By: Yaoi no Hime

Disclaimer: No matter how much I would like to, I do not own YGO or any of its characters. However, I do own the plot associated with the use of the YGO setting and characters. O.o That's all…

Pairings: Yugi/Yami Bakura

Notes: Hmm… I find it much easier to just call Yami Bakura, Bakura and normal Bakura, Ryou. Just like Yami Yugi is just plain Yami. O.o This is just a project I'm doing to pass time while working on my other fics because my computer previously got a virus and crashed. All my fics and the chapters associating with them were lost so I have to start over. Why not pass time working on something else?

Chapter 1: Shhh…I Won't Tell If You Won't Tell

Bakura silently untied the ropes bounding his partner's hands. It wasn't every day that his partner actually agreed to be bound while they conducted their…business. The boy frowned, poked the bruise and winced.

"You know, this is gonna be hard to cover up," he stated. "Who's not gonna notice bruises such as these?"

Bakura snorted, "Who gives a flying fuck. You're the one who agreed to it, so just wear a long-sleeved shirt." He slid on his shirt and approached the smaller boy, sadistic smirk visible. He nibbled at his ear and whispered, "You could always tell them of our little…escapades. Ne, Yugi?"

Yugi blushed brightly, "I-iie…"

Bakura chuckled and traced his finger around his lover's pelvic area. "Another go?"

Yugi shivered, shaking his head slightly. "Iie…I gotta get home or my grandfather will get worried…"

The former tomb robber growled and got up, "You've really got to make up for this."

Yugi gulped.


Yugi left Bakura and Ryou's house, turning on his link with Yami through Millennium Puzzle.

//Where are you Aibou?//

/I'm leaving Ryou-kun's house. We're study buddies for an upcoming project./

//…oh. Well, I'll see you when I get home.//

Yugi frowned. There was a 99.9% chance that Yami was out on another date with his new girlfriend, of all people, Anzu. He still couldn't believe it. Even when the former pharaoh knew that he had a secret crush on her, he still insisted on asking her out himself. So much for trusted friends. Not to mention that ever since Yami started dating Anzu, he'd had much less time for his young light. Yami and Anzu weren't the only ones. Seto and Jou had started dating, as well as Shizuka and Honda. He wasn't sure if Malik and Ryou were, but with as much time as they spend together, it was likely. So, he was left alone to confide in the 'comfort' of Bakura. If that's what you could call it. He still remembered their first sensual moment, and had the scars to show it.


/Meet with Anzu? Demo…today's my birthday…/

Yugi could hear his yami's mental sigh. //I'm sure Jou and the others will be there, but when I promised her I had forgotten what today was.//

Yugi sniffled. /Whatever./

//Yugi! Wai---// And the link was cut off.

Yugi sighed. Contrary to his yami's belief, the others weren't coming. Jou was away on vacation, Honda was out visiting relatives, Ryou was with his father for the first time in 6 months, Seto had a business meeting, and who would want to be with Bakura alone?

He grabbed his coat and ran out the door, ignoring the falling rain. He needed to think, so he let his feet carry them to where they wanted to go. This was always happening nowadays. The others never had any time for him, pouring out excuses after excuses. He doubted that they had even noticed yet. Wiping furiously at his eyes, he soon came to the front of the local park and went to sit on his favorite bench. The bench by the lake. He liked to call it his own since he was usually the only one sitting in it whenever he went to the park. Sighing, he let the rain drop on him. He'd always thought that the cool drops of rain were soothing, calming his mixed feeling down at least for the moment.

"Well if it isn't the pharaoh's light. Sitting out in the rain isn't the best way of killing yourself you know."

Yugi's eyes widened at the voice. "Bakura?! What're you doing out here?"

The former tomb robber snorted. "Ryou kicked me out to spend time with his father. Tch. Didn't have anywhere else to go."

Yugi nodded, understanding. Then, he sat silently watching the rain fall into the lake.

Bakura frowned. "Might I ask why you're sitting out here like an idiot?"

Yugi sighed. "Nothing better to do. Yami turned me down for a date with Anzu, despite knowing it's my birthday and all the others are busy…"


The smaller boy's body finally reacted to the biting cold and he unconsciously shivered. He inwardly sighed, the sound becoming deathly annoying, and got up. "I'm going back now that I've cooled off." He hesitated. "Ne…would you like to come, since you don't have anywhere else to go?"

Bakura shrugged. "Whatever."

Yugi nods and walks off, Bakura shaking his head and following. The boy was too trusting for his own good. Honestly, Bakura didn't blame the others for doubting he had changed much at all, which he had not. Now, this fairly attractive boy, who happened to be the hikari of his worse enemy, was letting him in his house? Quite careless indeed.

{{End of Flashback}}

Yugi grimaced, wondering how he could have been so stupid as to letting the twisted tomb-robber in his house.

{{Flashback again}}

Yugi opened the front door and slid in, Bakura right behind him. The house was still and quiet, considering that his Grandpa was on an expedition somewhere and Yami was off somewhere with Anzu. He huffed. Some family and friends they were. As Yugi turned on the lights, Bakura took in his surroundings and grinned.

"Grandpa is on an expedition in another country. Anyway, make yourself at home."

Bakura nodded and retracted his wet umbrella, setting it down to the side. The smaller boy's grandfather was gone…this made things much easier. There was no doubt in the tomb robber's mind as he watched Yugi take off his wet jacket and slip out of his shoes, wet clothes clinging to his skin. Tch. The boy's naivety and innocence made him a target for any sensible person's lust. Oh yes. Just the thought made Bakura shiver.

