're exposed to the light in such a way," Izzy immediately offered before looking sheepishly at her sister and mother. "But Mom pretty much spends all day every day in here, yes."

Bella rolled her eyes and smiled at her, letting her know she wasn't mad about the slip up. "I'm working as an assistant here in the library three days a week," she told them. "Do any of you have jobs this semester?"

From a faraway bookshelf, Edward scoffed. They all easily ignored it, save Rosalie who dramatically shot the case the sound came from a glare before rolling her eyes. "We've decided to forgo the extracurricular activities this semester. It's our second time at college and we thought we might wait another semester or two before finding a fitting position."

Bella reminded herself to not obsess over the lovely sound of her voice or the way she looked standing there in front of them surrounded by the books. "Feel free to join us, Izzy and Bree were just organizing their schedules for the upcoming semester and I was working on a reading list for research I've been interested in."

The group agreed, Bree, Alice, and Jasper moving off to the gardens outside the library that had some chess sets available for them. Emmett and Rosalie chose to sit with Bella and Izzy in the nook, leaving to browse the library for a bit before each returned with large stacks of books they placed on end tables dragged over from other areas.

It was a bit tense, if Bella were being honest. She was struggling to breathe near Rosalie, struggling to keep focus on the task at hand with her presence so vibrant this close to her. Finally, Rosalie caught her eye when she gave in yet again to the urge to look at the blonde. Emmett had quietly begun engaging Izzy in an active conversation about comic books, interested in knowing everything she was willing to tell him about the series she was coming up with and her ideas for other works. The two were sure to not get louder than a whisper, but their excitement had them speaking far faster than humanly possible.

Rosalie smiled at her, looking at the two childish vampires and rolling her eyes lovingly. Bella felt her heart swell up inside of her as she smiled shyly back, looking at the two getting along so well and turning her smile into a grin as she saw the ease in which they were interacting.

She slid over a bit, holding her book up for Rosalie to see. "Do you read literature?"

"Mmm. While I'm partial to the Pride and Prejudice varieties, I do try to keep up with some of the more substantial modern works. My first go through college I learned Italian and French and spent much of my time reading influential European novels."

Over time, Bella had learned many languages, effortlessly picking up different languages from those she drank from. While there were still some languages she didn't know, they were mostly dead languages. Even Latin was something she understood, the Catholic priests she dined on having extensive knowledge on the subject.

"I've always been interested in coming up with my own language."

Rosalie's head tilted to the side. "That would be interesting. Why come up with a new language?"

"For starters, sometimes it is useful to be able to openly communicate with others in a way that excludes ease dropping. Really, though, I think it would be a fun bonding experience. Like a secret for our coven."

"That's… well, genius," Rosalie admitted, looking at Bella slightly impressed.

Suddenly, she felt like an animal preening itself, a peacock showboating its feathers. Bella tamped down on the giddy pride Rosalie's compliment left her with, but couldn't help the sappy smile that blossomed on her. She ducked her head toward her book, pretending to be reading its contents. "Thank you, Hale."

"You're welcome, Swan." The two looked at each other in the quiet, tuning out the intense conversation of villains and superheroes Emmett and Izzy were involved in.

"Are you working on any projects?" Bella eventually asked.

Rosalie twirled a pen in her nimble fingers. Bella watched, entranced, as the pen seemed to dance between the digits. The distraction itself was almost a turn on, something she wouldn't admit to anyone but there nonetheless. "I like to repair cars. I'm working on two original model t's that Carlisle picked up when we moved here. It keeps me busy and… well I find it's fun being good at something that so…"

"Defiantly ironic?" Bella offered.

Rosalie smiled at her, stunning her. "Yes. Defiantly ironic." She continued twirling the pen. "I also enjoy hiking and exploring, though we only really do that when we go hunting. I suppose I enjoy people watching, somewhat, when I can easily avoid them and be out of notice. Oh, and movies. I love watching movies."

"Would you consider going to the cinema this semester? I haven't been to one since, well, since Rochester."

Rosalie looked a little surprised by that, but it quickly went away. "I will consider it," she agreed. She looked at Emmett, who was completely engrossed in Izzy's art book. A look passed over her as she saw the attention he was giving the other vampire, but it went away quickly. She flipped her hair back behind her shoulder, looking at Bella, who was memorizing the way the action happened so fluidly. "Esme wanted me to extend an invitation again for you and your daughters to join us at our home any evening."

