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Series 3, Episode 1, pt 1 ~ House of Arrivals

For the first time since the Rutter twins could remember they were going back to Amun Academy not sleep deprived, not covered in sand or dirt from that week's dig, and they themselves were driving to school in their car.

They both knew that in its self was a huge deal, and they both knew they were only being allowed to bring their light blue 1969 Chevy Camaro Convertible – aka Camilla's baby, a gift from their Uncle Jasper and Uncle Abe – because their parents had donated a little more money than normal that year.

(The twins had resorted to a coin flip, after being told they were only allowed to bring one of their cars. Camilla won - so that's why they were in her car not Fabians 1954 Bentley R-type Continental (one only 208 ever made).)

"I can't believe you are still editing that bloody manuscript. I know you're getting a writing credit but for the love of Thoth it's been all bloody summer Fabby," Camilla teased her brother who was currently slumped in the passenger seat of the car, his hood up as he tried to focus on a thick manuscript in his hands. Camilla didn't need to glance towards her brother to see the red pen corrections and edits all over the pages in the messy scrawl that was his handwriting.

Camilla was wearing an identical hoodie as her brother, though in a large size so it could be a dress and with her shorts on it pretty much looked like it was. As she focused on the twisting country road, she couldn't help but play with one of the tassels of her hoodie's hood; their Uncle Abe as a joke had created jumpers for the dig he was leading. Both twins had agreed to help him out that summer, and both getting the nicknames Trench Gremlin 1 and 2 within a day of being on site by a couple of the older crew who had worked with the twins before, thus that had been printed on to their black hoodies, emblazoned on the back of them in golden writing, not that either of them minded.

The dig got them both out of flying all around the world with their parents, schmoozing investors for future projects that the two older Rutter's wanted to do.

Camilla was extra grateful of their uncles offer to come work with his team because ever since her mother had turned up at the end of term last year to help out with John Clarke's prison case and celebrate the end of the Treasures of Egypt exhibition she had been trying to bond with Camilla. Which normally Camilla would have been happy to celebrate if bonding meant them doing mother daughter things, not just her mother trying to parade her around and dress her up for future Lords and billionaires.

Camilla was a fashionable girl, she knew that after living with Amber, but her sense of style and what her mother wanted her style to be was very, very, very different.

So, the moment Uncle Abe reached out to her she was on the first first-class flight to Cairo money could buy so she could join Fabian and him to muck in on the work.

Abe Rutter had kept in mind the twin's school start date and sent them home almost a whole week before term started resulting in the twins having Rutter Manor all to themselves for an entire week. A rarity because the twins were always either at school or Egypt.

"I promised Uncle Abe I'd get my chapters done by the end of the week, Cam," Fabian mumbled from beside Camilla, having given up commenting on her wild driving almost 2 hours ago. With magic, he swore she had only gotten worse but the only blessing he had was he knew Camilla would never let harm come to him – though scaring him to death constantly seemed to be a very amusing past time of her's these days (yes he was still scarred from her driving their family's Land Rover at 140 Miles per hour in the desert all summer).

Camilla bit her lip as she glanced at her brother with a concerned look. She knew Fabian was using the manuscript as a way to deflect from the thing that was really worrying him.

Nina Martin.

The girl had all but gone MIA on him towards the end of the summer.

Of course, Camilla knew why but her Chosen One had made her swear not to say anything to Fabian. Nina promising that Eddie was coming back to the UK with a letter explaining everything to Fabian and the Sibuna's.

Camilla, of course, thought this was completely stupid but both Chosen One and Osirian were against her on this so Isis's Protector and future Mage had to simply grit her teeth and pretend to not know why the American wasn't talking to the boy. It was killing her inside to do so and she was going to force Eddie to give Fabian the letter as soon as possible, otherwise, something very bad might happen to his coveted imported hot sauce.

Though Fabian wasn't the only Rutter having relationship issues... though she didn't know if what she and Jerome had counted as a relationship?

Did one kiss and a conversation to saying they'd explore them as a couple once they got back to school? Did that count as a relationship?

Camilla wasn't sure. Relationships and boys were more Amber's expertise than her's and even then, the blonde goddess had no idea what Jerome meant either.

