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"Okay, everyone pack your bags, we're going to the Underworld!"

"We're all going?" Xenovia asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow as she noticed that he was in the middle of packing away everything by the time they returned from shopping. They entered the room, and she noticed that all of the monsters had been placed into storage jars that had them shrunken down. The only monsters not sealed away at the moment for travel were Sly and Excalibur Tura, since Irina owned that monster.

Though, still very much incomplete due to the fact it had 1 more sword to eat before it attained it's true form.

"Well yeah, I've gotten everything I can realistically get from Kuoh, so it's time to go to where the materials are rich." Naruto didn't have much else he could get from Kuoh as it stood. There was Koneko here, but he was sure that the monsters he was leaving behind for her would be enough to satisfy her sluttiness, and even if it wasn't, he was sure that she would just add more members to her harem until she was sated.

Such was the path of the slut.

The never ending hunger for physical, raw pleasure that was just as addicting as any drug. He should feel guilty for putting her on this path, but he didn't feel any guilt over it.

"So, what happens to this place?" Xenovia asked as she pat the wall.

"Don't care."

"That's about right." Asia remembered when he burnt down the apartment building they stayed at last time. Only this time instead of staying on Earth, they were going to the Underworld for their next temporary (but hopefully permanent) home. "So what about the egg?" Asia asked, since she was still waitng for the egg to hatch into a monster.

Travel didn't seem great for the egg, but then again a monster egg should be fine with some harsh travel on it.

"We're taking a train, so everything will be fine."

-5 Hours Later-

"Everything will be fine."

"I know, that is what I said." Naruto stated as a man held a gun to his forehead, a Stray Devil that had a special gun. Naruto was still very calm though as the train they were on got hijacked by a few stray devils.

"You're the Monster Master... we've got a list of monsters we demand you make for us."

He lost his head when Irina cut it off, one of Excalibur Tura's tentacles turning into a blade for her to wield as another tentacle went deep inside of her to connect with her inner light. A second blade transformed out of a tentacle, and in a flash of speed, Irina beheaded 2 other strays shortly after beheading the first one.

"Wait Irina, I want to hear them out... what kind of monster?" Naruto asked the two remaining members of the group that was trying to 'negotiate' with him.

"To kill-"

Irina cut his head off, and pointed both of the tentacle swords at the last man's neck as he shivered, realizing that something was extremely bad about his current situation. Irina had bloodlust in her eyes, and was only held back by Naruto's apparent uncaring attitude towards what was happening.

"You didn't need to kill them Irina, you can throw this guy out the window... so Asia, you like the view?" Naruto asked, since Asia was purposely looking away from the disappearing corpses, and taking in the view of the Underworld.

It looked just like the human realm.

Only, there were a ton of lakes, but no visible oceans. It was very beautiful, and the cities they passed by had a very victorian style to them. It was a mix between modern as well, but overall everything seemed like it was both 50 years into the past, and in the modern era with how many devils were driving modern sports cars. It was a unique thing to see for sure, and he smiled to see how much-

The last stray devil went flying passed them as he got thrown out the window.

-Asia was enjoying the view itself. Naruto looked at Irina and Xenovia, since the two of them had been responsible for throwing the man out of the moving train. He shrugged his shoulders, with Asia turning around and leaning into his side.

"So, Narutoland is a giant... sex park." Xenovia sat across from Naruto now that things had calmed down.


"I see... and you've been planning this for how long now?" Xenovia questioned him when she saw Irina lean into Naruto's other side. They were going to be meeting up with Ravel when they got to their destination, so at the moment it was just humans among their group. "You know what, nevermind." Xenovia didn't care how long he had been planning it, but she was going to help out whatever way possible.

His smile showed that this was something that he had no been planning long, but still had a passion for.

"I expected hell to have more... fire and brimstone." Asia changed the subject.

"Apparently this is the Underworld, it IS Hell, but Hell itself is deeper down on the different levels. Human souls aren't here, this is land for the demons themselves." Naruto explained, since he had thought about that as well when he first got here. He would have wanted to search the souls of the damned for his parent's souls, but he didn't have clearance to go into Hell since he was indeed a human. "I want to go get some big old puppy DNA." Naruto said as he thought about the gatekeepers of the gates of hell.

The egg in the seat next to Asia cracked.

Before any of them could react in anyway, they jumped in shock when the eggshell suddenly burst and revealed the small monster that had been inside. He was curled up into a small ball that was covered in feathers.

"Oooooooh." Xenovia observed the monster with a curious eye.

"He's adora-" Irina stopped when the monster came out of it's feathered ball and showed off that his body was larger than they originally. His body was somewhat smaller than other monsters that Naruto made, but he had the body of about a 15 year old.

15 year old and small, lightweight frame with his thighs feathered and legs shaped like that of a bird. He had 2 sets of wings, one coming from his back, and 1 set of wings that replaced his arms. His hair was mixed with feathers, with the feathers being white and the hair color being blond. He had a bird's tail feahers in a rainbow of colors. His youthful appearance was betrayed by the cock that stood proudly on display.

"He's adorable." Asia continued the statement, and it was true.

He was a beautiful young man in appearance, with moon-like skin and crystal clear green eyes. He was a stunningly pretty monster.


