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"It's really my brother's decision," said his mother, as she shocked Adrien by gustering him to sit down and have dinner with them. "I myself have no problem with having you in my house. But it's really my brother who decides the finances of the house."

She then to Adrien. "I really need to know how vague your situation is. I won't rush you"


"...My father did a lot of bad things. My whole life and the brand is gone," said Adrien.

"Oh...well then." She said. "Well, can you provide me with a list of what you usually do so I can discuss it with my brother?" seeing her eldest face, she wondered what in the world happened, but she wasn't going to press it.

Adrien nodded.

And then took another bite.

"I can't believe I'm having burgers, fries and Pizza," said Adrien, such flavour for something so cheap.

His bodyguard won't let him go near the stuff.

They all looked at him really enjoying it.

Nino mother, honestly wondered if her son's frustration was a teen thing or if it really was that bad for the supermodel.

What kind of 14 year old has never ate at least one fry before?

Later, she called Johnny up.

Johnny had seen a system quest.

"Adrien Agreste? Something happened to his dad and he needs a completely new rehoming?" Said Johnny, he never thought she would say such a thing to him.

After all, this sort of scenario would not have happened if he wasn't in the picture.

He said. "Alright. I'll put him on the phone plan, please ask him what activities he wants to keep and if he still wants his bodyguard around"

If what Nino said was true then Adrien bodyguard cared enough to allow Adrien to have a party behind his controlling employers back.

Adrien was asked and then spent an hour, crossing out what he loathed and felt like he was being set free with each cross.

Johnny received Adrien bodyguard old contract from the man himself since Adrien called the man about a new job employed by the Lahiffe family who can definitely pay him.

Using the system, he revised the thing quickly and sent it back to the man.

Before the man was making 70K a year with barely any holidays and ungodly hours.

He tweaked it.

The man was stunned when he received the contract back and called him directly, Johnny introduced himself to the man.

"Hello, I am Johnny Maxwell, Ceo and founder of Maxwell Music and the owner of the new Maxwell Hotel. Does the movie Hairspray ring a bell to you?" he said, as he can feel the man's eyes widening. "My eldest nephew Nino has told me about how much you care for his friend."

He enjoyed the man absolutely shocked silence, as he found out who Nino Uncle was.

Yes, he was well aware that his value as a person was going on, the show 'Suite Life of Zack and Cody' had just debuted and was already going viral.

He said. "Very few know of my relation to the Lahiffe family. I am willing to offer you 300K per year to not just protect Adrien. The rules will be far less strict, you will be given your own apartment so that you can leave for the day like most of the staff and you will be entitled to 10 days per month of"


He said. "So, will you be willing to work for somebody who knows how to treat people right?"

And the man agreed.

The man was let into the Lahiffe mansion the next morning and was shocked by the lively place and his lively new colleagues.

Meanwhile, Adrien was discovered being able to have cereal meet his tastebuds and that the kitchen would actually allow him to take chocolate chip cookies to school.

Nino knew he confused everybody by walking out of a car with Adrien behind him.

However, the look on his face, told everybody that they shouldn't ask about what happened yesterday.

However, by Lunch, his girlfriend had squeezed something out of him.

"What!? Adrien has moved in with you?" She said he covered her mouth because she was getting too loud.

He said. "Not too loud."

"Nino, I deserve to shout," said Alya. "Adrien has moved in with you. What the hell happened to his dad? Is he in a coma or something?"

He said. "I wish"

She was stunned.

He said. "Adrien father is in jail"

Alya's mouth was open.

He said. "Adrien dad is a huge time criminal and he got caught. Everybody is going to know what Adrien dad has been doing and it's bad. Really bad. This isn't just a petty thing, his crime is more than big enough to shake Paris. The Agreste name is done"

And Alya was speechless.

But she couldn't doubt her own boyfriend.

But why would Adrien dad turn to serious crime when he was the only parent Adrien had and he was millionaire through hard work?

She didn't understand why he would risk putting his own son in an orphanage, foster care or in a relative's house when he was healthy and strong.

And you could tell with Adrien today, that he wanted to pretend that nothing was wrong, he didn't want to hear his dad name at all.

He wanted things to be normal.

But it wasn't normal, and what was worse was that the media was hyping up some massive news at dinner time the same day when Paris was eating and comfortable.