Everything was fine, they talked and face-timed loads at the start of summer and then suddenly Jerome started to make more and more excuses not to talk until...

Well, let's just say Camilla was looking forward to talking to Jerome to understand what the hell had happened.

Thanks to that Fabian and Camilla had been in the same boat and the two were closer than ever thanks to them bonding over that experience.

They also had been awarded an award for their work the summer before with their father; as something the duo had found by accident had opened up the work that their Uncle Abe was doing onto the wife of Ramses 11, Nefetari Meritmut – the twins had found proof that she was the first of the Great Royal wife's and that she could possibly be the one who had a line with the great Pharaoh that linked back to modern-day. Though most people found that half of Johnathan Rutter's research as reaching for the idea he had been looking into for most of his career.

The award was a nice distraction for the pair but it didn't stop the hurt in their heart's both of them were hoping would be healed at Amun Academy.

The twins had expected the dirty looks and eye rolls thrown their way as Camilla skilfully parked her car into their Father's designated parking spot in the car park at the school next to the Millington Parking spot, where a large car with darkened out windows was currently parked.

The Rutter family spot was normally empty 99% of the time but it was now Camilla's car's new home for the year.

Students weren't normally allowed their cars but some seniors had been allowed them in the past; as Camilla and Fabian wherein their second to last year, no one was too surprised to see that their parents had added funding so the two could have that same special treatment.

Camilla got out the car at the same time as Fabian, who stuffed the manuscript he was editing into his bag before he slammed shut the car door, causing Camilla to shoot him a dirty look. He had to be more careful with her baby.

"Have you read any of the recent articles about Dad becoming slightly too obsessed with Ramses the 11 and his modern day 'descendants'," Fabian asked his sister trying to distract her from the fact he had slammed shut the car door (Camilla was rather protective over her baby), expecting the snort she gave him as a response to his question – of course she hadnt why would she read the archaeologist blogs that's why she had a Fabian –, "Seriously Cam, it's starting to worry some people, with the stuff he is talking about."

"It's dad Fabian, we both know he'll harper on about it for at least another funded dig or two and then he'll find a shard of some pot from 'the actual library of Alexandra' and move the hell on to that obsession for a few years."

Fabian looked at her over the car roof the worry about their father and his and the family's reputation clearly etched on his face.

Camilla gave him an exasperated look, "He was like this with Khufu and the great pyramid of Giza remember, talking of magic, Mage's and Magicians."

"But Cam we know some of that to be true." Fabian countered as the twins met each other at the end of the car.

"Yeah... we know," Camila gestured between herself and Fabian before she leant on the boot of her car arms crossing, "but dad and the real world doesn't."

At that exact moment a taxi pulled up in the middle of the carpark/main entrance to the school, stopping the twins conversation before it could become a full-blown argument (Fabian was really worried about his dad seeing the magic Camilla could do one day and didn't appreciate Camilla blasé attitude to the whole situation, especially when she had become so relaxed with when she used magic outside school).

The twins turned in sync, curiosity flooding their features as they turned to see who was inside the car.

Normally taxies on the first day of classes brought students straight to their boarding houses so the fact the taxi stopped in front of them meant that the student inside had asked the taxi to stop.

Camilla push off the boot of her car as the taxi door swung open to reveal the grinning face of one Edison Miller.

"Hey, dude!" Eddie beamed at Fabian, clearly having spotted him first.

Fabian grinned at his roommate rushing forward in a slightly confused way so they could do a weird bro hug.

"You're not Nina..." Fabian joked as the stepped back, glancing in the taxi causing Eddie to fake offence at his words.

"Yeah, not last time I checked," he jested before he looked over Fabians shoulder and grinned as he saw the girl behind him, "She-Nerd!"

"Jerk-face!" Camilla burst out laughing and stepped forward to give Eddie an enthusiastic hug, the boy lifting her from the ground. The two had bonded a lot over the summer and honestly seeing Eddie felt like Camilla had gained her second brother back in her life again.

"You haven't told him?" Eddie whispered to her as he placed her back down.

Camilla looked at him scathingly before hissing back, "I'm not doing your dirty work for you."

