Taste of oblivion

Warnings/notes : Trowa/Quatre, Treize/Wufei and Heero/Duo in background, third pov, non-episode oriented fic.

Disclaimer : I don't own Gundam Wing.

written at 18th may 2003, by Misura


Trowa looked at Quatre. And sighed.

Quatre looked at Trowa. And sighed.

Duo watched this going on for about two hours. And sighed.

Really, how can two people be so oblivious?

They're crazy about eachother, but instead of trying to get together, they just keep dreaming.

Even Heero remarked on it yesterday, and Heero's definitely not the first person to notice a crush.

Took him long enough to figure *me* out after all.

"I'm going out." Wufei said, rising from his seat.

"Whereto?" Duo asked curiously.

The lovebirds probably got on his nerves a little too much.

Can't say I blame him.

If there would be anything interesting to do around here, I'd be out of here too.

"None of your business, Maxwell." Wufei regarded him coolly. "I doubt if you're interested."

"You 'doubt' it, eh? Well, Wu-man, why don't you try me?" Duo grinned.

It's fun to poke at him a bit ; he's such an easy target.

"I go alone." Before Duo could protest, the Chinese pilot was gone.

Well, gee, that guy's just no fun!

"Are you two going to do anything at all today?" he demanded, glaring at Trowa and Quatre.

"Huh? Oh no, I think I still have some work to do on some reports." Quatre replied vaguely.

Trowa merely shook his head.

Great. Why does Heero always have to go on a one-man mission when we're stuck in a place like this?

Maybe I could track down Wufei, to see what he's up to.

It's better than staying here.

And it just might keep me busy for the afternoon.

He grabbed his jacket, whistling a soft melody. Maybe this afternoon wouldn't be as boring as he had feared after all.

Who knows, maybe he's meeting a girl?

Wufei having a girlfriend? Oh, dream on, Maxwell.

He grinned at the thought.


"Really, dragon, the things I put up with for your sake." Treize sighed as he sipped his coffee.

He and Wufei were sitting in the only cafe in town. To prevent from being recognized, Treize had picked a table in a shadowed corner. Wufei couldn't say he minded.

Considering how likely it is Maxwell will go wandering around, it's much better this way.

And I know what Treize looks like already ; I don't *have* to see him all the time.

"It's not *that* bad." Wufei grunted.

"I'm used to better." Treize replied with a self-conscious smile.

"You're spoilt." Wufei allowed himself a small grin. "And soft."

"Oh, definitely." Treize agreed easily. "I'm very lucky to have you."

Wufei raised an eyebrow. Words of affection were pretty rare coming from his lover's lips, at least when they weren't in complete privacy.

"How so?"

"Why, so you can keep me in shape and humble of course. What did you think I meant?" Treize smirked, making Wufei wonder again why he didn't mind the other man's teasing nearly as much as Duo's.

Perhaps it's because I know how good he is with his blade.

Maxwell may be the God of Death, and able to hold his own in a fight, I doubt if he'd know what to do with a katana.

"Never mind." Wufei mumbled, causing Treize to smile again.

Or maybe it's because I like to see him smiling.


"Man, this place is just so *boring.* Duo muttered as he sauntered down the main-street.

There were a few shops, selling things like groceries, sewing-equipment and gardening tools.

He had checked them all, though he hadn't really expected to find Wufei in any of those shops.

Somehow he doesn't strike me as the type for knitting or growing his own food. Besides we don't even have a garden with our house.

Now, if there was a book-shop around here ... he was a scholar once after all.

He halted in front of the town's - one and only - cafe. Duo had visited it only once, staying just long enough to discover the place was as boring as the rest of town.

When Duo drunk, he wanted company, people to talk to.

Heero agreed to come along for that on occasion, but Heero was gone now, so Duo hadn't even considered paying another visit.

But I'm thirsty.

And Quatre always gives me such a look when I drink anything with alcohol in it when he sees.

Like I've deeply hurt his trust in me.

Who knows, maybe I'll meet someone interesting.

Not everyone in this town can be a total bore after all.