We've all heard of his name, at least once or twice. Maybe you have the name in a book, heard it from a friend, or just seen it on a random sign.

Though the gods are anything but simple, we can give you a quick overview.


The god of the sun, is his main boast. He rides the sun chariot across the sky, showing us the sun we now know today. Without the sun, we could be cast into eternal darkness and cold. The god Apollo protects us from that. He is one of the twelve Olympians because his job is so important.

Though the sun is not his only trait. The god of music, he also is. Known to have a beautiful voice and Fo be able to play any instrument. The god of archery, which is the art of the bow and arrow. He is known for making the perfect shots.


His father is Zeus and his mother is Leto. He has a twin sister named Artemis, the goddess of the Hunt. He had no permanent lover or swore himself down to one person, but it doesn't mean he didn't love. He has had many affairs over the years, some immortal, some not.

We have yet to name all we could say, but if we were to tell the full gods story, we would be here all day. For now, we skip to the story.

The god Apollo fell in love with Naomi Solace the moment he laid eyes on her. It had been simple enough. She was down at a party, singing for the entertainment. Apollo had even planned on dropping by, but he just did. Soon, however, he found himself unable to leave.


Naomi was kind, her laugh could fill up the whole room. With short, curly yellow hair that reached just below her ears and vibrant blue eyes, she could have been a daughter of Apollo already. Thankfully, she was not, or things would be extremely awkward.

She didn't notice Apollo right away, when he walked into the room, for she was too caught up in her music to notice. It took a good few hours for her to notice Apollo, something the god wasn't exactly used to. This only intrigued him more though. To get her attention, he decided to take the stage. Being the god of music, we can assume his performance wasn't terrible.

Naomi was impressed by the man's voice and watched, clearly intrigued by it. And when the man offered to duet, she agreed. And that my friends, is where it all started.

Their relationship was pretty slow-burn, compared to what a god's love usually was like. Often, you could find them singing duets together, as previously established. However, it wasn't long until a child came to exist.


Ironically enough, her last name was Solace, meaning sun, among other things. Apollo claimed it was fate or destiny, but Naomi just snorted and said it was a coincidence. Apollo pouted at that and Naomi only smiled.

Let it be clear, Naomi didn't know about Apollo's secret, but she often compared him to the sun. Apollo wanted to tell her how smart, how close, she was, but he knew better. Naomi may be strong, but it's not time for her to know. Not yet at least. Right now, it's time for her to take care of this child.


His first name was William, upon Apollo's instance. Naomi agreed but later found out the name meant protection, to some. She thought nothing of it at the time, but Zeus knows he would need it later on.

Apollo left soon after he was born, but not before he held him. Just once, before Zeus called him back to the skies. Apollo blessed him, a quick little blessing before he left. Something that would hopefully grant them a few years from the eyes of fate. Of course, it would be impossible for it to happen, a little blind spot to the oracles could do great things.

And with that, he left. Leaving us another Solace.

Author's Note: The rest of the chapters will be longer, this is a prologue! More explanation coming in the next chapter! Stay tuned!