Eddie gave her a frustrated look, but as she stepped back into her place to the right of Fabian the smile on his face was cheerful once again. He turned to see his dad paying the driver as Fabian murmured something about getting the twins suitcases out from their car.

The one thing about being home for a week meant that Camilla had time to properly pack for school for the first time in a long time.

After 2 years of living with Amber the girl had a very good sense of fashion now and had managed to pack twice as much as she normally would have for school. It was safe to say, Amber Millington was going to have a fun year with all the clothes Camilla was bringing with her to make Millington approved outfits out of.

"Dad!" Eddie seemed surprised as his dad looked up to greet him. Mr Sweet stepped forward and the two had an awkward hug as Eddie's taxi drove away. The Father/Son thing was new to them both but the twins couldn't help but smile at them both. Camilla was particularly happy to see them both trying after a year of encouraging the boy to try to give his dad a chance.

"What is in this thing?!" Fabian's groan caused Camilla to turn around to see him picking up her weathered and well-loved rucksack (the twin to his one that they normally brought to digs with them – the same pair that had been used to fool the Rufus into thinking Patricia had the pieces of Ankh two long Sibuna years ago), before almost dropping her bag to the ground as he lifted the two bags that were sat on top of their cases in the boot of the car.

Camilla quickly grabbed it from him and swung it onto her shoulder with such ease Fabian couldn't help but look at her stunned she didn't topple over with the weight of it, "it's my magic bag now Fabian," Camilla hissed softly, causing the stunned look to turn into an eye roll.

Camilla had spent all of the summer working on odd potions and spells, resulting in Fabian almost becoming oblivious to what normally would be strange to any another person. Though he had come to appreciate the Electromagnetic charge spell she had actually created towards the end of the hols, getting your sister to charge your phone to 100% with nothing more than a mumble of a spell as she held onto the phone made life a little easier - especially in the middle of the desert - and he was sure it come in handing at school too.

"Good to have you back son," the twins heard Mr Sweet say to Eddie, as they unloaded their car. "Nose clean this term Edison..."

Camilla turned around to look at Mr Sweet with a knowing smirk creeping onto her face, the man opened his mouth as he caught her eye to give her the same warning but closed it again with a defeated sigh turning to walk away and greet students instead. Camilla had been causing trouble at Anum Academy since she was 11 years old, there was no point in giving her a warning she was just going to ignore anyway.

"Call me Eddie and I'll consider it!" Eddie called after his father who simply ignored him as he walked away from the group of teenagers. "How come you didn't get told off, Cam? You make more trouble than me." Eddie asked as he turned to look at Camilla who smiled innocently at him.

"Me? What trouble have I ever caused at school? I'm a perfect angel," Camilla retorted sweetly causing both boys to laugh heartedly.

"So, have you seen Nina?" Fabian asked as Eddie moved forward to help him with getting the larger of Camilla's dark blue cases that he was struggling to get out of the car.

Eddie glanced at Camilla who for some reason was way too busy looking inside her rucksack to look back at him, "What?" he said deciding to play dumb to Fabian's questions getting the smallest smirk from Camilla telling him she was indeed listening in.

"At the airport?" Fabian prompted.

"Oh, Dude you gotta play it cool," Eddie told his roommate, causing Fabian to scoff as Camilla had been telling him that exact thing all summer.

After Jerome had stopped talking to her, yes, she had resorted to ice cream and Gary the Goat cuddles but she didn't text him 16 times a day. Fabian however, whilst joining in with the ice cream eating and cuddles of their favourite goat, was that person who messaged Nina 16 times a day until Camilla actually took his phone from him and using magic hid it until he promised he'd stop harassing the girl.

"Jerome!" Came a shout from the ever-familiar voice of Mara, along with a greeting from the boy none of them could quite figure out if he was excited or nervous to see her from.

Camilla glanced up instantly at the noise, her eyes widening as she saw Eddie and Fabian's shocked expressions before she turned around to witness the unimaginable.

It was like the world and time slowed down as she turned to see Mara and Jerome in a tight embrace, their lips smashing together as they greeted each other enthusiastically, well at least from one female party.

Camilla had been in agony in the latter half of the summer, the 'what if' of whatever was going on with herself and Jerome causing a lot of inner turmoil that both Eddie and Fabian knew about.

