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Dark Control:
 Capture, Invasion, and Escape


He quickly checked around the corner, it was clear, he motioned for his partner, the young ones, and their partners to follow him as he began to run down the corridor, the pounding of their feet on the metal floor echoing in the darkness.

The eight of them had escaped for now, but they had to get out soon, Calamon was still unconscious, Guilmon holding him tight, making sure that he wouldn't fall, while Takato kept watch as they stopped for a break, his armor rattling slightly as he turned, while in the back of his mind his thoughts replayed what had occurred.

Tamers World (Shinjuku Park (Approx. 3 days ago)):

Takato laid back on the grass as he began to enjoy the perfect day around him, everyone had come to the park today to have fun and celebrate the return of there partners, everyone was having fun, Jeri, Calamon, Guilmon, Impmon, and his twin tamers were playing hide and go seek in the bushes, Impmon of course was cheating slightly to make sure his partners won every time.

 Rika and Renamon were sitting nearby, playing the Digimon card game since Rika had decided that Renamon should learn, and since she had long given up on the rest of us as competition. Ryo was trying to help Kazu and Kenta get better at the game, their partners nearby, goofing around and enjoying the day (except for MarineAngemon, who was sitting in Kenta's pocket listening to Ryo's lecture on the card game).

Henry and Terriermon were sitting on a bench nearby, supervising Henry's little sister, Suzie, who was playing tea party with Lopmon (and to Terriermon's relief, not him). While Takato lay in the grass taking a quick break from the action , he had no idea that those moments would be the last happy moments the Tamers would have together for a long time.

Takato quickly got up as he felt the ground rumble beneath him, the game of hide and seek that Guilmon was playing quickly ended as his eyes went feral. Ai and Mako ran quickly to Impmon who held them close to himself, trying to protect them from whatever it was that was coming. Rika and Renamon gathered up the cards they were playing with quickly and got ready to fight if necessary.

Ryo, Kazu, and Kenta quickly got up, and while Kazu and Ryo called there partner's over Kenta helped MarineAngemon hide in his pocket. That same time Henry quickly got up, Terriermon riding on his shoulder, and picked up Suzie and Lopmon, who had stopped playing when the ground shook, the Tamers quickly gathered together, ready to defend each other from whatever threat was coming.

 "What's going on?" asked Jeri as she held a scared Calamon to her chest, the little puffball was holding his head in fear, quietly repeating "Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad!" to himself. "I don't know but that didn't feel like an earthquake, Guilmon?" said Takato as he turned to his partner, hoping he had a better answer, Guilmon's reply wasn't much better, "Something bad is coming" was all Guilmon said, a low growl in his voice.

The Tamers quickly noticed the suddenly darkening sky, as they looked up to see what had caused the darkness, a dark sphere seemingly appeared above them, the air and everything else near it began to be pulled within, Tamers grabbed partners holding on to each other and any object that was nailed down for their lives.

 The bench that Kazu and Kenta grabbed was quickly lifted from the ground, Guardromon tried to hold them and the bench down but soon he too was lifted up, Kazu and Kenta screamed as they were drawn into the dark sphere.

Impmon who had digivolved into Beelzemon had mode changed and was using his wings to hold his partners down, but a piece of debris knocked Ai out of his grip, when he went after her, all three were consumed by the sphere.

Jeri had grabbed hold of a tree branch when the sphere began to lift her and Calamon off the ground, but the force of the wind soon caused the branch to snap, causing the unfortunate Tamer and little catalyst to be taken as well.

Henry, his sister and their partners faired just as well, Henry had a strong grip on his partner and sister before some debris hit him in the back of the head, as he lost consciousness he held his sister and their partners tight as they to were taken.

The last Tamer to be taken was Takato, he refused to be taken with out a fight, he and Guilmon had both wrapped there arms around a nearby tree, grabbing each others arm, trying to hold on, but their strengths wore out quickly, forcing Takato and Guilmon to release their grips and like the others, be taken.
The sphere disappeared soon after, leaving the park in ruins.

