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Series 3, Episode 11, pt 1 ~ House of Entrapment

Fabian's look as he took in the man in the tank was the same look Camilla saw whenever they were out on a dig. Awe, wonder and the need to know the answers to the questions in front of him.

"No way..." Fabian whispered as he rounded the tank.

"Fabian, you need to tell me how you have seen this?!" KT rounded on the boy the second they got to the tank room, causing Eddie and Camilla to roll their eyes as they moved off together. This was a drama they didn't need to involve themselves in.

"Patricia took it," Fabian absentmindedly told the girl as he examined the tank carefully.


"I'm sorry," Fabian mumbled, "but she thought you were working for team bad. Well, we all did."

KT looked a little heartbroken at that comment. "Are you serious? Did you know about this?!" she demanded of the Osirian and Protector duo. Camilla shook her head slightly. The American girl getting a little strength from the fact at least Camilla trusted her from the start.

"NO!" Eddie instantly replied. "can we just look for clues and get out of here?!"

"I can't believe you guys didn't trust me."

Fabian scoffed slightly and looked to the girl, "what did you honestly expect?"

KT's eyes squinted, and she shoved the male twin into the tank, causing it to tip. Eddie and Camilla rushed forward, trying to catch it before it went crashing to the ground.

The pair catching it with loud grunts, shouldering the tank before it fell to the ground. "Guys!" Eddie angrily hissed at the arguing pair, his eyes darting to Camilla who was clearly straining under the weight of the tank (she was a rather small female in heels, after all having not expected the brutal upper body work out that evening).

"Have you got it?" Fabian asked, his eyes darting from Eddie, who was grunting slightly under the weight and the clear strain on Camilla's face as she tried her hardest not to get herself Osirian squashed.

"Well, actually," Eddie hissed through clenched teeth, "it is a little heavy." He watched Fabian glance to his sister then KT before adding, "Help!"

Fabian rushed forward, slipping between the two and also shouldered the tank. The three grunting as they helped right the tank, KT helping them straighten it from the other side before looking at her fingers as they were covered in grease and dirt.

The three letting out a sigh of relief as it was righted in place, "Okay," Eddie panted, "that thing is heavy."

"And gross!" Camilla turning straight away to Eddie and wiping her grease-covered hands on his shirt, causing him to let out a shout of disgust and do the same back to the girl with an amused smile.

"Now you two," Eddie pointed between Fabian and KT, "need to kiss and make up, right, and you..." Eddie turned his gaze on Camilla, "what's with the no magic? Motus would have really helped with him," the boy nodded to the tank.

"It's blocked." Camilla shrugged with an apologetic gaze.


Camilla rolled her eyes and pulled a curby from her hair, placing it on her hand and saying, "Motus."

Eddie watched as the Curby lay dormant on the girl's palm before looking up to meet her gaze seeing the glint of worry that was swirling behind her strong mask. Something was blocking the magic in the room, something that had Camilla worried. However, it did explain the question of how Amber and Camilla had gotten trapped up here.

Fabian, however, was ignoring what Camilla and Eddie were saying because they had clocked something. Something his critical gaze had missed due to the interrogation KT had been giving him. With a careful air and grace that only working on a dig site and handling ancient artefacts could give a person, he lifted his own sleeve and whipped the layer of grime off the glass window of the tank to get a better look at the man asleep inside.

"Cam... we know who this is..." Fabian's tone was a mix of fear and horror as he stared back at the man in the tank.

"Fabian, you have officially lost it!" Camilla scoffed, closing the palm with the curby and rounding Eddie to see what her brother was so transfixed with. Though the second her eyes found the now clean window of the tank, she finally understood what had her brother so worried. They did know who was in the tank. They knew him far better than they had ever thought they would. It was someone they should have known had his meddling hands all over this Sibuna adventure.

Camilla could do more than simply stare before the doorbell could be heard ringing loudly three times, causing all their heads to whip around to the door to the room.

"that's Patricia," KT told them all as their warning alarm from the girl rang out loud and cleared. "the signal."

Eddie saw the twins look to one another with a look that only a Rutter could possess. The pair had millions of questions and clearly wanted nothing more than to stay up in the attic and examine the tank for answers especially seeing as they clearly knew who the hell was soundly asleep in the tank, but they didn't have time. "Rutter's..." he warned the two.