"Are you cold?" Yugi had seemingly noticed Bakura's shiver while taking off his wet socks.

Bakura snapped out of his thoughts. "Eh?"

Yugi smiled softly. "I asked if you're cold. I just saw you shiver."

"A little." Bakura replied, shrugging.

Yugi nodded and walked into the nearby kitchen. "Then I'll make us some hot chocolate. Unless you want coffee instead?"

Bakura just shrugged. "Whatever."

Yugi smiled and looked through the kitchen cabinets. "I know we have some here somewhere…ah! Here it is!" He pulled out a box of hot chocolate and proceeded in putting together their hot beverage. Humming a tune, he sets some water on the stove to boil. It was strange. He didn't quite understand why the others didn't bother giving Bakura a chance. With the way he was acting now, it seemed pretty much like the taller boy had actually changed for the better. He hadn't really heard any snide comments and it was actually comfortably silent. Yugi smiled to himself at proving Bakura to be much better than he seemed.

Bakura sat on a nearby sofa and watched as the height-challenged boy scrambled around the kitchen in his still wet clothes. He raised an eyebrow wondering why Yugi hadn't gone and changed his clothes with the possibility of him getting sick hanging by. Oh well. It wasn't anything of his concern.

Yugi returns a moment later with their drinks. "Grandpa says that coffee stunts the growth and I need as much height as I can get so…I just made some hot chocolate."

Bakura snorted. "I doubt you'll grow an inch more."

Yugi pouted. "Mou! Yami says that I'll grow in no time! Despite the fact that I've been this size for about 8 years…" he sighed. "Oh well. Ne, aren't you cold? You still have your wet clothes on."

The taller boy raises an amused eyebrow. "You're a hypocrite you know? I could say the same for you; you're soaking wet just as I am."

The younger duelist blushes and ducks his head in embarrassment. "So I am. Well, how 'bout we get out of these wet clothes."

Bakura grins sadistically. "Oh? Are you implying what I think you are?"

"Nani? I don't know what…what…oh." The reality struck. "I-iie! I was just s-saying that we should change our clothes so neither of us gets sick."

Bakura approaches Yugi slowly, smiling with his trademark devilish smile. "Ne…how about I help you out of them."

Yugi gulps. "A-a-anou…ha…ha…ha. D-demo, I can do it on my own."

The younger boy was about to run off to his room when Bakura's hand grabs his wrist, preventing him from moving any further. He turns around to face Bakura and gulps. What kind of interest would Ryou's yami have in him? It didn't make any sense…

Unless…yes. That was it.

Yugi swallowed nervously as he figured out what Bakura was trying to do. He was going to use him and take his innocence to upset Yami.

"Ba-Bakura-san…itai…you're hurting me."

Pulling Yugi closer, Bakura chuckles darkly. "Aa. I can tell. Yet…I find it quite the bit pleasing to see you wince in pain. I would like to see more," he licks the boy's neck. "Yugi, sweet little Yugi. " Yugi shivers and struggles to get Bakura to release him. "Ah, ah, ah. I don't think so. By the way," he slips a hand under Yugi's soaked shirt. "What would your yami think if I were to take you right now?" the hand slips further down and along his 'play toy's' abdomen.

"Would he hate you?"


"Would he hate me even more?"


"Would he be disgusted?"

Destination reached.

Yugi arches slightly and Bakura's skilled hand played with his now hardened member. This wasn't right. A soft moan escapes the boy's lips and he gasps sharply.

"Oh? Are you enjoying this, Yugi?"

Yugi gasps and leans onto his tormentor, shaking his head. "Iie…"

Bakura smirks and continues playing with his new toy. "Oh really?"

Yugi arches against him, barely suppressing a whimper. This wasn't right. He didn't want to do this with Bakura of all people, but he couldn't help it. Mewling in ecstasy, he releases into Bakura's hand.

The tomb robber chuckles, yet again. "I see that your body says otherwise." He pulls out his now soiled hand. "My, my Yugi-chan…what a mess you made." He licks at it, Yugi flushing in embarrassment.

"A-a-a…anou…Yami should be home in a little while. You should go…" Yugi turns away. He wanted to forget about what just happened. For some reason, it wasn't right. The boy himself never even considered himself a homosexual. He liked Anzu…so…what did that mean. 'Maybe I'm bi…'

Bakura snorts. "Leave?" He nips at the smaller boy's neck. "I'm just getting started…"

{{Flash forward}}

It was hot.

His tri-colored hair was drenched in sweat.

Sections of his body were bleeding.

Bite marks covered him.


That's what his tormentor said.

But could he call him a tormenter?

He wasn't being tormented.

His bleeding body was on fire, but it wasn't from pain.

The pain was being washed away by the pleasure.

Perhaps his yami would hate him…but would it matter?

His lips parted as he held his lover closer, fingernails raking his back.

His lover groaned and released, biting fiercely down in the crook of his neck.

He gasped as the pain took over and his eyes teared.

His lover licks the flowing blood and grins devilishly at him.

"Shhh…I won't tell if you won't tell."

{{Back to present}}

Bakura had left and Yugi had had just enough time to wash up and change his white sheets stained with blood and semen. It was no surprise that he had gotten sick the next day.

Yugi sighs and opens the front door to his home. "Tadaima!"

His grandfather stands up from his kneeling position behind the store counter. "Ookairi (sp?)!" He looks up at the clock. "You're home late today, not that it's anything new."

Yugi blushes lightly. "Aa."

He sighs. Keeping this secret wasn't going to be easy.