But in that moment in the school parking lot, she stood completely still as she took in the scene, her vision blurring as her heart truly broke for the second time in her life.

Ironically this time it was such a small, clean break. Like snapping a flowers stem.

"Cammie..." Eddie whispered, she felt his hand on her shoulder and she brushed it off. Camilla turned back around just as the two parted and looked in the direction of the trio by the twin's car.

Camilla focused on getting the remainder of the bags out of the car as Fabian and Eddie moved forward to have thee most awkward conversation they could ever imagine, with who they both thought was Camilla's new boyfriend coming back to school and his new girlfriend.

"I guess we don't need to ask how your hols was?" Fabian said stiffly.

"oh, it was awful, wasn't it, Jerome?" Mara teased loudly, her eyes on Camilla's back.

"I guess you could say that." Jerome looked behind the two as Camilla slammed the boot shut to her car, "Milly, hi, how are you?"

"Oh, hi Camilla," Mara said overly sweetly grabbing Jerome's hand and placing her other hand on his arm as Camilla turning to face the two. Her face was set, the only indication she was breaking inside being the wateriness of her eyes. Something only Fabian and Eddie could see as they knew to look for it and they stood so close to her they could see it.

"Hi, Jerome... Mara." She said bluntly, before looking to her brother. "I'm going to the house, could the two you bring my other cases?" Eddie slowly nodded his head as he glanced to Fabian who was looking at his twin as he too nodded his head. The male twin knowing Camilla meant she was going to go escape into the security of Victor's office to handle the feelings that were currently overflowing in her.

With that Camilla marched right past the new couple and right past Alfie without so much of a hello, her dark blue case with glow in the dark star constellation stickers on it in her hand and her rucksack over her shoulder.

"Whoa!" she heard Alfie say as he reached the group, "did she get meaner over the summer?"

As Camilla turned the corner away from their line of sight and she couldn't hold back anymore. She could feel her emotions leaking over with every footstep towards Anubis House, as the hot tears fell down her cheeks.

She was a rose in the hands of a guy who had decided he didn't want to put the effort in to keep her.

Victor glanced up from his papers as he heard a soft but continuous knocking on his office door. What surprised him was the face of Camilla standing on the other side, her eyes red and splotchy, a large Ziplock sandwich bag of Kahk in her hands.

Victor got to his feet and unlocked the door, opening it and moving to one side to let the small girl in, glancing down at the foyer to see a scattering of Pink suitcases along with the dark blue case with glow in the dark star constellation stickers on, which he knew to be Camilla's. The students weren't all in the house yet.

In that moment the man was at a complete loss as to what had happened to the girl to cause her to be in the state she was in.

He turned around as he heard the bag open, the girl picking up one of the circular biscuits covered in powdered sugar and biting into it.

"Back in my day, that would have been considered contraband," he informed her.

Camilla let out a soft watery chuckle, wiping at her eyes, "That's funny," she countered, her voice soft but thick telling him she had been crying but had gathered the strength to stop, as she leaned against the shut windows looking at the clasp that closed them, before throwing the bag onto Victor's desk for the man to help himself to the sweet treats, "It's considered contraband in the present day too... they make Alfie a little too hyper so Mr Sweet banned them,"

Victor walked back around his desk and helped himself to one of the Egyptian dessert's he hadn't had since he was a child – a favourite treat of one Sarah Frobisher-Smyth. "do you want to talk about the state you're are in, or are you simply using my office as an escape to gather your feelings before facing the masses whenever they descend." The man silently thanking Isis that the two had conquered the huge task the year before of Camilla's magic being connected to the girl's emotions.

Camilla let out a sigh looking over to the adult she felt was as close to a genuine caring father figure in her life as she was going to get, "I was rather hoping to hide here for a while if that's okay?"

Before Victor could answer the girl, the front door downstairs was heard clattering open followed by the murmurs of talking. Victor raised his eyebrows in annoyance knowing he'd have to look over the area behind the door once again to see what needed to be fixed, "your time hiding may be shorter than you wish."

Camilla unhooked the lock before she pushed open the middle two windows in Victor's office, glancing down at her housemates as they entered into the house. Loud and as excitable as ever.

