Taste of oblivion

Warnings/notes : Trowa/Quatre, Treize/Wufei and Heero/Duo in background, third pov, non-episode oriented fic, ooc Heero, major overly romantic stuff

Disclaimer : I don't own Gundam Wing.

written at 17th june 2003, by Misura


Treize looked up with a smile as the human whirlwind commonly known as Duo Maxwell stormed into the cafe, followed by a rather sulky looking Wufei. He wondered what had caused his lover to be so downcast, since Duo's behavior seemed to indicate the two had been successful in accomplishing their goal.

After getting their drinks, the two pilots walked over to Treize's table in the same dark corner where Duo had found him and Wufei not so many days ago. Thus, the braided american failed to notice the second person, whose face was hidden by the shadows.

"Mission accomplished." Duo declared with a wide grin as he plopped down.

Wufei nodded, wanting to take the seat next to Treize but finding it already occupied. He narrowed his eyes. "Who is this?" he demanded of the OZ-general.

Treize nearly flinched at the sharp edge and suspicion in his lover's voice. Wufei sounded as if he still didn't trust him, still considered Treize capable of betraying him. It hurt.

"Don't be so lightly offended, Wufei." The mysterious person replied calmly as he rose and stepped towards Duo. "And don't steal my lines, braided baka."

"H-heero? But I thought you - "

Treize smiled. "The mission went a bit more supple than expected."

Heero turned his cold gaze to the general. "Don't think I won't kill you because you have helped me once. I will, one day."

Wufei opened his mouth, only to be interrupted by Heero.

"If you ever harm Wufei or any of the other pilots, I will put an end to your life."

Treize managed to keep his smile. "Should I ever commit an act of harm against the person I love with all my heart, I would have no other wish but to die."

"Oh, stop the scowling, you two! No one's going to kill anyone! You're back ; Quatre and Trowa are together, so let's have a party!" Duo glomped Heero, who smiled unwillingly.

"I have missed you." he whispered, too soft to be heard by anyone else.

Treize and Wufei exchanged an amused look.


"Would you like to go and have a drink?" Quatre proposed, pointing to the little cafe.

"It would be nice to sit down for a while." Trowa replied. He had bruised his ankle on the way down, though he was easily able to walk.

"I hope they're open at this time of day." Quatre walked up to the door, peeking inside through the glass. As he saw who were inside he gasped.

"Quatre? Is something wrong?" Trowa asked worriedly.

"You *have* to see this, Trowa-chan."


Heero disentangled himself from Duo and rose.

"Excuse me for a moment."

Duo blinked. "Huh? Where are you going? Heero?"

There was no reply.

"I'm sure he has a good reason for disappearing like that, Duo." Treize said, noticing the hurt look on the braided pilot's face.

"Yeah, sure. Doesn't he always?" Duo sighed, comforting himself with another sip from his beer.


"You know, you could get a much better view if you went inside."

Quatre spun around, his cheeks red with embarrassment, while Trowa instinctively took a defensive stance. Both pilots' eyes widened as they recognized the speaker.


"Indeed. Now, will you go in on your own, or do I have to drag you?"


That evening all pilots and Treize were gathered in the livingroom of the safehouse. Quatre and Wufei had prepared dinner for everyone to celebrate both Quatre and Trowa finally getting together and Heero's safe return.

Now it was time for a toast and somehow Duo had ended up being the one to make it.

"Now, normally I would toast to the death and destruction of OZ, but considering the present company ... " everyone looked at Treize, who merely smiled and nodded, while Wufei gave Duo a glare that promised instant death if he would dare to say what he had just mentioned " ... I will refrain from that now."

"Instead, I would like to propose a toast to the one force that rules our universe." He raised his glass, bitterly wondering why the red liquid reminded him of blood so much.

"To love."

Quatre beamed and nodded, sipping from his glass of grape-juice, while Trowa, Wufei and Treize echoed Duo's words. Heero frowned and wondered when Duo had started to resemble Relena so much all of a sudden. He decided to refrain from any action for now, but swore he would act as soon as his lover started to wear pink.