The pair let out a defeated sigh before nodding and following Eddie and KT from the attic. Unfortunately, it wasn't the time or place just yet for those answers the pair clearly were desperate to look for.

A simple exit from Miss Denby's house was not on the cards because why would anything Team Sibuna ever do be easy. As the four reached the top landing of the woman's entrance hall, they heard her ask, "Who was that? Was someone there?"

The four's eyes widening before they ducked out of sight behind the bannister as Alfie let out a scream of pain. He, Patricia and the teacher all stood in the entranceway. They had to hope their friends acting was enough to distract the teacher long enough for them to sneak out.

Alfie's shriek was enough to cause the teacher to forget about the doorbell ringing as her eyes focused back on her pupil, though her expression was anything but kind and worried – more annoyed she was having to deal with the boy. Alfie limped over to the seat in the centre of the room and kept dramatically moaning in pain.

Patricia rushed over to him, knowing their acting was what their friends were now relying on, "Oh, poor Alfie!" she looked up at the teacher, "I think I might need some help getting him back to Anubis house Miss."

Miss Denby groaned slightly, "no, no... I couldn't possibly. I'm very busy." The teacher's focus immediately went to the top of her stairs as she heard a creak, unaware there were 4 students crouched just out of sight.

Alfie and Patricia shared desperate looks.

"I just hope I don't drop him," Patricia dramatically stated, "'cause if he sprains his other ankle... you know, with his dad being a really important lawyer. You know he is the Rutter's and the Millington's lawyer."

Miss Denby turned back to look at Patricia at that. Her eyes widening slightly. If something happened to Alfie, then she knew Eric wouldn't be happy. He had to give up one high donating family already. With Amber's leaving, the school couldn't afford to lose the Lewis's either. "Fine," She told the girl begrudgingly before giving her a stern look, "but understand this. The Gatehouse is out of bounds from now on. I will not tolerate trespassers!"

With that, she helped Alfie to his feet and supported his weight, Patricia rushing to the boy's other side. Looking over her shoulder as they left the room just in time to see Camilla stand up and stick her middle finger at the teacher – clearly in response to her threat about trespassing.

"That was far too close!" KT groaned as they traipsed back into Anubis house and into the living room.

Patricia gave the girl a smirk as she sat down on the dark red leather armchair in the living room, "trust me, for us, that was nothing."

The twins, however, weren't as cool and collected as everyone else as they, too, made themselves comfortable around the coffee table. Fabian starting his pacing as Camilla's eyes darted around the living room as if she was looking for something but unsure what exactly.

"N-no, no, no. You didn't see it, Trish," Fabian stuttered slightly, "him. It was spooky." Fabian looked between KT and Eddie, "what does Denby want with a sleeping body?"

"You two claim you know who it is, well?" KT added, looking between the twins.

Fabian looked to his sister, who grimaced but nodded her head, "look," the boy started slowly looking back at his friends as Camilla plucked an old black and white picture from a cabinet before wandering over to Fabian and showing it to him, his expression changing into fear as he whispered, "this is crazy!"

The Sibuna's all looked on in confusion at the twin's expression. They hadn't seen the pair that worried over something like this in a long time.

"Anyone recognise him?" Camilla asked calmly as she turned the frame to reveal a black and white of Robert Frobisher-Smythe.

"Robert Frobisher-Smythe?!" Patricia instantly questioned the pair in disbelief.

Eddie scoffed as he looked between the twins getting to his feet, "okay, dudes, there is a little problem with that theory of yours." Eddie plucked the frame from Camilla's hands and, looking down at it, "Well, Robert Frobisher-Smythe; born, died." He pointed to the dates at the bottom of the photo.

Fabian and Camilla both rolled their eyes at the boy as Camilla looped her arm through her brothers and rested her chin on his shoulder. She still hadn't properly slept in 48 hours, and this debate with Eddie was not worth the energy.

Eddie turned to the pair and repeated, "Died. You both saw it yourself. The guy in the tank is still breathing, meaning he is alive."

Alfie looked between the Rutter's who looked like they believed what they were saying to Eddie, trying not to panic, but a bubble of nervous laughter burst from him before he could stop himself, "wait – dead guy. In a tank. But not dead?!" was all he could stutter in panic. "do any of you know what that means?"

They all looked at the boy blankly but unsure if they really wanted to know what conclusion Alfie had jumped to.

