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On a fateful night of Halloween several silhouettes could be discerned with some difficulty, their dark cloaks camouflaging them as they walked in the shadows of the streets towards Godric's Hallow. In the lead was none other than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, the Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort or Tom Marvolo Riddle, the last one much to the man's embarrassment.

Upon arriving at their desired destination Voldemort ordered the Death Eaters to surround the property and enter it from all sides when given the signal. Voldemort went to stand at the front door, quickly fixed his robes to maximize their dramatic billowing when he broke into the house and sent out some sparks from his wand, signalling his men to break into the house.

Glass shattered and wood splintered as all the windows and doors broke inwards, the house instantly swarmed by people in black cloaks. All the ruckus drowned out the terrified screaming of Lily and James Potter, both huddling together and pulling out their wands.

Voldemort marched in, his robes billowing dramatically with each stride he took. He smirked evilly at his future victims, lifted his wand and-

One of his Death Eaters slipped as he stepped out of the kitchen, fell on his ass and fired out a curse that hit James and Lily Potter square on both their chests. The Potters collapsed.

Silence descended on the home.

The Death Eater that had slipped sat trembling on the floor, unable to even move from fright.

Voldemort inhaled, nostrils flaring in a way that marred his handsome face, "I'll be dealing with you – later", he hissed and strode up the stairs, where he knew from their informant that the Potter twins slept.

The Death Eater whimpered, even as he still sat on the floor.

Seconds later they heard wood splinter as their Lord broke down yet another door, followed by a scream and then-


The house rocked to its very foundations, the top of the house evidently exploding in a flash of bright green light. The Death Eaters ran. Even the poor one that had fallen down before was out of one of the doors before the whole house started to cave in at parts.

Alarms had begun to go off the second Voldemort had broken down the front door. The whole of Wizarding Great Britain soon knew that the Potters were under attack and rallied to aid them.

Albus Dumbledore arrived seconds after the Aurors and witnessed them chase after Sirius Black, who in turn was chasing what looked to be Peter Pettigrew, threatening to murder him.

Unfortunately unable to split himself in two Dumbledore raced to the Potter's house, which was swarming with Aurors digging through what was left of the house. Dumbledore himself joined them and after a few minutes little Jimmy Potter was recovered, screaming his lungs out and with a massive cut that slashed across his little face. Dumbledore took the babe into his arms and felt powerful magic surrounding the child and immediately knew this was the Chosen One.

"We found the other one!", one of the Aurors shouted a minute later, little Harry Potter in his arms who was also wailing for all that he was worth. Dumbledore looked over and saw that little Harry was fine, mostly dirty with some dust and a tiny cut on his forehead.

"Oh wonderful!", said Dumbledore, Jimmy would probably have been traumatized later in life if he discovered that he's lost a twin brother and Dumbledore wasn't sure how this would affect him as the Chosen One. Better that he never found out.

After about another hour the comatose forms of Lily and James Potter were found underneath the ruins of their house. They had been hit with some unknown spell and suffered extensive injuries so it was unsure if they would ever wake up. All the healers at St. Mungo's examined each one of the Potters as the Aurors explained the circumstances in which they had been found in and by the end of the night the whole world knew of Jimmy Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, the Vanquisher of Lord Voldemort.

The next morning Minister Millicent Bagnold was at St. Mungos to start to proceedings to admit Jimmy and Harry Potter into the care of Wizard family since Sirius Black was no longer an option.

"They have family", stressed Dumbledore, insisting upon the twins being delivered to live with the Dursleys, Lily's last remaining family.

"I'm not leaving the Vanquisher of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to a family of Muggles! No matter how closely they are related! The-Boy-Who-Lived deserves to be with people who will nurture his extraordinary abilities until he is ready to leave for Hogwarts."

"What Jimmy needs is to live with what little remains of his family!"

"He needs to be nurtured!"

Several days later they both stood at the Ministry of Magic's Department of Magical law Enforcement, ready to start the trial for who was to obtain custody of the Potter twins.

The overseeing judge was Frederick Weatherhead, a decorated yet ancient wizard.

"Is that Albus Dumbledore?", asked Frederick to his undersecretary.

"Yes sir, do you know him?", asked the young man.

"Do I know him", Frederick chucked darkly, "He used to kick me when we were little. Him and fucking Aberforth would never give up the chance to bully me. 'Weatherhead, Weatherhead, what's the weather like today' they'd say, the bastards."

"That sounds awful sir, I never knew he was like that when he was a child", said the young undersecretary.

"Well, young, yeah I suppose. He was like four years old and it was mostly Aberforth, but still, fuck him. What's he here for anyway?"

The young undersecretary blinked, "Um, he's here about the custody of the Potter Twins. He wants both to go live with one Petunia Dursley, who is a Muggle. The Minister insists that The-Boy-Who-Lived needs to grow up in a Wizarding home".

"Hmm", mused Frederick.

That night Harry Potter was delivered to Petunia Dursley in a basket on her doorstep and Jimmy Potter was handed to Augusta Longbottom in front of a room of Ministry officials, all smiling for the photographs.

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