Alfie was the first in the door, carrying his lime-green suitcase above his head (for reasons only Alfie would understand) and undoubtedly on some kind of sugar high. "Cookies!" was the boy's war cry as he threw down his case in the middle of the hall, next to one of Ambers pick ones, before sprinting into the kitchen.

"HUNNY WE'RE HOME!" Eddie bellowed looking up, not surprised to see Camilla watching them from Victor's office, giving the girl a wink and an encouraging smile.

The Osirian and The Protector/Future Mage had spoken a lot over the summer as far too had happened between the pair – from love drama to magical discovery's -, so much so that Camilla honestly thought that after Fabian, Eddie now probably knew her better than any other person on the planet. The smile was all he needed to convey the message that if she needed him, he would be there for her no questions asked.

Camilla looked up as Amber and Joy came racing from the girl's bedroom's hallway wide grins on their faces as they saw the Anubis house members finally arrive at their boarding house.

Amber paused on her descent down the stairs as she followed Eddie's gaze up to Camilla hiding in Victor's office.

Amber tilted her head and sent Camilla a confused gaze, reading the red eyes with puffiness around them and the dried tears within seconds. To answer the curious gaze of her best friend Camilla simply glanced down at Jerome and Mara as they walked in to the house hand in hand. The sour expression Amber had had throughout the whole Joy/Fabian situation the year before instantly flashed onto Amber's face which was more than enough to tell the Rutter girl where she stood on the whole situation.

The fact she had at least 3 people backing her up was enough to cause Camilla to smile slightly.

Maybe this year wasn't going to be as hard as she first thought.

It might mean a lot of avoiding Jerome and Mara but knowing her luck some Sibuna adventure would come as a welcome distraction for her.

Amber saw the slightest of smiles flutter onto Camilla's face and knew it was safe for her to go greet everyone, "Hi!" she said racing down to hug Fabian, who seemed way too preoccupied about finding out if Nina was back or not to truly return the girls greeting.

"All my lovely's back again," Camilla heard Trudy call affectionately, before she saw the woman in the hallway below, her arms open for hugs.

"Where's Nina? Is she here?" Fabian inquired the moment the woman had let go of him.

"Not yet."

"That girl is really bad at keeping in contact with people," Amber informed Trudy as she too hugged the housemother.

Eddie glancing up at Camilla in worry. They needed to tell them soon that Nina wasn't coming back and why. Eddie then jolted his head towards his bedroom door and Camilla nodded. She'd meet him there soon to discuss the impossible task left to them by the Chosen One.

Before anything else could be said Alfie came out from the kitchen and paused as a look of awe washed over his face the moment he took in Amber in her goddess-like state.

It was official at that moment; Amfie was still the cutest couple since Mickey and Minnie Mouse got together. At least in Camilla's personal opinion.

As Amber saw Alfie rush into the room, Camilla had never seen the girls face light up with so much happiness before, "Alfie!" The girl squealed as she ran into the waiting open arms of Alfie who instantly lifted her off the ground and spun her.

"Hey Baby!"

The two were acting like they hadn't just been in Barcelona together with Alfie's family two weeks before, OR, in France with Amber's family the four weeks before that. Honestly until Amber had to go to her fashion summer school in the last two weeks of the holidays the two had been pretty much inseparable. But the fact they had missed each other so much, just in those two weeks Camilla couldn't help but smile. If anyone deserved that kind of love in their life, she couldn't have picked two better people.

"I think you have forgotten what exactly you are capable of, young protector." Victor's voice caused Camilla to look around at him. "Go down there, and show Mr Clarke what he is missing?"

"I thought you didn't care about 'high school drama'," Camilla recited using her fingers as quotation marks around the man's infamous words.

"We all make exceptions now and again," was Victor's simple reply, "leave the Kahk, lift your head and show the boy how wrong he was."

A pep talk about boys felt extremely weird coming from Victor, Camilla could admit that. However, she understood what the man meant as she left his office.

Jerome had given up a girl with actual superpowers for a math geek, sorry but that sounded like a downgrade to her.

As she went down the stairs she watched as Joy gathered the Sibuna's together putting her hand to her eye as if to start a meeting, causing Amber to glance up at Camilla in confusion.

