"Look, I'm just saying," Yoshizawa placed the wine bottle down on Rei's desk before she took another sip of the expensive-looking wine poured into a red solo cup. "You kind of owe me for getting you two back together."

"I know," Rei stared at the wine and quietly wondered why Yoshizawa had brought it to her office. A box of her stuff was sitting on the desk, ready to go the moment the hour ticked over. "That's why I offered to have you as the godmother."

"Eww, kids." Yoshizawa sneered. "Besides, you don't even trust me with your husband's dick, what makes you think that you'd trust me with your own kids?"

That bottle of wine was starting to look really tempting. "Yoshi—"

"I know I know, but sheesh, can't you let a girl fantasize?" She downed the rest of the red solo cup and smiled at her. "Out loud, publicly?"

"Your thirst for my husband is duly noted and you are invited to the wedding," Rei patted her ever so slightly bloated belly and smiled. One child. That was what she and Izuku had agreed to. She just didn't expect it to happen quite so soon. They'd only been dating for a year even if she basically lived with him now and they did have a… healthy, amount of sex. Izuku was just so lovely. "You know, once I'm done being a blimp and we have our kid under control."

"I know, I know, but sheesh, you're showing already? Hopefully you don't end up having one of those giant babies? I saw a kid playing in the playground that was damn near eight feet tall. Can you just imagine?"

"That's what doctors are for," Rei smiled, she could live with another scar or two. Izuku certainly didn't seem to mind hers, and she was growing oddly attracted towards his scars. "And yeah, we have our first ultrasound appointment so we can figure everything out and make sure the baby is developing properly."

"Oooh, Name them after—"


"You're just a spoilsport."

"Sorry, but we already have the names decided." Not Yoshizawa. "If you don't wanna be the godmother, do you just want to be the rich probably drunk aunt that spoils them a couple times a year?"

"Puh-lease!" Yoshizawa slapped her leg and grabbed the wine bottle again. She was drunk. At work. During office hours. Why did that feel surprisingly normal? "I was born to play that role."

"Alright, that's all settled then," Rei smiled and raised her water bottle to cheer with Yoshizawa's wine. "You shall be the drunk aunt."

"Huzzah," Yoshizawa smiled and then let out a long breath. "You know, I'm actually going to miss you being here. Don't get me wrong, you're a bit of an icy bitch, but you're also the most real person here."

"Please, up until Izuku swept me off my feet, I was a depressed wallflower that coped by throwing snark at anything that looked at me funny."

"You still do that."

"Yeah, but now I'm happy." Rei looked at the clock. Her last hour of work. She could leave now and never have to face the consequences of this. "To be honest, I might end up coming back if I get bored enough."

"Yeah, But, at least you have a loving marriage to keep you entertained. Any idea what you want to do after the kid can use a microwave?"

Rei cracked a smile and hummed to herself. She really was going to miss Yoshizawa's glorious brand of trashy that seemed to transcend morals in all the wrong ways. "I'm not sure. I never really thought I'd get this far in life. Maybe I'll try being creative. Do you think people would pay me to insult them?"

"Probably, people have weird kinks, but you might have to step on them too."

"Hmm, that sounds sexual, and I'm a married woman now."

"Have you two decided where you're going to hold the ceremony? Because as nice as being the witness of you two signing that document was, I want to get hammered at your wedding, catch the bouquet and shamelessly flirt with all of Izuku's friends. Even the female ones."

"Yeah, I'm kind of stuck with having you as my bridesmaid aren't I?" She should get out more. Meet some nice women that aren't complete trainwrecks. Maybe Izuku could introduce her to some heroes?

Hero… huh.

That might be worth looking into. She did have a strong quirk, and her body was capable of handling it now.

But, at the same time, she hated sweating.

Still, maybe just being there for Izuku's workouts and seeing how it felt could lead her down the path.

But, being a hero had never really been her dream.

"Still, being a housewife won't be too bad for a while, it'll give me some time to figure out what I want to do." Rei took one last sip of her water and smiled. "But, I doubt I'll be back here."

"Ha! I don't blame you." Yoshizawa gave a slight smile. "I'm mostly just here because I have a kink for office ladies."


"You don't have to squeeze my hand so hard, Izuku" Rei glanced where Izuku was holding her hand tight, generating extra sweat between the two of them. She was reclined on the medical bed, her stomach exposed and currently being lathered with some kind of a jelly that would let the ultrasound see better.

"Sorry," her loving husband shrugged and loosened his grip slightly. "I'm just nervous."

"If you're nervous about this, you're going to end up kicked out of the operating room when I actually give birth to this thing." Rei rolled her eyes and looked towards the doctor, a pink-haired woman that was showing more cleavage fully dressed than Rei could naked. "Right?"

"Oh totally," Dr. Senju smiled sweetly at both of them. "Especially with his strength! Could end up with a broken hand too. It's pretty common actually, but don't worry Deku, we'll make sure that you can have a good room for your wife screaming in pain at what you had caused her."

Rei liked this doctor.

Izuku's face turned pale and he let go of Rei's hand. "I'll behave."

"I'm sure you will. You know, for the future number one hero, you're a lot more whipped than I would have thought!" Dr. Senju grabbed onto some kind of device and held it up with a great big smile. "Well, let's take a look at the future Midoriya, shall we?"

Oh yeah, that was her last name now.

Rei smiled and nodded.

A moment later, she felt the cold sensation of the gel being pressed to her stomach. The grainy black and white monitor shifted until a few shapes began to appear. They weren't exactly human, but they were close enough. "And there they are, now, lets see and—oh."

"Oh?" Rei asked. "I don't like Oh."

"Oh, well, let me just put it this way. "Either your kid has three hearts, which isn't the most uncommon thing in the world mind you, or you have triplets."

Rei felt her mouth drop at that revelation. So much for just one child!

"Hold on let me see if I can find them all in you, they're, huh, odd."

"Stop saying weird things."

"Sorry, it's just they're all in the same position, which is weird. I think." Dr. Senju furrowed her brow and continued to move the device around. The screen moved in strange ways that made Rei's head hurt. "Okay, so, all of them have good heartbeats for their age. And, furthermore, all of them have the usual amount of limbs. Oh, and they're all girls!"

Dr. Senju turned to them and blinked. "Did you want that kept a secret?"

"Honestly, gender stopped being important after we found out there were three of them."


Rei took a deep breath and then glanced at the monitor. She had three daughters in there.

She looked towards Izuku and frowned. "This is your fault! You just had to say you wanted three!"

Fortunately, as they would discover in the coming years, it wasn't that they had three daughters, but one daughter with three bodies.

Which was still confusing, but explained why she picked up potty training really quick.

They called her Hazel.

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