UNKNOWN(Laboratory (48 hours later)):

Two dark figures looked down through the glass into the laboratory below, inside lay four figures on tables, and four other figures in large chambers filled with liquid, each chamber near the head of a table, surrounding the figures were various machines and monitors.

One of the dark figures above smiled down upon those below and spoke quietly to the other figure with him, "Are they prepared?" asked the figure, his voice as dark as he, "Yes sir, they are prepared, If all goes according to play those four will be all we need, but there has been some problems sir." replied other as he carefully backed away, knowing full well what the first would do to him if he stayed near.

"What problems?" queried the first, his agitation clear on his darkened voice, the second cringed but quickly responded, "The first of them, the boy, reacted strangely to the insertion of the spore, but quickly returned to normal, his partner also reacted the same way when we placed the collar on him, but like his Tamer returned to normal."

The first considered this information, he knew that the boy was necessary to his main plan, the one plan he knew would not fail, but he also knew that he could not take any chances, the boy had to be under his control if he were to succeed. "Put the boy and his partner in the quarantine near the lab where the young ones are being kept along with the catalyst, if he is not being controlled by the modified spore, then eliminate him and insert spores into the others. We have come to far to fail now."

The first then left the observation room, while the second activated the intercom, "Have subjects 1a and b moved to quarantine 5 immediately for isolated observation." He then turned back to the observation window and looked down on his work, the light in the lab below is raised, revealing the eight figures below to be the first Tamers and their partners.

(AN: Long description ahead, you should read it but you don't have to.)

In the lab Takato, Rika, Henry, and Ryo lay in a dreamless sleep, their normal clothing gone and replaced with strange costumes or armors, each appearing to be similar to what they would where in their biomerged forms.

Takato's was a white armor similar to Gallantmon's attached to the left arm was a circular shield or buckler just like Gallantmon's, on Takato's belt beside his D-ark and his cards now rested a scabbard, within lay a sword similar in shape to Gallantmon: Crimson Mode's, the helm was also the same as Gallantmon's but the faceplate on Takato's was open, revealing his face.

In the chamber behind lay Guilmon, the red dino-dragon slept in a fetal position floating in the chamber's fluid, a large air mask attached to his snout and various wires to his body, around his neck was a strange collar, the band looked like a dark crimson red 'dark ring' and in the front a strange device was attached.

Beside them lay Rika and Renamon, Rika looked like a smaller version of Sakuyamon, she was wearing body armor just like Sakuyamon's and on her lay a staff just like Sakuyamon's, while Renamon also rested in a fetal position her fur strangely unmoving in the liquid, she was attached to the chamber just as Guilmon was, and around her neck was a similar collar as Guilmon thought its color was a deep dark blue.

Near them lay Ryo, on him was a body armor like Justimon's, one of Ryo's arms was encased in a metallic gauntlet, on his head lay a helmet that resembled Justimon's head, thought it was opened revealing a strange screen attached to the inside along with numerous wires and Ryo's face.

Ryo's partner, Monodramon, was the same as Guilmon and Renamon, his collar a dull grey.

At the end of the room rested Henry and Terriermon, like the other digimon partners was inside another liquid filled chamber, his collar a dark forest green, his human partner, Henry, was wearing a long robe the same color as Terriermon's collar, as was the rest of his clothing.

On Henry's arms and legs rested large green gauntlets and greaves resembling the ones on MegaGargomon, he was also wearing a helmet like MegaGargomon's, within rested a visor with internal Lcd that could be lowered in front of his eyes.

(AN: Long description over, continue reading.)

Cloaked figures quickly entered the lab, with them was a portable generator, which they attached too the chamber in which Guilmon rested and some of the portable equipment attached to Takato, they then began to push the sleeping tamer and his partner out of the room as the Second Dark Figure watched from above, a cruel grin on his face.

At that same moment the First Dark Figure entered a large room, within were many other figures, most wearing dark cloaks or robes, the others sitting in complete darkness except for the light from the many screens within the room, on many of the monitors were pictures of places the tamers would of thought unreal, (AN: Except maybe Ryo, but I haven't decided on which way to go yet in that issue so we all will find out later) for those monitors showed locations within the digital world, the digimon adventures digital world, one screen even showed some Digimon having a picnic near primary village.