"Where's Patricia?" Joy inquired missing the look between the two best girl-friends.

"Someone mention my name?" Patricia called, grinning at Camilla and grabbing her wrist so the two girls could join the group huddled in the hallway. Other than Fabian and Amber who shot Camilla a worried look for a split second, they all had large grins on their faces. "Hi!" Patricia said to them all.

With that they all put their right hand to their eye, Camilla and Amber giving each other uneasy looks because Joy was now a Sibuna?

It wasn't until Camilla noticed EVERYONE was looking her way, she realised they saw her as 'leader' at that moment, "Sibuna," she whispered.

"Sibuna," they all whispered back smiling to one another.

"This is an entryway!" Victor bellowed from the windows Camilla had left open in his office causing them all to look up at him in fear bar Camilla who grinned up at him, trying not to laugh at the powdered sugar she could see around his mouth. "it is not a meeting room! Move on!" this was all that was needed for the Sibuna's (plus Sibuna temp Joy – Camilla making a note to somehow tell the girl that) to scatter.

Whilst everyone ran into the living room/dining room to see what snacks Trudy had set out for them, Camilla wandered up the hall and slipped into Eddie and Fabian's bedroom to see what her Osirian was up too.

The Anubis house bedrooms always looked so weird to Camilla when they all first got back to school. Trudy was always nice enough to make their beds in the duvets she knew they all liked but that was it. The walls always looked so empty and boring, as did everything else. The clutter made their bedrooms look and feel like home so they always felt off the first day back.

Eddie seemed to be thinking the same thing as Camilla walked in to see his suitcase practically everywhere. It felt a little like the boy had just dumped it out randomly at first until Camilla saw the boy on his hands and knee's rummaging around through his things.

"Lost something?" Camilla asked her friend as she expertly dodged a shoe being flung her way.

"the locket...the letter..." Eddie mumbled causing Camilla's eyes to widen.

She clambered onto Eddie's bed as it seemed to be the only safe space and held her hand out to him. Eddie looked at her unamused knowing what she meant when she held her hand out.

She wanted him to use magic to find the objects.

Since Eddie helped Camilla the term before Banishing the evil Spirit, Eddie, Camilla and Nina all experimented with their powers. Until they came across one of Victor's father's books on the link of the three.

The Chosen One and the Osirian where known as Siphoners; which was a person without the ability to generate their own magic, but possess the blessed power to allow them to Siphon magic from other sources and use that magic.

Which was what Camilla was asking Eddie to do now, though clearly, he'd rather she clicked her fingers and found the locket and letter herself. "Come on, I'm not letting you off easy. Plus, if I remember correctly you spent most of the summer moaning about being a Siphoner and finding magic hard, well you know until..."

"Me and Patricia broke up," Eddie answered for the girl softly.

Camilla nodded she didn't want to bring it up again but it had been a rather big bonding moment for the two friends. Eddie sighed and sat himself down next to Camilla, pulling her in for a side hug knowing after what she saw with Jerome, she needed the comfort yet here she was trying to help him out. "Did you find out anything more about that?" she asked the boy quietly.

"Nope," Eddie sighed softly, "what about you? You okay?"

Camilla opened her mouth to talk but closed it again, this was Eddie, her Osirian, like Fabian even if she lied, he'd know she was lying. "Nope," she answered, fighting back tears thankfully none of them fell, "but I'm going to have to be."

"Hey, you will get through this. We will get through this," he told her softly, "and we will show them both what they have missed out on."

Camilla nodded before turning to look at him wiping her eye slighting and holding out her hand, "shall we find the locket?"

Eddie rolled his eyes and placed his hand on hers so the back of his hand was in her palm.

"Okay, we both think about the locket - "

"what about?" Eddie interrupted.

"One thing at a time Jr." Camilla smiled at him as he scowled at the nickname he knew she had him under on her phone, "just think about the locket and then we say Oribis"

Eddie nodded in understanding.

There was a moment's pause as the two closed their eyes.

"Orbis, Orbis, Orbis," they chanted together.