She smiled politely. "Bree was able to procure several bottles of our favorite wines last night in hopes that we would be able to visit this weekend. Do you know when would be a good time?"

"Friday night, maybe? If you were planning on attending any of the human events bound to happen on campus, we can push it off-"

"No, Friday night is great," Bella interrupted before biting her lip. "Excuse me, I'm just a bit excited. We all are. I never thought I would meet my maker, let alone be able to comfortably spend time with his coven."

There was a slight frown to Rosalie's lips at that. Bella had seen her eyes drift down to her lips, something that made her almost squirm in her seat to alleviate the sudden sexual tension it brought up in her. She leaned in toward her and Bella responded in kind, the distance between them lessening. Emmett and Izzy were mimicking this position, unconsciously both pair of vampires welcoming the other in this subtle way. "We've led quite different lives, you and I, though they have been incredibly similar."

Bella felt the book in her hands and stroked the creamy page she had beneath her thumb. Edward had moved on to shadow Bree, Alice, and Jasper outside where their thirst wasn't as challenged by being in confined spaces with humans. Emmett and Izzy had been in their own world for a while now, Emmett talking about his death by bear and what little he could remember of his human life, Izzy eating every world.

"I suppose the paths we've traveled are remarkable divergent…" She bit her lip, pulling on it with her teeth and staring at Rosalie. The other woman was taking her in, listening carefully as she sat still as a statue in her chair. "Then again, I'm not sure any path I'm on looks anything like anyone else's. I mean, I love this life," she admitted earnestly. Seeing Rosalie's face turn a bit at that she pressed on. "My life is my own now in a way that is much more fitting than what it had been before. The troubles that plagued me then don't effect me now. There's a limitlessness to the… to the potential of any given day that just inspires me."

Rosalie had the decency to not outright dismiss the idea. She couldn't, however, agree with it. Like Izzy, she had had a life stolen from her, not one she was unburdened from. Given that she had never even tasted human blood, Bella wasn't sure the woman had ever even felt satisfied as a vampire. And wasn't that what led Bella to being so grateful for what she was? The satisfaction inherent in it? The blissful, powerful moments when she was no longer thirsty, after having learned of a monster and disposed of it? "It's quite impressive that you've never tasted a human."

"I was beginning to think that you were all averse to this type of lifestyle."

Rosalie and Bella were both pretending to be interested in the books they held open in front of them, neither turning a page as they continued their conversation. "Not at all. We found that drinking animal blood, especially in the newborn years, was something that effected our instinctual nature and changed the way we experienced our stronger, vampiric emotions." She tucked a piece of hair that had fallen to her face behind an ear and glanced at Rosalie. "But to persist in overcoming a temptation you wake up with is incredibly impressive."

"I'm curious as to what you mean when you say it effected your instincts and emotions." There was no indication in the way she phrased or said the statement that clued Bella in to what she thought about it.

It took her a moment to clear her head enough to answer. Rosalie's smell was swimming all over them, coating every moment with its fragrant presence. The more she was exposed to it, the more Bella found herself appreciating it and being effected by it. "Just that it becomes more natural to rationalize than emotionally experience any given moment. When we feed purely on humans, there's a drive that comes from deep within, something necessary and easily satisfied to such a pleasurable degree that the emotions experienced afterward are intense and vibrant, the thoughts involved stemming from a… it's almost like it stems from a more personal place. When we have fed on animals more often, those emotions are dulled, there's an extra calm sense of removal or objectivity to the experience of life. I prefer the more intense and satisfying feelings I was blessed with to the quieter, less subjective calm that comes with that type of limitation."

Izzy and Emmett were now entertaining themselves in a comic book competition, each quickly drawing strips of comics at their vampire speed, slowly filling in the short notebooks Izzy had brought along with her. Bella and Rosalie sat quietly, each thinking about either how the other might react to that explanation or figuring out how to react to such an explanation. "Thank you for sharing that, Swan." It had taken Rosalie over five minutes to break the silence, and it caused Bella to look up at her. The other woman was careful not to allow her emotions to play across her face. "I suppose I am well adjusted to this life by the control I assert over myself in ways I haven't fully considered. But you've given me something new to think about, and that doesn't happen everyday."