FDF (First Dark Figure) sat down in the middle of the room, in front of him sat the largest monitor in the room, on it was a map of the DD's (digidestined's) digital world which was divided into four triangles, in each were various dots, some green, some red, and some white.

The white dots moved around and changed position while the red and green were stationary, FDF smiled then barked out his order, "Status report on all operations", a few of the other figures in the room turned to FDF, each giving their report in turn, "Dark collars and relays ready for deployment", "50% of the north american digiports now sealed according to plan, separation of the digital and human world will be completed in 7 hours", "Construction of bases and equipment 87% completed, as of yet none have been discovered", "power siphon from the catalyst at 20%, it has a stronger will than expected", "enough data has been removed from the impmon to begin reconstruction of the partner of the tamer Jeri Katou, and we accomplished the removal and reconstruction of a program from subject 1b", FDF smiles wickedly. FDF gets up and begins to leave the room before turning to one of the other figures, "The others are doing very well, but for your sake I would hope that you are able to drawn more power from that puff-ball otherwise you will more problems on your hands then his 'strong will' ", the figure just bows quickly then responds "yes sir" before FDF leaves the room, laughing manically as his plans progress.

DD's Digital World (approx. 7 hours later):

The sun had just set in the digital world, most of the digimon lay sleeping peacefully, none realizing the danger they were in nor the fact that by the end of that night those they counted on to protect them would not be able to protect them or help them, then it began.

Strange devices suddenly appeared out of nowhere all over the digital world, all colored one of four colors, a dark crimson red, a deep dark blue, a dull grey, or a dark forest green, from each device flew objects similar to the 'Digimon Emperor's' dark rings each the same color as the device that launched it.

The sound of the launching 'rings' alerted some of the more aware digimon, some tried to fight off the rings while others ran in fear, believing that the emperor had returned, few who stayed and fought stayed free, and nearly all that ran were captured as well, any digimon that didn't immediately attack or run at the sound of the devices were captured by the strange devices the collars rapping themselves around the digimon's neck, except for a few who escaped or could not be captured, the digimon of the digital world were no longer free, each captured digimon remained motionless as they waited for their first commands.

By morning most of the free digimon were in hiding, some made plans to retaliate while others just sought to protect themselves, but some digimon, along with Gennai, went to see Azulongmon.

"It appears that a new and unknown darkness has attacked the digital world." Said Azulongmon to the three figures below, Leomon, Orgemon, and Gennai, the two enemies now friends had sought out Gennai once the first attack ended, and together they went to see Azulongmon, hoping to find answers to what was occurring and why.

"So you don't know what is doing this?" asked Gennai, his face showed his concern, from the descriptions he had been given he feared that Ken had reverted into the digimon emperor, but upon hearing Azulongmon's words his fears grew.

"No, this new threat was completely unknown to me, no prophecy or writing predicted this, nor did I sense it until it attacked, thought seems to be using the same strategy as the digidestined of kindness did when he was under the influence of the dark spore, but that is all that is familiar to me."

Then Orgemon spoke up, "What about the digidestined, won't they stop this threat like they did before?"

Azulongmon shook his great head, "No, it's seems that this new threat planned ahead, it seems to of sealed all of the digiports between the real world and the digital world trapping the digidestined there and preventing them from helping us here."

Gennai stepped forward, "I could attempt to re-open some of the digiports with the help of my friends but by that time it maybe too late, whoever or whatever is doing this may of completed there plan by the time they get here to help, I'll contact the young boy Izzy and have him notify the rest of the digidestined, then begin to work on the digiports."

The others nodded then Leomon stepped forward, "Ogremon and I will stay here with Azulongmon, if we are needed Azulongmon will send us." At Leomon's statement Azulongmon nodded yes, then Gennai left, to contact Izzy and the digidestined.