Their hands glowing an orange colour as Eddie Siphoned magic from Camilla. Until something metallic fell into his hands. His eyes opened just in time for, white flash to cross his and Camilla's minds due to their connected hands, and the two were pulled into a vision from the gods.

They found themselves in a hospital room.

An elderly man was in a bed, connected to machines beeping away like crazy, clearly very very ill. Beside him a girl was sat, her wild curly hair so large the two couldn't see her face but she looked, from the way she was dressed, around the same age as the two of them.

"You must go to the Amun Estate," the man told the girl, "it's all been arranged,"

"What?" she asked her American accent crisp and clear.

The man comforted her before he spoke again, "listen carefully, take this..." the man handed the girl a key of some kind, it was old and elegant with a half-moon at the top of it, "a great danger is about to be unleashed there."

"Danger?" the girl asked.

"And you must stop it, I'm too old..." the man said breathily, "the burden now falls on you. I'm so sorry... Find the next Mage they should be able to help you in your quest,"

With that, The Osirian and The Protector gasped as the vision vanished.

Eddie's hand clasped around the locket as he looked to Camilla who was now staring up at the ceiling with a glare, "it's not even day one!" she yelled at her deity furiously, "I've not had one day back at school and you're throwing a 'great danger' our way seriously!"

"Hey..." Fabian said walking into the room to see his sister glaring up at the ceiling and Eddie looking shocked on the bed next to her, his fist out and clenched. "Guys, what is it, what's up?" Fabian asked seriously.

Eddie blinked and lowered his hand looking towards Camilla.

"Guys?" Fabian enquired again confused.

"I think we just had a daymare..." Eddie told Fabian once he realised Camilla wasn't going to answer the boy's question, "which resulted in Camilla shouting at the gods..." he pointed to the girl who looked away from the ceiling and towards her brother at the door.

Fabian looking between the two with more questions than before.

Fabian all but dragged the pair into the living room to be with the rest of the house, (Eddie managing to drop the locked into one of his shoes before they were hauled out his room as Camilla distracted Fabian).

"I found them!" Fabian called out cheerfully, "Eddie was hiding in our room."

"I wasn't hiding!" Eddie retorted, "I was –"

"Comforting me," Camilla quickly spoke up, getting a sad smile from Amber who raced over to her friend and took her hand in a comforting way.

"Exactly... I was comforting Camilla, who would I be hiding from?" he questioned as he sat himself down armchair, watching as Camilla gave Amber a smile before she sat on the arm of the chair. Camilla doing everything she could not to look towards the dining table where Jerome and Mara sat together.

"Who indeed?" Patricia spoke up, causing Camilla to glance her way.

"Patricia." Eddie greeted her awkwardly.

"Hey..." Patricia trailed off.

"Why would you need comfort, Camilla?" Joy asked as she looked between Eddie and Patricia trying to figure out what was going on there.

Camilla sent the girl a strained smile, "Eh, I was told some bad news."

"And you went to Eddie for comfort?"

"Well yeah," Eddie spoke up, "because she was there for me when..." he trailed off as he glanced at Patricia.

Joy looked confused and knew to change the topic, "Anyway, Fabs did you and Nina have fun in Egypt? She was going with you two on your uncle's dig, wasn't she?" Joy asked the twins.

"Eh," Fabian started glancing to Camilla, who reached over and put a hand on his shoulder and rubbed it. Fabian reached up and took her hand trying to gather some comfort from it as he spoke, "she never got to Egypt. She-she couldn't afford it. Or that's what she told us." He informed them all.

"and then you didn't fly over to the states to surprise her?" Amber asked before shaking her head at Fabian in disapproval, "and you wonder why she hasn't answered any of your texts?!"

"Come on Amber, I promised Uncle Abe I'd help out on the dig." Fabian tried to argue but Amber was talking still and no one heard him.

"If anyone treated me like that – total Game Over." She said simply talking over the boy.

This caused Fabian to look away worried about if that what Amber was saying was true, whilst Eddie and Camilla tried not to look each other in the eye.

"Well Nina didn't expect me to just appear at her doorstep unannounced, not everyone is into huge gestures like that," Fabian refuted, "anyway it just means I'm really, really looking forward to seeing her."

This caused the girls in the room to let out an aww at him.

