AN: Basically, the same until Edward left, Bella broke down but pushed through and finished high school while making friends with the wolves. She enlisted to help pay for college, spent eight years in and was part of a special forces (supernatural forces) squad.

This will be a Bella/Esme/Rosalie story.

Chapter 1

Bella hummed along to the music drifting through the speakers strategically placed around the shop. No corner was silent.

She heard the light footsteps of a supernatural creature and pushed herself out from under the car, knowing that it was probably her pack but the instinct to face them head on over riding common sense.

Her ice blue eyes met those of her Beta.

"The misuses wants you over for dinner. Says you're getting too skinny."

Bella smirked.

It was a continual joke around her pack that she was too skinny. Especially the moms in her pack seemed to be concerned with her lack of good home cooked food whenever she went more than a day without eating dinner at someone's house.

"Fine with me." She said with a laugh. "Call a meeting for tomorrow please John. I heard there's some new people in town and I want to work on a game plan."

John grinned.

"Already done. Figured we could make it a BBQ tomorrow early afternoon. I already kind of told the kids you'd stay the night." He finished with a sheepish grin.

Bella let out a light chuckle.

"No problem. I love spending time with the cubs."

He chuckled.

"And they love spending time with you. Almost done for the night?"

Bella nodded.

"Just let me finish cleaning up and we can go."

About an hour later Bella found herself parking her pick up outside of John's house. They only had to step out of the truck for both to be swarmed by cubs.

Bella fell to the ground under the weight of the kids, laughing as she did.

"Come on everyone is this any way to greet your Alpha?"

Bella was laughing too hard to glare at John, but she gave it some effort. "This is exactly how I should be greeted by the cubs."

He laughed. "Good 'cause I don't think they're going to stop unless you order then too."

Bella laughed and enjoyed the feeling of being surrounded by small warm bodies before a whistle echoed and everyone on the grass looked up to see the amused face of Zoe.

"Time to wash up. Dinner will be ready in 5."

The kids cheered and streamed towards the door, Bella watching them leave with fondness.

"You coming?" Zoe asked as the last of the kids made it through the door.

"Yes. Can't miss your cooking." Bella teased as she hugged Zoe.

"You're more than welcome to come over anytime for meals or anything else. You know that."

Bella nodded as they walked into the house. "I know."

Examining the ceiling as she lay on the couch Bella heard movement in the kitchen before Lucky appeared, munching on a pear. They relaxed in the silence for a few minutes, both lost in their own thoughts.

"Working on a game plan?"

"For the newbies? Yep. Got a feeling this will require more tactics then strategy though."

Lucky laughed. "Isn't that the norm?"

With an answering chuckle Bella nodded. "True. But this feels different. Something electric in the air almost. It… tastes… different."

Lucky straightened from her relaxed lean against the door. "That's new." A sigh and a nod were her answer. "Ok then. We'll spend time tomorrow figuring out the overall idea and enjoying time with the pack. Everything will work out."

Bella nodded. "I know. Just not sure what to expect. It makes me itch."

Lucky nodded as she made her way over and pulled Bella up from the couch. "I get it. But that shouldn't keep you from sleeping. The young ones will wear us out tomorrow."

Bella grinned. "That I'm looking forward to."

The two cleaned up before making their way back to the living room, climbing onto the futon they had pulled into a corner of the room.

They fell asleep content.