DD's Real World (Izzy's House):

Izzy walked into the kitchen of his family's home, along side him flew Tentomon, the two of them had just gotten up and were preparing to have breakfast when his laptop signaled that he had received an E-mail, as he poured a bowl of cereal and a glass of milk for himself and Tentomon, he logged into his E-mail account to see what he had received.

Tentomon quickly came up beside him and asked "What do you have there Izzy?", "It's an E-mail from Gennai, we haven't heard from him for a while so I better see what he wants."

Then with a few keystrokes he brought up Gennai's message, but once he read the first few lines it took him his entire will power not to spray his laptop with milk or choke, he quickly swallowed when Tentomon asked, "What's the matter Izzy?", concern showing in his voice.

"It's the E-mail from Gennai, he says that someone or something using the same strategy as the digimon emperor has attacked the digital world and has sealed all of the digiports" replied Izzy, disbelieve on his voice. Izzy then quickly finished his milk and ran to the phone to call the others.

Odiaba School (Computer Lab (Sunday)):

The DD quickly gathered in the schools computer lab, after receiving the message from Izzy (or a relayed message from Izzy) to meet in the school's computer lab they knew they had better come, not that they didn't grumble a bit about Izzy waking them up early on a weekend (mostly Davis).

When they got there each of them asked Izzy what was going on, and each time he just told them to wait until they were all there, so they all waited until everyone had arrive, the last to arrive was Ken, and before he could even open his mouth Izzy said, "Before you ask, just sit down and I'll explain everything that I can."

With that Ken just closed his mouth and sat down between Yolei and Davis.

Izzy then looked seriously at the others as he began to explain what was going on, "Earlier this morning I received an important E-mail from Gennai, but before I tell you what it said, I want you to look at this"

He then turned his laptop to the group, on the screen were four different colored triangles made from squares, the digidestined quickly realized where they had seen that screen before, Davis shouted out his realization, "Hey, that's the map of the digital world you used to keep track of the control spires."

Izzy nodded then continued, "According to Gennai's message the digital world has been attacked by a new dark force, from what he, Azulongmon, and a few free digimon have seen, this new threat is using similar tactics as you did Ken when you were the digimon emperor, but there are some differences, for example, when Ken used the control spires, the controlled area turned black, but here the controlled area is one of four colors, red, blue, green, and grey, and each color is dividing the digital world into one of four areas, suggesting that more than one person is behind this and that even if they are not working together, they still seem to respect each other's boarder."

Tai then queried, "Does that mean that there are four people doing this?" but before Izzy could answer, TK who had been quietly listening suddenly exclaimed, "Hey look, one of the areas is flashing." On the screen the red area began to blink, slowly then more rapidly before it turned to a constant white.

 (UNKNOWN AREA (Quarantine 5)(3 minutes prior)):

A disorientated Takato awoke from the artificial slumber he had been placed in, his thoughts were blurred slightly still by the now lifting weariness, he looked about the room as he tried to remember what had occurred, *What's going on, the last thing I remember is being sucked into that black sphere then everything went blank, now I'm in a strange room that looks like a quarantine area… wait, quarantine area?, as far as I knew I didn't know what a quarantine area was let alone what one looked like?!*

A confused look crossed Takato's face as he continued to recognize things in the room he had never seen before, then he saw Guilmon in a chamber in the corner of the room, he quickly got up and got off the table he had been laying on, but was distracted as he heard the heavy metallic thud of the feet of the armor he was wearing as it impacted the floor, only when he looked down to see what had caused the noise did he notice the armor he was wearing, he checked his belt for his D-ark and cards, fearing that they had been taken but found them quickly, along with a sword and scabbard. *What the, first armor, then a sword and scabbard, oh man there I go again.*

Takato shook his head then quickly walked over to the chamber, on one side of the chamber rested a small control panel, Takato just looked at it then pressed a few buttons, as he finished the chamber began to drain of the fluid, the various wires attached to Guilmon disconnected and the air mask raised up into the top of the chamber, then the front panel of the chamber opened letting the unconscious Guilmon to fall onto Takato.

