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39 Graduation

Draco finally found a house near London and Harry surely agreed to move in with his lover and soon-to-be-husband. Draco was looking forward to his work at the Ministry of Magic and Harry got a offer for a job at the Ministry too. Terry and Blaise came up with a little surprise as all of the seventh years got the letters with their NEWTs. They managed to keep as a secret that they were searching for a flat near London too which happened to be in the same street as Draco´s and Harry´s new home and they would move in together.

Draco surprisingly somehow got the highest grades of all the students in the seventh year followed closely by no one else than Hermione and the brainy girl hugged him in a friendly manner asking question after question how he managed to achieve that high skills and tested once more his fragile patience. The blonde wizard snorted grinning widely, "Hermione, don´t forget breathing and stop asking, I don´t know. It just happened."

Pansy freed the uncomfortably looking young man and pulled her girlfriend into an embrace kissing her softly. At that moment Terry came in beaming brightly and a smile plastered on his face from one cheek to the other a letter in his waving hand. The platinum blonde Ravenclaw took Blaise´s hand and started dancing through the Slytherin common room dragging his lover with him and calling loudly, "I play for the Chudley Canons, I play for the Chudley Canons ..."

Blaise captured his boyfriend´s lips in a gentle kiss and stopped the chanting. They stood still embracing each other gently and Blaise whispered into the other´s ear, "Congratulations! I knew you would make it, Tiger."

Days ran by quickly and soon there was finally their last day, their day of graduation and the Farewell Yule Ball. The feast was more pompous than any other school ball ever since they came to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry first and the atmosphere was a mixture between happiness, tension, sadness and looking forward to the future. They all got their graduation parchments one after another from Dumbledore himself and proud parents were applauding when they saw their now grown up children graduate. Neither Draco nor Harry had someone who would applaud for them and Draco didn´t want to speak or even hear only one single word about his parents. As Draco´s name was called out he walked with elegant fluid moves in his usual aristocratic manner forwards to take his graduation papers, Malfoy Smirk in place, radiating pride. As best student of the year he was the one who was expected to hold the farewell speech. The blonde Slytherin wore tight black satin pants and a black silk shirt which was contrasting to his pale features and the silver-blonde hair that was braided into a tail. His silver-blue eyes were glittering in the candlelight and the expression in his face was unreadable as the students and parents watched silently his way to the headmaster.

Dumbledore handed the blonde wizard his Graduation Parchment and shook his hand looking into his eyes with his usual infamous twinkle and said, "Congratulation, Mr Malfoy. Best wishes for your future and your relationship as well."

Draco thanked the elder wizard and turned around for his speech slowly still radiating pride and arrogance. He then pointed his wand at his throat and muttered "Sonorus" to magically intensify his voice and he began to speak in his drawling tone, "This is our last evening at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry now. We´ve been together for seven long and eventful years and many things have happened. Most of us learnt a lot at school and those will be well prepared for their life after Hogwarts and at that place I have to thank our teachers who all did their job very well as I have to admit, especially Severus Snape the Head of Slytherin who was always there when his students needed him most."

He made a short break and some people started to applaud hesitantly but Draco waved his hand impatiently and everybody fell silent again as he continued his speech, "Unfortunately, some students didn´t learn out of their mistakes and hostility, insults and intolerance were like an infectious disease worse then black plague. Chasing and blaming gay wizards was as normal as playing pranks at teachers in former times. Only a few people stood up against that humiliation and I want to thank them for being loyal and being true friends"

The blonde´s eyes wandered over to his friends and he saw his boyfriend smile encouraging beside Pansy who was holding his hand in a friendly manner and Draco spoke again, "We all still have to mourn about Justin Finch-Fletchey who was obviously suffering from depression, withdrawn in his own shell and not able to articulate his problems. I´ve asked myself about the hundredth time now if we all could have prevented that trial of committing suicide when there would have been more tolerance and more real friendship in this school. As I came first to Hogwarts I was young and arrogant. I would never have admitted that it isn´t important if someone is pureblood nor if he prefers to date boys or girls. Now I´m standing here in front of the entire school and the only thing I can say is that I was wrong. The really important thing about a person is the character and the beauty inside and no one should dare judge a person for a reason that wasn´t his or her own choice. You can´t choose who are your parents or your siblings, you can´t choose if you are a boy or a girl and you surely can´t choose if you are gay, bisexual or heterosexual. I didn´t wake up one day thinking ´Oh, today would be a good day to try a boy because I´ve no luck with girls.´ "

Gasps of surprise or disgust were heard from some parents and some single giggles erupted from fellow students and siblings but Draco simply ignored the disturbance and went on after clearing his throat to get back the attention, "What is your own choice is how you treat other persons and who are your friends and finally I want to say I´m proud of being a Slytherin. Speaking for my house I can say there was real friendship, loyalty and tolerance and more than in some other houses that I don´t need to mention here. I wish everyone who stood behind me and my boyfriend good luck for future ... Harry James Potter, my fiancé, I do love you more than anything else!"

Draco pointed his wand at his throat again speaking the counter-spell and left the little stage where he stood for his speech. The Slytherins and most of the Ravenclaws applauded and Harry smiled his eyes glittering with affection. Draco sat down on Harry´s lap and they started kissing like there would be no tomorrow. Flashlights of several cameras illuminated the scene and reporters tried eagerly to get the boy´s attention for any comment but they failed miserably. Since Draco was the last who got his Graduation Parchment because of his speech there was a turmoil after that and the noise was nearly unbearable. Many parents were shocked after that uncommon farewell speech and the reactions were very different. Parents or siblings were glaring, staring or simply glancing stunned and somehow fascinated at the now most famous gay couple in the whole wizardry world. The expressions on the faces were from sad over angry to disgusted and though were the verbal reactions as well. Molly Weasley seemed to have a nervous breakdown and her husband was rocking her back and forth while he watched Harry with an apologetic smile and sad eyes. The twins were laughing like mad and Ginny glared at them sinisterly.

Draco and Harry didn´t care what was going on around them and they still were kissing passionately, holding each other tightly while a turmoil of farewells started. Some of the fresh graduated students had tears in their eyes as they left Hogwarts, School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, looking back one last time and others were chanting songs of joy. Draco and Harry hugged all their friends farewell after they finally let go off each other. They gave their new address to Pansy, Hermione, Millicent, Vincent and Gregory and invited them for next weekend before they left together with Terry and Blaise who already said farewell to their parents. Levitating their trunks and cages with pets the four boys left Hogwarts to start a new life hoping that from now on everything would be completely different.

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