They switched the channel, however, Adrien couldn't run from this.

The news made sure to go all out for this, there were posters, posts on social media, advertisements online.

Even the servants were talking about it.

Adrien could only lock himself in his room while Paris was told what his dad did.

He saved himself from how brutal it was.

And it was brutal.

"You have been waiting for days and now here it is," said Nadja Chamack. "The Mayor, the Police and the hacker who exposed Chloe Bourgeois has finally found out who the villain Hawk Moth and Mayura is. Both of them are currently in custody right now."


And then uproar, the whole of Paris went into an uproar.

The world had been waiting for so long, Paris had been terrorised for so long.

They finally knew who they were!?

She said. "We have gained permission to reveal to the public their identities" then she took a deep breath and said. "Hawk Moth is...World-class Fashion designer Gabriel Agreste"

Dead silence.


She said. "Mayura, a villain who came in later is Nathalie Sancoeur. Gabriel Agreste personal assistant"

And both of their images appeared side by side, with the villain images.

It was an 'oh my god' moment for Paris.

She said. "Ever since Chloe Bourgeois exposed what used to be a growing team of superheroes. Paris knows, that people transform using items called a Miraculous. The Moth Miraculous and the Peacock Miraculous was found in the Agreste Mansion after the raid on the home"

She showed images of both miraculous's.

She said. "We were also given exclusive footage that was ripped from the Agreste security camera of both of them transforming. Let's take a look"

And then she showed Paris clear proof of both of them using it, who knew the camera from the basement would be so damning?

For 15 straight minutes, Paris saw what went on in that basement and Gabriel talking to his victims.

They even showed him, Akumatising himself.

The whole of Paris was silent.

She said. "Apparently what tipped the Hacker off, was Gabriel Agreste illegal data collection of his son's classmates. One was important enough to be on the VIP Future Watch list, which has especially made this activity even more illegal thanks to a law that was passed to protect those on that list"

More silence.

She said. "Currently both of them are in a holding cell where they're under intense interrogation and are waiting to hear their court date. Because of Hawk Moth international crimes in New York and towards Prince Ali, his court date would be later than his assistants because of its length."

Before she said. "As of now, Gabriel Agreste only child Adrien Agreste has moved in with a trusted friend who is also apart of the Foster care system so he can continue studying in Paris."

More silence.

She said. "I do not know why Gabriel Agreste and his assistant turned to a life of crime. I'm not going to pretend to understand what a man who had it all could gain by threatening the world with World War 3. But what they both did was unforgivable. They took advantage of what made us all human and brought out the worst in all of us. They took advantage of me and my own daughter"

She then said. "And then to our face, they milked our wallets dry. Both of them played us like fools. While they terrorised us, we devoted our pay and allowance to their product. We paid millions to have Gabriel stores open and we rented out the best places so that he can display his work. We sang his praises and took their money. Not knowing that they were the ones who hurt us and the people we love. For how long have both of them been laughing at us in the Agreste mansion?"

There was a pause.

She said. "I feel hurt, betrayed and used. I and my daughter are currently in therapy because of them. No words can make what they did to me and my daughter okay. And what is currently in Paris are stores that were made from a man who took advantage of emotions, who tried to harm a prince from another country and who almost succeeded in launching Missles all over the world. If it wasn't for Ladybug and Cat Noir, how many of us and our loved ones will be dead right now? This is why I will never forgive the both of them"

She said. " And if after learning who your favourite fashion designer truly is, and you still want to shop Gabriel, then your the reason why both of them felt so comfortable making sure you spend your life living in fear"

More silence.

She said. "I will be following this story closely just so I can see them face justice. The Gabriel Brand may have been built on trust and fashion appeal but it has long since been poisoned and I consider it now, Paris biggest shame. We can only hope, that his son is nothing like his father"

And there it was.

The Gabriel brand death sentence.

And the worst part is, the person who would feel the opinion shift in the public the most weren't the people who committed the crimes, they were peaceful behind jail bars.

No, the person who would feel it the most was Adrien.

Adrien would feel it nationally and internationally.

The son of Hawk Moth.

However, the world and Adrien were about to find out, the Lahiffe family had a VERY special connection.

Johnny Maxwell prepped for Rich people Cuban war.