"Guilmon, wake up, please wake up, we need to get out of here." Pleaded Takato as he shook his partner out of his slumber, slowly Guilmon's eyes opened, as they focused Guilmon mumbled a quiet, "Takato?", as he did Takato hugged his partner then helped him to get up onto his feet.

As he helped Guilmon up Takato noticed the strange collar around his partner's neck, from the back of the collar ran a single cord to the back of the chamber, "Where are we Takatomon?" asked Guilmon innocently once he was back on his feet, "First of all Guilmon, I'm not a 'mon', second, I don't know where we are."

Replied Takato with a slight chuckle, "Now hold still Guilmon as I get this thing off your neck.", that was when Guilmon noticed the collar around his neck, and the strange clothes that Takato was wearing, but he didn't think anything of it and stood still as Takato pried off the collar around Guilmon's neck with his new sword.

Takato closed the door of the closet he and Guilmon hid in as shadowy figures raced down the corridor into the room he and Guilmon had escaped from, when he a removed Guilmon's collar a siren began to wail.

They quickly escaped from the room and hid in the open closet, as the shadowy figures moved on he got out of the closet and signaled Guilmon to follow, they continued down the corridor and turned right, they continued down the corridor until Takato looked into the glass partition between the corridor and the room beside it, within the room he saw the three youngest tamers, Ai, Mako, and Suzie lying face down on strange tables completely unconscious, in the back of the room he could see three cages, within them lay Impmon, Lopmon, and Calamon, also unconscious.

Just then a voice echoed about the corridors, "Subjects 1a and 1b have escaped quarantine and are to be eliminated on sight, activate automatic insertion process on all other subjects immediately." *Insertion process? What is going on? Do they mean me and Guilmon? Oh no!* Takato gasped as he saw three large machines start to descend on the young tamers below, he turned Guilmon, "Come on Guilmon, we have to help them"

"Right Takato" replied Guilmon as Takato drew his sword and he reared back, "ROCK BREAKER" cried Guilmon as he shattered the glass partition.

Takato jumped into the room and slashed at the strange machines slowing them enough for Guilmon to save Ai and Mako out and for Takato to grab Suzie, he pulled her off the table just as the device neared her unprotected neck, a new alarm began to wail as the damage to the machine Takato had caused truly began to take effect, loud ringing of the alarm woke the sleeping tamers and their partners.

Impmon sat up and then held his head, "What happened, I feel like I just went through the fight with Indiramon all over again", he wavered slightly before regaining his balance, beside him Lopmon also awoke, the ex-deva's first words were "Is Suzie alright?", the next to wake up were Ai and Mako, "Impmon?" they asked in unison, turning their heads towards the sound of his voice.

"Guilmon, you get Impmon and Lopmon out, I'll get Calamon." Said Takato as he put down Suzie and began to walk towards Calamon's cage, Guilmon nodded saying "Okey dokey" then he walked over to Impmon's cage, "ROCK BREAKER" cried Guilmon as he broke the lock on Impmon's cage, then Takato yelled as he brought his sword down on the lock that held Calamon's cage shut, and to Takato's surprise it broke easily allowing the door to swing freely, Takato reached inside and grabbed Calamon, even in the gloom of the room he could see that Calamon was not well.

Takato then turned to the others, "We have to get out of here, Guilmon, you take Calamon." Takato then walked over to the younger tamers, "Now listen to me because this is very important, I know you are scared but please listen and trust me okay," the young ones nod yes, "I need you three and your partners to stay between me and Guilmon until we get out of here and get you back home alright?"

The younger tamers, scared by what was going on, looked around at the room and at Takato's armor, deciding whether or not to trust Takato, in the end Takato's calm voice and familiarity won them over and they agreed.

Takato the quietly walked over to the hole in the glass partition, looked around it for any figures walking by then said, "Come on then, let's get out of here", and with that the small group of free tamers began their escape.

Takato quickly checked around the corner, it was clear, he motioned for his partner, the young ones, and their partners to follow him as he began to run down the corridor, the pounding of their feet on the metal floor echoing in the darkness.

