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Dark Control:
Quote the raven, Nevermore (part 1)

Despite of, or maybe because of the battle Joe was becoming even more irritated by his newest patient's actions, "Look, I can't make sure you're alright if you keep squirming like that." Rika on the other hand made no attempt to follow the medic's orders, Renamon smirking behind her.

"Look, I already told you I'm fine, I'm not a dummy you can poke and prod. If you really want to help couldn't you get me some food or something, I haven't eaten since this morning." Rika's glare turning a little venomous as Joe prodded a sore spot on her neck, at the same time thanking whatever deity that was watching her that the other destined had already returned to their homes, leaving Rika and Renamon in Joe's "Capable" hands.

Joe's apartment being fairly bare quickly became fairly boring if one stayed in it for too long without having something to do, thus it wasn't long before Rika began to pull out her deck. Joe on the other hand, satisfied that Rika didn't receive too much damage turned towards his small kitchenette, "Well, I'm done for now, though for food unless you like fish I'm afraid the best I can do for you right now is a couple of sandwiches. Gomamon! Stop raiding the fridge!"

Digital World (controlled Sector laboratories):

Numerous lines of code speed across the screens as the simulation ran, Henry's unfocused eyes following several lines at once, impassively correcting errors as the code ran through the debugger to the simulation. It was almost complete, the program, the machine, the madness. Terriermon also watched the monitors, though he had no need, the data from the simulation running through his mind and the results spoken from his mouth, the various cables running around, into, and even through his body providing all the things he needed. In 7 days, they would complete it, in 7 days, they would use it, and in 7 days, the Dark one's plans would end, they would make sure of that. The new god would rise in 7 days.

FDF's Office:

They still had no luck removing the spore from Matsuki, and while progress was fast on the project in the labs it was becoming clear that Wong would soon be more of a liability then asset once complete, It would be 7 days until it would be ready for testing, Wong being the Ideal subject.

Their benefactor continued to be restless, the unexpected loss of Nonaka had clearly shaken it, but the recapturing of Matsuki prevented punishment for the loss, it would 7 days till it arrived in person, and then their dominance guaranteed. Only the catalyst was needed to power the project, and as it should happen, the best time to obtain it, would be in 7 days.