Bella sent her a smile, accepting the compliment. "Just wait until you're considering my wine again, Hale."

The blonde favored her with her winning smile, Bella's heart swelling yet again, almost painfully so. "Oh, yes, I can't wait."

Bittersweet torture- that's what Bella's life had become. Bittersweet torture.

She felt so sensitive suddenly, so aware and twitchy. She had gotten better at maintaining focus on two ideas, allowing a part of her mind think about Rosalie and another part of her mind working towards her goals. Time was flying by with her so focused on these different objectives, and Bree and Izzy were just as busy challenging themselves to fit in around human peers.

They were thirstier.

It wasn't a bad thing, if anything the necessary break from a human life that they lacked in sleep was granted while traveling to nearby cities at night. But they had decided to consider different ways they could keep track of their lifestyle, to work in a more organized way since they were going to be trying to live amongst humans. Bree and Izzy were thinking up different ways to go about this while Bella was thinking about other ways to get what they needed.

She had begun thinking about opening up a company that was just a waste program for blood from hospitals. A removal and disposal company for blood that hospitals needed to get rid of. They couldn't continue using it after so much time, and it wouldn't do to just let perfectly good blood to go to waste?

She had been plotting, reading books about legislation, ethics, medical laws and practices and had a good idea of how to go about doing things. She would build and design a state of the art facility in a nice property bordering on the Rockies. She could secure contracts with different hospitals and set up schedules where every month the deliveries were made to the facility. Upon entering the facility, there would be functioning ovens. Beneath these ovens there would be a shoot that would be able to drop down boxes of blood to a place where they could store their blood easily and do with what they pleased.

She even thought she could get Carlisle in on the plan, it sounded like he and his family might have the means to easily help set up and organize a plan of this nature. From what Bree said about Alice and Jasper, the two were an incredibly cunning and perhaps even conniving pair. Jasper had a knack for strategizing, something being involved in so much war and recovery from it afterward had given him. Alice literally had the gift of being able to see the future.

It was interesting the things that they picked up from others. As far as they could tell, anything more defensive or intuitive in nature became something they naturally began absorbing. Edward's ability to read thoughts, Alice's ability to see the future, Jasper's empathetic powers… none of their abilities had manifested in their coven.

But their intuition had grown in different ways. They deeply understood a sense of evasion that could guide them away from any situation, which started first with other vampires, then developed with humans while they hunted, and now was even starting to develop in a social way with vampires and humans they spoke to.

Also, the way they were able to understand plants had continued to develop. The signals sent to them were easier to understand and sense, more clear as well as being louder in general. They found that the more time they spent in a place, the louder that place became with them. So now the garden behind the library was especially friendly with Bree, the indoor plants strewn throughout the arts center begged Izzy for attention and became major focuses of her projects, and the humble terrarium in the library acted like Bella's personal pet.

But their base intuition, the one that she never doubted and always listened to, remained steadfast in their hearts. She believed that something big could come from all of this knowledge, she could create something magical with the life she had now. Every piece of her fiber agreed, her intuition nearly sang with praise toward vampires with goals but also warned of being quiet and keeping her head down while she worked.

So while she worked toward her goal of reading every book in the library, she plotted and schemed and thought of Rosalie.

Friday was creeping up on them quickly, the Cullens had only managed one other visit to the library in that time due to weather and their schedule including mostly evening classes. Edward believed that so many vampires spending lots of time together would garner them too much attention and suspicion, something Bella disagreed with caring about but also something she had no place arguing as she wasn't in their coven. But the little bastard was limiting the amount of time she got to see Rosalie, and that bugged her.

Bella had decided to draw up the plans she wanted to present to Carlisle in a more formal business way. Bree was going to check them when she was finished, and grab a few other wines they thought might be good from the store. Izzy was finding them all nice outfits to wear and had packed up their map and charts of their travels and other relevant information.

It was exciting, meeting a new coven. She had never come across another coven that seemed organized in their way of doing things, especially one functioning so well within human society. They hoped that, in sharing so much of themselves with the Cullens, they would be able to receive the same in kind, and they wanted nothing more than to share their lives with their mates. It helped that Carlisle was also her sire, and seemed like the kind-dad type more than anything.

"Good night, Mrs. Turner," Bella said softly to the older librarian at the desk.

