It was another cool, fall morning on the Edge. Toothless and I had taken a extremely long flight the other day, so I was in no mood for getting up.

But of course Toothless thought otherwise...

There I was, sprawled on my bed snoring lightly. Toothless and I had been totally wiped out from last night's flight. Maybe we shouldn't have tested Dragonfly while we were out there. We arrived home late then headed back to my hut and began to edit the plans to my flight suit when I fell asleep in bed.

Toothless had woken up first. I don't know how he does it. But he seemed to not like being alone for thirty seconds and nudged my hand.

"'s too earllyyy..." I murmured and moved my hand.

Toothless began to lick my hand. I groaned and turned over. But what he did next got me up in an instant.

Since the other tactics didn't work. Toothless decided it was ok to flop his heavy head on top of my stomach. Hard.

My eyes immediately flew open. I started gasping for air then Toothless, after what seemed like forever, let me go. He began to make that laughing sound again.

"Not funny Toothless!" I shouted. Toothless continued laughing.

"Useless reptile..." I muttered. That finally got Toothless to stop. Then without warning, he grabbed my tunic from the back and carried me toward the window where he could drop me.

"Wh-What? Bud? Hey! Ok! I'm sorry!"

Finally satisfied, Toothless set me down.

I yawned and then hobbled over to the table where my prosthetic leg sat. I tied it onto my leg and stretched.

"Did you really have to wake me up like that?" I asked the Night Fury.

Toothless huffed. "If I didn't, you'd be in bed for a year."

Even though I didn't understand what he was saying, I think I got the point. I looked out the window and took a breathe of the cool, autumn atmosphere.

"How about we go for a flight then meet the gang at the clubhouse?"

Toothless' stomach growled. Then looked up at me with eyes that seemed to say, "Breakfast first?"

I laughed. "After what you just did to me? No way."

Toothless whined and then he did "The Face". He dilated his eyes to look extra large then cocked his head in a very adorable manner.


Toothless let out a warble and then a whimper.

"Ok fine! You win!"

Toothless roared with glee and ran toward the clubhouse as fast as he could.

"Hey bud! Wait up!"


I finally managed to run all the way to the clubhouse. But I was still pretty tired. I saw Toothless on the floor with a large basket of fish, which he was ate happily.

"Couldn't think to wait for me bud?" I said, the patted him on the head.

Toothless let out a satisfied burp, then rolled onto his side.

"Stormfly did the same thing this morning too."

I turned around to face Astrid. She was hauling in a large basket of fish. Some of it managed to fall out onto the floor. Toothless slurped then up with no hesitation.

"Save some for the others!" Astrid laughed.

I couldn't help myself. I stared at Astrid. The fall leaves seem to have wanted to add a more romantic feel to the moment because when she turned to face me, the wind picked up and the autumn leaves blew behind her. Her light blonde hair blew along with the wind. I sighed dreamily. I couldn't control myself. Astrid was just too beautiful... (Inserts Astrid's Theme here XD)

She looked up at me with a large smile on her face. Her blue eyes sparkling in the sunlight. I wished that moment would've lasted forever. But then I heard my name. It was distant. My mind just set on Astrid...Astrid..


I snapped out of my daydream. "W-what? What's going on?"

"You were doing it again." She smirked.

"D-Doing what? I-I wasn't doing anything..." I stammered.

" totally weren't staring at me with that adorable dorky smile...the dreamy look in your eyes...the drool coming out of your mouth as you stared at me..."

I blushed and looked down at my feet. Stupid habits. Why do I always get like this around her!

Astrid let out a sounded like delicate bells...argh! Stop it Hiccup! Stop!

"Ok..maybe I...was taking you in a little..." I mumbled.

"Your adorable." She commented, then pulled me into a kiss.

We pulled away and I smiled and let out a long, blissful sigh.

"There you go again...!" Astrid punched my arm playfully.

She headed to the back to store the fish.

"Hey Astrid? Why are you carrying those fish anyway?"

Astrid poked her head around the corner.

"Hiccup? You forgot?! It's almost Thanksgiving!"

Ohhhh...I felt so stupid.

"Yeah I-I totally knew that!"

Astrid came back out again, "Didn't you read the note we left in your hut? 'Pack your things, we're going to Berk?'"

I laughed nervously, "I may have missed that tiny detail..." But then I got an idea.

"Why don't we have Thanksgiving on the Edge?" I thought out loud. "There's lots of room and everyone would get to see each other...and we could have the feast right here!"

Astrid tapped her chin, "Well, it would be nice for them to come her instead of us coming to them for once. We're going to have to send someone to give out the invitation."

"This could actually work!"

"What'll work?" The Twins popped their heads around the corner. Chicken walked in with a loud "BUK-GAWK!"

"We're thinking of having Thanksgiving on the Edge this year." I informed them.

"Whoa awesome!" Tuffnut cheered.

"Really? Wow...I thought you'd take the large gathering as a chance to Loki people or something..." Astrid said as she raised an eyebrow.

"Of COURSE we're going to Loki people!" Ruffnut rubbed her hands together with a mischievous smile, "So. Many. Targets."

I face palmed.

"Yep! Let's go sis! We got planning to do!" And with that, twins walked out, letting out wicked laughter.

"Who knows what sinister stuff they're going to do..." Astrid frowned.

"I'll keep an eye on them." I assured her.

Fishlegs came walking in with a nervous look on his face, "I heard the twins laughing. Are they up to their usual Lokiing?"

I nodded.

"Then your probably not going to like that one of them involves a log..."

Astrid grabbed her axe and began to run out until I grabbed her.

"We'll catch them later. Right now, we have planning to do."

"What are we planning for?" Fishlegs asked.

"We're think about having Thanksgiving on the Edge." Astrid said.

"That's a great idea! I'll go tell Snotlout."

"Ok then, since everyone is on board, we should probably send someone out to tell Berk about the change of plan." I said.

"Finally! Something important comes up! I'll go!" Snoutlout walked into the clubhouse.

"Okay then! Snoutlout, you'll go tell everyone the news, the rest of us will start getting things set up!" I said.

"Well, Thanksgiving is in three days. We'll have lots of time till then to get ready!" Astrid snapped, "Let's get to it!"

And with that, everyone left the clubhouse. I couldn't help but get the nagging feeling that something would go wrong...maybe I'm just worrying to much.

Just this once. Don't let anything go wrong...

"Come on bud!" I said cheerfully to Toothless, "We got work to do!"

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Even though it's a bit early to be writing a Thanksgiving story, I couldn't help myself! Plus, people are already setting up CHRISTMAS stuff! Crazy am I right?

Anyway, get ready! Things on the Edge are about to get interesting...