"ZOMBIES!" Alfie screamed at them all with real panic in his features and voice. "guys, we need to be prepared!" he squeaked out as his friends shared bemused looks to one another, "I refuse to let a zombie eat my brain!" with that the boy raced from the room, muttering about his survival pack and other things no one wanted to question.

"it have to find it first," Patricia was happy to call after the boy.

Eddie looked back to the four in the room with him, "Okay, Sibuna, meeting tomorrow, you still okay to show us your secret hideout?" Eddie asked Camilla, who nodded her head before yawning loudly.

Fabian laughed at his sister, "someone needs her beauty sleep."

"Just a little." Mumbled Camilla as she raised her right hand over her eye. "Sibuna?"

"Sibuna." They all repeated. Fabian handing the sleepy Camilla over to Patricia, who was more than happy to guide the girl from the room before looking back down at the picture of Robert.

"for getting Fabian, there is no chance on earth it's him," Eddie told the boy.

Fabian couldn't help but disagree with Eddie. Robert was as obsessed with Egypt as his family were, and the Egyptians were obsessed with death. Every adventure he had had with Sibuna, Frobisher had had his meddling hands in, and something in his very soul told him that he and Camilla were right about this. The question was, why was he in the tank and for what purpose.

Non-school uniform days were always a bustling day for everyone. However, this one had an air of something else to it. Amber was gone, so the new title of Queen was up for grabs. No one knowing if the blonde had chosen a queen to reign after her or not. No one was going to know, Camilla thought to herself as she placed the 'crown' Amber had left her on the outfit she'd hung on the back of her divider until she made her entrance. With that, she slipped from the empty room and down to the bustling chaos of breakfast, Fabian laughing as she joined them in her King Tut pj's (a joke from their uncle Jasper), knowing all about the grand entrance she had in mind, in honour of Amber of course.

The breakfast table at Anubis house all fell silent as they realised they had been joined by another student who didn't actually live with any of them. A student dressed in all black as if in mourning. Willow Jenks had arrived, and none of them were 100% sure why. They all watched in complete silence as she leaned across the table and took the mummy pancakes the twins had been working hard on since Camilla came down – the pair ignored KT and Patricia as they teased them about living up to their family stereotype.

"Don't they feed you at Isis House?" Patricia broke the silence in her normal blunt tone of voice.

"They don't do Mummy Pancakes," Willow told her in a wistful dramatic tone.

"Now, neither do we!" Camilla pointed out, gesturing between herself and Fabian, as she leaned over and grabbed the French toast from Alfie, causing the boy to try to hit her hand away with his fork. However, he just missed causing Camilla to let out a triumphant noise as she took a large bite of the toast and got to her feet.

She turned around just in time to see Jerome begging the house mother for a favour, "Trudy, Trudy, please, you have to help me." She heard the boy begging, handing the housemother a piece of paper, "I don't know how but I've gotten the ratios all wrong."

"Well, everyone," Camilla turned to the table and nodded to the kitchen, "I suggest we all pack what we love most and take it to school today. Jerome is going to burn down the house." This caused sniggers from Patricia and Alfie, and even Fabian couldn't help the amused smile that flit onto his face as his sister left the room. The only two not to laugh being the only two who watched Jerome's eyes as they followed Camilla from the room. Willow signing as she found the look romantic and Mara's eyes hardening into a determined look, a look that instantly disappeared as Fabian let out a cough. Mara's eyes flying to his to see he had caught her, and he wasn't happy with what he saw.

Thankfully a distraction came in the form of Trudy, who came bustling from the kitchen to put a fresh plate of bacon out, knowing Eddie would be arriving at the table soon.

"Trudy, I don't see the cereal?"

"I'm sorry," Trudy sighed softly before looking back at her kitchen, which was a mess, "but Jerome's been under my feet for the last hour. Says he's planning something big."

The second she said this, a loud crash caused everyone at the table to jump and the woman in question to close her eyes and take a deep, exaggerated breath to calm herself.

"TRUDY!" the boy cried out in despair from inside the room.

"I didn't think Egyptian snacks would be so hard to make, but clearly, I was wrong." The woman muttered before hurrying back into the kitchen to try to put out any fires Jerome might have caused in her few moment's absence.

The halls of the school weren't their normal sea of burgundy uniforms. Today it was a sea of all colours through the normal chatter, and laughter was ever the same. Eddie easily weaved his way around a group of 3rd graders as he headed to his dad's office, only pausing from knocking as he heard the familiar drawling tones of Victor from within.

