Chapter Two

The investigations started that night. It was 8 o'clock and they didn't let me go home for a few reasons, whatever reasons. It was rather boring for Hiro and me. We ate Pocky while those guys were grumbling about the case. I stuffed my mouth with some Pocky and munched them up. Ran held Conan's hand and she sat near us. I can see the jolt in Hiro's eyes.

"Hhm…naughty, naughty Hiro!"  I held my laughter, so I smiled and smiled and wishing that Hiro won't notice me doing it.

"Conan, do you want some Pocky?" Hiro handed out the little boy two sticks of our favorite snack.

The boy shook his head, "No thanks," The boy rather walked around.

"Don't go anywhere. Stay," Ran glared at the boy.

But he ran off, he didn't care about Ran's warning.

"Conan, come back!" Ran tried to catch up, but the boy already went away.

"We'll help you find that boy," Hiro acted like a Hero. That made sense. I stood and followed them. They were heading outside the lounge.

"Hiro, wait for me!" I ran, trying to get on his side. But there were to many polices around, I was loosing their track. I panted my breath before I started running. I took the long alley near there. It was rather dark. I was freaked off in a chill. I'm so scared.

"Hiro! Ran!" I screamed their names. "Don't leave me here! Hey, where are you guys?" I wanted to walk back, but my curiousness won it all.

I heard chatter in a room near by. Maybe some staffs were still there. I saw a lightened room, so I entered it. I even thought that I would find them there. I was wrong.

"Damn it! There are polices everywhere now. We could get caught." There was a male voice, whispering to another man.

"Just be fine, they won't notice us. We have to tell boss about this. Holy shit, our plans are all ruined up now!" the other man cursed.

My heartbeat thumped quicker. My hand shivered so hard that I spilt my Pocky to the floor.

"Who's that?" they heard me. Oh, no…Yuki, help me!

The guys went out of the room while I already started to run. They tried to catch me but they stopped because they were afraid that the police would notice them.

"It's Shindou Shuichi! He has been hearing us!" I could still hear their voice echoed by the alley as I ran to save my life.

"Just look until I got my hands on him,"

It was a nightmare.


I didn't say anything that night. I didn't tell anything to anyone. And I was sure that Yuki was satisfied with it. I wanted to tell everything but I was just too scared. I lied on Yuki's bed. My eyes were clearly wet, I cried silently. Yuki was in his pajamas. He was ready to sleep when he noticed me crying.

"Shuichi? What's wrong?" he got on the bed.

I didn't answer. I shivered in fear.

He seemed to be reluctant. He touched my face and wiped my tears. I never knew that he could be so gentle.

"It's okay if you don't want to talk about it," he whispered. The next thing that I knew was…our lips met and he gave me the softest kiss he had ever gave me. I thought I was dreaming. I didn't know why but I cried again. My lips were still on his lips. I lied back on the bed while he leaned over me. I clutched my arms around him. I screamed my heart out, but I didn't spoke it by words. Yuki, I don't want to loose you. I don't want you to be in danger too. But how could I ever save you if I'm also scared?

I couldn't remember anything more. Maybe I fell asleep…