Camilla smiling sadly as she looked around just in time to see Trudy and Mr Sweet walk into the room, Camilla giving Eddie a subtle kick causing him to look up at them too. From the looks on their faces, the two knew already what they were about to say.

"Hey look its Sweetie!" Alfie called from across the room, "I mean it's Mr Sweet... Mr Sweet." He quickly corrected himself as everyone turned to look at the sad-looking adults at the door.

"Trudy, you don't look so good," Joy spoke up, "everything okay?"

"Why is Sweetie in the house?" Jerome asked, speaking for the first time since Camilla was dragged into the room by Fabian.

Trudy looked up at them all before glancing to Mr Sweet. "Trudy, what's the matter?" Amber asked seeing their house mother's expression.

"pay attention please, I have an announcement to make," Mr Sweet said the sadness in his tone clear, "I'm afraid some of you may, find this rather... bad news." He looked from Fabian, to Amber, to Camilla and Eddie.

"What do you mean bad news?" Joy asked.

"What? What is it?" Fabian said all of them bar Camilla and Eddie getting to their feet to look at the headteacher. "what's happening?" Fabian demanded.

"It's regarding Nina Martin,"

"What about her?" Patricia asked.

"She missed her flight? She's sick?" Jerome prompted the headteacher.

"Just tell us!" Fabian screamed.

Mr Sweet took a deep breath before answering the question, "Nina's not coming back." He said simply.

Anubis house erupted into utter chaos with everyone talking over each other demanded to know answers from the headteacher, who knew the only two people who knew the truth as to why the girl wasn't coming back to the school was the two who were still in silence, giving each other sad looks.

Camilla knew Eddie blamed himself for the fact Nina couldn't come back.

The Osirian and The Chosen One just couldn't be together once The Osirian's powers had been unlocked the term before.

Nina had chosen to stay behind in America.

Her gran was dangerously ill due to some heart condition that was passed down in their family and Nina wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. Plus, as she as told both her protector's over facetime; she had told them of her choice, the best way to protect her was to protect the world and the people she loved most in it.

"that's all the information I know! I am sorry!" Mr Sweet told them all before he left the room with a crying Trudy. Leaving the Anubis house members to deal with the after effect of his news in their own (very loud) way.

"She wouldn't just not come back," a crying Fabian whispered.

The house had gotten over the shock of Mr Sweet's announcement, leaving just the Sibuna's and Eddie in the living room to discuss the news. "not without saying anything to anyone."

"Did she say anything to anyone?" Amber demanded of them all.

Camilla closed her eyes wishing Eddie would speak out now about the letter... about everything Nina told him to tell Fabian and the others. She hated keeping silent when she knew the truth but Nina had made her promise and Camilla never broke her promises.

"No..." Patricia muttered.

"I'm just going to go finish unpacking," Eddie spoke softly getting to his feet, tapping Camilla's knee knowing the girl couldn't come with him in this moment.

"I messaged her a few times," Patricia spoke, "but nothing."

"Maybe you not going to America upset her more than you thought," Amber told Fabian ignoring Camilla's eye roll.

Fabian, however, looked up at the girls wide-eyed clearly worried he was the reason she couldn't come back. Patricia and Joy knew this was a conversation they didn't want to be a part of and the two left the room.

Fabian looked between his sister and his best friend, "where is she guys?" he mumbled.

Eddie was cursing himself as he looked under the bed. He had kicked the shoe he'd dropped the locket into under it and now he couldn't find the small metal locket anywhere. Magic was a bust, it only ever seemed to work for him when Camilla was around, even though she insisted he could Siphon energy from other things - whenever he tried over the holidays nothing seemed to work.

"Lost something," came Jerome's voice causing Eddie to take a steadying breath to calm himself down before talking to the boy. Seeing him kiss Mara today really caused him to want to punch the boy.

"I was looking for my..." Eddie started but stopped talking knowing Jerome didn't care. "what can I do for you Jerome?" he asked.

"I wanted to ask you about why you were comforting Camilla," he asked quietly. Eddie gave the boy a look which answered the question he already knew. "right, I'm going to just..." Jerome pointed to the door causing Eddie to nod.

"Yeah. Good idea." Eddie told him as he backed out the room.

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