"The Riddles are not specific."

"That's why they're called Riddles." Was the kind response Eddie heard his father say.

"Don't RUN!" Denby's scream from down the hall caused Eddie to race for the lockers, hoping he could blend in with the students around him but also see what was going on.

"As seeker, perhaps you should be finding the answers!" Victor all but screamed from inside the office.

Eddie watched as Miss Denby walked down the corridor before knocking on the headteacher's door and entering the room, the chat within stopping as his father greeted the teacher warmly, and the door was slammed shut.

Eddie looked around, noticing no one was paying attention before he wandered back up to the door. Leaning against the wall beside it lazily, so it looked like he was waiting to see his dad, but when in reality, he was listening intently to the conversation happening inside.

"We were just saying –" Victor started up again.

"That you are failing our Patron?" Denby offered the man as a response, and Eddie could see clear as day in his mind the sharp glare Victor sent the woman at this comment. "we are falling behind gentlemen." the sharp condescending tone of Denby continued, "Have you made any progress at all with the clues?"

"I am working on them."

"then work a little faster, or does your hectic schedule of odd jobs and teaching Miss Rutter extra classes not allow for that?"

"If you have any suggestions," Victor's voice was rising in a dangerous way, Eddie rather glad he wasn't on the other end of the man's tone of voice. "please, feel free –"

"My job!" the woman interrupted him, "is the keeper, which I've done. Your job is the enabler, Victor. So Enable."

Eddie heard heels approaching the door, and he pretended to look busy on his phone as if bored waiting for his dad as the teacher came storming from the room. The woman flung open the door and looked at the boy with a critical eye.

"Eavesdropping, Eddie?" she accused instantly.

Mr Sweet, however, gave his son a beaming smile, "Edison, you must be here for our tea!"

Eddie, however, was focused on something that was peaking from the top of Miss Denby's bag. An envelope with the words 'Lakehouse Clinic' on it. Denby stepped forward and hid the envelope with her hand making sure to whisper to the boy, "Your father won't always be there to protect you, Eddie. Remember that." With that, the woman moved off.

Eddie looked up at Victor, who was watching Denby with the same venom in his eyes. Then, the boy saw Camilla look at her. Knowing in that moment, the man was thinking the same thing as him. His dad might not always protect him, but there was a bigger trump card in his hand that clearly, the teacher didn't know about, that he wasn't going to show her until he had to.

Victor moved forward and looked at the boy, "We protect the Protector, you understand, boy. she has a greater destiny than even she knows." Eddie could do no more but numbly nod before moving to allow Victor to leave. His mind racing with questions as he stepped into his dad's office for their tea and caught up.

The Anubis girls, and Willow, where all chatting by the lockers when Joy approached them nervously. In an outfit they all knew Amber had worn once upon a time. It was a peach dress with poke-a-dots and a sequin jacket. The girl was clearly trying for a new look, but there was something, at least in Patricia's opinion, that made it look like she was simply wearing Amber's clothes' not being the Joy she could be.

"So I had this really weird dream where a polar bear was chasing me," Willow was telling them, "do you think that means something?" the girl didn't wait for an answer as she spotted Joy and let out a gasp. Causing the other girls to look around and fall silent too as they took in Joy's outfit.

"Wow", Mara exclaimed looking at her friend. "Joy, you look incredible."

"Yeah, really great!" KT agreed, "not that you didn't before, but... Really great."

Joy nervously pulled on the skirt, "You don't think its too –"

"You look like you're trying to be Amber," Patricia offered as nicely as she could, "don't get me wrong, you look good but... like Amber."

"Well, it's Amber inspired, but –" Joy trailed off as silence filled the halls.

The girls all turned around to see why. The students were parting – much like the used too for the old Queen Bee to reveal Camilla-Anne Rutter, but this was a Camilla none of them expected the day after Amber's leaving.

The girl had straightened her hair so it fell down her back, and her outfit was clearly a statement to the populous of the school. The girl had a tight-fitting bodysuit on, with black shorts over the top, a short cloak over her shoulders with a golden beaded design with a military look on it, including the golden roping sleeves. She had paired it with sheer black tights and a pair of thigh-high boots where they all clearly saw the thing that marked her as Amber's chosen Queen to take over her reign. Amber's signature pink garters, the only pop of colour other than the gold embroidery on the girl's outfit and the dark blood red lipstick Camilla had chosen to wear.