The eight of them had escaped for now, but they had to get out soon, Calamon was still unconscious, Guilmon holding him tight, making sure that he wouldn't fall, while Takato kept watch as they stopped for a break, his armor rattling slightly as he turned, while in the back of his mind his thoughts replayed what had occurred, *Something or someone went to a lot of trouble to capture all of us, but why? What were they going to 'Insert' into Ai, Mako, and Suzie? Have they done that to the others? Probably, that voice said 'on all other subjects immediately', but then why didn't they do that to me, or did they do that to me? That's probably what happened, whatever they did to me didn't work so they decided to do it to the others so that they continue with whatever they planned on doing, but there is no time to think about that now, I have to get Ai, Mako, and Suzie out of here now, I don't want them getting hurt.*

Impmon turned to Takato, "What the heck is going on Gogglehead, first that black thing sucks us up, then I wake up in a cage in a dark and spooky room with Pineapplehead holding my partners."

Takato turned to Impmon, "I don't know what is going on Impmon, but I do know it isn't good and that we have to get out of here fast" Impmon nods his head, trusting that Takato's judgment of the situation.

The little troupe got on the move again, with Takato checking that things were all clear up front while Guilmon acted as a rear guard, the group had a couple close calls when a door in the hall they were walking in opened behind them and the figure walking out spotted them.

The figure called "There they are!" and began to aim something that looked like a gun, twice projectiles grazed Takato's armor before they rounded a corner, but the last close call had forced them to run down a dead end with the dark figure following fast, Takato then noticed a door beside him which he took no time in opening, he ushered in Guilmon and the younger tamers before entering the room himself, when he looked inside Takato was shocked to see who occupied the room with them, "Granni!"

Granni came on-line when he heard Takato call out his name, the dark figures had removed his program from Guilmon and reconstructed him, but then they attempted to re-program him so that he would be theirs to control, but he was able to resist, the strain on his systems by their efforts had forced him to shut down which also made it impossible to re-program him at that time.

"Hello Takato, it is good to see you again" stated Granni as he turned his sensors towards Takato and his group.

"It's good to see you again to Granni," then his face turned from a joyous one to a serious one, "I need your help Granni, we need to get out of here, could Ai, Mako, Suzie, Impmon, and Lopmon, ride inside you?"

"Yes Takato, my interior is still that of the ark so the young ones will be safe within me, but I myself can't get out, the walls are reinforced against physical impacts and my weapons system has been disabled, it will take me too much time to bring it back on-line" replied Granni, his voice solemn.

"It's alright Granni, I have an idea that will get us out, so you don't have to worry" said Takato before turning to Guilmon, "Help them get inside Guilmon."

Guilmon nodded his head, and as Granni opened he helped the young tamers, their partners, and Calamon into Granni, then he walked over to Takato as Granni closed, "You think we can still do it Guilmon?", "We can only try."

Takato then grabbed his D-ark and called out, "Bio-merge Digivolution Activate!", then both tamer and partner began to glow, from within the glow Guilmon cried out, "Guilmon bio-merge to….." his voice trailing off as the glow brightened, then it disappeared revealing a new being, "…GALLANTMON!" cried Gallantmon as he finished Guilmon's cry.

Gallantmon quickly got onto Granni's back as Granni prepared to take off, Gallantmon looked to Granni, "We'll be your weapons, but first, which way is the fastest way out of here?" asked Gallantmon as he got himself ready, and on Granni's reply of "Through the wall in front of us" Gallantmon began to store energy in his shield, he aimed the shield then as it reached full power called out his attack, "SHIELD OF THE JUST!"

The wall before them crumbled as the energy from Gallantmon's 'shield of the just' tore through it, allowing them to fly off into the blue sky, as Gallantmon looked back he could see that what they had just escaped from was floating in mid-air, but before he could contemplate that something began to fire at them, Gallantmon motioned to Granni to go faster and towards the ground, Granni complied taking them into a dive, once they had dropped out of sight of the floating object that had carried them Gallantmon motioned to Granni to slow down then land, once they had Gallantmon got off of Granni, if he had been able to smile from under his faceplate he would have, for they had just escaped.


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