He went over to Naruto and jumped into his lap, showing an uncanny flexibility as he made himself appear smaller as he curled up into a semi-ball using his wings to surround himself. He nuzzled up to his creator and made cooing sounds.

"Cucookie it is then... well then... and he's smaller, pretty, and very flexible... these feet... gonna have to dull the claws a little." Naruto saw how sharp the claws were. They could hurt a person during sex if they didn't get properly dulled down in sharpness. This was a monster that was going to need regular maintenence if it was going to be a pure sexual monster. "Lets see, I'm worried about him having low sexual stamina, but this is a good size... decent girth, and I bet he can reach pretty deep with that flexibility." Naruto looked all over his body and judged the newly awakened monster.

The monster just nuzzled into his chest and made himself comfortable.

Naruto plucked a couple of feathers from the new monster, before he picked him up and stood up. The train started to slow down, showing that they were getting close to their destination.

"Wow, he looks light!" Irina spoke with a wide smile.

"He's got to be to fly, hollow bones, and his body is very soft... but feel his chest muscles." Naruto stated as he held the unspeaking monster out.


"When he flies, he hardens his muscles to make them stiff and unmoving, he doesn't truly fly, but he uses his stiff body to glide, and he uses his second pair of wings to gain altitude and stabilize himself while he carries stuff." Naruto had designed this monster for great speed and mobility. Naruto showed off the bottom of his clawed feet, and showed that they were lobed. "His body is extremely light, and his feet are designed to run on water. He might be capable of flight, but he is designed to be a land mammal as well." Naruto grinned at the created monster.

"How fast can he run?"

"I designed him to be capable of speeds exceeding twice the speed of a cheetah. His second pair of wings allow him to make sharp turns while running as well... he's a predator monster who eats meat, fucks girls, and then runs away before anyone can catch him." Naruto playfully tossed his monster up and down.

He wasn't capable of speaking just yet, but he was an intelligent type of monster. He had little attack power, and his sexual skills had yet to be tested since he was still very new.

"Too bad Koneko isn't here, she could help us figure out this monster's limits."

"Koneko likes dick, so she is the worst to give a truly unbiased review of a monster's talents. She would give everything a 9 out of 10 at this point. That is why you three are going to each take a turn and give me your impressions. Also, I will need to make at least 2 more of him since this guy belongs to Asia." Naruto passed the monster over to Asia.

Even SHE was able to easily hold up up off of the ground, his weight was heavier to her than he was to Naruto, but even with her meager strength she could easily hold this fluffy monster up. She was a little surprised by that fact, but she could feel how soft the monster's body was. Even the fleshy parts felt soft to the touch, but she knew that the muscles could harden up since she believed Naruto's statement.

"He's soft... and he smells like... chocolate."

"He smells like chocolate?" Naruto was confused, since he didn't design that. He leaned down and sniffed his monster's wings, before he pulled back with some surprise. "He does smell like chocolate, guess that is just a strange coincidence then. Must be a self-defense system to make it harder for stuff to detect him as a threat, and instead detect him as a sweet plant... since most predator animals don't go after sweets." Naruto tried to guess why it gave off such a smell.

Not that it mattered, the scent of chocolate was just a nice added bonus to the monster's existence.

"Might I pay you a visit?"

"Come on in Loki." Naruto saw a heavily bandaged up Loki. "You escaped."

"Barely, after I was defeated, I snuck away while leaking a clone of myself behind. Took me awhile to heal up to even this amount. You were right, I lost... oh well." Loki had boarded the train when those stray devils had, and now that it was time to get off the train he was happy to reveal himself. Asia just tilted her head in confusion at who Naruto was speaking to.

Irina just did not care about other gods, while Xenovia got up and started to study the notes that Naruto had given her.

"So, Narutoland huh?" Loki asked Naruto with a wide and interested grin.


"You're not allowed to get involved, this isn't a prank... oh?" Naruto asked as he was given a vial that contained a lot of dragon scales inside of it. Loki walked off of the train with a wave of his hand back at Naruto.

"Lets just say, that I'm going back to the drawing board for my next bit of chaos... until then, I'm curious what you can do with those scales. They might be a serpant or a dragon... I won't tell you." Loki stated with a grin. "Those scales are very important, so try not to waste them. Whatever you make with them is sure to be chaotic enough to amuse me." Loki announced with a loud laugh.


Ravel was shocked to see Loki walking off the train, since the battle to save the world from his schemes had just finished not to long ago. She arrived and started to look between him and Naruto with a confused, alarmed gaze that spoke that she had no clue what was going on.

"Don't worry about him Ravel." Naruto waved a hand as Loki teleported himself away.

"Should I worry about this one?" Ravel asked as she changed the target of her vision and gazed right at the monster that Asia was holding.

It was a bird-type.

"Not you, not since I still need YOU to be a virgin... so you're going to remain safe as long as possible." Naruto had no desire to ruin his supply of virgin material. "By the way, long story short, how would you feel about helping out with the creation of Narutoland."

"This is a sex theme park isn't it."


"It is, and I'm fine with that." Ravel had red cheeks when she realized that she was going to have to see a whole lot of stuff that most people he age would never see in their entire lives. Something that might change for her species in the near future with the coming of this park.

She wondered what she could do to help though.

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