The woman looked up at her and, as usually, took in her beauty for a moment before smiling softly at her. "Oh, yes, Bella. Done already?" She checked her clock and tsk-ed. "Where does the time go! Thank you again for the eggplant parmisian, it was simply fantastic. I'm going to try and make it tomorrow night!"

Bella smiled back at her. "I'm glad you enjoyed it! You must tell me how it comes out when you're finished."

"I should really have you over for dinner sometime soon if you're going to continue to treat me to your cooking every week," she offered.

Bella shook her head. "Oh, I couldn't put you through the trouble. My sisters and I have such extreme allergies, we can't really eat anything we haven't ourselves cooked. But, maybe some wine some evening? I have a couple of bottles I've been saving for special occasions that I would love open?"

Mrs. Turner beamed at her, the creases in her eyes becoming pronounced even behind the thick frame of her glasses. Bella thought that if they hadn't been in the library, she might have elicited a squeal from the woman just then. Her hands clasped across her chest and she shined her smile on Bella. "Fabulous! I can't tell you how long it's been since I've had someone to invite for wine. And Harold is always bringing around those stuffy elite art collectors to rub elbows with, it'll be such a change! I'll have to run it by him, of course, and figure out when would be good… you'll invite your sisters with you?"

She nodded. "Of course, Ms. Turner. We're a pack like that." As if on cue, Bree and Izzy strode through the doors of the library, then turned to walk toward Bella at the front desk.

The librarian chuckled quietly. "Marvelous. Do have a good weekend, Bella, girls. I understand you have a social call you're eager for tonight?"

Bella knew that if she were able to, she would have blushed as she smiled sheepishly at the excitable older woman. Her daughters grinned smugly, not bothering to cover their excitement at the topic. Mrs. Turner laughed at this and shooed them away, "Ah, to be young," she whispered to herself quietly, watching them leave.

"She seems much nicer than Brutus," Izzy griped. "I still don't know how an annoying troll of a man got a job in the arts center of all places, but you definitely lucked out with your boss."

"I think I'm the luckiest," Bree challenged. She grinned at them. "I hardly have to do any work at all. Really my job is to just sit around and look pretty, and I'm a natural at that!"

Bella rolled her eyes lovingly. They were almost at their dorm, where they were going to change and grab the army bags they had carefully arranged their wines and papers in. They were careful to put on their new dresses without ripping anything, and Bella couldn't stop herself from spending a few extra minutes polishing herself.

Vampirism had made them all incredibly beautiful and there wasn't much in the way of makeup that could make them more beautiful. It took a lot of practice, but they had even figured out how to use blushes and toning powders to help them blend their complexion. Feeling experimental, though, Bella considered the pros and cons of allowing herself to play with all of the makeups they had. She decided to go for it, choosing a sexy pin-up style, easily manipulating the eye liner perfectly, with wings sharp enough to cut diamond.

There was a glittery dark eyeshadow Bree had showed her how to apply, and she did so with the expert ease of any focused vampire. She had a dark red lipstick, a type that seemed to go on much more smoothly than the typical lipsticks had, and she top it off with a shiny lip gloss.

Her hair was pulled back, perfect locks falling out from behind the dark red band she had tied cutely at the corner. She was torn between a neck tie and the one on her head, but opted to go without anything on her neck. She was hoping Rosalie would look at the clear skin there, anyway, and didn't want anything blocking her view.

She never got done up like this, but it was exciting. Bree had purchased a bunch of random clothing, had been trying her best to understand the fashion and how it affected the humans they were living around now. As she looked at the tight, angular high wasted skirt and equally tight, open shouldered top, she wasn't sure she could pull off the leather jacket.

"Sweet Christ in heaven, Mom," Bree interrupted her as she held the jacket out. "You look fantastic!"

"Wow, Mom," Izzy agreed, looking her over. The two looked at each other then grinned at her. Bella knew she would have been a blushing mess as a human, but she held her head a little bit higher.

She was the leader of a coven, dammit. A hot coven. They had to live up to that. "Nothing short of what a Black Swan would normally wear for a night on the town."

