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Summary: Okay kits, this is the last chapter of "Waiting for You". It also happens to be the shortest chapter of the fic. Uh, I don't know why that is. Guess you can consider it a quazi-epilogue. Anyways, here goes. . .


Wufei couldn't recouperate quickly enough for his liking, but he wanted a clean bill of health when he saw Relena again, and now he had just that. He felt ridiculous, having even gone as far as dressing for the occasion, wearing his hair down the way she'd mentioned liking it once, and changing into a pair of khakis and a dark blue button-down with the sleeves cuffed to just below the elbow. He could hardly remember the time passing, but it was spring now and the cherry tree was in bloom.

He hadn't told her he was coming today, wanting to surprise her, and hoped now that he had made the right decision.

So, taking a deep breath, he knocked.

"Wufei!" Relena's eyes lit up as she nearly tackled him, throwing her arms around his neck.

Wufei just embraced her tightly, saying softly, "surprise."

"This is the best surprise I've gotten in a long time," she whispered, leaning back and looking up into dark eyes.

"Me too," he told her and, carefully this time, leaned in to kiss her, finding quickly that her lips had a way of making everything else completely unimportant. He couldn't seem to stop kissing her, and she didn't seem to want him to.

The only thing that was capable of breaking their precious moment of kissing (rather passionately now) in the middle of the hallway, was Duo Maxwell's all-too-chipper voice, calling, "hey, you two. . ." Blinking as they are brought back to reality, they look at him, who as expected, has Heero hooked onto his arm(the latter with some amount of wide-eyed disbelief on his face). Wufei can feel the heat flooding into his cheeks.

'Will not blush. Will not blush. Will not blush. Am blushing.'

"Get a room, huh?" Duo teases.

Relena, flushed herself, says, "we've got one," and pulls Wufei inside, closing the door behind them and pushing him gently, almost playfully, up against it, saying, "now, where were we? Oh, I remember," and running her fingers through Wufei's hair, she kissed him again.

'God the feeling of her lips, her fingers in my hair. This is heaven and I don't want to ever let go,' he thought.

'Is this a dream? It's got to be a dream,' Relena thought. 'Nothing has ever felt this good.'

Stopping for breath, Wufei's dazed eyes adjust to the room-one bed. "Since when has this been a single?" he asked flatly.

"Nadia moved back to the city. Said it was too quiet for her here. And Heero decided I'd like a single much better. I think we're friends now, thanks to you."

"I had nothing to do with it," he said, still holding onto her as if letting go would signify the end of this beautiful dream he was having.


"You were right, Duo," Heero said, disbelief at the statement just barely masked on his voice. "They suit one another well, I think."

"Told you. You've got nothing to worry about!" Duo said as he looked out the window.

Heero came up behind him and, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend, kissed the side of Duo's neck.

"I think I like having nothing to worry about," he whispered.

Duo cooed softly. Heero had made the first move again. He turned and the boys locked lips.

"Remind me to thank Relena for giving you that advice."

"Later," Heero replied. "For now, come to bed."

"Yes sir!"


Wufei was still against the door, no inkling how much time had passed, and he didn't care.

"You're an angel," he whispered.

"This feels so unreal," she returned. "I've never been this happy before. I'm afraid if I move, I'll wake up."

Relena rested her head on Wufei's shoulder and he placed one hand gently on the back of it.

"Don't be afraid, Relena. There's no reason for it. I love you, so even if we are asleep, even if none of this is real, I'll wait for you in every dream."

"And every time I close my eyes, I'll find you. . . Wufei, let's stay like this forever," Relena said softly, looking up into his dark, endless eyes.

They had never intended to fall in love, but there was no falling out of it now, and they both knew it.

"No, Relena," he replied. "Forever isn't long enough."

~The End~


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