Melted icecream

Warnings/notes : Yuki/Shuichi, third pov, slight fluff

Disclaimer : I don't own Gravitation.

written at 23rd may 2003, by Misura, on a far too hot afternoon without any icecream around :-(


It was a rather warm afternoon.

Correction, Yuki reflected sourly, it is downright hot.

His workingroom felt like an oven, effectively killing any inspiration he might have had in the morning, when the temperature had been a little less high.

Staring at the screen where no new word had appeared now for the last few hours, he wondered why he was still sitting here.

It's rather senseless.

I wonder what Shuichi is doing at the moment.

He's home, I know that, but I haven't heard him for a while now.

There was a hesitant knock on his door.

Ah, there he is. I wonder what he wants.

Whatever it is, if it involves visiting a place cooler than this one, I'll agree to it.


Shuichi took one step in the room, before stepping back and making a face.

"How can you *work* in here?"

Yuki shrugged. "You get used to it."

Shuichi sighed. "Does that mean you won't go to the park with me? If I stay in this apartment one minute longer, I swear I'm going to melt."

The park .... sounds good to me. Why not?

"Well, I wouldn't want that. So yes, I will come. No harm in a little break this one time."

Shuichi beamed.


"Isn't this fun?!"

They had been in the park for about half an hour now, with Shuichi running around and looking at the animals and Yuki sauntering after him. The younger boy's usual energy seemed to have been magically restored as soon as they had arrived, to Yuki's chagrin.

It's nice to see him so lively again instead of hanging on to me, but it's getting rather tiring to have to follow him around all the time.

And this place isn't exactly cooling me down.

It's better than my apartment, but not if I have to keep up with him.

"Not really." he replied. "Why don't we find a nice, cool place to sit down for a while?"

With the emphasis on 'cool' of course. I would say there are trees enough around here for a little shade.

"What a great idea! I hadn't thought of that." Shuichi said, perfectly happy with any proposal of Yuki's that meant being near to him. "That spot looks suitable." he pointed.

"Acceptable." Yuki agreed.

"Last one there is a strawberry!" Shuich screamed, sprinting past him.

He really needn't have bothered.

Does that baka truely believes I'll go running in this kind of weather?

Or in any kind of other weather, for that matter?

Shuichi plopped down with a triumphant look on his face and happily started to make himself comfortable. As Yuki arrived he was pleased to discover that the spot Shuichi had suggested was indeed nicely shaded and hence reasonably cool.

At the moment I think there's no better place to find anywhere.

It's not perfect, but it will do.


I can't believe this!

As Yuki had made a remark on Shuichi silence the last few minutes, he had received no reply. By taking a closer look at his pink-haired lover, he had discovered him to be fast asleep.

A sleeping Shuichi was too cute even for Yuki Eiri to wake up, so he had left him in peace.

Even if it frustrated him to have to do so. Yuki enjoyed to watch Shuichi do things. Not that he would ever admit it of course, but it was true nonetheless.

Other people and objects could rarely keep his attention for long ; it was only Shuichi for whom he had this kind of fascination. Which meant that, at the moment, he was getting bored.

And warm. I bet the apartment is going to feel ten times worse now.

His eyes wandered over the park or at least the direct environment of the tree he and Shuichi were sitting under, finally spotting a possible solution for his problem.

For both of his problems actually.

An ice-cream cart.

Icecream = sweet and cold = good.

Obviously I should buy Shuichi some too, and it would be only reasonable to wake him up before it melted, to make sure he'd be able to enjoy eating it.

Briefly checking if Shuichi was indeed still asleep, Yuki set off to his destination.


Shuichi yawned and slowly opened his eyes, blinking to the bright sunlight.

Oh, I must have fallen asleep.

I wonder why Yuki hasn't woke me up.

Ah well, he was probably glad with some peace and quiet.

Or maybe he dozed off too.

Looking around, he couldn't see Yuki anywhere though. There were a lot of people gathered round an ice-cart not too far away, but aside from that there wasn't anyone near him.

I don't think Yuki would buy icecream for himself without waking me up to ask me if I wanted some too. He's not like that.

So where is he then? He can't have gone back home and left me here, can he?

Shuichi fought down the panic.

Of course not, you baka! he berated himself. He probably just left for a stroll.

After brief consideration, he decided to go and look for Yuki.

If I ask him nicely enough, maybe he'll buy me some icecream.

Yummy, that would be delicious!

Already cheered up at the prospect of a cold treat, Shuichi bounced off.