Bree cackled with glee, cheering the sentiment. Izzy rolled her eyes, trying to hide her amusement. "Well if I knew there was a dress code," she muttered, looking over her own polka dot dress and ribbon, the peaking of cleavage out from the satin trimming, and the lack of makeup on her eyes. Bree, on the other hand, had chosen to adapt her everyday style to look more like the other young woman they saw around, often asking for makeup advise and sharing her own information on products and stores. She had her normal blushes and eye liner, the make up brushes normally used for applying makeups were used instead to brush and comb their perfect, seductively long eye lashes into an even spread. While the effect was minimal, it made a difference. They seemed to glow after a bit of preening, their hair shining, a sleek gleam to it. Maybe we should come up with some products better suited for vampires.

"Shall we, ladies?" Bella asked, pulling on the leather jacket. She gave herself a once over, shot her reflection a smile when she saw how beautiful she looked in her heels, tight skirt, and jacket.

Her daughters were practically bouncing. Bree grabbed the pack and hefted it on her shoulders. "All set!"

Izzy was already waiting by the door with her own backpack filled with sketches and rough drafts of new comic books she had worked on after her brainstorm session with Emmett. It would be cute if she hadn't been borderline obsessed with it the entire week. Nothing but class assignments, work hours, and their visit to the city had curbed her enthusiasm to put down everything she was able to think up during those brief times away from her markers.

It was cute, though. Because she was Izzy.

Their walk to the edge of campus garnered much attention, offers and suggestion hit them from every direction with almost all of the college boys they passed. Bree made a few promises to consider coming to other fraternity parties in the future if they heard about them before Friday, to which they had more than one request for a phone number to satisfy that request. Bella was amazed at the ease in which Bree seemed to naturally navigate the humans, never faltering from the cute, charismatic path she set out on from the beginning of a conversation. She seemed to have complete control over any conversation at any given time, and it was impressive even for vampires.

It took them another few minutes until they were under enough cover to take off their heels and put on their "running socks", basically durable skins they put over their legs that went up to their knees to stop dirt from marring them in a pinch. Less than ten minutes later, they had followed the trail the other vampires took back and forth and found a beautiful, log cabin mansion of sorts, with large, beautiful windows throughout. "Now that's a nice cabin," Bree admired, grinning and rubbing her hands together.

Esme took that as her signal to greet them and quickly opened the door, waving them up. They didn't both sticking to human speeds, relaxing into their natural mannerisms as they approached the entry. "So glad you've made it, thank you, Bree."

Bree smiled and shrugged, pulling the socks off of her feet and sliding into the nicer heels she had chosen for the occasion. Izzy and Bella followed suit, politely bowing slightly in greeting once their socks were tucked away on the side pocket of Izzy's bag.

"Please, please, come in! Emmett! Would you be a darling and take the bags into the den?"

Emmett sped up, everyone noticing how his gaze lingered on Izzy and kept coming back to her. Except for Emmett, that is. He seemed to be a little oblivious to his own attention.

"My pleasure, mother dearest," he said cheekily, offering his empty hands out for Izzy and Bree's bags. "Might I carry your heavy bags with my big strong muscles?"

Izzy laughed, a bubbly, drunk sound in the moment that seemed to go on awkwardly long. Bella stopped herself from cringing, looking sympathetically at her daughter. She seemed to be going through an intense strain of emotions in that moment, nervousness, embarrassment, frustration, glee, and mortification making her almost twitch under the attention she was garnering.

Bella decided a shift was in order and stepped forwards, gesturing to the larger back. "Esme, we brought over several bottles to try this evening. Some of them are our own wines, ones we've experimented with and imbibed with animal blood products, or human reds we've enjoyed."

The two women smiled at one another and Esme began leading them toward the den, following Emmett. "That's very generous, Bella. Thank you."

"Of course, we're excited to share with you. We also spotted a few deer in the area on our way that Bree… disabled, so there's fresh blood outside ready for you if any of you find you're struggling with your first experience drinking."

Esme's eyes were a little wide. Carlisle was smiling happily at hearing that, however. "Very thoughtful, Bella, thank you." Bella's eyes met Rosalie's as the blonde came into view, her own eyes tearing over Bella's body like a human in a desert finding a river. She felt her body instantly react, sensations exploding over every spot the blonde beauty's eyes roved. Bella took the zipper of her leather jacket into her fingers and watched, entranced as Rosalie's eyes darkened, following her swift movement down to reveal the low hanging shirt. Then, something amazing happened. Rosalie Hale, eyes drifting over Bella Swan, licked her lips and immediately turned away, forcing herself out of the moment. "Shall we?"

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