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I don´t mean to insult some1 with this story because it bases on some experiences of my own childhood.

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1 The summer at Malfoy Manor

The whole summer turned out to be a completely depressing affair for Draco Malfoy. Most of the time at Malfoy Manor, he had to stay in his room, locked up, imprisoned and punished. The silver-blonde Slytherin refused to join the Death Eaters, because he was too proud to obey the Dark Lord and praise Voldemort god-like.

Draco was now nearly 18 years old and his arrogance plus his huge ego were sort of trademarked as was his uncontrollable temper or his Malfoy Rage as he heard some people call it. He never did something that wasn't his own decision and couldn't stand if things didn't happen like he planned.

So, he decided not to follow the Dark Lord who would only give him orders that he had to obey without thinking or he would be punished and humiliated. No, Draco Malfoy would never be a submissive character.

When Lucius realized that his son wouldn´t obey his orders he started beating him until he was covered in bruises, several bones were broken and the Cruciatus Curse had hit Draco at least twice. The blonde boy felt so much pain that he managed to leave his abused body, separating his feelings from the pain in his body. At that point, Lucius Malfoy stopped the brutal torture and locked his son in his room.

There he was, suddenly all alone. Nobody was there to talk with, to listen to him and to make him feel alive or at least feel anything besides his emptiness. He was the only person in his room and he was captured in his own thoughts. The room had been emptied out, nothing in the room was left, only a dirty old mattress.

This was the first time in Draco's life that he had nothing to do, nothing to concentrate on but his own thoughts. It also was the first time in his life that he thought about himself and his feelings and goals that he wanted to achieve. The Slytherin couldn't flee from his thoughts and had to stand everything that came to his mind even his uncomfortable feelings like desire for love and warmth that never could be fulfilled.

Once a day a bottle with water and two pieces of bread appeared in the middle of the room. In a corner of the chamber was an enchanted bucket for his human needs. The Slytherin felt humiliated like never before and his pride began to shrink more and more. He felt like an animal in the zoo, running around in circles again and again.

The boy that used to be so neat couldn't change his clothes or wash himself and felt dirty like never before. His usually well-done hair was messed up and untidy and grew longer and longer. The Malfoy heir became alarming thin and combined his heights it made him look extremely skinny. His skin was pale, nearly white. Dry, his lips chapped and he had dark shadows under his eyes.

Draco Malfoy was suffering from depression and laid lethargically on his mattress day in and day out. The blonde boy cried out his soul, sobbing like a baby, but one day he reached the point, when he had no more tears. These feelings of sadness, loneliness, grief and anguish were so strong that he wouldn't have been able to describe them to another person.

At that moment the silver-haired boy had lost every feeling for time, he never knew if it was day or night or how many days had past with him locked in his room. Sometimes he wasn't even aware if he slept, dreamed or was just lost in his own thoughts like in a prison.

One day the door was suddenly opened and Lucius Malfoy came in looking down on his son in disgust and snarled smirking darkly "Go into the bathroom, clean yourself and put on the clothes that the house-elves left there for you. Your trunk is ready for Hogwarts and we'll leave for King´s Cross Station in about 15 minutes. Don´t you dare to tell anyone what happened you useless piece of shit! I'll find you and curse your pitiful arse right to hell and back. I´ll deliver your body and soul to Voldemort and he´ll have some fun with you. Do try taking that for granted!"

Draco only managed to nod silently and did what his father commanded. The blonde boy felt a fear he had never felt before, crawling into his mind and shuddered. In these last holidays he had experienced the most horrible feelings in his entire life and he didn't want to feel something worse. He tried to behave as normal as possible and somehow he was able to put on his usual Malfoy Smirk as he entered the platform 9 3/4, escorted by his father who was staring daggers at him with his piercing eyes.