KT felt her mouth fall open as the girl confidently strode towards them, with a mischievous smile on her face, only to pause as she took in Joy's outfit, "Okay... attempt at being Amber 2.0..." was all Camilla could say before something caught her eye down the hall. "FABIAN!" she shouted, turning and moving past the girls leaving them all to compute what the hell had happened in their own ways.

Patricia bursting out laughing watching her friend go with an amused smile, "Now THAT is how someone takes over Amber's crown!"

"Amber turned heads and now Camilla does too." Joy whispered softly, before looking down at her dress. "that's all I want but what am I doing wrong?"

"I think mission accomplished actually Joy," KT told the girl kindly.

"100% head-turn success," Patricia added, noticing Mara hadn't said a word.

"But Cam –"

"Cam is making a statement about who now wears the crown in the school. That doesn't mean you can't look good either." Patricia kindly told Joy who gave her a beaming smile.

"Ah Trish, KT, Cam told me to take you guys too-" Fabian's voice greeted them all as he wandered up the group his tone faltering as he took in Joy. "Hi, Joy... or eh, Amber." He gave her a small smile.

"Doesn't she look amazing?!" Mara asked Fabian instantly. "it's like she's Amber's old clothes and made them her own."

Fabian tilted his head but clearly didn't say the remark about how he swore he'd seen that exact outfit on Amber once, settling for a smile in the girl's direction instead. "Yeah. Yeah. It really suits you." He told Joy.

"Thanks," Joy told him, "Eh, I added the belt. Amber didn't wear one with this particular dress, so..."

The other girls tried to nod on encouragingly but after Camilla's display, the idea of Joy just playing dress-up Amber had been solidified even more in their minds.

"Well, it really suits you." Fabian told Joy kindly, "right, You two..." he turned to KT and Patricia, "when you're done here. I have that thing of Cam's... I need to show you." He nodded at them before moving away before he accidentally insulted Joy or did anything wrong. He could feel he was broaching that territory and quickly.

As he turned the corner, he was met with a sight he hadn't expected to see. Camilla was waiting for Eddie to take him down to the Lab, but the boy was in some meeting or something with his dad so she was currently stood outside the office in a discussion with Jerome of all people. The boy having the same reaction as everyone else in the school to the new improved Queen Camilla.

"I don't understand how you could just forgive me." Jerome's question caused Fabian to scoff even from the distance he was at. Camilla had far from forgiven him for breaking her heart. It was a completely different situation than the one where Alfie had broken her heart.

"I haven't," Camilla told him honestly with small sad smile, "not completely. I don't think I will until I understand why you made the choices you did."

Jerome hung his head a little, "so that's it then? We just go back to being friends?"

"We could never be just friends, J." Fabian could see his sisters' eyes watering up even from where he stood. "Do you ever regret not choosing me?" Fabian heard Camilla say to Jerome in a soft raw voice, as he made his way over to them. He hung back a little, enough to give his sister space to deal with the boy but still enough to step in if she needed him.

Camilla stood in front of the boy with her arms crossed, meeting his gaze for the first time in a long time with no hatred behind her eyes, getting a small sad smile in return. "Everyday" was the boys only response before leaving down the corridor.

The second he was out of sight the girl had fingers under her eyes as if she was trying to stop the tears before they had a chance to fall and that was when Fabian made the rest of the way to his sister and gathered her into a hug.

"It's not going to feel this way forever," he mumbled into her hair as she clung on to him.

Camilla let out a small sniff, "I know that," she pulled away and gave her brother a small watery smile. Not afraid to show her emotions around him like she might others, "but can you shut up and enable my misery for a little while longer?"

This caused Fabian to let out a small laugh and nod his head, pulling his sister into a side hug as they wandered down her new kingdom together.

Jerome was coming to believe that Mr Sweet never left his office, and there is no way he was going to try to get him out after the goose incident last year. Finally the door opened but Sweetie Jr stormed from the room not the man himself causing Jerome to let out a groan as he glared at the door. How hard was breaking into the office for a file meant to be!

"are you trying to get rid of Mr Sweet?"

Jerome turned around at the question in panic only to see Willow stood them beaming up at him causing him to back away a little.


"Would you like me to create a diversion?" she asked him.

Jerome looked at the girl in confusion. Why would she want to help him? "you don't want to know what for?" he asked instantly.

"is it important?"

The boy's mind filled with the conversation he had with Camilla. Winning her back was important, but clearly, in order to do that, he needed to do more than just romance her, he would have to be honest with the Mara thing, and his reasons and that idea petrified him. But it was Camilla. So he turned to the redhead, "my entire happiness rides upon it."

Willow simply nodded her head and moved past him to knock on Mr Sweets door.


Willow gave him a wink before walking into the room.

Camilla was leaning on the large wooden table at the far end of the room, watching Eddie, Patricia, and KT glance around the Lab in awe – Fabian having rushed over to the Grimoires, having seen the place before. The afternoon sunlight filtered in, giving the earthy aroma of the room even more of a welcoming greeting.

"Welcome to my hideaway..." she told the three Sibuna's who were looking in awe, "what do you think?"

"This place is awesome," KT told her, honestly walking forward only to be stopped as Camilla raised her hand.

"Don't go into the salt circle." Camilla warned, "you'll break the enchantment."

KT looked confused, and the female twin nodded to her feet, where she noticed a large ring of salt could be seen with a punching dummy in the centre.

"Offensive magic practice, my current favourite." Camilla vaguely explained with a dangerous gleam in her eye.

Patricia let out a laugh as they all wandered 0ver to the squashy couches in the corner to discuss their Sibuna information.

"Does Alfie know how to get here?" Eddie questioned the twins as he threw himself onto a couch. Camilla pulling over a stool from the table and straddling it.

"Yeah, don't worry, he'll turn up." She told Eddie with a confident nod.

"Guess we better start." Eddie looked around at them all as they got comfortable, "item one; tank dude."

Fabian looked to his sister, and the pair confidently spoke together, "it's Robert Frobisher-Smythe."

"Guys, it can't be." Eddie groaned at them.

"it is." Fabian countered simply.

"Hold up," KT interrupted, "who's this Frobisher-Smythe dude?"

"After our folks, he is mega big in the Egypt world," Camilla explained with a wave of her hand, causing KT to turn to Fabian for more information.

"what Camilla means is he was the Greatest Egyptologist Ever."

"Fabian's a little bit of a fanboy." Camilla teased, causing her brother to throw a pillow at her as Patricia laughed.

Eddie smiled at the twins' antics as he elaborated for KT, "He lived on these grounds. His family were one of the ones that founded the school."

"He's like the original Sibuna." Patricia happily added.

"But we don't know that." Eddie sighed, causing Patricia to join in with the twin's eye rolls this time. "all I'm saying is we need to find out for sure."

Jerome had no idea what Willow had said to Mr Sweet, but not long after the girl entered the room, she left the room arm in arm with Mr Sweet. Jerome looked up to the gods Camilla believed in and silently thanked whatever one was looking over him before rushing into the headteacher's office.

"I think I have something to tell you," KT spoke up after Camilla and floated over tea and biscuits for them all – Eddie more than happy to dive into the food. "and it's big." She glanced to Eddie and Camilla for support, getting smiles from both, giving her the strength to continue on. "But if you know the truth, it'll stop you," the girl glared at Patricia, "from snooping through my things," she then turned to look at Fabian, "and you to jumping to conclusions."

"Ha, not likely on both fronts," Camilla muttered, getting a middle finger from Patricia though the smile on the girls face told her she wasn't mad.

"The truth is, my grandfather sent me here with a mission." KT told them both. "he said to find the next Mage because a great evil was about to be awoken, and I had to help her stop it."

"Next mage?" Fabian mumbled and glanced at Camilla in worry.

KT, however, never heard this and kept talking, "he just gave me –" the girl pulled her key out.

"The key!" Patricia exclaimed, seeing it.

"But hey, my mission, my fight."

Camilla coughed and sat up, glaring at KT. "Our Mission. Our fight." The girl corrected her so forcefully there was no way KT could argue with her.

"No!" Fabian shouted, looking directly at Camilla, who met his gaze with a smile. "No way. I'm not letting you do this on your own." The words were directed at Camilla, who couldn't help but smile at her big brothers over protectiveness.

Patricia looked to KT, "you're a Sibuna. We're doing this together on one condition, no more secrets. okay?"

KT grinned at her and nodded her head.

"I say first. We find out who sleepy is. Second, stop great evil." Eddie summarised simply. "Anyone got any questions?"

"Only those two things, easy peasy," Patricia added sarcastically.

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